Hi, My Name is Aiden Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Aiden, and a lot has happened to me over the past few years. I went through a very important journey of self-discovery, a journey I’d like to share with you all. I believe a lot of people miss out on the opportunity to examine their lives and make themselves truly happy, I hope I can help someone like me find fulfillment in life. People seem to be afraid of sex, and sexual experimentation, and I’m hoping my story can quell some of those fears so some of you can go out and try some new things. If it doesn’t, I hope it at least gives you a hard on.

Now, I spent the first 19 years of my life in a sort of suburban limbo. It was like I was floating, day in, day out. I was going through the motions of the life I had always lived. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived a very lovely life. I have the most amazing family, and the best group of friends a fellow could ask for. I’ve never wanted for anything in my life, I’ve always been clothed, and I’ve always been fed. Christmas was never a disappointment, and I’ve always had a roof over my head. All in all, I’ve been very lucky. However, I always felt this strange emptiness throughout my life. There was always a weird hole in my heart, and a dull ache I could never seem to soothe. I always felt different from my friends, and I didn’t know what could help me feel better.

I only ever felt good when I was helping people, when I was doing community service or something. Whenever I felt needed, I felt complete. Everything else throughout most of my life (especially high school) felt a little shallow and hollow, as if I wasn’t being honest with myself. I mean, I’ve always portrayed myself as a good kid, and I’ve got the looks to complete the image. I’m constantly called cute and adorable, and I’ve even gotten a few handsomes now and again, though being on the shorter side and having the muscle tone of a prepubescent little girl doesn’t really qualify one as handsome. I’m a blonde, so I have more fun, and I have green eyes. One time, I was baby sitting this little girl, and she told me I looked like a prince, so if a child thinks I’m attractive, I’ve got to look halfway decent because those little buggers can be brutally honest. Along with these princely looks, I’ve always tried to be as intelligent as possible, and I’ve always tried to present myself as the model son and friend. I was always happy to help anyone who asked; I kept my grades up, and I got into a good university like my parents wanted. I’ve also never gotten into trouble, or at least, I’ve never been caught.

Living this kind of life can put pressure on a kid, and my freshman year in college, I exploded. It was crazy. I’m 23 now, and I would like to think that I’ve calmed down a bit, but when I was 19, life was a little out of control. I started doing drugs, nothing crazy- X, weed, designer shit, ya know, the basics, and I loved to drink. One thing I’m glad I didn’t do was whore around. When all this started, I wasn’t really interested Travesti in sex at all. I had had it a couple times back in high school, but it just started to bore me, and it always seemed like everyone always thought they knew what they were doing, but had no idea how to please another human being. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked, I’m not here to tell you how shitty high school kids can be at sex.

So far, I have had to come to terms with two big delusions in my life to find happiness, one of which was the delusion that I liked girls in any fashion. At the beginning of my university life, for all intents and purposes, I was “bisexual” It was easier to navigate the campus that way, and coming home with a “girlfriend” every once and a while really made my parents happy, and to be honest, I was scared to come all the way out. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t muster up the courage to do that shit. I mean, now coming out’s the last thing I need to be embarrassed about or scared of, but back then it was such a huge deal. So, I kept up the façade of a mostly straight guy who enjoyed the occasional peek at the other dudes in the gym shower. However, I could never bring myself to touch a girl, so I was always breaking up with them. It added a lot of unnecessary pain and drama to the girl’s life, and my own. In fact, they started this rumor around campus that I was afraid of girls and sex, so eventually all of the females stopped bothering me. Though surprisingly I never heard a rumor about me being gay, but maybe that’s because I have a hair trigger on my cock, and the slightest brush against it can give me an erection. I’m not the type of homosexual who claims to be disgusted by girls, they can be pretty. It’s the sex that’s wrong.

Once again, getting sidetracked, anyway, before I get into this next part, I feel like I should explain a bit of my sexual history because it was here that I started to deny and discover a very important part of myself. Hmm let’s see, as you know from up above, I am not a virgin. However, I did not lose my virginity to a girl; I lost it to a boy. It was my best friend. I didn’t see it coming, my best friend and I had always been close, ever since we were kids in fact. Plus, he was just a generally affectionate fellow. He was always cuddling or on top of someone, and it didn’t matter if they were male or female, but like me, he had had several girlfriends throughout high school, and even told me he had sex with one of them, but that was all a lie apparently. One day, we were hanging out, playing some useless card game when he came out to me, and then his ass went and kissed me! He kept telling me how much he cared for me, and that he always had a crush on me, and before I could even process the thoughts that were running through my head, he kissed me again. I was quite sure as a straight male, I shouldn’t have liked that shit, but god fucking damnit I loved it! I can still remember the moment his tongue İstanbul Travesti entered my mouth, as soon as I felt our tongues touch my cock went rock hard, and so did his. I had my first kiss years ago, with a girl who’s name I can no longer remember, but this kiss was the first kiss that ever really affected me physically. I started feeling weak and I melted into him. Every time our tongues grazed over each other, it was like a jolt of electricity was running up my spine. I felt like a fucking superhero, every sense was heightened, every touch intensified. It was several years later till I felt something as intense as these kisses. I noticed half way through our make out session that I was sucking on his tongue, and I realized I was even in love with the taste of his saliva.

