Her Knight, Her Heart

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Lady Erica sat nervously at her vanity; absent-mindedly pulling the silver horse hair brush through her long, red curls. Her lover had been gone for such a long time and tonight it was rumored about the castle that he was to return. The longing in her heart to hold him again was almost too much for her to bear. She sighed heavily as she placed the brush back down on the vanity and stared at her reflection.

Erica smiles to herself as she pictures him there in the mirror behind her. He has so many times come behind her as she stood brushing her hair before bed at night. She closed her eyes and pictures him, so big and strong, yet gentle as he wraps his arms around her. His other hand would sweep her curls back to give him access to the sensitive skin of her neck. She shivers as she remembers the feel of his warm breath and soft lips caressing her skin. His facial hair would tickle her so deliciously.

“Oh my love…” she sighs softly to no one. “My body feels you even though you are so far away. What have you done to me, my Brian?”

The question hangs in the air as she continues to watch the scene unfolding behind her closed eyes. Now, he begins to move his hands slowly and deliberately over her body. She imagines she is wearing only the thin sheath that she wears to bed every night with him. It is black, soft and transparent, and it drives him mad wanting to remove the only barrier that keeps his skin from hers. She watches as his hands move to unlace the front of it. When he has succeeded, he gazes into the mirror at them as he parts the material, gently grazing her already swollen nipples with it. A moan escapes her lips, both in her musings and in reality.

She feels him slide the offending garment the rest of the way off of her. Her skin is tingling at the mere thought of it. Then, just as if he were there with her, she feels his searing touch roaming up each arm, over her shoulders, and down to stroke each breast. He gently yet firmly pinches and pulls at her pebbled nipples.

“You are so bewitching, my lady. Do you know how you affect me? Do you feel it, my love…” he would nearly growl in her ear.

Her knees feel weak, and as she leans against him, she feels the hard evidence of exactly what she does to him. In her minds’ fantasy, she smiles wantonly to herself. She hears his breath catch and she knows he witnessed the act in the mirror.

“I see that you do my fiery haired beauty! You have no mercy for me do you, my Lady?”

She knows they would laugh together then, even in the midst of their heady passion. They often laughed as they made love and teased as they lay together after they were both sated and exhaustion had forced them to seek sleep. His laughter intoxicated her and drew her nearer to him like it never had with anyone else. Yet another way she loved him down to her very soul.

She is jolted out of her erotic reverie by a commotion in the corridor outside. There is a sound rap on the heavy door of her bedchamber.

“Lady Erica! Come quickly! We must prepare you for Sir Brian’s arrival!”

It is the voice of Karolyn, her faithful friend and handmaid. The excitement in Karolyn’s voice makes butterflies immediately spring to her nether regions. She moves quickly to open the heavy wooden door. Karolyn rushes in her face flushed and smiling like a fool. Lady Erica quietly giggles at the harried sight of her dearest friend, she moves to embrace her.

“Dearest Karolyn! You are quite the mess! You have news that my love is truly near?” she asks, pulling back to look at her friend’s face.

“Oh, yes, M’Lady! Sir Edwin has just arrived and reports that he has seen Sir Brian and his men just to the north of Thornfield. He will be arriving before dawn, M’Lady!” she states, her tone impatient. “You must hurry! You will barely have time to bathe and prepare!”

“I feel like I have been waiting an eternity for him! Come! I want my special bath oil tonight and my black silk gown. The one he brought me from Dublin.”

“Yes, Lady Erica. I will bring it to the bathing chamber. Now, run along! I’ll see that you have everything that you ask, M’Lady.”

Lady Erica hesitates no longer, for she knows that Karolyn understands the importance of everything being perfect for her valiant Knight’s return.

* * *

In the bathing chamber, Lady Erica submerges herself in the large stone bath that Karolyn has drawn for her. She smiles to herself as the aroma of her special honeysuckle bath oil surrounds her, reminding her that her love will soon be basking in its scent on her skin.

It is his favorite and it is the very reason why, in the privacy of their bedchamber, he calls her his Honeysuckle. The sound of her special name on his lips sends a shiver down her body and she clenches her thighs together because of the surge she feels between them as well. Very soon, he will be claiming her as his in the most intimate of ways, his Honeysuckle and her brave Knight. Her Brian…

After washing her red tresses and sponging off, she moves to the vanity next to the bath. She rubs her body with the honeysuckle vampire academy izle oil and even runs a bit through her hair. He always loves to kiss her forehead and nuzzle her hair. He will be pleased to find the subtle scent there as well, she is sure. Karolyn has offered to braid her hair ornately, but she refused because he loves her curls loose and wild… anything for him!

