High School Class Reunion Ch. 01

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High School Class Reunion Ch. 1


The 50th year class reunion answers some old questions.

This is mostly a true story with the names changed and some enhancements added to make it more interesting.

When we received the notice of my 50th class reunion, I asked my wife to book us a hotel room in my home town. She suggested that I call Annie, a fellow class mate, to see where she was staying.

Let me explain about Annie. She is a special friend of mine. We have been friends since the first grade. She and I never had any romantic feelings for each other because she was more like one of the guys. She ran in the same small group that I did in high school. Once we graduated, she has kept in contact with many of our fellow students. When she married, she and her husband settled in a nearby town to where I was living. In recent years she also monitored the news from our small town and she would catch me up when we met for lunch once a month. At all the class reunions she always booked a hotel suite in our hometown so that some of us could gather and relive old times.

I called Annie and after a 30 minute phone call, I knew where she was staying. She also did tell me who all were coming to the reunion. My wife booked a room down the hall from her hotel room.


The first day at the reunion, about 6 couples gathered in Annie’s suite for drinks before the banquet. My wife and I entered the gathering and helped ourselves to some soft drinks. Annie was in the corner talking to some friends but I did not see her husband any place.

We walked over to Annie and I asked, “Where is your husband?”

“His hip replacement is causing him a lot of discomfort. He thought the trip would be too painful so he stayed home,” she replied.

“You guys are always together so this must be difficult for you to be here alone,” my wife said.

“Not really. Over the years, I have done several trips with a girl friend or alone,” she said. She was called away by another class mate so my wife and I wandered around visiting with other classmates. About 5 pm we all departed for the banquet.

About 10 pm, 3 couples plus my wife and I returned to Annie’s suite for drinks and to discuss old times. Annie was acting as bartender.

After an hour or so, my wife said, “Honey, I am bored with all this old high school stuff. It is about people that I don’t know so I am going to bed.”

“I will go tell Annie that we are leaving,” I replied.

“No. You stay and enjoy yourself with your friends. I am tired and will have no trouble going to sleep.” She kissed me an waved to me as she left the suite.

The gathering continued for another hour. Since we were all retired, it was past most of our bed times. Everyone gathered at the door and said their goodbyes to Annie who was holding the door. I was last in line and when I got to Annie, she closed the door and said, “Could you stay a bit longer? There is something from our high school days that I have always wanted to ask you.”

“Sure, Annie. My wife has already gone to bed so I can stick around for a little bit.”

I sat down on the couch. She got a glass of wine and sat next to me.

“I also have a couple of questions that I have always wanted to ask you as well,” I said.

“Sure. Ask away,” Annie said.

“While you were living here, did you and Dennis ever have sex?” I asked.

“Oh no! Dennis screwed everyone but I did not want to be one of his conquests,” she replied.

“You dated Bob for some time. Did you guys ever have sex?” I asked.

“Only once. It was after the senior prom dance. We both had our 18th birthday the week before the prom so we thought we would have sex to celebrate. We did it in the back seat of his car,” she replied.

“Tell me about it,” I said.

“Not much to tell. I got out of the car and took off the damned formal dress and left it in the front seat. I got into the back seat with just my bra and panties on. He took off his clothes and joined me in the back seat. We had been making out so there was no foreplay, he just pushed me down on the seat and stuck his dick in. It did not last long enough for me to cum. All in all, it was unremarkable,” she Hd Porno replied.

I could just see them in my mind doing it in the back seat. My dick began to harden.

“As I recall, you have always had a tough time cumming. I know we have talked about that before,” I said.

“Yes, we have discussed that several times. In the last few years I found the Hitachi wand vibrator which has helped me enjoy sex more. I like to use it when my husband and I fuck.”

“It is getting late. What did you want to ask me?” I asked.

“There is something that I have always wanted to ask you about. What about your nickname ‘horse’?” she asked.

“Oh yes. I was afraid that sometime you were going to ask about that,” I said “I am gifted with large sexual equipment, larger than the other males around here. The guys gave me the nickname Horse Cock when they were around me but called me Horse in public. They loved to tease me about it. In fact they told everyone and I could not get a date the whole time I lived here. Being in a small town the gossip about my dick even got back to my parents. My father said to ignore the guys but my Mom said that it would help me in married life.”

“So you never had sex while you lived here?” she asked.

“Oh, hell no! I lost my virginity in my second year of college. I was always afraid that if a girl saw my dick that she would either laugh at it or run away.”

“In the past you had told me that you and your wife were members of a swingers’ club. How did your ‘large sex equipment’ work for you there?” she asked.

