His Professor Aunt Pt. 02

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The next week, their routine resumed. Monday, Mike slept with his aunt, as usual; still satisfied from Sunday’s lovemaking. On Tuesday, Sarah pulled up to their usual rendezvous spot to see him talking energetically to a pretty blonde. Five-foot-four without those heels, Sarah guessed. And slim, with long, blonde hair.

He bid the young woman goodbye and got in the car.

“Well?” Sarah asked.

“She’s in one of my classes. Kim.”

“And? Did you ask her out?”

“Not yet!”

“Mike! Michael! A pretty thing like that? Come on! Go for it.”

“Yeah, I was working up to it. I’m not sure how she feels.”

Sarah laughed, “Mike I saw her watch you, as you walked away. Oh yes, she’s interested. You’re banished from my bed, until you ask her out. No! until you bed her, or she says no! There!”

Sarah kept to her word and Mike found himself sleeping alone in his own bed.

Wednesday, Sarah picked up Mike, as usual. “Well?”

With a big grin, he replied, “I’m taking her out to dinner tomorrow. I’ll bicycle to school. May be home late. Don’t wait up,” he joked.

Sarah smiled. She wanted him to explore other relations. In the end, she saw it as a selfish way to have her cake and eat it, too.

Thursday, Mike met Kim after classes. She had changed into a knit top and short skirt with heels. Mike liked the signals he was getting. There were plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Kim chose a burger joint. Over food, both got to know a bit about each other. She was nineteen and a sophomore. They talked about their majors and families. And Kim learned he was living off campus with his aunt, a professor. But mostly, he tried to just listen.

They walked back to her dormitory. As they entered the campus, he noticed a bench and asked if she’d like to sit before going back. She beamed an encouraging smile. They made a little small talk before he looked her hard in the eye. He liked her a lot, but didn’t want to rush anything. He wanted her to affirm her feelings.

And he got it. Kim brought her lips to his. He kissed her carefully. Having a lover like Sarah gave him confidence, and a sense that he didn’t need to rush anything. When she pulled back from this first kiss, Kim’s eyes spoke of her satisfaction. She kissed him again, and this time, he put his arms around her. He kissed her slowly at first, then increased the passion. Soon, her tongue was exploring his mouth as his explored hers. He licked her ear, then moved to kissing her neck. Their hands explored next. He decided to press on and cupped her firm, young breasts. He looked at her and seeing no resistance, wondered how far this could go.

Just then, they heard footsteps coming down the path. Another couple came by. Mike looked around after they passed, wondering if they could find more privacy. Across the way was a small, wooded area. He looked at it, then her. Kim’s eyes acknowledged him, and she stood. Hand-in-hand, they walked into the woods where he kissed her again, and Kim responded more passionately.

Mike pressed her against a tree and licked her neck, as he fondled her firm breasts, feeling the hard nipples. He pressed on. He ran his hand up her thigh, until he lifted her skirt where he found her skimpy thong. Kim looked at his piercing eyes, as his finger probed her moist pussy, glancing past her clit. She gasped, and Mike watched as she closed her eyes, surrendering to his touch.

His goal now was to pleasure her, to make her cum. His finger drove deep into her love box, before carefully working her clit. He kissed her before returning to her neck, licking and kissing it. As he worked her clit, he felt for every clue of what she wanted. And he soon had her in the throes of passion. Her breathing became erratic, as she grabbed his hand, encouraging him to work her clit faster. Then, he felt her body begin to spasm. He clamped his mouth over hers, as the first moans came. Her body continued to spasm, and he pressed her to the tree, lest her knees give out.

As her orgasm ebbed, he released her lips from his and looked at her intensely, his finger still working her clit.

“No, Mike… Oh… Yes. Mike! Oh…” He was bringing her to the edge again, enjoying doing it immensely.

“Oh… Oh… Mmph!” she moaned, as Mike kissed her again. His ego beamed, knowing he gave her another orgasm.

She was rather woozy after the second and Mike held her up against the tree as she recovered. She looked at him before kissing him. Recovered enough now, she reached for his crotch and felt his stiff manhood. She looked at him, her eyes expressing her desire to please him.

“You don’t have to, Kim,” he told her.

His words just made her more determined. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock and began stroking it. Their eyes met again. She was afraid to go down on him there, but wanted to please him. She placed his hand on her tit as she began stroking his rod. He groped her tit, as she jacked him off. Such attentions of a pretty blonde had its effects, and soon he groaned as ropes of his cum fell to the ground.

Kim otele gelen gaziantep escort watched in fascination, as his rod spewed copious amounts of cum.

“Fuck! Kim,” he moaned, as the last spasms of his cock ended.

