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Idioms and phrases: “He who hesitates is lost”

Definition: One who cannot come to a decision will miss the opportunity. Although the idea is much older, one possible source for the English idiom is a misquotation from Joseph Addison’s play Cato (1712): “The woman that deliberates is lost.


My wife, Linda, had that look. The fire in her eyes was way beyond seductive. She wanted to get fucked. I wasn’t going to deny her. I was just surprised by how hot she was now. At the orientation earlier that afternoon, she had hesitated. The other couples would be gathering at the estate for what would have been our first swinger’s party, while we were back in our hotel room trying to decide what to do with the weekend.

Linda had beautiful legs. Competitive rowing in college had toned her muscles. Only a few men had felt the power in those legs squeeze around them when a cock filled her pussy. As a conservative professional, she spent most of her life in skirts keeping her knees pressed together. Now she lay on her back with her bare legs spread wide and two fingers vigorously frigging her clit. I didn’t hesitate to give her what she wanted.

I jerked my pants down around my ankles without taking time to kick off my shoes. Then I stumbled to the bed and fell between her legs. My cock pierced deep into her pussy on the first thrust without meeting resistance. Linda grunted with the sudden but welcomed intrusion and squeezed her wet sleeve tightly around my shaft. A wave of intense sensations rushed up my spine and burst in the pleasure centers of my brain.

I pushed myself up to look in her face as she locked her ankles behind my back. Linda’s face was contorted with lust. She did not want a tender romance with a lifelong partner. She wanted a good fucking by a stud. She grabbed my face in her hands and thrust her tongue in my mouth as she bucked her wet pussy up onto my cock.

It usually takes awhile for my wife to get warmed up to sex. We enjoy reading erotic stories or sharing a Jacuzzi together to get in the mood. Linda likes the firm but gentle touch of a strong hand on her bare thigh, while I enjoy the wetness of her tongue sliding up the length of my shaft. We typically take it slow at first.

Once Linda gets hot, she’s a different woman. The tender lover who seduces me becomes a wild animal in bed. I mean a really wild animal. She growls and moans. She thrashes and bucks. I like it that way. She’s really sexy with her face all flushed and contorted on her way to the big one.

I do have one little quibble. My wife makes a lot of noise but she rarely says any words. She seldom even opens her eyes in the final heat of making love. I sometimes wish she wasn’t so demure about saying those tender little words of encouragement like: “Yes, yes!”, “Oh God!” and “Harder!” I can barely remember the last time Linda said, “Fuck me!” So I was really surprised when she spoke. I was even more surprised by her choice of words.

“Oh yes, Raman! Fuck me!”

Her eyes popped open when she realized what she’d said. My name wasn’t Raman. There was apprehension in her face, but her powerful legs were still locked around my back. She continued to urge me on as I slammed into her with all my strength. Her breasts shuddered with each impact as her nipples bounced up and down her chest.

Linda’s face contorted each time I bottomed out inside her, but the focus of her eyes never left my face. What did she see? Her husband of 17 years: a tall white male with glasses and skinny legs but a reasonably thick cock? Or Raman, the husband of a couple we just met at the orientation: a somewhat shorter and younger man with the crisp accent of a well educated Indian professional. I couldn’t imagine him stretching her open with a 9″ cock or lifting her up on his shaft and carrying her around the room while they fucked. He was just a guy like me, except that I had made love to my wife at least a couple thousand times while he had kissed her once politely on the cheek when we were introduced.

That’s when I knew I had gotten lucky. I had won the argument. Linda had just conceded that she wanted what I wanted for her. I had spent years trying to convince her that swinging was not about looking for someone better. She did not have to compete for my affection with someone who was younger or looked more like the models in a magazine. Nothing would change the fact that we loved each other and our lives were permanently intertwined. A new experience would be exciting but it would not replace what we already had. This was going to be an exciting new experience. That it was a very naughty experience we would hide from our friends and families only made it more exciting.

