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I knock on the door and smile to see you open it. You show me in and I look around, taking in all the colorful art. I appreciate your taste even more.

“Raise your arms” I hear you say from behind me, and I feel you sliding my shirt over my head. “Keep them there”, you say as you undo my pants and have me naked in 20 seconds. You stand in front of me with my balls in your hand, looking at me closely. You kiss me deeply and lead me backwards, pushing on me as I trip my way to the door. I have horrible balance at the best of times, and having my arms raised above my head is doing me no favors! Your firm touch feels so good on my balls.

“Walk to the outdoor shower, please”, you say and I obey. You turn on the warm water and have me spread my legs and put my hands on the rock wall. I smile to myself as I realize that you are going to wash me. You scrub me with a soapy loofah and it feels divine. My skin is tingling all over and I feel so clean. You even scrub the soles of my feet, tickling me and making me laugh

I feel your soapy fingers circling my asshole, then you are on your knees behind me, spreading my cheeks and tongue-fucking me gently. It feels sensuous and warm and wet. You take the small hose and I bend my knees to give you free access. I smile again as I see that you are going to give me an enema. Don’t you know that I have given myself three enemas already before coming to you? I wouldn’t dream of showing up to my Mistress without all of my holes being ready for her. I had also worn an ass plug for 10 minutes to loosen up my asshole… I wondered did you notice when you tongued my hole?

“Good boy, we want you nice and clean so I can fuck you however I choose”, you say. You repeat the enema a second time, and I feel so clean and alive. You towel me dry and I feel your gaze on me. My cock stiffens a little from your rapt attention. “Are you excited to come inside? I have a few things planned for you.” My cock hardens more and I follow you back to the house.

Once inside you turn and push my shoulders down. I kneel at once. You take a collar and place it around my neck. I relax immediately once the collar is on, feeling such immense pride and sense of privilege to being your sub. My desire for you just got amped up by 50% and I am aching to show you how much I want to please you. You have me on a leash and lead me around the room, watching me walk, before leading me into the library.

There is a pipe rack set up at waist height with another in front of it. I bend and place my legs apart, my neck on the second bar and my crotch up against the first one. I don’t have to ask. I feel excited, ready, nervous, turned on – all these emotions roiling in my head. I see you grinning widely at me as you pull me into place firmly. “My little pet, I hope you don’t have any other plans today because you’re going to be here a good long while…”

“No Mistress, I have no plans today but to serve you all day long. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Good. Let us begin.”

Your warm hands stroke my skin, making me relax and tingle. It feels so good to feel your touch, your softness rubbing me. I sink into subspace and your hands roam over my back and down my thighs. I am jangly with anticipation. You tie my wrists down to the floor and face me, petting my face and gazing at me, gripping my hair and holding me in place. I look up at you in complete adoration, so turned on I can’t stand it.

You slowly pull down your panties and wave them slowly under my nose. I inhale as much as I can, longing for your scent. You tell me to open my mouth wide and I smile and obey. Yum, I think as you stuff your panties in my mouth. I want your ass so bad, I want to bury my face in your ass and lick and rim you for an hour. I Betist long for your sweaty, musky scent in my face, overwhelming me. This is a sweet torture!

You stand in front of me and I feel you straddle my head, rubbing your pussy on the back of my head, pushing me down. You slide down my back and settle at my hips, leaning your weight on me. I feel completely helpless and 100% turned on. You start flogging me with your suede flogger, which has a lovely heavy and soft thwack as it lands. You are in no hurry, striking five times before stroking my reddening ass. It feels good at the beginning, and after a few sets of five I start to feel the burn and the pain. I count up to five in my head, knowing that you will give me a respite and I can catch my breath. As you keep going, I am tensing up more as I count “One, two, three, four, five” in my head. My ass is red and hot and sensitive, and you can feel it when you rub my rear. I am grunting now when you flog me, making more verbal signs that you are pushing my limit. I am not going to say “Stop!” or cry out, but we have an agreement: I will signal how it feels and you will decide how much more I should take.