“That was fun!” she giggled, before giving him a deep kiss. “I hope you liked that as much as I liked mine.”

He zipped up as she straightened her skirt, and they continued on to her dorm. “I wish my roommate wasn’t such a prude,” Kim told him.

“Come to my place for dinner tomorrow. My aunt is a great cook and I’m sure she’d like you to come,” Mike asked.

Kim agreed and a time was set. At the entrance, she gave Mike a long kiss, then looked him in the eyes before walking in.

He bicycled home to find Sarah reading in the living room. He sat by her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Still up?” he asked.

“Not even eleven,” she replied. “So, how’d it go?”

“Sarah! You want me to kiss and tell?”

“Touché!” she laughed. “But as we have a special relationship, I hope I can be your confidante.”

“Well first, I asked her to dinner here. Hope you don’t mind. And second, yes! It was hot. We found a little place and I got her off twice!”

“Twice? On your first date! Oh, you are a ladykiller, Mike.”

Mike turned serious. “You don’t mind tomorrow, do you? I’ll cook. But I did tell her you are a great cook.”

“Oh Mike!” she laughed. “I’ll be happy to cook in order to further your romantic adventures.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” he asked, hopefully.

“You didn’t tell me if she got you off.”

“She jerked me off once.”

“Okay. But no sex. Save up for her.”

“Oh, she’s nineteen. Thought you’d like to know I still have a thing for older women.”

Sarah laughed and they went to bed. He kept his word. And with his arm around Sarah’s waist, he thought about how he was in Sarah’s bed now, and hoped to get Kim in his tomorrow.

As they drove home Friday, Sarah stopped to pick up some steaks. “You said you can grill. Now’s the test. No pressure, you just have to impress this girl,” Sarah teased him.

As Mike fired up the grill, Sarah heard the doorbell. “You must be Kim! Come in. Mike’s starting the grill.”

Kim was taken aback. When he said his aunt was a professor, Sarah was the last thing she expected.

By the time they entered the kitchen, Mike had returned. Sarah made an excuse to give them a moment. Mike pulled Kim to him for a long kiss then looked into her eyes.

“Okay, lovebirds,” Sarah said, upon returning. “Mike, show her the house. Not like there’s much to see.”

He showed her the living room and the hall to the bedrooms, followed by Sarah’s office. They ended in the back yard, where Sarah told him to start grilling the steaks as Kim offered to help Sarah.

“And call me Sarah,” she told her. They made small talk before Sarah asked a question she knew the answer to. “So how long have you two known each other?”

“Oh, a few days. Mike seems nice.”

Sarah was pleased, “Yes, my sister taught him to be a gentleman.”

Mike brought in the steaks and the three ate and chatted.

When it was time to clean up, Sarah made her move, “Mike, I have work to do. Mind cleaning up?” she asked with a wink.

“I’ll help,” Kim replied.

Sarah left them to their own devices.

After they cleaned up, Mike turned to her. “Want to watch TV? Or… You haven’t seen my room.”

Kim smiled at the come-on. “I haven’t seen your room.”

She walked in and he closed the door.

“Your aunt? I mean is she okay with me being in your room?”

“Aunt Sarah is the coolest person I know. Why do you think she excused herself? She knows what we want.”

Kim kissed him. “What do you want?” she asked him, coyly.

Mike kissed her passionately and pulled her to his bed. They kissed wildly, tongues probing, as hands groped each other. Mike paused and looked at her. There was no turning back. He wanted to know if she was ready. The lust in her eyes left no doubt.

Mike pulled off her top followed by her bra; exposing what he had only felt the night before, her pert breasts. He kissed and sucked on them a minute, before Kim got his shirt off and unbuckled his pants. Kneeling, she pulled his jeans and briefs off to expose what she only glimpsed the night before, his swelling cock. She was fascinated by a man’s cock, and now had one in front of her. She stroked it a bit, looking at his response.

Mike swooned to the attentions of this woman. But he wanted her naked–to see all of her. He got her on her feet, and kneeling, pulled her shorts off. He stopped to admire this slim, young woman in front of him.

He looked at her, and still kneeling, kissed her tight abdomen. His lips and tongue continued to her hips, her waist, ending at her nipples, lavishing attention on them. Kim was taken aback by his sensuousness. The two were soon on the bed, side-by-side, hands free to explore each other’s body. Mike’s lips returned to her nipples gaziantep otele gelen escort as his hands felt her back, her thighs, and her tight butt.

Kim pulled him back to her lips, wanting an equal chance to feel his body. Her hand found his cock and began stroking it. But she had jerked Mike off once. Tonight, he wanted more and was willing to wait. He pressed Kim to her back and began kissing his way down her body. He had only tasted his aunt. Now, he wanted to taste another woman.

