Holiday in Cyprus

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Louise and Victoria were friends from school. When they finished their GCSE’s they used money they had saved up to go on holiday to Cyprus, which is where we find them now, lying on a hot beach in their swimsuits. This holiday had been planned with just one thing in mind, the two girls wanted sex and lots of it. Louise was still a virgin, however, Victoria had been slightly less picky in the past and now at 18 she’d decided to corrupt Louise while they were on holiday together.

They were on the beach, Victoria in her bikini showing off her ample 36 C chest, and Louise in her one piece swimsuit, trying not to show off her flat 32 A chest. The girls were discussing the men they’d met so far. Both of them normally had different tastes and so the problem of Victoria shagging someone Louise fancied had only occurred once in all the time they’d known each other. This wasn’t normal, they had both decided that their favourite was the big muscle bound bouncer who had been chatting them up in the hotel bar last night. After much arguing Victoria hit on the perfect solution.

“Since we’re only here for fun,” she began, “and not to find a long-term relationship, why don’t we share him?”

At first the idea sounded bad to Louise, but as Victoria talked it began to make more and more sense.

The bar closed at one in the morning that night and the girls invited the bouncer up to their room when ever he finished work. He arrived at half past one, he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, locking it and putting the key into his pocket.

“What was it you girls were wanting?” He asked. “Whatever you want to give us,” Victoria replied quickly. Louise was impressed, she would never have thought that up so quickly. The man threw his jacket onto a chair and then held Victoria’s hair, pulling it back so that her face raised towards the ceiling, he kissed her. As they kissed his tongue pressed against her lips forcing them apart and allowing his tongue to enter Victoria’s mouth. He pushed her down to her knees, Victoria quickly got the message and began unzipping his trousers. While she was busy he beckoned for Louise to join them.

Victoria slipped her hand into his trousers through his flies, she gently extracted his cock, it was still floppy. She popped it in her mouth hoping that they hadn’t pulled an impotent bouncer. But sure enough Victoria felt it swelling inside her mouth – a feeling she found quite pleasurable. When it had grown to it’s full and rather impressive 10 inches she began to move her head up and down whilst using her hand to wank him.

While this was going on the man was unbuttoning Louise’s silk blouse. When it was fully opened he ran his hands up and down the length of her body, they kissed while he stroked her. As they kissed Louise was thinking how strange it felt Anadolu Yakası Escort that this man, whose name she couldn’t even remember, was the first man to ever see or touch her like this. Louise was standing astride Victoria, she could just feel her friends hair stroking her freshly shaven cunt.

Both girls had help to shave each other, Victoria said that most men preferred women shaved.

The man’s hand went up Louise’s micro skirt and a finger slipped inside her, for an instant before it took a quick tour of her clitoris and then moved up to Louise’s mouth.

“Taste yourself for me,” the man said. Louise let him put his finger in her mouth. She’d played with herself on many occasions and often enjoyed tasting herself as she played.

As Louise tasted his finger Victoria was speeding up, she felt the man’s cock pulse a couple of times and tasted a tiny drop of cum. She kept going until she felt it throb again, this time it didn’t stop and the man spurted his load into Victoria’s mouth. His cock slipped out of her for a moment and Victoria got a shot in her face, she was holding on to the cock with both hands. Once he stopped she stood up and started to wipe her face. Until the man told her to stop. He instructed Louise to lick the cum off of Victoria’s face, which she did then the man told the girls to French kiss each other so that Louise could taste his cum as well.

As the girls kissed each other the man held Victoria close to him from behind. He was squeezing and stroking her breasts through the tight (tight as in a size to small for her) tee-shirt. His other hand slipped in between her legs and he gently stroked her clitoris.

When the girls had finished kissing the man help Victoria to remove her top, now both girls were wearing nothing but their micro-skirts. All three of them lay down on the big four poster bed. Louise lay to one side watching as the man kissed Victoria’s breast until her nipple stood erect, then he sucked on it and repeated the process with the other breast. Louise was wishing that her chest was as big as Victoria’s.

“You don’t mind, do you?” He asked as he produced a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket, Victoria shook her head and offered him her wrists. He chained both of her arms to the wooden spindles of the head board. Victoria wriggled about for a moment, testing the strength of her bonds, they were more than strong enough to hold her. The man was unfastening her skirt, he pulled it from under he body and threw it to the floor. He kissed and caressed her body, gently sucking on her erect nipples, he worked his way down her body to her juicy wet cunt. Victoria wriggled in pleasure as his tongue flicked against her clitoris, he held her open with his thumbs and slid his tongue inside Victoria’s cunt, it made her gasp out loud. Louise watched, wishing she was the one tied down, undergoing this man’s examination.

He crawled back up to Victoria’s face, they Kadıköy Escort kissed the man’s tongue slipping into her mouth, she could taste herself in his mouth.

