Homemade Pie

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Before I continue with my story I will introduce you to myself. My name is Alan and I am forty three years old. I have been married to Pam for twenty years now and we are both happy with each other. We have never had any children. This year Pam turned forty and still looks great. She has dark brown hair which she cuts short in a bob which curves in to the nape of her neck. Pam still has her curves in all the right places as she had the day I married her. Pam can be quite extrovert and has a bubbly personality. She is much more outgoing than me. Pam really enjoys amateur dramatics and is very involved with our local society; she always has a leading part in their productions and spends quite a lot of time attending meetings and rehearsals. I do not share her interest for acting but support her by watching her on the stage when her society puts on a production.

For quite a while now I have been developing a fetish for creampies, both looking at them and tasting them. I’m not sure what started off this fetish but I have been enjoying reading erotic creampie stories and watching movie clips online. When I make love with Pam I often fantasize about cleaning up her used pussy afterwards. However after I have come inside her the feeling quickly passes and I no longer feel like licking and eating her messy pussy. My fetish for creampie seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Quite often I will fantasise as to what it would be like to clean up another mans deposit after he had come deep inside my wife.

Eventually I summoned up enough courage to share with Pam my developing fetish for creampies. To start with she seemed a little shocked; especially when I told her that part of my fantasy really turned me on to imagine cleaning out another mans sperm from inside her. As we talked she seemed to become more interested in my fantasies. I told Pam that I had been using the computer to search for erotic creampie fiction and movies and she asked if I could download some stories so that she could read them. I discussed with her the problem that the feelings for eating a creampie were very strong when we were making love but quickly subsided once I had come.

A few days later after I had initially brought up my creampie fetish with Pam we talked again. Pam told me that reading some of the stories about creampie eating that I had downloaded form Literotica for her had really turned her on. She told me that she did not really want to make love with a stranger to get a creampie for me to eat but thought that they may be ways that we could explore cream pie eating as part of our sex life together. We talked for a while about how after I had come I did not feel like eating my own sperm. Pam suggested like in one of the stories that she could ride me and then when I had come inside her quickly move to straddle my face and push her messy sperm filled pussy onto my mouth. I told her that even if she did that I could push her away as the feelings after I had come were very strong not to eat sperm. She suggested that after I had eaten it once I may get to like the idea and find it more acceptable, and perhaps it would only be the first time that I would actually struggle with.

A week or so later Pam had read all of the stories that I had downloaded for her to read and had also watched some long movie clips that I had recently collected. She was getting very enthusiastic about me eating a creampie from her pussy. I think that she revelled in the dirtiness of the situation. Also she knew that she would get fantastic oral sex if she managed to get me to eat sperm from her pussy. It was at this time that Pam came up with an idea. She suggested to me that I masturbate and fill up ice cube trays with my sperm and place it in the deep freeze. Then when required she could take out a lump of my frozen sperm and use her fingers to push it deep inside her pussy. Her body heat would melt the sperm and then while I was feeling horny before I had come she could role play that her pussy had been filled up by someone else and bornova escort I could clean it up.

I thought that Pam’s idea of using my frozen sperm was a good one. If successful it would mean that I could taste her sperm filled pussy before I had come myself when my feelings about eating a creampie were at their strongest. Pam suggested that I filled one of the partitions of an ice cube tray up by masturbating a couple of times during the next few days, then on Friday night she would role play one of my creampie fantasies and see how we got on.

* * * * *

On Friday night Pam had a drama society meeting. Unusually before she went out she took a long time having a shower. When she came down from the bathroom she looked stunning as she had spent along time carefully applying her makeup and doing her hair. As she went out she told me not to wait up for her but to go straight to bed.

I did as Pam told me and when it was near her usual time to return home instead of waiting for her to come in after her drama meeting I climbed the stairs, got into our bed and turned the light out. I had not been in bed very long when I heard Pam’s car pull into our drive outside and I listened as her key turned in the lock as she entered the hall downstairs. I knew that Pam had gone into the kitchen as the door hinges had a characteristic squeak as they opened. Oiling the hinges was one of those little jobs that I kept putting off doing. It seemed like along time before I heard Pam walk up our stairs and enter our bedroom.

Pam quietly opened our bedroom door and walked towards the bed. She turned the lamp on which was placed on her bedside table and turned towards me and said ‘hello darling, I’m sorry that I’m a bit late but I’ve been very busy making a present for you.’