“I was overly appreciated there. All the older ladies wanted to see if they could get it inside. Some just wanted to feel it and squeeze it. Most of the younger women were very hesitant and shied away from me. When I sat in the hot tub there, I was felt up a lot by both men and women. I guess even men were curious about a big dick.”

“So I assume that you still have your ‘large equipment’ as you call it,” Annie said. “I have been curious about it ever since I heard the rumor about your nickname. I want you show it to me.”

“I don’t know if that would be a good idea, Annie. All our talking about sex has made it get hard. I am not sure about this,” I replied.

“You know more about me than any other two men and a lot of it is embarrassing. Plus I know that you and your wife were swingers, so you can’t be too embarrassed to show it to me.”

“I guess you are right. I had no trouble at the swingers’ club. Besides, we are both old and retired so….” I undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees. Since I have retired, I have quit wearing underwear. My dick was straight up hard and rested against my belly.

“Holly shit!” Annie exclaimed. “I have seen a lot of men naked, but I have never seen a dick that big.”

“I remember that you told me that back when you were single that you had sex with Kenny who had been in grade school with us. You told me that he had the biggest dick you ever had in you.”

“Yes, but he was not as big as you are. Just how big are you?” she asked.

“I don’t know; I have never measured it. It seems to be about 2 to 3 inches longer than most of the men I have seen. At the swingers’ club, what most women were interested in was the head of my dick. It is bigger than most men and they wanted to see if they could handle it. When I was dating, the head size was more of a deterrent for sex than the length. I have seen some bigger dicks in the porn movies.”

“Can I touch it?” Not waiting for an answer, she reached across and grabbed my dick. I felt her squeezing it and then she took a couple of up and down strokes. She moved closer to me on the couch so that she could really examine it. I felt her warm thigh press against mine. I am circumcised but I have some loose skin just below the head. Annie started moving it up and down on the head, much like when I masturbate. Now my dick was really hard. She put both hands around it and squeezed. The head was sticking up above her hands and it turned red then purple. She moved one hand down to stroke my balls and continued to move her other hand up and down on the shaft.

“You have really big balls — too big to suck into your mouth. Each ball is about the size of an egg,” Annie said.

Without Türkçe Altyazılı Porno any warning, she leaned over and put her mouth over the head. I could feel her tongue moving around over the head. Then she tried to see how far she could take it, but she didn’t get very far because she gagged and then sat up letting go of my dick.

“Damn!” she said. “I would love to try taking it in my pussy. Of all the men I have had, I never have had one quite this big.”

“Annie, I have shown you mine. Aren’t you supposed to show me yours? Childhood rules you know,” I asked.

She stared at me for a minute thinking about my request. Then she stood up and removed her slacks. She was wearing bikini underwear but I could see a lot of hair sticking out around the legs. I remember in high school that she had thick eyebrows and a dark moustache. I really dislike hairy women which was one of the reasons that I had never tried to date her in school. She faced me and slowly removed her panties. Wow, she had a large muff of thick, black hair. It came up to a couple of inches below her belly button and also grew onto her legs. I thought to myself what have I gotten myself into?

“What do you think?” Annie asked.

I was thinking how to tactfully answer her. “You are very lovely and have kept your figure from high school. Come sit down and let me have a turn to explore you.”

Annie sat down on the couch and spread her legs for me. She has always had heavy thighs. I actually prefer thick thighs in women, just not fat thighs. I took off my pants and got on my knees between her legs. Her pubic hair was thick and curly. I parted the hair with my fingers so that I could get to her pussy lips. They appeared to be thicker and larger than most I had seen. I ran my finger down between her lips and I saw her shiver. As I parted her lips, I noticed that the foreskin on her clit was fairly thick and came down over her clit.

“I think I see a reason for your having a hard time to cum. Your clit is covered up with its foreskin. Let me show you.”

I rubbed the foreskin that was just over her clit but she did not have any reaction.

“That is your normal condition with the clit covered. Not a lot of sensation I would guess. Now let me pull the foreskin back and expose the clit,” I said.

With my left hand I pulled the foreskin back about 3/4 inch and then I rubbed her clit with my right hand fingers. Annie jumped and said “Oh shit!”

“That is with the foreskin pulled back and I rubbed your clit directly. Years ago when we talked about your cumming problem, I had suggested that this might be a cause. Let me explore further.”

Since I had gotten a good response to touching her clit, I then put my mouth over her clit area and used my tongue on her clit with my hand still holding the clit hood back. Annie started moaning and squirming all around. I continued massaging her clit with my tongue. Annie was clearly enjoying the action.

“God, that is intense. I only feel like this with the Hitachi,” she said.

