Hitching a Ride

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It happened several years ago when hitching a ride wasn’t as dangerous and I was fairly successful in getting rides. I was a soldier attending a training school in southern Virginia. I had weekends off so I would hitchhike north to Pennsylvania each weekend. Dressed in Uniform I would get many rides with nice people.

I often was given rides by what seemed to me to be gay men. Our conversation would get into a sexual nature. The man might ask if I was getting any good sex lately. I would honestly answer that weekends were my only source of release other than jacking off quietly in my bunk. The driver might say something such as, “oh my, you must really need a good cum after a long week.”

I knew from many past experiences where it was leading. My cock has no conscience and a hot mouth feels good regardless of who’s mouth it is sucking on it. I would often make it easy for them and say, “trust me, I will sure be glad when I get a wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft.” It was almost comical to see them sit up stiff and watch the lump in their pant leg grow.

Very quickly each would find a place to pull in and I would have my pants slid down with hard cock in hand as they did so. Oh my, did I get some great cock suckers! I will say a man who really loves sucking a cock can make it wonderful. Like a musician who plays his instrument well a good cock sucker can play that instrument to a glorious finish.

I would shoot my jism down his throat in great gobs holding his head as I pumped shot after shot of hot cream into his mouth. Then in most cases, each would thank me. Holy shit, I just pumped a weeks cum load into one incredible wet hot mouth and he thanks me.

I was never asked Avcılar Escort to reciprocate and was glad since I believed it was fine to have my cock sucked but sucking a cock would make me Gay.

One Friday evening about half way home a man picked me up and he didn’t waste any time. He told me if I would let him suck me off he would pay me. Now, soldiers weren’t paid much in those days and my weekends getting laid at home weren’t cheap.

Of course, I had a weeks worth of jism swelling my balls up and my 7 inches of cock jumped in my pant leg at the request. I told him I would do it and tried not to show too much enthusiasm. I didn’t want him to change his mind about paying. He found a safe dark place to stop and I slipped my pants down after he stopped. I knew he was hot to lick my cock and I wanted his mouth watering when he slid it down my shaft.

He reached over to lightly run his hand down my straining hard cock. His soft hand felt wonderful sliding gently up and down the length of my cock. He leaned across the seat and took more than half my shaft into his warm mouth in one swallow.

His tongue swirled all around the head as his mouth slid up to the very tip. His tongue was everywhere at once it seemed. It licked my full balls and up and down my shaft. Across the cockhead, paying special attention to the very tip.

I was pumping my hips as he started sliding his wet mouth all the way down to my balls. I never remembered anyone swallowing the whole shaft like that. His mouth was like magic gliding effortlessly up and down while his tongue swirled and licked. I wanted it to last forever but far too soon I was blasting out shot after shot of my jism deep into Avcılar Escort Bayan his throat.

He didn’t miss a drop and by the time the last drops were squeezed out onto the tip of his tongue I thought I would pass out. He leaned back onto his side of the car and put his head against the headrest with a great sigh. I felt like I had run a mile, my cock was still jumping against my bare thigh.

He then shocked me by asking if I would suck him off. I said, “no way, I don’t do that”. He offered money but I was firm in my refusal. He looked so desperate and damn it, he had just given me the best cum I ever remembered.

Fuck, I had never tasted a cock, never touched another man’s cock. Maybe it isn’t so awful. It seemed the right thing to do. He had given me such pleasure.

I told him to go ahead and get his cock out. He undid his belt, slid his zipper down and lifted up as he pulled his pants down to his knees. What appeared had me shocked. His cock was huge and jumped up into the air as his pants cleared it.

I’ve showered with men and seen some cocks larger than my own but this thing was something to see. I wondered if I could ever get the head into my mouth. I reached over as he turned in his seat to give me better access.

I had never touched another cock besides my own and his was hot and ready to go. I’ve played with my cock many times, stroked my shaft to a thousand orgasms. I thought I could do this. Pretend it was my own cock and slide my hand up and down that big shaft.

Precum was leaking out the tip and I bent down and licked across his cockhead. It was delicious, I licked it some more. He started to moan so I guessed I was doing OK. Escort Avcılar He pumped his hips and swirled them around in small circles.

My mouth was actually watering as I opened wide and engulfed his cockhead as he had done mine. I used my tongue to run it around and around the edges of his cock tip. Jesus was this hot. I slid my mouth as far down his shaft as I was able and was surprised how much I could take. Up and down my head bobbed. My lips sliding up the shaft and gliding over the rim of his cockhead.

I had just shot the biggest cum load of my life not a minute earlier and my cock was as hard as a rock already. I fuckin loved it. I had him moaning and giggling as I sucked his huge monster of a cock and my own cock was feeling as if the skin might rip it was so hard.

Way too soon for me, he started to blast out great gobs of jism into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed until I squeezed out the last bits and licked the last drops off of his cock tip. Knowing how he had enjoyed my cum in his mouth I saved a great gob in my mouth and sat up. I leaned over and kissed him full on his mouth. I forced my tongue into his mouth and pushed my mouthful of his hot jism into his. His tongue danced with mine as we shared his sticky treat between us. Maybe I was Gay after all.

He reached over to me touching my hard cock in his hand. He pulled away and told me it seemed I had another treat for him. He slid down placing his knees onto the floor and put that magic cock sucker mouth back to work once more. I was so fucking hot from sucking him off. It wasn’t long before I pumped a second load into his hot mouth.

I wanted more of his cock. I wanted the thrill again. I wanted to taste that big cock some more. He was an Older Man and didn’t get hard again. It didn’t stop me from licking his shaft and cock head more afterward, thrilled when another drop of his sweat nectar oozed out his cock tip and into my mouth. That big cock of his had made a cock sucker out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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