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Leann and Jason Moore were looking out the window of the jet as it circled to land in Jamaica. They were to spend the next three weeks aboard a diving boat exploring the wrecks and reefs around the islands. Her father gave the trip to them as a wedding present. They both were looking forward to the trip. Both like to dive and they would take this time to really get to know each other.

They had been married the day before and spent their wedding night at the Airport hotel in Atlanta. An early wake up call had them aboard on time. They had not even had time to enjoy being married. This was a problem that they both were more than ready to remedy as soon as possible.

Luann was her parent’s pride and joy. She had just graduated from high school a month before the wedding. Although they didn’t like the thought of her marrying so young they both did like Jason. He was a smart young man and a good catch for their daughter. He had graduated from college and now worked for her father.

She had been Miss everything in school; cheer leader, class president, first in her class, veoted most popular, and most any other award that could be given. She was a tiny girl, standing just slightly over 5 feet tall and weighted 105 pounds. Long silky blond hair that was so fine that a breeze would blow it out of place. Her breasts were large for such a small girl and her legs were perfectly shaped. She was the whole package rolled into one. Men and boys had been after her since her early teens. Because of her religious up bring she was still a virgin her wedding night.

Jason was a lot like her. He had been a good athlete in high school and college. He graduated with honors and went right to work with his father-in-law to be. He was tall with wavy black hair, and dark eyes. Unlike Luann he was far from being a virgin. He had his choice from many girls while he was in school. He constantly tried to convince her that she should go all the way but she wouldn’t give in. He finally decided if he were going to crawl between her lovely legs then it would be as her husband.

The wedding night was a success even though they were limited on time. She may have been a virgin but she didn’t hesitate once they were in their room. She wasn’t shy about undressing and letting him see what he had been trying to see for the last year. She also was pleased to see what a large cock he was blessed with. She had heard about men with small cocks and she was glad that he was so well endowed.

Jason used his experience with her. He was very gentle and the pain was soon over. She was already on the pill and didn’t have that worry. He brought her to her first ever climax before climaxing himself. Twice more during the short night he brought her off again. The wake up call put a stop to their night.

The plane landed and they met Lois who was from the boat. She helped them clear customs and soon had them loaded and on their way.

Jason’s eyes liked to have fallen out of his head when he saw her. She was a tall Black woman, nearly six feet tall, with long black hair that came down to her waist. Her shin was the color of milk chocolate. She had on white shorts and a tank top. It was plain to see that she didn’t wear a bra, as her nipples were easy to see through the top. The white shorts highlighted her long legs.

It was a good thing that Luann wasn’t the jealous type. She had to punch Jason in the ribs to get him back to earth. He turned red at the idea he had been caught looking.

Lois explained on the ride that Juan, her husband, and his brother, along with her made up the crew on the boat. Another couple had been scheduled but something came up and they would come later. They would leave as soon as they could get loaded and would be out to sea most of the three weeks. Coming in only to get supplies when they needed them.

Both men met them at the dock and helped them get their gear aboard. Juan was a tall light skinned man and Lupe was larger and darker than his brother was. Luann thought that Juan was the nicest looking man she had ever seen. When he greeted her with a hard hug she could feel his hard body against hers. Lupe greeted her the same way before they both shook Jason’s hand.

Juan had the same effect on Luann that Lois had on Jason. Although there were a lot of blacks in Savannah she had never come in contact with them. She had felt a stirring in her stomach when he had pulled her tight against him when he hug her. She could not believe how good it felt to have his hard body touching hers. He held the hug a second longer than nessary before releasing her to Lupe. He quickly did the same way as his brother. When Lupe turned her lose she was slightly flushed.

Juan hurried them aboard the boat. He wanted to get out of the harbor before the fishing boats started returning.

They helped Luann and Jason store their luggage before casting off. They went back topside and watched as the boat left the harbor. It was a beautiful sight with the clear blue water. They stood at the bow of the boat each thinking how much Bostancı escort bayan fun the next three weeks would be.

Once in open water Juan set the boat on automatic pilot and called them all together. “I like to go over all the do’s and don’ts as soon as we get underway. First off we are here to have a good time. When diving you must dive in pairs at all times. If one of you want to dive then one of us will go with you. You have free run of the boat, including the galley. We will prepare the regular meals but you are welcome to help anytime. Once we leave land you may dress with as little are as much as you desire. The only time this will change is if we put in to port. You must be dressed when we dock. The crew will follow your lead. We don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable during the trip. This is to be a fun filled three weeks, one you can remember for years to come.

When he finished, and after a little small talk, Jason and Luann excused themselves to go to their cabin and get out of their traveling clothes. Luann said, “Can you believe he said that we could go nude?”

“I am surprised but I guess they do things a little different down here. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lois without her suit on.”

Luann said, “Just remember, both can play that game. You men are all alike, a beautiful woman walks by and you are ready to drop your pants.”

He pulled her to him, “If you will get out of that dress I’ll do more than drop my pants.”

She quickly stripped and bounced up on the bed. She may have been a virgin yesterday but after last night she was ready for him again. She liked the sex and wanted more from him. “Come on, what are you waiting for,” as she spread her legs and reached her arms up toward him.

He wasn’t far behind her getting naked. He was on his knees between her outstretched legs. Her cunt was so young and fresh that he could not resist trailing his tongue across the lips and onto her clit.

When his tongue touched her clit her eyes flew wide open, “Don’t do that, I don’t like it.”

“How do you know you don’t like it? You haven’t let me touch you yet.”

“I just don’t like the idea of your mouth touching me down there.”

