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This is dedicated to Brooke, who emailed her idea to me 😉

It had been a scorchingly hot day, the hottest yet of the year, and Brooke was walking home from the beach when she walked past a small piercing studio next door to a massive Honda shop. Sick of having to walk all the way home, she decided to go and have a look for a new car, preferably with air conditioning. As she walked in, she instantly caught the eye of a Latino girl working there. She was in her twenties, tall and slim with long wavy brown hair, and gorgeous dark brown eyes. She captured Brooke’s attention purely for the outfit she was wearing – she had on a tight white shirt which strained over her large breasts, and a tiny black skirt that barely covered her round ass. As Brooke looked at her, she could feel herself getting wet with want for this girl. She walked round a few cars, pretending to look and feeling the gaze of this girl on her as she walked. ‘I look bloody good, let her look,’ thought Brooke. And she did. She was wearing her swimsuit, which was really just a few strips of white fabric that barely covered her essentials, and a pair of blue hot pants. The white brilliantly flattered her light chocolate skin; the shorts extenuated her legs making them look like they go on forever, and her black hair rippled down over her shoulders.

“May I help you?” asked the store girl, as Brooke finally reached the car she was stood by. Her voice sounded husky with lust, and Brooke wanted to just take her there and then. Instead she took a deep breath and ran her eyes over this visions body again.

“I would like a new car, with air conditioning please,” panted Brooke, “my name’s Brooke.”

“Mine’s Myra,” replied the girl, and as they shook hands Brooke felt a jolt of electricity olgun porno run through her. As her sex grew damper, she just batted her long eyelashes at Myra. They walked through the cars, Myra leading the way and talking a bit about each one, when Brooke finally settled on the car she wanted. It was a black 1.4 civic, and it was the car of her dreams. They began to talk about money, and Brooke tried to get the price down a bit. But try as she may, Myra wouldn’t budge on the price. Finally, she came up with an idea. “Brooke honey,” she said, “I will give you an amazing deal on this car, but on one condition. You have to come next door with me and get your nipples pierced. I’ll pay.” Brooke thought about this, but she knew that the pain would only heighten her lust, so she agreed.

They left the shop and went next door. Myra watched with hungry eyes as Brooke took the top of her swimsuit off and revealed her perfect breasts, her nipples erect with want. She held onto Brookes hand as the piercer, a dodgy looking old man, pushed a bar through first one nipple, then the next. Brooke moaned with agony as it shot through her, and gripped onto Myra’s delicate hand. Myra could barely contain herself – watching Brooke squirm with pain and pleasure as the small bits of metal had been pushed through her made her shiver with anticipation. She knew that she was going to have this girl whether she liked it or not. Once the piercing was finished, and Brooke had recovered a bit, they went back through to the Honda garage. It was early evening now, and Myra’s final colleague waved them goodbye as he left the shop. There were no customers in the shop now, and Myra swiftly locked the front door and took Brookes hand again. “Follow porno me,” she breathed, and led Brooke to a convertible at the front of the shop. Opening the door she threw Brooke down and straddled her. She leant down and kissed her angrily, mashing herself into Brooke’s sex without even realising it. Brooke responded ferociously, raking her fingers through the silky wavy hair. She could feel herself close to coming, even though Myra hadn’t even touched her properly yet. As if she had read that thought, Myra left Brookes lips, and pulled her up. She undid the tie behind Brookes neck and smiled as her swimsuit fell away, revealing the new piercings. She dropped her head to Brooke’s right nipple, and took the small bar between her teeth. She flicked and nibbled, enjoying herself as Brooke cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Brooke lifted her arms, and with one swift movement she ripped Myra’s blouse open, sending buttons flying everywhere. Just as she had known anyways, Myra was not wearing a bra, and she gasped as Brooke dug her nails into her large breasts. She raked her own nails down Brooke’s sides, and pulled her suit further and further down until it was just a small pile on the floor. She thrust Brooke’s legs apart, and admired her beautiful wet area. As she was about to lean her head in, something caught her eye, and she realised the piercer from next door was stood outside the window, his eyes and mouth wide open and his right hand inside his trousers. Feeling cheeky, Myra winked at him and leaned her head into Brooke’s sex, flicking her tongue hard against her clit. As Brooke’s moans began to fill the large room, Myra lifted her skirt over her back and spread her own legs so the piercer had a brilliant view. She Porno 64 then thrust her fingers inside Brooke a few times, so they were slippery with her juices and pushed them inside herself, getting more turned on by the fact that she was pushing Brooke’s juices inside herself. “Oh God, Myra,” Brooke moaned, her face feeling hot as she reached her climax, “fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone.”

“Your wish is my command,” Myra just managed to get out before Brooke grabbed her head and forced Myra’s tongue back inside her. Brooke’s screams got louder and louder, filling the room completely, and she felt the warmth run through her, then finally she screamed out her orgasm as it came crashing through and through her. Myra’s was just behind hers, screaming her own orgasm inside Brooke. Before she even had time to recover, Brooke had pushed her onto the floor. She pinned Myra to the floor and reached into her handbag.

“Just for special occasions just as these,” she winked at Myra, and pulled out a double ended vibrator, which curved back on itself. She flicked it on so it started whirring round and round, then pushed one end into Myra, and one into herself. As it whirred inside them Brooke ground herself into Myra, rubbing their clits together, mixing their juices thoroughly into one. Myra began to moan loudly, already feeling her next orgasm building. She lifted her hand to Brooke’s mouth, and let her take her fingers into her mouth. The feeling of Brooke sucking on her fingers was amazing to Myra, but she just let them get nice and wet before she let her hand trail down Brooke’s back, and forced her fingers inside her tight ass. This proved to be too much for Brooke, as she let out a few more broken screams, and another orgasm crashed through her. In her climax she raked her fingers down Myra’s body, and bit her neck which brought about her own orgasm. Panting they lay inside each other’s arms, the vibrator still going inside them, and they caught their breath ready to go again.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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