I had to swallow, as my mouth had gone completely dry as I realised that Pam was going to act out one of my creampie fantasies for me. I watched as she undid the buttons to her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. She then slipped her bra from her shoulders and let her breasts swing free. I saw that her nipples had stiffened into hard little points. She then undid the clip of her black skirt and slipped it casually down over her hips. She now stood before me in only her black panties. I watched as she placed her thumbs each side of the lacy fabric and seductively pulled it slowly down revealing her pussy as she did so. I realised then one of the reasons why she had spent so long in the bathroom before going out to drama group as the hair from around her pussy lips had been completely shaved away. She had trimmed her pubic bush and completely removed all traces of hair from the lower part of her pussy.

Pam pulled the cover down from her side of the bed and slipped in beside me. We kissed and her soft tounge intertwined with mine as it explored the inside of my mouth. I could taste dry white wine as she kissed me and realised that she must have enjoyed a glass while she was downstairs waiting for my ice cube of frozen sperm to start melting inside her. Pam broke the kiss and whispered to me ‘I’ve been a very naughty wife tonight and I think that my pussy has got a bit messy.’ As I listened to my wife talk like this my cock almost hurt as it had become so hard. Pam continued to tease me ‘I hope that you don’t mind too much but I couldn’t resist darling, and earlier tonight a long hard cock pushed its way past my smooth pussy lips and pumped me full of sticky sperm.’

Pam kissed me again and her hand brushed over my stomach as it headed towards my cock. I felt her hand grab me round the base and she felt my full hardness. She knew exactly what effect her teasing was having on me. ‘I need you to clean me up before we make love’ Pam told me. I lowered my head and nibbled on one of her stiff nipples. ‘My pussy is so wet; I can feel his sperm dribbling out of me.’ Pam murmured in my ear.

I kissed her breast then let my tongue trace its way down over her tummy. ‘Keep going down,’ bostanlı escort Pam moaned at me. I did as she asked and pushed the covers completely off the bed as I moved myself into position between her open thighs. I made myself comfortable and looked at her smooth pussy directly in front of me. Her freshly shaved love lips were starting to open with her arousal and I could see a sticky mess start to dribble from the bottom of her crack. I took a deep breath and smelt her musky arousal as well as a feint bleachy smell which I realised must be the sperm melting inside her.

Pam must have thought that I was hesitating as the next thing I knew was that she had grabbed the back of my head with one of her hands and pulled me forward until my mouth made contact with the smooth skin of her pussy. ‘Eat me now,’ she told me. I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue forward until it made contact with the bottom of her hole. As my tongue touched her sticky flesh I heard Pam let out a long moan. I licked with my tongue from the bottom of her crack upwards towards her clitoris. As I did so a large globule of sperm landed on my tongue and I swallowed it down tasting the slightly bitter salty mixture. I carried on licking at Pam’s crack savouring the flavour and texture of the first creampie that Pam was giving me. Each time that I probed deep inside her pussy with my tongue I seemed to receive a mouthful of juices. I looked up from my position between Pam’s thighs and watched as she pinched her large stiff nipples between her thumb and forefinger. As I licked at her smooth pussy I concentrated on her clitoris. I used my tongue to put pressure on it and used circular motions as rhythmically licked her. I knew from her whimpering above me that her orgasm would not be long in coming. As I licked her she shuddered and her whole body seemed to tense as her orgasm built. Her thighs clamped together on each side of my face as I carried on probing her dripping pussy with my tongue. She cried out in pleasure as she came.

‘God that was good,’ she said. ‘Fuck me now.’ I didn’t need asking twice. I was so turned on by eating out her sticky used pussy. I climbed up from between her thighs and moved my body on top of hers. I kept my weight on my arms and as I stared at her I thrust my cock inside her in one sharp movement. Pam grunted as I filled her up. I thrust into her easily as she was so wet and sloppy. I was so turned on that with each thrust I could feel my own orgasm approaching. Pam realised this and she reached out and gently pinched my little nipples. This sent me over the top and I spurted my come deep inside her in several long deep thrusts.

As we lat together spent in bed Pam told me that she had one of the best orgasms that she had ever had on my tongue. She told me that she felt so horny as I ate the sperm out from deep inside her pussy.