Karolyn returns in time to help her into the lovely black gown that her love had so carefully chosen for her. It is simple, with only bits of red and gold trim for accent. It was slim, long, with a bit of a train. The square neckline accentuates her ample cleavage and the red, gold, and black sash falls low on her full hips. She knows full well that he chose it for his benefit and that thought delights her tremendously!

“You look lovely, M’Lady! Sir Brian will be well pleased.” Karolyn beams as she brings Lady Erica her gold slippers.

“Thank you, my dear friend. I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees that I have worn it just for him. I cannot wait to see his face in spite of the gown!” she laughs, her excitement bubbling over.

She adds one last adornment to her ensemble, the heart-shaped ruby choker that he has given her as a symbol of his undying love and service to her. She has worn it since the day the sword touched his shoulders in knighthood. He presented it to her as he was on his knees before her, his eyes afire with love and devotion for only her…his Honeysuckle, his Lady. She closes her eyes as she reaches up to touch it with reverence. She is unashamedly his…

After dressing, she returns to the bedchamber to inspect Karolyn’s work. As usual, it is a thing to behold! Fresh roses, honeysuckle, and white lilies have been placed around the room. Black and white candles are also lit all around the room, some on very elaborate and ornate candelabras. The sheets have been changed, black silk replacing the standard ones she slept on while he is away. The room is fragrant and dancing with the light of the candles, it’s beautiful! She smiles when she sees the wine carafe and crystal glasses placed carefully on the table beside the bed.

“Are you pleased, Lady Erica?” Karolyn asks, her satisfied smile stating she already knows the answer.

Lady Erica turns and hugs her tightly.

“It is the most beautiful homecoming you have done yet! He is also going to be pleased…thank you, my friend! I have no words to convey the gratitude I have for the preparations you have made tonight. I am eternally grateful.” She gushes, smiling brilliantly at her friend.

“Come then see the feast Jonas has prepared for him and his men. It is simply amazing! I’m sure they will be famished when they arrive.”

“Indeed! I’m sure it has been quite a long time since they have eaten anything so wonderful!”

Karolyn had understated what Lady Erica found in the banquet hall! The amount of food was dizzying, the supply of wine and ale was enough to intoxicate three kingdoms, and the women for ‘entertainment’ seemed to fill the entirety of the hall. It had been a long time since Thornfield had seen a celebration such as this. Her love would be ecstatic!

“Well done, Jonas! You have outdone yourself.” she says, smiling and bowing slightly to him.

“Please, my Lady, do not bow to me. I am your servant.” he says, his eyes cast down in embarrassment.

“You are also a friend to your Lord and me. We are very grateful for your loyal service to us and his men. Thank you, Jonas.”

“It is my pleasure, my Lady.”

As he walks away, she turns to Karolyn.

“I am retiring to the tower. I’d like to be alone while I wait for him. Please see that I am not disturbed.” she says, her expression conveying finality.

“As you wish, Lady Erica…”

She wanted to argue, Lady Erica could tell, but she kept her opinion to herself. She didn’t like the idea of her Lady going up to the dark tower alone, but knew it would be useless to challenge her. Sir Brian would not be pleased either if he knew. She would never tell him, but she knew his reaction all the same. He seemed to cherish his Lady’s strong, defiant side.

* * *

Erica was perched in the highest room of the north-facing tower. She could see all across the kingdom from that spot. She was beside herself with anticipation and excitement! This was the longest they had been apart since the day they met. This quest had been so important to him and he was not to be deterred.

Lady Erica had been forced to learn a new kind of patience this time. Word on her knight and his men had been sparse and he had gone many days, weeks even, without knowing that he was well and slowly making his way back to her. She had lay many nights in their sprawling bed crying herself to sleep, her body wracked with heartbroken sobs. She would long for his arms around her and his lips on hers. Erica would imagine his voice telling her that everything was going to be well and that he loved her too much to leave her for too long.

