Hockey Mom Julie

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Hockey Moms have been known to have a reputation of Soccer Moms on sterrhoids, in some ways this may be true, since they are required to get their kids to practices at all sorts of rinks and times of the day. However as a youth and high school hockey coach I feel a need to further define hock moms

Hockey Mom Bitch, mom that drops their kids off late, not calling when they don’t get their kids to practice, and then call and complain to the coach that kid isn’t playing enough, or progressing faster. Even though they have never attended a game or practice

Hot Hockey Mom, sits in the stands flirting with other hockey dads, coaches, etc.. Usually wears tight jeans, tight sweaters, and looks like she spent 4 hours at the salon before the coming to the rink. I have nothing against these moms, except they are bit distracting

Average (Girl-next door) Hockey Mom, this is what Julie was. They arrive early for every practice and game. They are very courteous, cheer for all the players. They wear their winter coats in the stands, and all you ever see is their face, which is cute, but leaves you wondering what is under that coat.

I had been coaching Julie’s son for a couple years, and would likely be coaching him for several more years, as he would be starting high school next year, at the Catholic School where I coached. I had visited with Julie and her husband Dave before and after games briefly. These discussions were always brief and courteous; they seemed to be a friendly and happy couple.

This past Saturday, we had a 9 AM Game, after the game I exchanged the usual small talk with parents including Julie and Dave. Dave was taking there son on a camping trip with, so they were departing directly. Meanwhile I visited a couple extra minutes with Julie. Like I described earlier, she was cute and friendly, but I really had no idea what she looked like under that coat.

I headed back to the locker room to lockup and grab my gear, I headed back to the lobby, and I saw Julie visiting with some other parents. I figured I would walk over and visit for briefly. Just as I came across the lobby the other parents departed after collecting their son. Julie and I chatted briefly, she was curious about some Hockey camps her son was thinking of attending and wanted my opinion. This discussion ended up lasting about ½ and hour, and I was enjoying visiting with Julie.

Let me take a moment to describe Julie, maybe 5’6″, brown curly hair, and brown eyes. As I stated earlier with her winter coat, all I could guess is that she had an average build, and her age would maybe be mid-30’s.

At this time it was approaching noon, and I was getting hungry, and she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to end our conversation.. I suggested we drive down the street to a coffee shop, explaining that I was hungry and we could continue our discussion on Hockey Camps.

We drove separately to the coffee shop, her in a stereo typical mini-van and me in my sedan. When arrived we could see that it was crowded, and neither of us felt like. Looking next store there was a sport-bar that didn’t seem very crowed, so we drove next door to the sports bar as it began to snow lightly.

We walked in and grabbed a table near the back so we could talk. The friendly waitress dropped off a couple menus and asked for our drink orders. We figured we would order a pitcher of beer and relax while we talked. At this point I got a very pleasant surprise as Julie stood to remove her coat. As it turns out she was hiding a pretty nice figure under that coat. gaziantep escortları She was wearing a snug but not overly tight white blouse, showing just a bit of cleavage and I would estimate 34B breasts. I could now approximate her weight at 120-130lbs, and her butt looked pretty good in her jeans.

The pitcher arrived and we ordered a couple of sandwiches. The waitress said it might take 10-15 minutes since they were short-handed in the kitchen. We told the waitress no problem as we weren’t in a hurry. Well, by the time the food came we had consumed most of the pitcher and were joking about the bitchy hockey moms. After we finished eating, and the waitress had cleared our plates, we resumed discussing her son and hockey camps. I was in no hurry, since I was now definitely enjoying the view of her cleavage. She excused herself to the ladies room, and I got a very nice view of that tight ass as she walked to the restroom. After she returned I excused myself to the men’s room.

