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Hi Mom

She always laughed when I greeted her that way. It wasn’t something she was used to hearing.

Oh you silly, silly girl

She swatted me with the dishtowel she had in her hand.

He’s upstairs. I’m leaving for dinner with a few friends

Her tone was giddy and childish

Girl’s night out, I guess you could call it. You might have to make dinner, I know my son can’t cook to save his life!

She balled the dishtowel up and threw it toward an empty space on the kitchen counter. I watched her face reclaim a youth I’d never seen from her.

Now don’t dilly-dally talking to an old bird like me. Go.

I walked toward the stairs, leaving the kitchen to fill with the echoes of excited laughter.

Have fun Mom

I climbed the stairs casually, taking in the atmosphere of the house that had become a home away from home to me. The ivy smell wafted into the house from the open windows, carried with the cool fall breeze. A slim ray of light framed the closed door at the top of the steps. I opened the door slightly and peeked my head around inside the room. He was laid back on his bed, hands tucked behind his dark hair. His eyes were peacefully closed and his lips mouthed words the headphones pumped into his ears. I gathered a devious sense of mischief when I realized he was unaware of his surroundings. Cautiously, I pressed my knee into the bed. The springs squeaked slightly under my weight. I slid my body onto the bed next to him, turning onto my side to face him. I ran my fingernail gently down his arm. He swatted the agitation with his hand, his lips not skipping a motion. I laughed, not letting the laughter escape my closed lips. I traced his jaw with my fingernail, moving it away quickly. He rubbed his open palm against his face. His eyes opened wearily, coming out of his musical daze. Searching his room, his eyes found my amused expression.

Call me a bed bug

With a hand, he hooked his fingers around the headphones and let them fall to the floor.

And a gorgeous bed bug at that

He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me closer. His breath was warm on my naked neck with the slightest smell of strawberry jam. I looped my finger inside the belt of his jeans, rubbing back and forth with no actual purpose. Just contact. I let my cheek rest against the soft warmth of his chest.

To what do I owe the honor

I lifted my head from his chest and looked for his eyes, caring but when linked with my own took on my own look of concern.

Homesickness. I just wanted to feel like I was home again.

I can never understand how someone would want to just leave home. When you leave, there are pieces of you that just don’t fit into your suitcases. You lose that tangible piece of your past. You lose the coffee table you hit your chin on as a child, you forget where the scar came from. You forget what your mother’s cooking used to taste like and what it was like to stand by her side and watch as she weaved magic and created a meal. You have no center, no place to feel grounded. You have to find that on your own, and I found that in him. He pulled my body closer, laying a hand on the back of my head and leading it toward his chest again. His pursed lips pressed against my face, lightly, over and over again, covering my face in a tingling feeling, sensitive, wanting and waiting for the gaziantep escortları next blind contact, longing for the feeling of lips against my own. I trembled against him, so overcome with such a comfort and vulnerability that I was honestly afraid of losing it.
Come on now, none of that. I’m here.

His kisses trailed down to my neck. He buried his face into the curve of my neck, muffling his comforting hums. I felt the wetness of the inside of his mouth and his tongue, touching my skin. I placed my cold hand against his jaw, brushing his warm cheek with my thumb. I drew him in, brought his lips to my face. He breathed a hungry, wavering breath across my face before he kissed, pressing his lips to my own and tasting my mouth with a loving curiosity, as though he had never tasted that sensual connection before. I was kissed; I didn’t kiss back. I was defeated his desire to please me. He drew my tongue into his mouth, sucking gently. A soothed moan escaped my opens lips, absorbed into our kiss. I slipped my cold hand under his shirt, gripping his sides and hiding in the warmth. He moved away from me, laying my back against his bed. I saw his eyes trace my form with a sensual lust. He rolled up the seam of my shirt, rubbing his hand across the skin of my stomach. He looked at me as he leaned down, never losing my sight. He kissed my stomach, starting at the curve of my hip and drawing closer to my navel. He rolled up my shirt, only when his lips craved new skin to explore. His hands slid up my arm, clasping my hands above my head. He pulled my shirt above my head, leaving the white cloth covering my face.

Now, where was I?

I laughed, pulling the shirt off of my arms and casting it to the floor. He kissed the crevice between my breasts, and then placed his chin there, looking up at me.

Well, if I HAVE to look at you, then I GUESS I will.


I batted teasingly at his back, turning him onto his back next to me. I straddled his hips, a thigh gripping each of his own.

Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into this time. Shame shame.

I leaned down and bit my teeth into his collar. Looking up at him, I smiled and released his shirt. I rested my hands on his hips, then tickled my way up each of his sides, each hand pacing its way up to his shoulders. He squirmed under me, inevitably rocking his hips into my own. He gasped momentarily, noticing the striking heat between us. I leaned down to his lips, noticing my control over his body. I licked along his lower lip, which pouted with desire as my hips began slowly rocking against his covered sex. I felt his hand on the back of my head, drawing my lips toward his own. His neck strained, wrapping his lips around my bottom lip and sucking, making gentle moans against my kiss. I slid my hands behind his neck, supporting his head and running my fingers through his soft hair. Each suck of my lip marked a buck of my hips against his growing rig, warm and stiff beneath his jeans. Through the daze of passion, he realized this. The sucking became faster, his tongue licking against my tongue. He abandoned form, kissing me wantingly, tongue darting in and out with all the sexual innuendo his aroused body could handle. My skirt bunched around my hips, the thin fabric of my panties seeming thinner with each thrust of my hips. He met each thrust, rising his hips from the bed, crashing into me with a sliding rhythm of two bodies, longing for contact, lingering, lusting. He closed his eyes and released a breathy groan.

