Her Weekend Surprise

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She had a surprise for him. He was to come to her house, take the spare key from behind the rock in the front garden, and go inside. She said from there he would receive further instructions. He had been looking forward to it all week considering last time she had done something this secretive, it had involved him getting a half a dozen blow-jobs without having to reciprocate. He smirked as he walked the path to the door to her house, key in hand, his pants tightening as he opened the door.How long had it been since they started playing this game? Every other weekend one or the other, whose ever turn it was, would choose their newest sexual encounter. It made the week hell, but every moment was filled with anticipation.

He walked up the stairs to the bedroom and saw an interesting sight. On the floor were dozens upon dozens of pillows, stacked to make their own type of bed.In front of the pillows sat a single chair, as though observing the pillows that laid before it. He walked through the door to see his beautiful lover walk out of the attached bathroom. She was nude already, with her flowing brown hair reaching down to her collar bone. Her hands were behind her back. Her body was a perfect pear shape, with perfect, pale breasts. When she turned around, he would see his favorite thing about her, the dimples on her back.

“Hello, lover.” he smiled.

“Hello,” she whispered, “sit.”

He walked over to the chair and sat, doing as he was told. He was trying to contain the bulging mass between his legs, so she wouldn’t see his anticipation. She walked towards him, taking her hands from behind her back. It wasn’t until now that he noticed that she had something in her hands. She held a long black piece of silk. She walked over to him and and placed the silk fabric over his eyes. He felt her hands on his shoulders, massaging them. He groaned as the pressure she placed in her fingers worked their way into his muscles. She was so damn good at that. He heard some rustling as her fingers left his shoulders. In almost no time at all, he felt her at his pants. His zipper slid down, and he found his eyes closing beneath the blindfold. She slid his cock out of his pants, and he felt her lick his head slowly. Her hand came up and grabbed him.

Then, something surprising happened. With her mouth and hands still on him, she somehow removed his blindfold. He looked down to see that the woman at his cock wasn’t his brunette beauty, but instead a woman with bleach blond hair accented with black streaks. Her pale naked form was knelt before him. Her left arm was covered in tattoos that he tried to make out only for a second. Her blue eyes looked up at him as he began to speak, but before güvenilir bahis he could even say a word, she took as much of him as she could into her mouth. He moaned as her tongue flipped the top of his cock as she began to deep-throat it.

“Surprise, my darling.” his lover whispered in his ear.

He turned to see his brunette goddess standing there, naked before him.

“The rules are simple. You are allowed to touch both of us, but only after we tell you to. Until then you must sit there, and you must, my darling, must, not get up from the chair.”

He whimpered.

The girl with his cock in her mouth released him, licking him a few times as she stood up. Her eyes met his and she smiled a perfect, white-toothed smile behind those rosy lips.

“I’m M.” she said, tilting her head sideways and looking at him.

His lover walked to this new woman, this “M” person. She walked behind M, her tall frame towering over M’s smaller one. She looped her arms around M’s waist and then slowly moved her hands up to her breasts.

“Look at these nipples,” his lover whispered. “I love to touch them.”

She slipped her fingers over M’s erect nipples, taking them between her thumb and forefinger and pinching them slightly. Slowly his lover turned, with M turning so their sides faced him. His lover cupped M’s breast as her lips found M’s. Their kissing was soft, but firm. He could see their tongues dancing between each other as their hands began to wander over their bodies. His cock throbbed.

When it felt like this hand been going on for hours, M pulled away slightly from his lover and helped her kneel down into the pillows that lay before him. His lover laid onto her back, with M kneeling beside her.

“I’m going to eat her out,” M said.

M knelt down to her knees, and slowly crouched in front of his lover. M spread her legs slightly in front of him and he could see the pink of her cunt between her legs. She lowered her breasts to the floor, so he could see the back of her head slowly bobbing up and down as she lapped at his lover. His eyes moved up to see his brunette’s arched back, fingers on her breasts, and lip bit in passion. M moved her hand from her side and slid two fingers into his lover. He heard a loud gasp come out of her. It took all of his willpower to remain seated in the chair. He wanted her. He wanted to be inside her. He wanted to make her make that gasp. M slowly moved away from his lover, and looked to him.

“I want you to taste her on me.” she said, smiling.

She moved over to him and put her hands at the bottom of his shirt. Before he knew it, the shirt was over his head, on the floor, and her mouth was on his. His türkçe bahis tongue probed her mouth, exploring M. He could taste his lover, that familiar taste, throughout her mouth. M straddled him, his cock pressing hard into his jeans.