As I was returning I passed by another guy who apologized for hitting on my wife while I was in the restroom. He said he didn’t realize we were married. To say the least I was confused for a moment, but I went along with it, and headed back to our table. As I approached I could Julie had a huge grin, half laughing. As I sat she explained. It seems while I in the restroom, one of the guys at the bar had approached Julie at our table. She explained that I was her husband but she told him she was flattered that he was interested in an “older” lady. I smiled and said, that I didn’t blame him since you are the hottest lady in the bar. Julie blushed at my comment. A moment later another pitcher arrived at our table. The waitress explained that the guy who had approached Julie wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings and was buying us a round. We poured a couple more glasses and raised a toast towards him.

Joking with Julie, I told her we better make sure we look like a couple, which again made Julie blush. I reached out to place my hand on hers as we refilled or glasses. She responded by grabbing my hand, and leaned in near my ear and whispered she was game to pretend that we were a couple. As she slowly leaned back, she hesitated as we looked into each others eyes, just a few inches a part. I am sure the beer was affecting us both a bit, but I figured what the heck, and gave her a quick kiss. Smiling, I said just playing my part. She was briefly surprised, but went along, and even gave me a quick kiss in return. When I looked back to the bar, I could see that pretty much everyone (including the guy who had hit on Julie) had left. We were almost done with the second pitcher when the waitress came by mentioning that it was snowing pretty heavily. It was then that realized we had been at the bar for almost 2 hours.

After we each made another quick trip to the restroom, we headed outside. And sure enough 3-4 inches had accumulated while were inside. I assisted Julie through the icy parking lot to her mini-van. As she opened her door, I told her to give me her snow scraper, as she turned around with scraper in hand she again found ourselves face-to-face. I wasn’t going to hesitate with this cute and sexy lady in right in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and proceeded to kiss her deeply. At first she hesitated then joined in kissing me back. The deep kiss broke after what seemed a minute. We looked at each other, and I better not let her hesitate for to long, or this passion was going to cool off fast. I kissed her again, probing her mouth with my tongue. Again she hesitated briefly, but then I felt her tongue wrapping around my own.

I pushed/lifted her into her minivan, closing the door behind me, as we landed on the back seat. We were necking like a couple of teenagers. I wanted Julie badly, and new any break in the action would quickly cool her down. Removing her coat and my own we resumed necking. Julie didn’t back down when I began stroking her breasts through her blouse, her moans urged me on.

If anybody could have seen us they would have thought we were a couple teenagers. But luckily the snow had covered all of the van windows, providing sufficient privacy. I continued to cup her breasts in my hands, as she and they responded positively to my caresses. I had enough of this teenage petting, unbuttoning her blouse exposing a pushup bra that made her breasts even more enticing. After I had removed her blouse she hesitated, looking around, after she also realized that no one could see us through the snow-covered windows laugh nervously.

I had a primary mission of getting her out of that bra, I pulled the straps down off her shoulders, releasing her breasts from the bra. As I stated above they were about 34, perky with hardening nipples from the cool air. My mouth dove for her left breast sucking it deeply into my mouth, tonguing the harden nipple. I slowly allowed the breast to slip form my lips, sucking on the nipple. Julie let out a deep moan as the tip of her nipple popped from my mouth. I repeated this action, receiving a louder moan from Julie.

In the meantime, Julie had reached between my legs, stroking my hardening cock through my jeans. Her finger outlined my hardening shaft. I switched breasts, sucking it deeply, while simultaneously lightly pinching her other nipple between my fingers. Luckily her head happened buried in my chest, as she let out a shriek. Continuing to tease her tits I pinched a bit harder. Her nipples were as hard as rocks from a combination of the chill and teasing.

As great as Julie’s tits were, I wanted more, I slid to the floor, removing her shoes as quickly as possible, looking up at her from the floor of the van, she looked so sexy, however she seemed to become hesitant as to what we were doing. She covered her breasts with her hands, partly for warmth, but what also appeared to be modesty. As I removed her second shoe, I stroked her jeans, along her calves. Julie, let’s not cover those tits, but she resisted, as I ran my hands higher up her jeans, she cautiously spread her legs. As my hands reached her belt, I told her to pinch her nipples for me, looking into my eyes, she looked so innocent, but relented, pinching her own nipples, I watched as she bit her lower lip in response. I unfastened her jeans, raising her tight ass off the seat, sliding her jeans and panties down, and off.