Over the next few months I tasted many cream pies from Pam. She encouraged me to masturbate and fill up ice cube trays with my sperm which she then used in our lovemaking. Pam used her dramatic skills to create many role-plays where I could lick my sperm out from inside her. Pam seemed to know just how long it would take after she had pushed the frozen sperm deep inside herself for it to start melting with her body heat. She also kept her pussy smooth and shaved with just a few tufts of hair above it. She said that she got much better sensations when I was licking the sperm out from her used pussy. In fact we hardly ever made love now with out me eating my own sperm. Pam would even straddle my face after I had come inside her and push my own fresh sperm out from inside her for me to lap up. One night recently Pam pushed four ice cubes inside her and made me lick out the resulting mess. I calculated that at three masturbations per ice cube she had twelve loads of my sperm inside her which dribbled out into my waiting mouth. I could hardly swallow the amount that was gushing out of her pussy and it covered my face, lips and buca escort chin. It was after this night that I realised that I had become Pam’s creampie cumslut.

A week later Pam told me that she had an extra drama club meeting on Friday night to discuss the forthcoming production. She told me that it may go on a bit and would I mind if she was a little later than usual. I replied that of course I did not mind as I was used to her spending time involved with her drama club. Pam told me that when she returned she would make it worth my while for waiting for her. I wondered what she had planned as I knew that the freezer was empty of my sperm as it was all used up when Pam made me eat the huge load form her pussy the week before. I had not been feeling on top form since that night so had not masturbated to top up the supply.

On Friday night I did not wait downstairs for Pam to come home from her drama society meeting but waited upstairs in bed. I patiently waited for Pam to return. I waited for ages and was nearly dozing off to sleep when I heard our familiar car pull up in the driveway. I listened to Pam as she parked the car and entered our house. It was not long before Pam came up the stairs to the bedroom. She opened the door and turned on the light and quickly started stripping off her clothes. ‘Sorry I’m late darling, but I’m here now and I’m feeling really horny.’ She said.

When she had stripped naked Pam pulled the duvet from the bed exposing my naked body to her gaze. I was aware that my cock was starting to stiffen in anticipation. Pam climbed onto the bed next to me. She asked if I wanted my creampie. I nodded back to her although I knew that there were none of my frozen sperm ice cubes left in the freezer for her to make me one. I knew that when she returned from her meeting she could not have found my sperm in the freezer and pushed it deep inside her pussy as usual with her fingers.

Pam seemed to be almost in a frenzy and she kissed me with a passion. ‘My pussy is very messy tonight.’ She said. ‘A big hard cock was inside me not long ago and it made me come.’ As Pam talked to me my own cock grew to its full hardness as I became very aroused. I did not know now whether Pam was role playing as usual or if it had really happened. ‘I had a hard fucking and my pussy is full up darling,’ she told me. As she teased me Pam suddenly turned and straddled my face. As I looked up between her thighs I saw the smooth lips of her pussy gaping wide open. I could see her hole glistening with sticky wetness and I also noticed that the inside of her thighs was also wet.

As Pam lowered her wet pussy towards my mouth I heard her whisper ‘eat up his sperm from my pussy hole for me.’ She then planted her pussy firmly on my mouth and I felt the first wad of fresh sperm drip into my open, very willing mouth. As there weren’t any of my sperm filled ice cubes in the freezer I knew that this was not one of my creampies and I briefly wondered where Pam had got it from.

Pam was grinding her pussy onto my mouth and chin and the hot salty contents of her pussy were dribbling into my mouth. As I sucked on her Pam leaned forward and I felt her hot mouth envelop the head of my cock. Pam bobbed her head up and down on my cock and at the same time rubbed her wet smooth pussy all over my face. From her movements I knew that Pam was close to coming and I could feel my balls begin to tighten as her sucking was bringing me closer to my own orgasm. Suddenly I felt my own sperm rushing up my cock as my orgasm erupted. At the same time Pam moaned on my cock as she shuddered through an orgasm as my tongue gently flicked over her clit.

I pumped Pam’s mouth full of my sticky load as I erupted in several forceful jets. Pam quickly climbed off from my mouth and lay down beside me on the bed. She kissed me and I felt a torrent of my sperm flow into my mouth. We passed the hot salty sperm round out mouths as our tongues played with it. Eventually I swallowed our combined hot juices down.

As we cuddled together as our heavy breathing came back to normal after our exertions Pam said ‘that was wonderful darling, I love it when you eat my ceampies.’

What do you think that I should do now? Should I tell her that I know that the creampie wasn’t one of my own frozen ones, or just carry on enjoying them?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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