Now, on this velma izle beautiful clear night, all of those nights just fade away. All of the worry, the loneliness, and pain are the farthest from her mind. They have been replaced with the sweet anticipation of being in his arms again. Feeling his kiss, hearing his voice in her ear, and knowing they will be as close as they can possibly be before the sun rises on a new day. Her heart races and she is dizzy with joy.

Suddenly, she sees the dancing light of a torch over the farthest hill in front of her. She hears the rumble of hooves and the hearty voices of boisterous men. She stands and runs to the window. Her hand reaches up to touch the heart at the base of her throat. Her breath seems to cease. Then she sees the sight that makes everything right in her world her strong, handsome, brave knight leading the cavalry.

He is magnificent! He sits tall on his jet black mount, his black cape flying, and his beautiful sword gleaming in the moonlight. His polished silver armor seems to glow and she hears his powerful voice commanding his men to come to order.

“That’s enough, my warriors! It’s time to celebrate and be celebrated! You have fought bravely and without disgrace! Welcome to my home and my hospitality, you have more than earned the gratitude of your kingdom!” he shouts, receiving an uproarious cry from his men.

Her heart swells with pride as she hears his voice and the response of his loyal, faithful command. Brian is a good and noble man and they are all honored to follow him, she has overheard them confess it. He is not just a hero to her, but to each and every one of them. She smiles to herself as she watches him enter the castle.

Like a shot, Lady Erica is running down the tower stairs. It feels like forever before she reaches the door at the bottom, bursting through it and sprinting for the great hall. She hears the cheers as they enter and her breath catches again. Erica stops outside the door of the hall and takes a deep breath as she readies herself to make a graceful entry.

Erica isn’t ready for the sight that beholds when she opens the door. There he stands, surrounded by his men and some of the Thornfield employ welcoming their master home. He is beautiful and regal, at ease with everyone he so loves and adores. She realizes that she could stand there and watch him forever; he is nearly more than she can take.

She sees the moment when he senses her presence. Brian lifts his head and he is smiling even before he has seen her. He turns to look directly at her, his blue eyes are blazing. As if on cue, the crowd surrounding him parts and he is moving toward her. Erica feels her own smile spread across her face. Then she is moving swiftly toward him. He reaches out and pulls her tightly into his arms.

“There’s my good girl! My Honeysuckle! My God, how I’ve missed you!” he breathes. He places a kiss on her head as he nuzzles her flaming hair. “Your scent intoxicates me, my love. You have done that on purpose, have you not?”

“I am guilty, my love! You are here! Finally here!” she answers, wrapping her arms around him as best she can with his armor on.

“Yes, I am and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have you in my arms. I have missed you every moment, my Honeysuckle.”

“I have missed you every moment as well, my Brian. I love you, my handsome knight.”

He leans down and chastely places a kiss on her soft, full lips. She moans softly at the warmth of his.

“I love you, my beautiful Lady. I am loathe to leave you side for even a moment tonight, but I must get out of this metal! I can’t feel your body against mine this way.”

“How can I be cross with you when you put it that way, kind Sir!” she teases, her emerald eyes dancing with mischief.

“Well, I do thank you for being so forgiving, my Lady.” He teases right back.

As he continues to look at her, his gaze darkens. She notices that his breathing has quickened a bit.

“Do not think that I haven’t taken notice of what you have worn for me tonight. You are too good to me, my love. I’ll show you my proper appreciation when I return.”

She can only nod as he releases her and turns to head for the armory. She is once again left breathless…

* * *

When he returns, they join the others for food, dancing, and celebrating. Lady Erica fully enjoys herself and loves watching her love in his element. He is every bit the handsome hero that she has always seen him to be. She is so honored that he is hers.

“Would you care to dance, my Lady?” Brian asks, breaking into her thoughts.

“I thought you’d never ask, my love.” Erica answers, taking his proffered hand.

He leads her out to where other couples are dancing together. It never ceases to amaze her how a man as big and strong as he can dance so expertly. Brian moves and twirls her like he was born to move with her. Erica feels as though they are one, molded and fused together as only lovers can be. He is her perfect fit and she is his.

She gasps as he pulls vikings valhalla izle her tightly to him, crushing her to his chest. His lips claim hers in a searing kiss as his hands move up to tangle in her hair. Butterflies burst in her nether regions as his tongue parts her lips to taste her deeply. He groans low and deep in her willing mouth.

