Hobbes , Flush #1: The Interview

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Tracy Hawkins approached the elevators with butterflies dying in her stomach. Her heels clashed across the marble floor, echoing through the vast hallway of the Banks Building. As she waited for the elevator, she studied herself in the gilt and mirrored surfaces plating the elevator bank. “Looking good, girl,” she thought to herself as she moistened her lips, smoothed her bun, and straightened her jacket.

She had been so nervous before her interview that her roommate, who had prescriptions for everything, had given her a couple of relaxant pills. ‘These will make you feel nothing but comfortable, no matter what he throws at you,’ Claudia had said.’ As Tracy entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 22nd floor, she could feel her nervousness slowly subsiding. Next to the button, “Hobbes & Flush Architecture” gleamed dully on a metal plate. Tracy’s stomach took a dip with the elevator’s stopping and then she took a deep breath, and stepped off.

“This job is all about appearances, Ms. Hawkins. Because of the high-profile client base, my company is constantly under public scrutiny. My employees must be able to deal with high amounts of stress and visibility. In addition, in the daily workings of the office we all must be able to work well and comfortably together, with the greatest productivity. And very important, particularly as a member of my department, is the ability to field any situation, now matter how outlandish, while maintaining poise and radiating calm.”

Mr. Hobbes came out from behind his desk and leaned back against it. so far the interview had gone well but Tracy didn’t want to make any assumptions. She listened attentively. “Ms. Hawkins, you are here because your qualifications, references, and experiences have impressed us. Your application materials were screened by a panel of highly discriminating consultants to this firm, together with myself and my partner Ms. Flush, and you’re here because we think you’d be an asset to this company. All that’s left is to determine whether, within the interpersonal dynamics of this company as a work environment, you make a good fit.

He sighed, shook his head a little. Tracy couldn’t help noticing the rise of his chest when he did so, and she liked it. God, how she loved to see attractive black men in suits. Especially when they were saying flattering things to her in job interviews. It was adding to the medicine she’d taken in providing her another reason to be relaxed. She looked calmly into her interviewer’s eyes and listened patiently.

Calvin was pacing now. “It’s an entirely subjective decision, you understand. And a definite benefit to running a private company is that there is plenty of room for these sorts of subjective judgments. Ms. Hawkins, our work here at H&F is very important to us. Our work environment is very important to us as well. And if you choose to work here – after all, you have to determine whether H&F will be a ‘good fit’ in your life, as well – then you will become very important to us, too.”

With that, Calvin turned around and looked into Tracy’s eyes. With a half-smile, she realized he’d caught her staring at his butt, but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to feel embarrassed about it. Shit, he had a cute butt. Was that supposed to be her fault? She couldn’t believe she was thinking these things, but they were amusing and certainly helped her to stay calm under pressure. She remembered the old public-speaking trick for dealing with anxiety: imagine your audience naked. She returned her interviewer’s gaze eye-to-eye, and smiled slowly.

Calvin returned her smile. “I want to enjoy this portion of the review process, Ms. Hawkins, and for you to enjoy it as well. We’ll play some games first, a couple of role plays, and then you can meet the rest of the firm. The first game can start right now: really it’s more of a test. Remember what I said about maintaining composure?”

He pressed a button on the intercom on his desk and almost instantly, a clown came out of the back room, prancing and guffawing. Tracy fought to keep from laughing, and felt that Calvin wasn’t being entirely fair: he kind of sprung that one on her. She hadn’t had a chance to prepare herself for something outlandish before the clown came in.

Tracy watched the clown for a minute, amazed at her own control. “Amazing what a little pressure can do,” she thought to herself, as she turned to look at Calvin with merely the slightest hint of restrained amusement on her face. She rose from her chair and approached the clown, greeting him graciously, guiding him to a seat, and finding out what he wanted. Then she turned to the desk. “Mr. Hobbes, there’s a visitor to see you.” She gave the clown’s name and business, and mentioned his unusual appearance with great delicacy so that Calvin wouldn’t himself be too surprised when he saw this strange visitor.

“Very well done,” Calvin approved, giving Tracy a round of applause and the clown casino siteleri a nod of dismissal. “Thank you,” purred Tracy as she took her seat. “I do have training in acting, after all. Once I’m fully ‘in character’ as a member of your team, Mr. Hobbes, you’ll be even more impressed at what I come up with. I can handle anything.”