Mike knelt between Kim’s parted legs and ran his hands gently up and down her body. It occurred to Mike that this was only the second woman, besides Sarah, he’d seen completely naked. And she was a beautiful woman; young and slim. Both innocent and sexy. He continued to admire her, before remembering his goal.

Kim watched, as he pressed his lips to her womanhood. “Fuck…” she sighed, as his tongue parted the lips of her inner sanctum. She closed her eyes, as his tongue found her clit. He licked her pussy and clit, as his hands fondled her pert tits. Kim grabbed his head, and as she squirmed, pressed him to her slit.

Mike was thrilled. To taste another pussy! And of this lithe woman! She was squirming soon, as he doubled his effort.

“Fuck, Mike…” she mumbled, as her heat rose. Her hips began to buck and her back arched. “Oh! Fuck… Oh… Oh!” she screamed.

In her office, Sarah heard it. She smiled, knowing her nephew’s skills and his conquest!

“Stop!” Kim giggled, pushing him away. He pulled up beside her. “Where did you learn that? How many lovers have you had, anyway?”

“Just one,” he told her.

“You must have learned a lot from her. Who is she?”

“Kim. You wouldn’t like me telling others about tonight. So don’t expect me to tell you about my past loves.”

Kim thought about it. “Yes. Your aunt is right, you are quite the gentleman,” she told him, as she reached for his cock. Soon, she kissed her way down his body until she was at his manhood. She stroked it and kissed it before letting it slip between her soft lips. Mike moaned, feeling her suck on his manhood.

She sucked on him a while, then paused a second. “Mike, I’m… I’m sorry, but I’ve… I’ve never sucked a guy off.”

“Come here, Kim,” he said, pulling her on top of him. “There are other ways. Uh, you are on birth control?”

“Of course, silly!”

Kim knelt over his stiff shaft and held it to her pussy. As their eyes were locked on each other, she lowered herself on him, until his cock was deep inside her.

“Fuck… Kim…” Mike moaned. Her pussy seemed so tight. He appreciated this was only the second woman he fucked, and what a woman!”

“Oh, Mike! Fuck, you feel good!” she moaned, as she began riding him. Mike admired this nineteen-year-old grinding on him. His hands explored her body, as she seemed oblivious to everything, but his cock inside her.

“Kim… I can’t… Oh! Agh!” Mike groaned, as his orgasm exploded. He thrust his hips up, trying to get his cock as deep as possible into this nubile woman–it unleashed his sperm inside her.

Kim felt it; his thrusts and orgasm, sending her to another climax.

Sarah left the door to her office open. And the moans and groans she heard, left her in no doubt as to what had just happened.

Kim collapsed on his chest then looked at him. Both smiled in this moment of shared intimacy. She kissed him. “You came inside me!” she grinned. “Fuck yeah! Got your sperm inside me!”

“Fuck, Kim!” he moaned. The idea of this cute, young thing bragging about his cum inside her was too much. His cock was still hard, and he put her on all fours.

Kim felt his rod probing her slick pussy. “Oh yes!” she hissed, as he plunged in. He grabbed her hips and began really pumping his shaft into her. Kim loved it; this hot, young guy fucking her hard. He continued to fuck her, taking delight in seeing her so turned on. He continued for some time, until he remembered what he did to Sarah.

Kim felt his fingers probing her clit. “Oh, yes!”

Kim felt his fingers delicately work her clit and buried her head in his pillow. “Oh, fuck! yes!” she was murmuring. He could feel her heat rising; and his! He continued to plunge his cock into her, as he manipulated her clit. Then he felt her body shake! “Oh… Oh… Oh…” she gasped over and over, as another orgasm hit.

Mike could hold back no longer; this glorious woman cumming was too much. He groaned and thrust deep, unleashing another load of cum inside her. Now both were cumming. Kim could feel him pumping his sperm into her. It drove her orgasm further.

Spent, he pulled her over and spooned her as his cock slipped out of her leaking pussy. He held her close, kissing her neck as she enjoyed his embrace.

As they rested, Mike asked her, “So how many guys have you slept with?”

“Two others. You’re the third.” She turned to him, “and the best yet.”

“Then the next will be better!” he quipped.

“That would be something!”

Kim turned gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan serious. “Mike, uh… Listen, this was great. But I hope you weren’t expecting something long term. I mean, there are a lot of guys I’m hoping to check out yet, and…”

Mike laughed, “And here I was trying to let you down gently. Yeah, I know. I just got on campus.” Then, “The weekend isn’t over.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Kim replied, kissing him.