There she sat, naked in a cold mini-van, playing with her own tits. Her legs were partially spread, she had a slightly trimmed pussy. I eased her legs farther apart. I could smell her pussy’s sweat aroma, as my tongue teased her just above her clit. Spreading her legs further, my tongue outlined her clit, cunt. She was already plenty wet as I licked at her juices. I looked up at her face, as my tongue probed her cunt. Her eyes rolled back, and I could she had submitted fully to what we were doing. I continued to tongue her clit, as I outlined her cunt lips with a finger. The combination of stimulation was having a massive affect on her, she kept her teeth clenched, afraid to yell out loud.

Julie was close to orgasm, and I wanted to see her go over the edge with a bang. I sucked her clit into my mouth, lightly holding her clit between my teeth as my tongue flicked at the tip of her clit. She was approaching the point of no return, her pussy was saturated and oh so hot. I slid one finger into her, quickly followed by a second, twisting my finger around in her as I continued to suck on her clit. She momentarily let out another shriek, and then quickly gagged herself. Her body bucked, bouncing off the seat, but at no time did I relinquish my attack on her clit and pussy. Her body then fell momentarily, realizing she had just had her orgasm, I drove my fingers into her deeper, and sucked on her clit harder, getting another spasm from her body.

I sat up next to her, as her head laid on my shoulder. AT that point I eased my fingers from her pussy. I grasped the back of her hair holding her head up so she could watch me suck her juices from one of my fingers. I then held the my other soaked finger near her lips, she looked at me and resisted, grasping her hair firmer, I leaned in and kissed her deeply, my tongue swirly around hers sharing the juices I just sucked off my finger. As we broke the kiss, I slipped the juice covered finger into her mouth, she then seductively began to suck on my finger, cleaning off all her juices.

Julie now reached for my jeans, beginning to unfasten them, I decided to assist her, kicking off my shoes and sliding my jean and briefs off. My cock was already hard from anticipation, as she began stoking it with her chilly hands. The chill almost made me blow my load. She then began sliding one finger up and down to length of my shaft, hesitating to play with the pre-cum at the tip of my cock. She began to lean her head over near my cock, then just as I was anticipating her lips encapsulating my cock, she looked up at me, “I really don’t like sucking cock, I will, just don’t cum in my mouth”. As she slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth, I smiled to my self wondering whether I would or not.. The warmth of her mouth was ecstatic, feeling her moist lips sucking on the head of my cock. However she hesitated to go down any further. I told her to kneel in the seat next to me, so that she could be more comfortable. As she did, could now reach over her ass, resume playing with her pussy while she sucked on my cock.

This added to her stimulation and had the desired affect that I was after, in that she got into sucking my cock. She began moaning again as I re-entered her pussy with my fingers. She grasped at the base of my cock stroking to while sucking a little more of my cock into her mouth. With my other hand I grasped her hair encouraging her to go deeper. With the 2 fingers fucking her pussy, she went a bit deeper, then came off my cock, gasping she screamed out “YES”. She dove back down onto my cock, with my hand on her head I pushed her down deeper. Her hips began to buck, with excitement. My own explosion was well on its way. She gasped for air once more, diving back on to my cock. I held her head down deep on my cock as I blew my load into her mouth. Simultaneously I drove my fingers into her deeper, putting her over the edge. The last shots from my cock onto her mouth as she orgasmed again. I backed off my pressure on her head only slightly so she could breathe and swallow my load.

As she sat back up I thought she might really be pissed, but she was the complete opposite. I held her slackening body in my arms, as I wondered where this affair with Julie the Hockey Mom might lead.

I may continue this story based on your feedback.

Please let me know what you think.

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