“Do you want me?” she asked, innocently.

As she did, his lover snuck up behind her and slowly snaked her arms down M’s body until she was at her perfectly pink cunt lips. She slipped her finger onto M’s clit and started to caress it, all while M straddled his lap.

“I want to fuck her,” his lover whined, slowly beginning to suck on M’s ear.

She leaned down and kissed M, slowly pulling her back down onto the pillows on the floor. They turned sideways so he could see every moment they have together. With M on her back, his lover raised M’s leg into the air. His lover placed her self between M’s legs and slid down her body. He watched as their cunts touched. His lover whined.

“Oh, my, god. Her clit, it’s so hard on mine.”

He wanted to cum. He wanted to cum inside of her, as hard as possible, right then and there. Instead, he sat. He watched as their cunts began the grind into each other, with both of them gasping and moaning as his lover rode M. Finally, after what seemed like ages, M looked at him. Her mouth agape, she moaned loudly and growled:

“Let him get up.”

His lover nodded, gasping as she did and within seconds his pants were off and he was standing over the two. His lover slowly released herself from M, standing to meet him.

“I told M that you’re amazing at licking assholes. I think you should show her.” his lover said, then she laid down on her back and smirked at him.

M got on top of his lover and faced the opposite direction, with her cunt on top of his brunette Goddess’s mouth. There was something beautiful about seeing these two women in the 69 position. He had to drink it in for a moment. M lapping at his lover’s clit, his lover slowly sliding her fingers in and out of M. Their breasts pressed firmly to the other’s stomach. He closed his eyes for a moment. This was paradise. When he looked back at them he realized that he had yet to please either of them and he was drawn to do so. His lover knew what he could do, but M, he smirked, M needed to scream for him.

He got to his knees behind him, and felt himself crouch to the perfect position to lick her asshole. His lover pushed M’s body up higher so he could get good access to her. He took his hands and spread her ass cheeks apart, looking at the tiny asshole in front of him. His tongue darted out and he began to lick her. He heard her whine in surprise and he only licked harder. They had teased him long enough. He placed his güvenilir bahis siteleri hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them. Finding that the harder he licked M’s ass, M would lick his lover’s cunt harder and they would all moan.

“M? I’m going to put my cock in you. My sweet, sweet love will lick your cunt.”

“Yes, my darling,” his lover purred.

He took his throbbing cock and placed it at M’s soaking-wet entrance. First he placed the tip in her, and slowly slide in his head. M moaned out.

“Please…..” she breathed, “all of it, harder, please.”

He obliged. How could he not? He slipped the rest of himself into her wet cunt. She was surprisingly tight, and oh-so wet. Goddamn, he thought. His cock pulsed and it went in and out of her, every now and then remembering his Goddess was on her back below them, lapping at the clit of M. She would surprise him now and then with a quick lick on his balls, or a nip or two on his thigh. She knew exactly what he liked.

He continued to thrust in and out of M, his balls slapping against her since he was going so deep. He felt a trembling in his balls and knew his orgasm was coming. M was there, bent in front of him, head hung, bouncing on his cock. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter, from her being turned on, or from his Goddess licking her, he wasn’t sure. She moaned out and he felt her muscles bare down on his cock. She was going to orgasm. He put his hand on her back, and dug his nails into her flesh softly. She moaned loudly and he felt her clench again. He pushed faster, and faster until he felt his balls seize up. He shot into her as she moaned out loudly, cumming seconds after him.

They stayed together for a moment before her heard a very soft moment coming from below him and M. He pulled out of M, who moved down to her side to see his lover touching herself.

“No, my dear, let us help.” he said.

He crouched down, his cock still dripping. Placing her left leg over one of his shoulders, he beckoned M to get beside him. M crawled over to the woman before her and began lapping at her clit. At the same time, he began making circles with his tongue at her entrance. As she got close, he pushed his tongue in and out of her cunt entrance, faster and faster. He felt her seize up under him and looked to M who continued to lick her glorious clit in front of him. He knew it would be a matter of moments before she came, so he inserted two fingers into her and began to finger fuck her. She moaned out loudly, calling his name, which just made him go faster. With him and M licking her cunt, she came screaming.

After her body has stopped shuddering, M and he crawled up next to his brunette Goddess. His wonderful lover. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder she whimpered happily and pulled M into them. He looked at the two naked beauties in his arms and began to wonder what he would do for the next weekend, since it was, after all, his turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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