They were face to face now, kissing and feeling each other. Kim reached for his cock hoping to bring it back to life. And she could feel the blood surging in his cock, as she stroked it. She looked at his cock, then to him, telling him with her eyes what she wanted. She stroked him hard until he was ready.

Mike pressed Kim to her back. He thought about that night he fucked Sarah long and slow. He wanted to repeat it. Mike got between her legs and positioned his shaft to her well-lubricated pussy. He locked his eyes on her, and pressed in. Kim sighed again, feeling his hard cock filling her. As he continued looking at her, he slowly pumped and ground his cock inside her. On and on, pausing to kiss her lips or her neck. On and on. Kim could feel the erotic tension build. She looked into his intense eyes. She could feel it, more than sex, a coupling between them.

He continued to grind slowly. How much time had passed, ten minutes? Twenty? The erotic tension built. She felt his body. She wanted to feel all of him in that moment. She began to gasp and her body spasmed in ecstasy. “Oh Mike… Oh… Cum in me…”

Her begging drove Mike wild, and he drove his cock deeper, as another load filled her womb. He thrust and thrust in an animalistic frenzy, as Kim held him; herself, delirious with passion. Both orgasms continued for some time.

Now spent, Mike recovered his senses to find Kim caressing him. It was much like when Sarah caressed him.

“Mike, that was great,” she whispered, exhausted from her own orgasm. They lay there quite a while, until Kim asked the time. It was going on eleven.

“I told my roommate I’d be back tonight.”

“Tell her you won’t be back, stay!”

A grin crossed Kim’s face, “Okay!”

Mike grabbed the bathrobe he only wore his first week here and offered it to Kim. “Bathroom is down the hall. And if my aunt sees you naked, I don’t think it’d be a big deal.”

Kim took her turn, followed by Mike who remembered to put his bathrobe on. When he returned, he saw Kim already under the sheets. He slipped in beside her and they kissed a while, then he just held Kim, her head on his shoulder, and enjoying feeling her body next to him.

Saturday morning, Mike woke up and found Kim still asleep. He was starting to regret agreeing to a brief tryst with her. He traced her face with a finger, and she opened her eyes. “Morning,” he whispered.

“Mmm, nothing like sex to make you sleep,” she murmured, stretching.

He gave her a kiss and she responded by putting her arms around him. Soon they were kissing passionately, feeling each other’s body. Mike licked her neck, then sucked on her hard nipples. Mike was about to work his way down, when Kim decided to take action.

She pushed him on his back and spread his legs, kneeling between them. She held his swelling cock up, and looking at him, let it slip into her mouth. Mike moaned, as he looked at this pretty woman’s head bob up and down on his cock. It felt incredible, and he decided to let her continue until he was close. She paused to lick it, before returning to suck on it, feeling it and tasting his pre-cum. She wanted it now; to taste him and to please him.

In a few minutes, he warned her, “Kim! I’m going to cum soon! Stop! Kim! Fuck! Oh, yes… Fuck!” Kim felt his cock throb and the first spurts of cum hit the back of her mouth. She swallowed the first few, but he came hard, and his sperm dribbled from her mouth, down his shaft. She could feel his orgasm was deep, and was surprised by the amount of cum.

His cock stopped throbbing, and she took pleasure in the look on his face. She began lapping up the cum she couldn’t swallow. “Fuck! That was great! I don’t know what I was afraid of,” she said, before returning to clean him up.

Mike looked at this blonde, licking his cock. She looked so innocent; it made her attentions to his cock that much hotter.

He knew it was her turn. He wanted to please her, to reward her for that performance. “Sit on my face!” he ordered. Kim straddled his face and felt his tongue probe the folds of her core. She was already wet, and he lapped up her nectar. Kim’s breath stuttered. She looked at him, his eyes on her, as his tongue lashed her clit. Her heat rose fast. She ground on his face, putting the pressure just where she wanted it. Kim found being in control like this, incredibly hot.

“Fuck! Yeah, Mike! Yeah… There… Fuck! Ah!” she gasped, as Mike watched her body spasm. She continued gasping and moaning, as she pleasured herself on his tongue. The orgasm eased and she pulled back a bit, looking at him. But Mike held her hips as he lapped at her soaking pussy. In a few seconds, he pulled her love box to his mouth and dragged his tongue over her clit.

“Fuck!” she croaked, and began grinding on his face as she pinched her nipples. Shortly, her body spasmed again, as she moaned loudly to another climax. And still he pleasured her, ravaging her clit. “Mike, easy… Oh, fuck! Shit! That! Oh… Oh…” Her body convulsed to one more wave of ecstasy, moaning loudly.

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