Raman and I were a fair trade, and so were our wives. That was the beauty of it. I felt something akin to pride as I imagined the two of them together. Raman would enjoy fucking my wife. Linda was a really good lover when she let loose. He would be especially excited because she was şişli escort all new to him. He had never felt her large breasts bouncing in front of him as she squatted on his pole. The bitter sweet juices of her pussy would taste intriguing on his tongue. No woman would thrash as wildly as my wife when he drove into her and dumped his seed.

Then I stopped thinking of them. They would take care of each other. I imagined his wife, Amiya, stepping out of the crumpled dress at her feet and walking seductively toward me. I could almost feel her tongue as she curled up beside me on the couch and leaned in for a kiss. Her breasts were much smaller than my wife’s but perfectly proportioned to her petite frame. My mind flashed through a series of positions each more lewd than the last until the moment just before orgasm when she was screaming for me to fuck her harder as I dug my fingers into her ass cheeks and rammed my cock into her sopping pussy.

I continued to look down into my wife’s face as we made love, but I imagined Amiya’s naked body spread out beneath me.

“This is how I’m going to fuck Amiya. Would you like that?” I asked her between grunts.

I had been about to squirt my load into her pussy when she had called out Raman’s name. The sudden turn of events had held me back for a moment, but I could not hold out much longer.

“You get fresh pussy. I get a new stud. Then we get each other back. What’s not to like?”

I grabbed hold of her breasts and squeezed as my cock pumped load after load of hot cum deep inside her pussy. As my spasms subsided, she continued to writhe under me with her own intense orgasm. Her contractions milked the last of the fluid from my shaft and spit out the wilting tube of flesh.

We held each other for the longest time without speaking as we each caught our breath and tried to make sense of the shift in our sexual boundaries.

I tried to imagine my naked wife curled up in another man’s arms after coitus as I watched his cum drain from her freshly fucked hole. It had been several minutes since we had fucked, but the vulgar thought sent a last orgasmic shudder through my body. My limp cock stiffened a little and another drop of cum leaked from the tip. I was sure of it then. I wanted my wife to watch me fuck another woman. Even more, I wanted to watch her get fucked by another man, and the sooner the better. Now that I knew she was ready, we just had to find a way to make it happen.


We had met Amiya and Raman at the orientation earlier that day. Like Linda and me, they were looking for an outlet for their overactive libidos that would not threaten their mutually satisfying relationship. Neither Linda and I nor Amiya and Raman were “bored”. Neither of our marriages was “in trouble”. Quite the opposite. The mutual decision to even consider swinging had led to a healthy discussion of sex and love in a committed relationship. The prospect of watching and being watched – and even the possibility of swapping partners with strangers (however unlikely to actually happen) — added an element of excitement to lives that were already happy.

The orientation was a requirement of the club for all couples new to the lifestyle. It made sense to us. They needed to check us out. No one in the throes of a group organism wanted to be interrupted by the drama of a shaky marriage falling apart. Of course, we needed to check them out too. Like all newbies, we were looking for a friendly and supportive environment to ease us into something that we both wanted but neither was sure about. We agreed that if either of us felt uncomfortable then the other one would go along with the decision to leave without question.

We had come to the orientation without having decided if we would go to the swinger’s party afterward. About halfway through the orientation, I was completely sold on the idea. The other couples were a range of ages and body shapes with some looking reassuring like us and others enticing different. As we shared our stories about our sexual experience and the reasons for being there, I began to think that maybe my wife and me were not really so kinky as we thought. Or, at least, our kinky desires were shared by other apparently normal couples.

Except for a curiosity about other people’s sexual desires, we shared little in common with Amiya and Raman, but we were immediately attracted to them. They were a gentle and loving couple who had come to the orientation with the same reservations as my wife and me. I could tell that my wife shared my interest in them by the intense expression on her face when either Amiya or Raman spoke.