My ass is sore and sensitive. It feels so good when you stop, and I tense in anticipation when I feel you raise the flogger for the next set. I feel good that I am taking your punishment, but it is getting harder. My grunting has grown louder and now I am saying “Ow!” by the third blow. You finish that set and stop, getting down. I hear you pad away and return and feel cold, cold ice being rubbed all over my tortured ass. It feels delicious and so relieving. You lean in my ear and kiss it softly before whispering “Good boy” and I feel a surge of excitement, pride, accomplishment – all because I have pleased you. My cock is leaking pre-cum on the floor.

You squat behind me and part my cheeks. I feel you breath blowing softly on my asshole. Next I feel your tongue on my rosebud, licking me gently but firmly. It is exquisite. You rub my ass cheeks as you tongue me, flicking every now and then and playing with me. You stand up again and rub my bum, your softness makes me melt. I feel so loved, so gratified, so alive! “Thank you, Mistress” is all I can say.

I am tingling, my cock throbbing, my hips bucking at some phantom that will give my cock relief. My head is exploding with excitement. It feels like an eternity before I feel your wet finger slide into my asshole. You have lubed two fingers and start a slow, firm rhythm in and out of me. I relax and grind my hips back to meet you each time, shivering with pleasure as your fingertips hit my prostate. You shove your fingers in and play with my prostate, giving me that delicious, overwhelming pleasure. I feel like I need to pee, and I feel waves of pleasure hit me all at the same time. You stroke slowly while you kiss my tail bone. I groan softly, lost in pleasure.

Again, you are gone and I groan in disappointment. I hear you moving around behind me but I can’t see what you are doing. I am so ready for you to fuck me hard. I want it so bad. I want to beg for it, but I pride myself on my self-restraint. I am your tool, for your pleasure alone. You decide how I am to be used. The lack of control is infuriating but also delightful because you are so good to me. Everything you are doing is so perfectly tuned to excite me. You know my body so well, it is uncanny. I feel like an instrument being played and feelings of deep love and gratitude wash over me. I am now glad for the break, just so that I can appreciate you. My head is full of thoughts of devotion and I am longing to worship you. But I can wait…

I feel you rocking on something as you resume your prostate milking. It must be a dildo you Betist Giriş have, because you are groaning in pleasure. Your pace picks up, and you are rocking and fucking me harder and faster. Your other hand is on my cock, squeezing and stroking me. I am so close to cumming. We both moan our delight in unison, and our sounds reinforce our pleasure. I love to hear you moan, knowing that I am giving you pure delight. Your finger withdraws and is replaced by your tongue. You shove your face hard into my ass and shove your tongue deep, deep in my asshole. I squeeze my asshole in a rhythm and you lick and thrust with me. You shout loudly with your tongue out, your cries muffled as you cum hard and strong.

Your orgasm is powerful, and you keep your face pressed into me. I love that you rimmed me while you came. I feel like the perfect fuck toy, delighted by my objectification, gratified that my body has given you pleasure. The joy I feel in your orgasm is making me want to cum, and my cock swells. You sense it and remove your hand immediately. I am stranded, feeling the crescendo halted and suspended. My body is tingling as I feel you kiss all over my hips, still fucking your dildo and groaning as a second wave washes over you. I am in ecstasy. I marvel at the raw primal power our bodies have to respond to pleasure, and how you have played with that power so perfectly. I listen to you climax again, and I feel the pre-cum spilling out of me.

I want the privilege of witnessing you orgasm over and over again as you use my body for your amusement. I long to bury my face in your cunt and show you the love, adoration and devotion I feel. I long for you to edge me, playing with my cock to keep me tingling but unfulfilled. I long to fuck you hard, building from a slow beginning to a wild, thrashing climax where we scream like animals and I have fistfuls of your hair in my hands as I pound you over and over. I am tied to your rack, my head reeling with images, in a state of ecstatic excitement. This break is less tolerable than the last, I am now so excited that my body is screaming for release. The lack of control is maddening, and I know you have much more in store for me.

You move around behind me and I sense you are strapping on a cock. My asshole tingles in anticipation, and I am not disappointed when you slide your big, slick cock in my hole. You have lots of lube and start slowly, so I feel nothing but pleasure as you push in further. I buck my hips and push back to meet each thrust, willing you to fuck me harder, to go deeper. Quickly you are slamming all the way into me and I feel your soft hips and thighs meet my outstretched ass with each thrust. You lift and spread my cheeks as you fuck me, watching your cock go in and out of me.