When he has kissed her thoroughly, he pulls back, his hands still firmly in her tresses. He is looking at her with such hunger; it almost frightens her…almost. It also makes her feel a boldness that she has never felt before. She is empowered, knowing he is at her mercy.

“My love, I want you to take me to our bed. I’m no longer willing to share you with others.” She says her voice sultry with need.

“Whatever you ask of me, I will give you, my Honeysuckle.” He breathes.

“I am not asking, I am demanding…”

And then his lips were hungrily on hers again. Erica felt the evidence of his need for her pressing against her belly. She gives right back to him, her need for him mirroring his. In the next instant, he sweeps her up in his arms, and carries her from the great hall, his lips never leaving hers.

Once in their bedchamber, he places her gently back on the floor. He reaches up to stroke her cheek and to brush her unruly curls from her face.

“I love you so much, my Honeysuckle. I have longed for this moment for so long! I feel as if I’m dreaming, that you cannot possibly be real.” he says desperation in his voice.

“I’m here, real, and in your arms. Here! Feel my heart pounding for you.”

Erica takes his hand in hers and places it over her heart. He closes his eyes as he feels the way it is racing under his touch. Brian looks deep into her eyes as he speaks to her.

“I love your precious heart. It beats only for me…”

“Yes, my love, only for you. I was afraid it was broken beyond repair after you went away. The pain was almost more than I could bear.”

“I will protect your heart. I have made an oath to you to serve you and protect you always. That means protecting your fragile heart as well. It belongs to me and I will cherish it.”

“You are my heart, my Brian. Don’t you know that? You are all that I am and all that I hold dear. Please don’t ever leave me again. Not for such a long time.”

“I can’t promise you that, but I can promise you that I will never take my love away. You will have that forever, my Lady. You are my great love, and you will have my heart forever. That I swear.”

In that moment, she decides that is enough. She also makes another decision it’s time he makes love to her, that he makes her his yet again. This time she seizes his lips in a kiss full of desperation. Erica moves her hands down to the buttons on his black linen shirt. Slowly, brazenly, she begins to unbutton each one of them. As she does, she drags her fingertips down his chest, combing them through his rough chest hair. She shivers as she revels in the feel of it.

“You are quite the temptress tonight…” he says as she moves down to follow her fingertips with her lips and tongue.

“That is the effect I’m hoping to have on you…”

She takes his hands in hers and starts backing toward the enormous bed. Her eyes are locked onto his, desire on her face.

“Please, my Lord, lay down on the bed. It is my wish to pleasure you.” She whispers, her cheeks becoming rosy.

“You’re blushing, my lovely Honeysuckle.” he teases.

“I suppose I am but that doesn’t mean I am going to keep from telling you exactly what I want. I’m afraid I am a very impatient woman tonight, my love.”

Just as he lies back on the bed, there is a brilliant flash of light followed by a loud crash of thunder. For the first time since they have arrived in the room, the lovers notice that it is storming quite violently. The sound of the driving rain seems to raise the anticipation in the room; Lady Erica moves to kneel between his legs.

“What are you doing?” he asks her.

“I am doing what I have desired to do to you since I heard you were returning to me. I want to take you in my mouth, to pleasure you in the way that you love.”

“My Lady, it is my greatest desire to pleasure you…please, won’t you lay here with me on the bed?”

‘I will allow you to do as you wish with me after I have done as I wish…”

She can see by the look on his face that he is excited by her boldness. He has always loved her strong side, even when they make love and tonight, she is stronger than ever before.

As Erica frees him from the confines of his black pants, she takes a moment to look at his hardness in her hands and to lightly stroke it with just her fingertips. She again locks her eyes on his as she lowers her mouth down to take him deep in her throat, as she moves him back out, she sucks lightly, swirling her tongue around the tip of his hardness. She hears him gasp in pleasure.

“My love, you are amazing! Your mouth is so warm!”

She continues her onslaught on his senses and her inner power increases as he continues to tell her how pleased he is by her ministrations. She is taken by surprise when he suddenly sits up, takes her by the arms, and lays her on the bed. He moved so swiftly, it made her head spin. Suddenly, Brian is between her legs, running his hands up them, sliding the black silk material of her gown up as he goes. She tries to catch her breath.

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