My wife and I were both children of teachers. We had liberal arts degrees from small private colleges and had pursued advanced studies at public universities. We liked to read books together, but we also liked to drink beer and laugh with friends. Like most American youth, we each had our first experience of sex in high school and had more practice mecidiyeköy escort in college dormitories before we met in our early 20’s. Unlike some of our friends, we had been monogamous since we moved into our first apartment together and our relationship deepened to a lifelong commitment. That was almost 17 years, a formal wedding and two kids ago. In those 17 years, we had explored almost every sexual act involving two people that we could think of ourselves and had tried to copy most of the positions we had seen in porn flicks. It was the possibility of positions available only to groups of 3 or more that had gotten my wife and I talking about swinging — but even the decision to attend the orientation was more to see what sort of people actually had sex in groups than a commitment to participate ourselves.

Amiya and Raman came to the orientation with the same curiosity about sex but with a very different background. Although educated in graduate schools in the United States, Amiya and Raman had been raised in the same small village in India. Their families had known each other for generations. Amiya and Raman had forged an early friendship as children. As they grew into puberty, their families and culture had placed impossible barriers to any overtly sexual contact. Their marriage had been arranged, but not at all coerced. They were virgins when they married in their late teens. After their first clumsy experiences on that first night, they had each learned what aroused their partner and had become passionate lovers as well as best friends. They were still happily married when the youngest of their children entered middle school. Yet, both wondered what it felt like to make love to someone else. Neither was looking for someone better. Each was just curious about the differences. Raman wondered what the taste of another woman’s pussy would be like. Amiya wondered how much bigger a cock she could take before it would feel uncomfortable.

The orientation itself had been a great experience rather than the series of embarrassments that I had feared. Sharing intimate details of sexual experience and desires with this particular group of strangers had been both reassuring and exciting.

Amiya and Raman and Linda and I were the last two couples in a semicircle around the couple who owned the house where the swinger’s party was held. Each of the couples in the semicircle had accepted the invitation to the swinger’s party extended by the group leaders at the end of the orientation.

It did not occur to me that any of the other couples would decline the invitation. Each of them seemed so self-assured compared to my wife and me. I couldn’t wait to watch Amiya wiggle out of her conservative dress and bare her ass for me, so I was surprised and disappointed when Amiya declined the invitation. Her husband held her lovingly although he also appeared to be disappointed. The group leaders said that they could come back whenever they wanted. My hopes rose when Amiya thanked them for the invitation and said in almost a whisper that they just might. She had not so much said “no” as “not yet”.

My disappointment was tempered by the very pleasant thought of slipping between the legs one or two of the other women who had shared their intimate desires in the previous hour. My excitement had been enhanced by the occasional sly glance in my direction. Nothing improves one’s confidence like being the object of someone else’s desire.

When my wife thanked the group but said that she too would have to think some more about joining the club, I could not immediately hide my disappointment. But I quickly recovered my composure. We had agreed that there would be no pressure to go along. I followed Raman’s example and hugged my wife to let her know that I supported her decision.

After we had made love later that afternoon, I knew that Linda had worked out whatever reservations she had at the orientation. How else could I explain her calling out Raman’s name? We had missed the first night at the party, but we still had an opportunity to join the group for the second and third days of the holiday weekend. The question for me now was whether her desire was just for Amiya and Raman or was she open to a group experience?


Good sex always gives me a good appetite so we took a quick shower and went looking for a place to eat. I don’t know which of us was the most surprised to find Amiya and Raman standing in line at the restaurant. Our initial embarrassment at seeing each other away from the orientation passed quickly. Although we had not met them before this afternoon, we knew more about them than many friends we had known for years. They were people we would have liked even if we didn’t share a similar fantasy about swapping partners for sex.

We combined our reservations and shared the evening at a table for four. The meal was superb but the conversation was even more enjoyable. By the time that the dessert arrived, we were even better friends. We had not mentioned sex for the entire meal, but sex had been on all of our minds. Over coffee, Linda took the initiative and suggested that we all go back to our hotel to watch a movie together. Amiya jumped at the opportunity while Raman smiled approvingly. We quickly agreed that Amiya would pick the movie. And then we paid our bill and left.