The words flowing off Tracy’s tongue were surprising her more and more with every word. She half wondered if Claudia’s pills could have had anything to do with it. But what kind of pills gave you a smooth tongue on top of taking away the jitters? Anyway, Calvin seemed to like what he heard.

“It certainly seems that way, Ms Hawkins.” He relaxed his face into a smile. “Let’s go meet the rest of the gang, shall we?”

Tracy was immediately glowing with excitement. It looked like she was close to actually landing a job at Hobbes and Flush! The most successful black architectural and space design firm in the city, and as Program Associate in the Community and Creative Works department, headed by Mr. Calvin Hobbes himself… a brilliant mind, and (she noted as she followed him around the offices, being introduced to other workers) very cute. In fact, the thing that struck Tracy the most during her brief tour around the offices of H&F, was how attractive everyone was. There was no one around the huge loft office who was anything less than stunning. It seemed the ‘subjective’ characteristics they were so strict about covered appearance as well. Tracy made mental notes of the ones she imagined she’d spend the most time daydreaming about, and felt flattered that she’d been deemed fit to join this attractive company.

Explaining that many architects kept long, late hours in the office when working to meet deadlines, Calvin showed her the full kitchen, the showers & sauna, and the lounge room full of couches and a wide-screen TV. Soon they were done learning about the office space. “Well, Tracy,” said Calvin. “Everyone seems to be responding really well to you out here. How about we go back to my office to work out the finer points of your employment?”

Finally, the suspense of the afternoon culminated in Tracy and, before she could stop herself, she’d kissed Calvin on the cheek. “Thank you!” She exclaimed. Then she realized what she’d done. Damn those pills! “Oh, no!” She said. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean…” He cut her off, laughing. “It’s okay, really. And you’re welcome.” He reached for the door.

No sooner had they closed the door behind them than the sounds of moans escaped from the couch in the corner. Tracy and Calvin turned to look, and an incredible sight met their eyes! A tall, chocolate-brown brother in a tailored dark grey suit was slowly sliding his long cock deep into a honey-brown woman with a skirt up around her supple waist. She was bent over the couch, ass in the air, while he pumped her pussy with slow, slick strokes. She still wore her stockings with garters, and pumps, and his hands kneaded the round globes of her behind, pulling and pushing the supple flesh.

Tracy looked at Calvin, shocked. He seemed completely unruffled. Immediately, Tracy figured it out: this was another test of her composure! And with even less warning than the clown! “You seem to have some visitors, Mr. Hobbes. Should I go see what they want?”

He looked at her as if to say, “You’re good!” And then answered her, aloud.

“Yes, please. I’ll be at my desk, on the phone. As soon as you’re finished, we can speak about the terms of your employment here.”

Tracy went over to the couple on the couch, who were watching her with amusement and still fucking slowly. As she approached, she found herself walking slower and slower, becoming mesmerized by their slow, sensuous movement. She tried to force a note of businesslike formality into her voice, but precious little came. Instead, she found herself sounding a little husky as she asked “Can I help you?” from a respectable distance.

“Yeah,” said the man, “We’re here to give Mr. Hobbes his afternoon entertainment. Can you tell him we’re here?” “Sure,” Tracy said, wondering what kind of stuff she’d gotten herself into. Was her boss really going to order strippers into his office and force her to appear unruffled while taking messages from beautiful people in mid-fuck in the middle of the afternoons? Her mind raced as she turned slowly toward the desk. She fought to control the wetness between her legs.

“Mr. Hobbes,” she began, “call me Calvin,” he said, looking into her eyes with an evil grin. “If we’re going to be working together, Ms. Hawkins, we might as well call each other by our given names.” Tracy took a deep breath.

“Calvin, your afternoon’s entertainment is here. Should I show them in, or will you be going out to meet them?”

