Here Cums(?) The Bride

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I stood in front of the mirror appraising myself in my bridal gown, making sure everything was properly fit and put on. Was I forgetting anything? Veil; check Bouquet; check, Garter; check, Makeup, not too much; check. It was all perfect, beautiful and I was ready to make my vows to the man I loved. The wedding was a small event, only family and our closest friends were invited. Eric and I didn’t want, or have the money, to spend on anything larger. We didn’t want to cater to any guests we barely knew or hadn’t even seen in years. I think there is some old saying about the reception being for the guests. Why should it be? This is OUR day, to celebrate OUR union, the only people that needed to be there were the ones we loved the most and would celebrate with us, not simply pretend to join in on a free meal or some fake social standing need.

When I scanned my way back up the mirror to check my make-up again, I gasped in shock. In the mirror, over by the door, was his reflection. It couldn’t be; what was he doing here? I turned around and met his green eyed gaze.

“What are you doing here?”

“I can’t congratulate the bride on her special day?” He looked me up and down with a predatory glare. The one that always makes me wet.

“No! You shouldn’t even be here. You should leave.” I began walker independence izle to back away as he calmly approached me.

“Now why would I want to do a silly thing like that when we both know you want me here?” The confidence in his voice was maddening; my pussy was absolutely pulsing with need for him. Maybe just this once I could deny him, deny my own desires for him.

“No… You shouldn’t…. We can’t… Mmmmhmmm….” He took my face gently in his hands and kissed me.

A deep, passionate, lustful kiss.

A lover’s kiss.

A kiss I shouldn’t have been having with this man. A kiss I gladly participated in. My sheer white thong panties were becoming soaked.

As we kissed, he backed me into the sofa in my dressing room and I fell backwards onto it. He positioned his hips in front of my face; his cock was already poking out of the zipper to his tuxedo pants. It looked just so yummy. I grabbed it, my fingers just barely touching tip to tip around his thickness, and pulled his tasty slab of meat to my hungry mouth.

I loved how he felt in my mouth. My lips stretching around his shaft as my tongue struggled to lap around every inch of his girth as he entered and retreated from my maw, the tip of his magnificent waterloo road izle cock nudging at the back of my throat as I devour his entire length. I couldn’t help but hum my content around his schlong.

What was I doing? This wasn’t right.

I reluctantly pulled him from my mouth and said, “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m about to get married and there’s a whole lot of people on the other side of that door who will be waiting on me.” I hiked up my bridal gown around my waist, pulling his cock to my exposed and wet thong clad cunt. ” Hurry up and fuck me stud, before I’m late to my own wedding.”

He smiled that seductively naughty smile of his and obliged my request by pulling aside the fabric of my thong and plunged his thick meat into my moist snatch.

“Oooooohhhhh,” I moaned as he sank inch after delicious inch of himself into me. I loved how he felt inside me, stretching me, filling me like no other man ever has.

It was difficult to contain my screams and moans, but anyone could have passed by the door at any moment and heard me. As it was, some of the louder ones still escaped my lips. If someone were to come in through that door at that very moment they wouldn’t have seen the prim and proper and elegant bride I wayne izle was expected to be. Instead they would have seen a lustful, wanton, erotic woman thrashing in orgasm beneath the body of the man capable of making her feel a slut and love every fucking second of it. The man that makes me tremble with the very need for him.

He gave me another three orgasms before he finally unloaded his thick load inside of me, coating my pussy walls in his creamy baby batter. I giggled as he lovingly kissed me as his cock slowly slipped out of me.

“You better hurry and get cleaned up. Your groom will be expecting you soon.”

“Oh hush you!” I slapped him on the chest. “Its your fault if I’m late. It is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding after all.”

“I think that only applies to getting married the first time, not for vow renewals.” He smiled and winked at me as he exited the room.

I got myself together, ensuring I looked the prim and proper bride that I was.

Walking down the isle my pussy began to pulse again with each step as I moved closer and closer to the man that I love with all my heart and soul. My thong now wet with both of our mixed love juices. As we exchanged and renewed our vows to each other, I looked into his green eyes and relived the moment we just had five minutes earlier in the dressing room.

Then my mind raced with a vision of what was to come tonight as we consummated our renewed bond and all the years that were still to come, filled with happiness and joy just as the years before.

I came out of my day dreaming just in time as we spoke to each other.

“I do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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