That is how we came to be in our hotel room with a couple we had just met earlier in the day. We each lay fully clothed with our own spouses on the twin queen beds as the action on the screen became more intense. I had expected Amiya to choose a romantic film that perhaps lead gently into a soft core love scene but she had made a bold choice. The film we were watching was a compilation with multiple scenes of several couples fucking in every conceivable combination.

We had left the lights on purposefully. We had agreed to watch a movie together but we were also eager to watch each other. Each of us waited for a sign from the others that the evening would fulfill our shared fantasies.

By the second scene, my wife’s face was flushed and her nipples were so stiff that they showed clearly through the lacy bra and silk blouse that she wore. She made no effort to hold her knees together although her short skirt had ridden up to her hips. I knew that look. She was on the verge of an orgasm. The last time that I had helped a woman have an orgasm without removing her clothes was during an extended petting session on a date in high school. My wife needed just a little nudge to go over the edge.

I took the next step and placed my palm on the bare surface of her inner thigh and moved up her leg until my fingers felt her wetness. My wife pulled down the zipper on the side of her skirt, looped her fingers into the waistband of both her skirt and panties and shoved them over her knees. With a little kick, her skirt and panties flew off her ankles over the end of the bed. She lay there naked from the waist down watching our new friends with intense interest. I opened her bright red pussy lips and showed Amiya and Raman how wet she was.

Amiya and Raman stared at my wife’s bare legs and exposed pussy for a moment and then Amiya stood up in the small space between the two beds. Amiya face was calm but her dark brown eyes smoldered with desire and just a hint of fear at what we were about to do. We could hear Raman pull down the zipper of her dress and undo the snaps of her bra. With trembling hands, she grasped the straps of her dress and pulled them off her shoulder. The delicate fabric floated to the floor. She cupped her small breasts and squeezed the nipples for us as her husband pulled off her thong. She was naked as she turned away from us and pushed her husband back down on the bed. Amiya grabbed Raman’s zipper and released his cock from his pants. Gravity pulled her small breasts into cones of soft flesh that jiggled enticingly as she pulled her husband’s pants over his knees. The dark brown lips of her pussy cracked open as she bent over to reveal bright pink flesh that glistened with her arousal.

Clothes flew around the room for the next minute as Linda, Raman and I joined Amiya in total nakedness. Linda and I exchanged probing tongues for a brief wet kiss but she was not looking for foreplay. She rolled me on my back, took my cock in her hand and filled her pussy with my meat as she sat down on top of me. She rode slowly up and down my shaft to enhance the pleasure of having a cock stuffed in her cunt as we stared at the other couple about to have sex in front of strangers for the first time.

Amiya and Raman had settled on a 69 position with Amiya on top. They were a perfect match of height for Amiya to take Raman’s tool in her mouth while Raman probed her wet slit with his tongue. Her cheeks bulged as his cock entered her mouth but she kept pulling him in until her throat bulged and her lips touched his pubic hair. He let out a moan and threw his head back as the tip of his cock passed back over her lips. She took a gulp of air and waited for him to thrust his cock back down her throat.

Raman looked over at Linda’s breasts bouncing up and down as she rode my cock. Without further warning, he grunted loudly and shot his cum in thick strands into Amiya’s face. She sat up slightly while continuing to grasp his shaft and pumping firmly. More and more globs of cum spewed from the little slit in the tip of his cock. The thick white spunk glowed in the warm light as the sticky substance slid down the smooth brown skin of Amiya’s breasts. A single glob hung from a nipple until it stretched into a long strand and fell to her thigh.


Raman’s face flushed as his cock went flaccid. The color in his face was at least partially from embarrassment as he sputtered apologies. He had let loose in less than 5 minutes after our clothes had come off. His was not exactly the performance of a gifted porn stud.

Amiya tried to sooth his feelings.

“Someone likes to watch big boobs bounce, don’t they?”

Amiya giggled as the words rolled off her tongue. She had moved to her husband’s side and was gently cradling his limp cock in her palm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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