I feel your hands on my hair and you pull my head back, arching me backwards. I love this, the tension, your control, being fucked. Each thrust sends a stab of pleasure to my cock as you fill me up completely. I am moaning loudly through the panties in my mouth, now soaked with my drool. Your nails scrape down my arched back, and I groan anew. I am loving this, being used, being owned, being controlled and just giving and yielding to whatever you want. I am in the zone.

Suddenly you pull out and after a moment I feel your full hand shoving into my gaping, well-fucked hole. You work your way in, squirting lots of lube on and twisting and shoving. I breathe deeply and relax my ass completely. I love your choice to fist me, to make it clear that you are in control and can do whatever you want. I glory in yielding to you, giving you all that I can. The sensation is insane, both overwhelming and satisfying. I feel myself being stretched and stretched and then your hand is inside me, twisting and fisting me. You move around inside me, then come out and go in again, feeling my resistance and working with me. I am sweating and my whole body is screaming with sensation.

You withdraw and untie my hands, removing your panties from my mouth. I stand up and you give me a bottle of water, which I gulp thirstily. I am covered in sweat. I watch you move to the bed with your back to me, and you stand there, facing away. I am catching my breath and sipping the water when I hear you command “Fuck me”.

I put down the bottle and walk over to you. You remain standing with your back to me. I get that you want me to take the lead. This is what an intelligent fuck toy does. He doesn’t have to be told. I turn you around and kiss you full on the mouth. I smell my ass from your face and it turns me on. We are filthy primitive animals and we are about to fuck like ones. There is no need for foreplay now.

I lay you back on the bed and you spread your legs. I can’t help myself, I have to kneel and worship your pussy first. I kiss and lick slowly and marvel at your slick wetness all over. You cover my face in your pussy juice and I revel in it, sucking on your clit in a slow rhythm that drives you crazy. You quickly have another orgasm, squirting in my mouth and rewarding me with your cum. I slurp it up greedily, loving every drop of it, delighting in having made you come, adoring you and worshipping you.

I stand again and lie on top of you. I enter you easily and just lie there, looking in your bright, piercing blue eyes. You smile back at me and say again “Fuck me”. I smile and reply “Yes, Mistress”, starting my slow rhythm. We move in sync, you bucking and squeezing with each slow thrust. Your pussy feels so completely wet that I slide in and out with virtually no friction. You moan as I thrust, filling you up with my fat cock.

I speed up my thrusts, and you shout “Yes, yes, harder!” I oblige, pounding into you without any regard for how hard I go. The animal in me rises up and I grab a fistful of your hair in my right hand, twisting your head and pulling you to me. I lean on your face with my left arm, crushing you into the bed and overwhelming you. Your nose is buried in my armpit, you are covered in my sweat, I am pulling your hair and fucking you with long, fast, really hard thrusts. You come, screaming and gushing. I feel the wetness all over my cock and it drives me to the edge.

“May I have permission to come, please, Mistress?” I ask breathily as I continue to fuck you.

“Yes, in my mouth”, you reply and push me back. I stand up and you sit up to take my throbbing, angry cock in your mouth. You suck hard and stroke me harder. I feel the orgasm build and build and then erupt and you don’t stop, sucking and stroking through my long, loud, moaning, groaning climax. You keep going even after I have finished, teasing my sensitive cock head with your gentle licks.

You stand up in front of me, place your hands on my shoulders and push me down to a kneeling position. I look up in your face and see that you have a gift for me. I open my mouth wide and wait. You lean in to me and spit my cum into my waiting mouth. I relish the taste of your spit, my cum, your cum all mixed together. I love that you have taken back control so effortlessly, making it clear that you are in command at all times.

You kiss me and we fall on the bed together. I stroke your hair and hold you close, nuzzling into your neck. I feel such a symphony of emotions washing over me all at once. Mostly I feel deeply loved and taken care of. I snuggle up against your soft warmth and kiss the bridge of your nose, your forehead, your cheeks, your jaw, your ear, showering you with my soft devotion. I am so grateful to be here with you. I feel along the leash to the end of it, and place the loop in your fingers. You pull me to your breast and put your arm around me. We lie together in silent communion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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