Holding It For Anal Ramming

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My husband and I have invented a little game we like to play. It starts with me asking him, “May I have permission to pee?”

Sometimes he says “Yes, go ahead, honey.” Sometimes he says “Not yet, hold it.”

And I do. I hold it. An hour or so later, I’ll ask again, with bated breath, “My I go pee now, please.”

“I said NO!”

I hold it. I Jump up and down, I fidget, I hold my pussy with my hand, and whine, but I hold it in, until my body spasms visibly. By this time I go to my husband, and kneel beside him, I hold his hand to my forehead, then kiss it.

“Tom, I’m tying so hard, but I can’t hold it much longer.”

“You know better.” He says, “If you pee, without my permission, you know what’s going to happen.”

“Oh, god damn it!”

My brow furrows, I get up and stamp my foot, while holding my crotch with my hand tightly. Some time later, He gets up, to get a glass of water, and drinks it, running the tap the whole time, and watching me, sitting at the kitchen table. I shutter, then, stand up and take a deep breath. Tom watches closely as a dark stain appears and travels down the inside of my thighs.

“Now you’ve done it.” He says. “How dare you, you dirty thing.”

He continues to scold me as I empty my batter. I stand in a growing puddle. “I said wait, and I mean wait, you get to piss when I tell you that you can, you know that. Now, how are you going to make it up to me?”

“Ass fucking?”

“That’s right.” Tom says in a sing-song tone.

I remove my jeans, and my tank top, and go to our bedroom. I get the jelly, we keep in the side table drawer, and plop a big glob onto my finger, and then reach around and smooth it onto my asshole. I come back out into the kitchen, nipples erect, pussy dripping and still wet with piss.

“I’m sorry about the pee Tom, and I’ll do better next time” I say sheepishly, “my Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort asshole is ready.”

I am no stranger to anal sex. I have been getting ass fucked for many years. Tom is a big guy, his dick is huge. Its wide, and really long. He can last for a long time, and he usually does. We go to the couch, I get on all fours with my knees on the arm of the couch, and he stands behind me. He pushes his cock in, and fucks my asshole. He knows he can fuck me hard, so he always does. He bangs the full length, my ass checks to his pelvis. I grip his cock with my anal mussels, and enjoy the sensation very much. I massage my clit, and am in heaven. He goes for a long time, I have to hold off coming several times. The harder he fucks my asshole, the more I want to come. We eventually come, either together, or close to it.

Part Two: Two weeks later.

I am wearing a black cocktail dress for our evening out. I’ve been holding back the urge to pee for about half the afternoon. The urge has subsided for now. Tom watches me touch up my makeup in the mirror, from behind me, and cups my breasts. One hand moves down my abdomen, gently pressing, then hikes up my skirt. Tom’s large hands fondle my pussy, which is already wet. He shoves a finger in, then another, and pumps them in and out, while breathing into my hair.

“Let me pee now, before we leave, Tom please.”

“No baby, you’ve got to hold it all night, until we get home.”

“Oh God, Tom, this is going to be difficult, how am I going to keep cool in front of all those people?”

“You better, That’s all I know. Are you wearing panties?”


“Good girl.”

“Here” He says, handing me a small stuffed, leather ball. “Squeeze this if you have to.”

“Oh, gee, thanks, your too kind.”

On the way to the restaurant I sit in the passenger seat, holding my pussy with my hand to ease the pressure on my kegel muscles. Tom reaches over and places his hand on my abdomen, then under my dress, stroking my thighs.

We reach the restaurant, and are seated very well next to a fireplace. The music is soft, and the lights are low.

“Good, evening, may I bring you a cocktail, while you are looking at the menu” The waiter asks.

“Yes please, two vodka martinis.” Tom answers. “And bring a very large water for my wife, she is very thirsty.”

The waiter left the table, and I Shot him a look of anger, and frustration. “Please don’t.” I say.

“You can keep your one hand under the table, clenched on your crotch, so you don’t spring a leak, no one will see, it’s so dark in here.”

The waiter returned with our drinks, and took our order and left again.

“Drink up baby, that whole glass, right now, or I’m going to order a pitcher.”

I sigh heavily, and empty the glass.

“Oh no.” I said. I clamped my pussy mussels hard, and made small fists, with my jaw clenched.

I reached under the table and used my hand to help hold the pee in.

I shuttered as every mussel in my body went to work to prevent a leak. A monster wave pounded against my bladder, insisting release.

Then a miracle happened. The monster urge subsided, just a little, I breathed a sigh of relief. “There, I’m a little better now.” I said.

“Good.” Tom responded.

After the meal, a bottle of wine, and coffee, I was full to the maximum.

“Okay, you stay put, while I go to the little boy’s room.” Tom announces.

I watch him jealously, as he makes his way to the bathroom. After a few minutes, he returns.

“Boy, that felt good.” He says, with a grin.

“Now can we go?” I say. after a few seconds he agrees. I muster energy in every mussel to clamp down on my kegel mussels as I pivot and rise to walk. We go to the coatroom, and out to get the car.

As we drive home Tom says. ” Don’ t you dare pee in this car, or you really will get a punishment.”

“Well then, hurry,” I gasp.

“You just hold it, until we get home, and then you ask me, like a good girl for permission, and you’ll get to pee. You know the rules.”

“Oh, yesss, ok… I’ll hold it.”

As we drive up the driveway of our house, I have already open the door, as the car slows, I hop out, and make my way to the door. I wait for Tom on the inside of the front door, as soon as he enters, I ask him, “Tom my I please have permission to pee, now?”

“Just one minute.” He answers and I follow him into the enclosed tiled, patio. Tom takes off his jacket and tie, and kneels down.

“Come over here, and straddle my face baby.”

I walk over to him, clenching my pussy with my hand. I stand with my legs apart, Toms head just under my cant. He kisses the back of my hand still gripping my pussy.

He says,” Let me kiss it.”

I take my hand away and a small trickle of urine runs out. Tom kisses my pussy, and gently flicks my clit with his tongue.

“You have to wait a little longer, baby, until I make you come with my tongue, then you can pee.”

“Oh shit, Tom I’m about to explode! Fuck, please just start licking, or I’ll never be able to hold it any longer.”

“You have to wait, baby, until I’m finished licking.” Tom mumbles into my clit.

He draws steady, rhythmic circles around my clit with his tongue. Then quickly, with his lips flush against my pussy, he moves his tongue faster…when I come, the waves of pleasure are massive.

“Pee, baby, right into my mouth, I want to drink it.”

Angles sing as I release my kegel muscles and let a days worth of urine pour over my husband’s mouth, face, chest, and legs.

I’m empty now, and I know I’ve been a good girl. We go over to the chase lounge. Tom licks my clit again until I have another huge orgasm.

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