As I continued with my tongue, she began to thrust her hips up and down as though she were having intercourse. I slowly pushed my middle finger into her vagina and she let out a heavy sigh. Her vagina was fairly large and felt loose on my finger. It was prolapsed, probably from having kids and also due to her age. I curled my finger upwards and felt around for a G spot. When I hit it, she jumped and moaned. Ahh…I have found the magic spot. It was just far enough from where her husband’s penis would be so that she received no stimulation to it. I continued massaging her clit with my tongue and rubbing her G spot with my finger.

“Oh shit! If you keep doing that, I might just cum,” she said.

I kept it up for some time. She suddenly pushed her hips against me and moaned. She arched her back and her head went back. Suddenly she clamped her thighs tightly against my head. I could hardly breathe and definitely could not hear anything.

“Oh shit! Oh shit!! Oh God! I am cumming!” she exclaimed.

I felt her whole body shake and then she was still. After a few seconds she collapsed back on the couch. I pulled my finger out of her and leaned back on my heels. Annie was very quiet Brazzers and had her eyes closed. She did not move for a couple of minutes.

When she finally sat up, all she could say was “Wow! That hasn’t happened in many years”.

“When you let someone eat you, have them pull back the foreskin to expose your clit. As for your G spot inside, it is hard to stimulate it with a penis because of its location in your vagina” I explained. I fear that I sounded just like a doctor — certainly not a lover.

“My husband never gives me oral so not to worry. Now I really want to see if we can fit that big dick of yours inside of me. Come here.”

“I am not sure that that is a good idea, Annie. I don’t want to ruin a good friendship between us.”

“It won’t happen. I might just appreciate you more for a talent that I did not know that you had. Now put it in!” she ordered.

I moved forward on my knees until my dick was touching her hairy pussy. I parted her pubic hair and opened her lips with my fingers so I could see where I was going. I then pushed just the head inside. She groaned, “Oh shit that is so big. Give me a minute to get used to it.”

I waited a bit then I slowly pushed a little deeper.

“Oh shit! That hurts but it feels so good,” she said. “Go a little farther but slowly.”

I pushed into her a small amount and then waited for her vagina to get accustomed to me. Although her pussy had felt loose on my finger, it felt very tight on my cock. I repeated my slow movements until finally I was able to get my dick fully into her. At this point, I stopped and said, “I am all the way in. You were able to take it all.” She was panting and sweat was forming on her forehead.

“It hurts and I feel very full. Try stroking slowly and let me see how it feels.”

With that, I slowly pulled back out of her and then very slowly pushed back into her until I could feel her pubic hair on my belly. She pulled on my arms indicating for me to do it again. After several minutes of very slow stroking, she asked me to go a little faster. She started fucking me back as I moved in and out. I have to admit that she felt very good on my dick. We were having a nice slow fuck.

“You must be rubbing my G spot. I have a feeling that I am going to cum again,” she said.

I started stroking at my usual fucking pace and she began moaning continuously. Her pussy felt really good. Between the prolapse and the tightness of her vagina, I was really enjoying fucking her. She gripped the couch with her hands. I felt an orgasm building up inside me also. After a few more minutes I felt her body shake and she arched her back.

“I am cumming again. Don’t stop. Oh shit! Oh fuck…..fuck! Ahhhhhh” she screamed.

I could feel her squirt on me; I was wet all over my tummy and it was running down my legs. I knew that she had bladder issues but I did not expect that. I must have hit her bladder somehow.

I sped up my stroking as I could feel my orgasm building. Then my orgasm started. I buried my dick into her hard and I could feel my cum shooting inside of her. I was quite vocal and hoped that I did not bother her neighbors. Neither one of us moved for a short time, then I pulled out of her and sat back on my heels. Her face and neck were bright red. I had a feeling that this was a huge orgasm for her and it wasn’t so bad for me either.

Annie finally got up and headed for the bathroom. I could hear the water running so I knew that she was cleaning up. I sat back down on the couch waiting for her to return. She walked in with a wet wash cloth and gave it to me so that I could clean up. When I was done, I gave her back the wash cloth. I put my pants back on and then gave her a big hug. We both said goodnight and I headed for the door. She followed me and closed the door as I left.

As I headed down the hall to my room, I thought about what we had just done. It was not love or even raw sex. It seemed like we were two children exploring each other. We never kissed and I never felt her tits that had remained hidden inside her blouse. It was definitely not romantic. Maybe more like a medical exam.

I opened the door to my hotel room quietly. My wife was in bed asleep on her right side. I quietly undressed and slid under the covers. I laid on my right side and snuggled up against her back. My wife woke up and snuggled back against me. My dick found its way to her pussy.

“I hope Annie enjoyed you as much as I do,” she said.

“I always save the best for you,” I replied.

I am not going to get much sleep tonight.

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