We kept making out, touching each other’s hard on’s from our jeans. I was so turned on I thought my cock would snap off right into my jeans. I have never been more turned on then in that moment,, I lunged at him, and if you think I’m a pre-pubescent lightweight, my best friend might’ve made you feel like a pedophile (though we were both 18 at the time). He was absolutely gorgeous, and as I lay straddled on top of his slender, soft frame, I realized I had never noticed before. His big, blue eyes, stared up into me innocently, devouring me with their depth. It was at that moment, that I decided that I had to have him; in anyway he would let me. I kissed him with the intensity of all my feelings at the moment, and ground down on his cock with an intense desperation. I wanted to feel connected to him, I wanted to know that his cock getting hard, and the cute little moans escaping his lips were all because of me. Everything in that moment started to blend together. I was grinding and kissing, and licking. He blushed, and moaned, and fumbled around my body while my tongue tasted every part of his mouth. He grinded back at me, his cock twitching roughly through his jeans. I slid down and released his cock. It sprung out of his pants with such life that I gasped. It was soaked with pre-cum, and more had started dripping out as I continued to stare. He started to turn beet red and then covered his face, yelling at me, “Why are you staring at it like that?!”

The sound of his voice instantly made my cock twitch, I spoke in a hush tone “I-I don’t know.” He poked an eye through his fingers and asked, “Is there something wrong with it?” I slid my finger up the shaft and then twirled my finger around the head, “It’s perfect.”

“Is it really?” he let out a slight gasp at the touch of my finger. I nodded my head yes, and then stuck my finger inside my mouth, licking and sucking it as if it was covered in the sweetest honey one could find. His pre-cum tasted absolutely delicious to me. I had to have more. I licked up the shaft of his cock, making sure to cover every inch of that side with my tongue, tasting the essence of the pre-cum that had already dripped onto Ankara Travesti his cock during our make-out session. I looked up into his eyes and watched as he stared down at me, his gentle eyes dazed and cloudy from the feelings he had never felt before, the feelings I was causing in him. I think this the first time I discovered the pleasure in pleasing someone else. He looked so…complete, so happy, so drunk with pleasure. I couldn’t believe I had the power to make him feel that way. As I licked the rest of his shaft, savoring every lick, I began to stroke the base of his cock. It twitched and flexed in my hand and I could feel more pre-cum drip onto my tongue with each squeeze or tug. I looked up and his face was twitching. His hips were rotating, and his cock was hardening in my hands. I knew what was happening. He was about to cum.

He looked at me, moaning, jerking, lurching. He was saying my name in between his raspy and quick breaths. “Are you going to cum,” I asked.

He shook his head and whispered, “Yes.”

My hand squeezed tighter on the base of his cock and I moved my tongue higher up his cock. I don’t know what was coming over me, but I understood one thing; I had to taste his cum. I had never tasted cum before, I had barely wanted to touch my own, but when he kissed me, when he touched me, I felt something deep within my gut, and it urged my body on. All I did to him, my body made me do. My mind was blank; there was no thought, only desire. He looked at me, his eyes bright for the first time in this whole experience, while I engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth. “What are you doing?” he asked. I did not answer; I did not even see him. My eyes were closed, my entire being focused on the delicious gift leaving its taste on my tongue. I swirled my tongue around the head, licking and sucking, knowing instinctively how to extract the creamy present that begged to be released. I started stroking his cock faster with my hand as he screamed, asking me to move my mouth, telling me he was about to-

There were no words after that, only roars, screams, animal releases as he shot his load deep into my mouth, splattering the back of my throat. My own cock erupted on the bed sheets beneath me, covering my belly in my own seed. As he came I felt his hands touch me after what seemed like an eternity. He held my head in place. All I could do was cough and sputter, the power of his bursts causing me to choke. I could find no relief for my friend held me in place to receive the full force of what my tongue had so desperately begged for. We stayed like that for a few seconds, a lifetime between us. His hands collapsed and I removed my mouth from his cock. He looked up in shock as he watched some cum dribble out the sides of my mouth, his mouth moved as if he was about to apologize, but I stopped him by throwing my head back, and letting all the cum in my mouth slide slowly down my throat. I looked at him and smirked. He just stared, shocked. I crawled over him, and then laid down on top of him, kissing him deeply, making sure to deposit whatever was left of his own cum in his mouth with my tongue. He looked into my eyes, I looked into his, we smiled, and we went to sleep just like that.

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