Calvin smiled wickedly. “Funny you should ask. In fact, I arranged for this kind of entertainment this afternoon, Tracy – may I call you Tracy?” She nodded. He canlı casino continued – “because I hoped you would enjoy it with me. It’s something of a commonplace around here, you see – keeps the creative juices flowing.” He chuckled as he came around his desk and headed over to the copulating couple. “Like these juices, right here… “

With that, Calvin leaned over and buried his face in the spread-eagled woman’s butt. He leaned underneath her and then Tracy could hear him begin to softly lick the woman’s juicy pussy. The woman squirmed, uttered a delicious sound, arched her back even further, and began to grind her hips onto Calvin’s mouth and the dick still stroking her from behind.. “This is Anita, from marketing,” Calvin said as he raised his head. And this one here – the two men gave pounds – is Malcolm from design. Sometimes people use my office for their creative breaks. He playfully slapped Anita’s beautiful bottom. “They’re supposed to reserve it, not try and get a quickie in the middle of your job interview.”

Anita’s voice came as she looked over her shoulder at Tracy. “This isn’t a quickie Calvin. You can see we’re taking our good sweet time. We just wanted to be the first ones to break in the new girl!”

Was this all part of the test? Tracy mind whirled. She didn’t want to break her composure now and risk losing the job. But then, developments of the past five minutes had been so bizarre they hardly felt real… this COULD NOT have been a part of any job interview. Could it? Weren’t there laws against such things? But then, Calvin had said this was a privately owned company, and all the freedom that allowed them and yadda yadda… Tracy stole a look back at Calvin. He was stroking his growing hardness through the pants of his suit and watching Anita and Malcolm talk jokingly to each other about the flabbergasted look on Tracy’s face. Then, he looked straight at Tracy, and smiled.

“I told you we were very particular about our work environment,” he said. “I’m going to be honest with you. A huge part of why you’re here is because of your qualifications; that’s why we have outside parties do our preliminary screenings for us. We can’t be having just any old body up in here.” He approached her now, and stood a little bit behind her as his words spilled over her shoulder like smoke past her ear. “But you wouldn’t have gotten past the first interview if each and every person who met or saw you during this process, didn’t want to fuck you right then and there.”

Very, very lightly, Calvin kissed the side of Tracy’s neck as she looked straight ahead, thoughts racing. “We’re very discrete here, of course – none of this ever leaves these offices.” With a feather touch, he ran the side of his hand up the outside of Tracy’s breast. She could feel her nipple stiffen as chills ran up the whole side of her body. “There’s never any hint through any of our behavior or interaction with the public, that what goes on inside H&F is anything less than completely professional.” He was behind her now, talking softly into her left ear and pressing his body against her back. As she stood there, fighting her own arousal, Calvin wrapped his right arm around her body and brushed his hand up and down on her belly through the thin fabric of her blouse. “That’s why there is so much emphasis on composure in the interview.”

As Tracy watched in weak-kneed disbelief, Calvin Hobbes, architectural genius, got on his knees in front of her, his hands holding her hips firmly through her skirt. “But while we’re here… Tracy… anything goes.”

Watching her eyes carefully the whole time, Calvin slowly lifted Tracy’s skirt, and slowly caressed her ass in his hands. With his mouth, he tugged her panties aside with torturous slowness while he breathed soft and hot through the fabric onto her already moist lips. Tracy’s breath caught, and she stole a glance over toward Malcolm and Anita. Anita’s blouse was now open and she arched back against Malcolm with one arm around his neck. They faced Tracy full-on, and she was amazed to discover that Anita’s breasts were are beautiful as her ass. She toyed absently with one while Malcolm squeezed the other, still stroking into her from behind. Both of them were watching Tracy with obvious lust. When Anita noticed Tracy looking at them, she reached between her legs and licked her lips suggestively. Tracy’s legs shuddered and Calvin’s hands grasped her hips and ass even more firmly. Finally, the tip of his tongue worked its way around the thin fabric of her panties and she felt his hot wet tongue on her clit, lapping and sucking.

Waves of pleasure made her body shudder. Tracy fell back and leaned on Calvin’s desk, opening her legs wider and bringing her hands up to cradle Calvin’s head. After one swell of sensation had shaken her badly, she looked over at Anita & Malcolm, who had changed positions. They were now laying on the couch, with Anita on top, still lazily fucking in and kaçak casino out while they watched Tracy, in shock and shuddering, holding onto the desk for dear life. They smiled. Malcolm spoke to Calvin. “Hey man, didn’t we tell you we wanted first dibs?” He looked at Anita. “We don’t get no respect around here.”

