High School Custodian Ch. 01

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All persons in this text are over the age of 18, regardless of their current student status or grade level.


Chapter 1 – The Fantasy

My name is Tim. I am a young man in my early twenties, a few years out of high school, still trying to survive in the real world. I managed to pick up a job as a custodian at my old high school. I’m only on duty for special events, usually on nights and weekends. It has lousy hours, but I’m not working in the fields or in fast food, so I am happy. It’s also nice occasionally seeing my old teachers that I became friends with.

Throughout my high school years, I never had any experiences that I would consider sexual. Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of peaking up the girls’ skirts, or down their blouses, but I never did anything further. I was more concerned with making the most of my time there as a student. As a single young man, I’ve made a habit of “relieving the pressure” nearly every night. If I don’t, I find myself constantly thinking about sex, and it interferes with my concentration while at work or school.

So, one day, while I was opening up the facilities (as per my custodial position), I found my mind wandering to things of a sexual nature. This was partly due to the fact that I had not enough time to masturbate the previous evening. It also did not help the fact that the atmosphere of the high school was constantly reminding me of the beautiful young girls that I used to see on a daily basis. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had a fantasy or two about a few of them…

After completing my duties, as is customary in my custodial position, I had a few hours of downtime before my next task could be completed. As you can understand, long amounts of time alone and a horny young man is a recipe for mischief. With my mind ablaze with images of young girls ripping off their clothes and performing acts that are worthy only of porn stars, I started the trek to the most secluded bathroom on the campus, at the back of the gymnasium, to release my sexual frustration. Never before had I masturbated anywhere other than my bedroom, but there’s a first time for everything.

This bathroom in particular bears describing. I went to a set of single bathrooms, made for one person each. I chose to use the women’s Beylikdüzü escort side, as it made the situation that much more erotic. I would be jerking myself off where women consider a private area, which gave me a feeling of intimacy and arousal that I would otherwise be lacking. The thought of doing something so naughty in the women’s restroom was so energizing and invigorating.

Inside this bathroom, there was a small plastic chair sitting opposite the toilet. In my heightened sexual state, my mind went crazy with the thoughts of women talking to each other while one used the toilet, possibly progressing into sexual acts involving one or both of them. Just to the left of the chair, there was a 6-foot tall mirror going all the way to the ground, so that the occupant could easily see what they looked like before leaving.

As I closed the door, I stopped for a moment, leaned back into the door, and realized what I was about to do: I was going to masturbate in a women’s bathroom at my old high school! Just the thought of my situation was so erotic that I could hardly control myself. Looking at myself in the mirror, I reaffirmed my intentions. I didn’t want to stop.

Moving quickly, making sure to grab some paper towels before I sat down, I moved to the plastic chair opposite the toilet, stripping off my jacket and shirt. After looking at the door to make sure I locked the handle, I unzipped my shorts, dropped them to the ground, and released the Kraken (I do not often refer to my penis as “the Kraken”, but I felt that the phrase would work well here…). (Ok, I pulled out my penis. No Krakens were involved.)

Because of the extensive fantasies being played in my mind, it was already starting to stretch out, about half the length of full arousal. I started to massage my penis, which quickly extended to full length. As I squeezed it, the shaft was turning shades of bright red, while the mushroom-shaped head was turning a deeper purple. I leaned back in the chair and started stroking it. The friction sent a pleasant tingle up my spine, awakening parts of my brain that usually lay dormant. Quickly sorting through my ever-increasing list of fantasies, I chose to focus on a girl from the school named Kassie.

Kassie was a grade Beyoğlu escort bayan under me, short, blonde, blue-green eyed, and totally hot. She had flawless light skin, a wicked tight butt, and a sexy demeanor about her. Kassie was the star of the high school volleyball team, and had a very athletic body. She’s the kind of girl that horny guys joke about in the locker room, and that everyone wants to fuck at parties. I had no issues coming up with a suitable fantasy for her.

It started partly from a memory. She was laying stomach down on a row of chairs, facing the door. From my perspective, I had a very nice view down her blouse, which exposed her wonderful, light breasts. In real life, I looked away and continued walking to my destination. In my fantasy, I walked up to her, and stared seductively into her eyes. She said “Hi!” in a flirty voice, making no attempt to hide her very obvious cleavage. After an exchange of a few soft, sexy words, I move in to get close to her, and she sits upright, somehow not diminishing the view I have down her shirt. She has a wicked smile on her face, like she knows what she is doing to me, and what I’m about to do to her.

Now that we are close enough to touch, I put my right hand on the back of her neck, fondle her cheek with my left, and move in for the kiss. She kisses back, and we are soon passionately exploring the depths of each other’s mouths with out tongues. After a good amount of this making out, she smiles at me, stands up, and pulls her low-cut shirt over her head, revealing her thin white bra.

After assisting me with removing my shirt and shorts, and subsequently removing her pants, we are both left in our underwear. She pushes me back onto the row of chairs and hops on top of me, then lays flat to kiss me. I feel her breath on my face as we lay together, sharing our bodies with each other. I’m sure she can feel the length of my shaft pressing up against her vagina through our underwear. She kisses me for what seems like minutes, slowly grinding our genitals together, creating friction that is bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. The view is wonderful: her sexy face, followed by a top-down view of her ample cleavage, covered only by a small white bra. Further still is her panty-clad Escort Bomonti vagina, teasing me, rubbing slowly against my stiff penis through my boxers. I can start to see some moisture seep through her panties. The outline of her vagina is clear; I can see her puffy outer lips just waiting to be teased. Her face bares a look of need: she needs me to help her.

Somewhat awkwardly, we flip over so that I am on top. I kiss her, apologizing for the rough transition we just made, and slowly make my way down her body towards the essence of her womanhood. At first, I stop to tease her nipples through her bra, which have now become fully erect. After a quick moan, Kassie says, “No, I need you down here”, and forcefully guides my head to her vagina with her hand. Her panties are now quite wet around her vagina, giving me an excellent outline to guide my efforts.

Her aroma was intoxicating, almost addicting. Rubbing Kassie’s outer lips through her panties rewarded me with several slow, deep moans. Just breathing on her seemed to encourage her arousal. Gradually, my strokes became deeper, pushing farther into her vagina with varying speed and depth. I moved my focus to the top of her vagina, to give her an orgasm worth remembering. I quickly rubbed my fingers firmly over her clitoris, sending her over the edge, moaning loudly for nearly 30 seconds.

Just as Kassie was coming down off her high, I became aware of reality again. I looked left, right at the body-length mirror on the wall. The sight of myself masturbating in the women’s restroom, combined with the continuing fantasy of Kassie, who, in my mind, was now moaning loudly, grinding the hot shaft of my penis against the wet, naked lips of her vagina, caused me to orgasm uncontrollably. I shook relentlessly, doing my best to keep quiet while shooting four ropes of semen out of my hot cock and into the paper towels I had grabbed earlier. My orgasm left me dizzy, and ready for a nap.

After cleaning up, I almost wanted to go for round two with Kassie, or better yet, finish what we started, but shortly thereafter my phone rang, harshly signaling the end of my self-pleasure for the day. I went back to work, cleaning up facilities and bending to the will of whoever had rented the space. I’d be lying if I said my mind was actually on my work that day…

From that point on, in my mind, I considered my old high school a place where I could experiment sexually. This was the perfect way to add some spice into my sex life. I planned on visiting this bathroom much more often. I had no idea how far it would eventually take me…

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