I can’t take much more of this.

I smiled down on him, enjoying his torment. With the warmth and wetness growing between my thighs, I knew it would soon be my own.

Ok then

I knelt around him, lifting my body from his and bouncing off of the bed. I walked toward the door with a purposeful swing in my hips.

Not so fast

I heard him behind me, felt his hands gripping my hips, pulling my bottom back into his swollen rig. Laughing, I gave him a few slow grinds. He kissed my bare back, sending a chilling weakness through my body. I collapsed back into him, my knees unable to support me. We fell back onto his bed, being sprung back into the air slightly. I doubled over with laughter.

Are you all right?

He spoke between fits of laughter. I felt his cheek warm on my bare back. Taking his hands in my own, I wrapped his arms around my waist.

You make me laugh.

I turned and faced him, my face taken by a sincere expression.

You make me love.

His hands started rubbing at my shoulders, sliding down my back. I felt the motion cease at the band of my bra, then continue, lingering over the thought of uncovering my breasts. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts fall heavy on my chest. He put his hands on my arms and slid the straps down slowly, savoring each uncovered inch. Throwing the bra to the ground, he cupped my breasts in his hands. I felt his fingertips, then his palms, touching my nipples with the varied textures of his hand. His tongue licked and sucked around my earlobe, but I burned for a deeper touch. Each movement of my body only agitated my core. I held his hand in my own, leading him down. He slipped his hand under my skirt, inside my panties. I felt the softness of his chin on my shoulder, watching my hips gyrate and lead him to my lips. He gasped as his finger slid between my lips and found hidden silky wetness. I released a shuddering sigh. With a hand on my hip, he slowly stroked circles around the inside of my lips, around my clit. I moaned, throwing my head back onto his shoulder. I removed my skirt and panties hastily. He found a pace with the rocking of my hips, sliding between my lips with his large fingers. In my breathless confusion, I moaned his name repeatedly, only fueling his motions. He laid me back on his bed and rested next to me, with his hand still touching me between my thighs. I could feel him, hard against the outside of my thigh. His lips kissed up my side, bringing my nipple into his mouth. In a crazed crescendo, he rubbed and sucked, reveling in my moans and sighs. I felt the tension rising within me. My hands gripped the bed linens.

I… I…

I felt the release. My back arched as I climaxed, his name accompanying every panting breath. His hand lingered, feeling the seizes of my body from between my thighs. He nuzzled his face against my neck and withdrew his hand, bracing himself on the bed next to me. I was completely naked, exposed. He lay next to me, completely clothed. I felt treasured, desired. But I felt such a need to please him, to make him feel the way he had made me feel, to make him ache and release with all the tenderness that two people could share. I slipped my hands up under his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the floor. I unbuckled his jeans, slipped them off of his legs and ran my hands up the newly exposed skin. I breathed heavy, warm breaths on the thin material covering his rig. Looking up at him, I saw his eyes, clenched close, lips parted slightly with wanting anguish. I pulled his underwear down, tossed it behind me to the floor. I let my fingers run through the hair around his firm rig, leaning down slowly, still breathing heavily onto him. With the tip of my finger I licked from the base to the head of his rig, watching with delight as he shuddered, chill bumps forming on his thighs and stomach. I licked a circle around the head with the flat of my tongue, flicking once at the tip. He moaned, long and low, placing his sweating palms on my shoulders. I lowered my mouth onto his rig, only allowing his head into the hot wetness of my mouth. I slid my tongue around his head in careful circles, sucking with soft pressure on him. I massaged him with my lips, slipping down his shaft. His breathing was erratic, heavy, confused. This instilled a desire to please him within me, to see him seize and groan with feelings of sexual release. I gripped my hands into his thighs, feeling them growing tense and anxious as I sucked with more fervor. I watched his agitated expression, eyes closed, clenched, nervous.

Stop, stop. I’m..

I moved my lips away from his rig. He had a look of disappointment on his face, still wanting to climax.

It’s ok

I laid down on the bed next to him, casting him an expression of desire. He searched my face, curious to my meaning, not wanting to accept too easily what he knew I wanted. I pulled him toward me, on top of me. Our bodies shook with the anticipation of new explorations, new sensations to be felt. I felt him penetrating my body, combining our heat. I trembled under the overcoming sensation, the closeness. He was inside me; we shared a connection. He looked down on me steadily, cautious, slipping out and in with tender, stroking motions. I put a hand on his neck, pulling him to my waiting lips. We struggled against each other, trying to find the give and take of thrusting hips. I felt him inside me, the ridges and shape that formed his rig. He brought his hands underneath me, gripping my bottom in the palms of his hands. He thrust my pelvis into him at a quickening rate, closing his eyes and concentrating on the feelings we shared. A tingling feeling passed through my legs. They shook as he slipped inside me, moving only inches, pushing and pulling. He pressed his face next to my own, warm with sweat and matted hair. I saw his eyelashes fluttering, his lips parted, letting out a relieved gasp as he climaxed inside me. The sight caught me, filled me with such sensuality that I was thrown over the sexual edge. He ran his hands through my hair as we caught our breath. He laughed slightly through his breaths. I smiled up at him, wrapping my arms around him. He pulled his rig, lifeless with the release. The room’s air hit my naked body with cool kisses. I slipped under the bed sheets, wrapping them tightly around my chilled body.

Room for two?

I grasped his hand and pulled him next to me, wrapping the blanket around him. I rested my head on his chest, our legs intertwined. He stared at me lovingly, admiring the afterlust beauties of sweat drips on my face and a calmed expression.

How can I miss home when all I’ve ever needed was right here waiting for me?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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