“I know,right,” said Anita. She drew Malcolm’s dick slowly out of her – these two seemed to do everything slowly – and walked over to Tracy and Calvin. Watching Tracy’s eyes and smiling, she pushed Calvin out of the way. “Let me taste this new sweet stuff, now. Don’t be greedy.”

Anita kneeled in front of the desk and began to eat, with lapping slurping slit-loving patterns that made Tracy’s knees buckle. Anita’s hands painted patterns of chills all over Tracy’s back, legs, and ass, as she kissed Tracy’s softness in smooth sucking strokes. Almost without thinking, Tracy had braced her arms against Calvin’s desk behind her, and widened her knees to give Anita better access.

Calvin didn’t complain about being usurped. Already kneeling on the floor, he unbuttoned his suit pants, took out his dick, and slid it into Anita’s slickness. Tracy watched the unhurrying entrance with mounting interest. Calvin began to fuck Anita from behind again, while Anita passionately lapped Tracy into orgasm.

As the last spasms of her climax subsided, Tracy felt hands on her breasts from behind – it was Malcolm squeezing her nipples and she could feel his erection pressing against her ass. Anita slithered away with the last of Tracy’s orgasmic juices on her mouth. Calvin was moving over to the couch, removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. Like choreography, Anita knelt above him and pushed his pants further away, sliding slowly down his rock-hard dick.

Tracy’s body was raspberry light being kneaded by feathered fingers. When Malcolm turned her around and kissed her, she responded like a hungry woman, her tongue passionate and everywhere. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It was so nasty, so sexy, so sudden & overpowering she could hardly breathe. It kept running through her mind that these were some of the most brilliant minds in the field. But they were also some of the most beautiful, desirable people she had seen in her entire life. What had happened so far had rocked her body with numerous orgasms and everyone seemed to be respectful and enjoying each other. She wanted to be horrified at herself, and disgusted, and ethically outraged. But she felt quite comfortable. She couldn’t explain it.

She kissed Malcolm, all confusion and arousal. His lips were firm and full, and he made her mouth feel like honey was hidden there. Her hands roamed across his chest and back over his shoulders, enjoying his planes and curves and pulling him closer.

Malcolm held, and explored, and kissed her with his hardness between her thighs, rubbing softly against her clit as he opened her blouse. Her legs shuddered beneath her; he was deft with the buttons and in a moment was tweaking her nipples stiffly through the straining satin of her bra. Tracy moaned into his mouth and arched her back; shrugged out of her top and upward into his arms, one thing on her mind.

She scrambled up him like a cat and slipped her sodden wetness over the knob of his cock. She slowly slid down, relishing the full feeling his dick gave her at each inch of the way. She shuddered when she reached the bottom, and broke off the kiss with a bite to his succulent bottom lip. Immediately, Malcolm began to bite along her collarbone and neck, kneading her shoulders in his fingers, making his dick pulse inside her softly.

With stronger hands and stronger hands, Malcolm pulled Tracy to him and rubbed heat into the muscles of her upper back and arms. Tracy’s body thanked him beneath her skin and responded with greater strength, thrusting upward toward these magic hands. He moved inside her hips in tiny rhythms, infinite patterns, quiet thrusts that sent her clambering down to receive him at her root. He wrung feeling from the skin on her arms, her fingers, the depths and the tips of her; her muscles felt like they were shining and she had never felt more completely fucked.

Tracy’s body erupted into a single orgasmic scream. She spasmed and hollered, flailing with complete abandon. Panting softly, and still quivering in the wake of her outburst, she looked toward the door as Malcolm slowly stilled inside her. The entire company was crowded around the conference room’s wide doorway, watching with expressions ranging from familiarity and amusement to clear arousal. More than a couple of the men and women at the door were stroking themselves or kissing each other. In a complete post-orgasmic stupor, Tracy could hardly respond.

Calvin spoke up from the couch, where he was holding Anita From Marketing on his lap and languidly stroking in and out her pussy. “Let’s all welcome our newest team member, Program Associate Tracy Fletcher!” Scattered applause broke out from the general region of the door, and Tracy tried sheepishly to smooth her skirt back down over herself. “Nah, nah, nah,” said Malcolm. “How is everyone going to introduce themselves if you’re all covered up?”

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