“Why don’t you have a go with her?” The man said to Louise. She looked from the man to her friend.

“Do as he says,” Victoria said softly. Louise climbed on top of her friend. She sat upright across Victoria’s pelvis, her short skirt virtually around her waist. The man’s hands encircled Louise and unfastened her skirt which quickly joined Victoria’s on the floor. Louise slowly leaned forward and kissed the other girl’s lips. Victoria’s mouth opened slightly and before either of them knew it they were enjoying a long and deep French kiss.

“In the draw by the bed, there’s a dildo. Use it on me, please.” Victoria whispered when their lips finally parted. Louise lent down and found a large 12″ black dildo in the draw. She held it in one hand, her other hand slipped down between Victoria’s legs and inside her. Victoria was literally dripping wet, Louise could feel the moisture on the bedclothes beneath the other girl.

Louise rolled off and lay beside Victoria who opened her legs wide in anticipation of what was to come. Louise slipped the dildo’s head inside her friend very slowly being careful not to hurt her.

“Please give it to me,” Victoria sighed as it slowly slipped into her, inch by inch. When it was fully in the man came back over, he had the cord from one of the girls dressing gowns, he wrapped it around Victoria’s ankles, tying her feet together and so trapping the dildo inside her. With that he switched it on to the fastest setting. It buzzed inside Victoria and she thrashed about the bed as much as the handcuffs would allow.

The man told Louise to kneel on the floor and bend over the edge of the bed. As she watched Victoria she imagined what she must be feeling – the feeling of intense pleasurable stimulation, the feeling that she had no way of controlling what was happening to her anymore. The thoughts made Louise even wetter. Then the man slipped two fingers into her and Louise felt her own juices run down the inside of her legs. She lifted her bum higher in the air and she felt the head of the man’s cock pressing against her cunt. Louise realised that she was about to lose her virginity. As the cock pushed into her she watched Victoria and listened to her cries, she saw the tear running down her cheek, the smile was still there though. Louise imagined herself and Victoria fucking each other, going down on each other, using the dildo on each other, then Louise came.

She heard a voice crying out for more. But she was too busy with her dream and the powerful orgasm which was flooding her mind to realise that it was her who was begging for more. The man heard and increased his rhythm, thrusting his big cock into Louise’s thin body as hard as he could. Almost as soon as the first orgasm died away Louise could feel another one Ataşehir Escort approaching, it hit with more force than the first and Louise felt the whole room spinning. The man’s powerful thrusts entering her and Victoria’s thrashing in front of her was too much and she came again. When this one died away she could feel a fourth brewing inside her, the man’s cock felt different now, as if it were not only moving in and out but as if it were actually growing and shrinking very quickly within her. In a brief moment of lucidity she realised that he was cumming himself, he gasped as he emptied his load inside her body. The man withdrew quickly, Louise collapsed onto the floor, that fourth orgasm was still itching inside her, so she quickly applied some digital manipulation to her clitoris and within a few seconds she had brought herself off. She rolled on the floor panting heavily for a few more minutes as the final sensations of her first mind blowing screw died away.

When she sat up the man had untied Victoria and removed the dildo from her. She was lying face down with the man lying on top of her. Victoria’s legs were wide open and her bum was raised slightly, Louise had sat up just in time to watch the man rubbing KY Jelly over Victoria’s bum, he used his fingers to loosen her and spread some of it inside her. As Louise watched his cock sank slowly into her bum. As the first few inches entered her Victoria took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds. As the man gently fucked her bum she was taking deep slow breaths. Louise couldn’t resist fulfilling part of the fantasy she had been having only moments ago with the man. She climbed onto the bed and slid herself underneath the man until she reached Victoria’s cunt. Louise raised herself on her elbows and began to gently lick Victoria’s clitoris as the man fucked her. The sensation drove Victoria wild, she came almost instantly and began crying out unintelligible sentences. Victoria was so excited that he juices were dripping down onto Louise’s chin, where it ran down her throat, past her breasts until it reached Louise’s own cunt, it left a warm sticky trail along the centre of Louise’s body. When the man came he shot some of his cum into Victoria, but he was still cumming as he withdrew from her, this shot Louise straight in the face and across her breasts.

Victoria recovered quickly. She moved to her friend, she held Louise’s wrists to stop her wiping her face, instead she began to lick it from Louise’s face. This sent a shiver down Louise’s body, the man decided to go down on her while Victoria cleaned her up. He started by using his fingers to fuck her, then he sucked and licked at her clitoris. When Victoria began to lick the cum from the other girls breasts Louise instantly came, spurting a little of her own juices into the man’s face.

When they looked at the clock it was five in the morning, the man put his clothes back on and left the girls asleep.

The girls couldn’t find anyone they really fancied the next night. The bouncer wasn’t working and they were told he was off for the rest of the week. In the end they gave up and went back to their room. They had a little kiss and cuddle and finally made do with sharing the dildo between them.

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