He didn’t argue with her, he would take care of that another day. He moved up over her and kissed her breasts as his cock found the entrance to her young cunt. She liked the way his cock filled her up as he sunk deeper and deeper in her. Before she knew it she was climaxing. She never stopped moving. Soon her cunt was leaking juice down her legs. Her cunt was tight around his cock and it wasn’t long before he was moving faster and faster.

Luann knew that she was going to cum again. She used her legs to pull her cunt tight against his thrusting body. She had never known that sex could be so good. Suddenly she worked her cunt faster and faster. He had never had a woman move like she was on his cock. All to soon they both climaxed again.

“What came over you, he asked?”

She turned her head so he couldn’t look into her eyes. “I don’t know, it just felt so good I couldn’t stop.” The truth was at the time he was pounding his cock in her cunt she had a vision of Juan fucking her. It was the biggest turn on of her life.

They showered and put on their swimsuits. The one Luann finally chose was the most conservative one she owned. It still had trouble containing her large breasts and showed off her nice round ass. “They are going to know what we have been doing, she said.”

“So what if they do know? After all we are newly weds, we are supposed to fuck. They said we could even go nude if we wanted too. Wonder how they would dress if we did go nude?”

“Well I am not going to find out.”

Unknown to them the three above already knew what they were doing. They had watched on the closed circuit TV camera hidden in each room. Lupe had watched as Luann stripped and her big breasts bounced into view. “Man, look at those tits. I can’t wait to get my mouth around those.” When she wouldn’t let Jason lick her cunt Juan said, I guess it will be left up to me to show that little white wife how it feels to have her cunt licked.”

Lois was watching Jason. Actually she was watching his cock. She was glad to see that he was very well endowed. A lot of the time she was left with the short end of the stick. She was going to enjoy giving this young husband a cunt to kiss. All three knew that it would only be a short time before they both would be available to them. On these long trips the guest were usually a little shy at first, but it didn’t take long before they wanted to try something that they never would try back home.

When they entered the deck, both guys gave a whistle at Luann. This brought a blush to her face. She was use to guys noticing her but not with the same looks that Juan and Lupe had.

Lois said, “Don’t pay any attention to them. Those two never get enough of looking at women in swimsuits. I must say that you certainly look good in that one.”

The three of them had taken the time to change Escort Bostancı while they had been below. Lois’s suit hardly had any material in it at all. It only covered the tips of her tits and the sides and top was completely exposed. She didn’t have a problem with the guys looking her over.

The guy’s suits weren’t much more than jockey straps. The out line of their cocks was plain to see. Try as she might, Luann could not tear her eyes away from them. Juan had a large bulge in his suit but Lupe’s suit could not hold the bulge that it tried to contain. She had never seen a man with so much between his legs. She wondered just how big it would be once it was out and hard. She blushed at her own thoughts.

Watching the little blond haired beauty cause both guys’ cock to start to harden. Unknown to Luann and Jason, this was on purpose. They liked to shock the guest as soon as they got on board. From past experience they knew that this would go a long way toward getting the new guest to loosen up. It was going to only be a short time before they had their black cocks buried in her newly married white cunt.

When Luann saw the hardening cocks she thought about thinking of Juan fucking her. Again she blushed as her nipples harden so they were plain to see through her top. She quickly looked away so Jason wouldn’t see her looking at the other men. She shouldn’t have worried. His eyes had not left Lois since he came on deck. She was also letting him get an eye full of what he could have later.

Juan was the first to speak, “We will just cruise the rest of today and get acquainted. We will spend the night anchored off an island. By tomorrow you will be more at ease around us. We have three full weeks to just cruise, dive, and just do what you like.”

They spent the afternoon just sunning on the deck and having a few drinks. Luann and Jason didn’t know what was in the drinks but it sure put them at ease. Soon the drinks did what they were supposed to do, loosen them up.

Lois left to fix dinner and Luann went to help. What a sight they made as they moved about the galley. One short and blond, the other tall and brown, no man in his right mine could resist either one of them.

Luann finally got up the nerve to ask, “Do you really go around naked on these trips?”

“It depends on the guest, if they like to then we do also. No one will ever be made to do something they don’t want.”

“How can you just undress around people you just meet?”

“It is not a problem for me. I know I have a good body and I like to show it off. After you get use to being naked in front of others it is nice not to be bothered with clothes. After a day or two the guy’s cocks quit getting hard every time you walk by. “

“I don’t think I could do that. Jason would never let other guys see me naked.”

“Don’t be to sure. Most men that have a wife like you want others to see her. It must be some kind of status symbol.”

Dinner was over and they set on deck drinking more of Juan’s concoctions. The soft southern breeze blew across the boat, driving the hot afternoon sun. They no longer had on their swimsuits; they had changed before dinner. The shorts and tops the ladies had on only covered their breasts it didn’t hide them. Both made it hard for the men to take their eyes off them.

As darkness rolled around Lois put on some music. She and Lupe got up to dance. It was island music with a lot of drums and the beat was nearly as intoxicating as the drinks. The dance was very sexual and the three watching was as exciting as the two dancing. That song ended and another started. Juan asked Luann if she would like to dance. She really wanted to but she was afraid of what she may do in front of Jason. She declined, “I will take a rain check on that. I think I will turn in early. It has been a long day.

She took Jason by the hand and pulled him along with her. Once in the room she was all over him. She striped off her clothes and jumped on the bed. Jason was right behind her. She spread her legs and pulled him down on top of her. She wanted his cock in her cunt and she didn’t want to wait.

As he dropped down his cock was at the opening of her cunt. The heat from her body was pulling his cock like a magnet into her. His cock found her and he couldn’t hold back. He drove his cock all the way until his balls were resting against her ass. He didn’t hesitate before pulling out and plunging in again. Luann was already cumin before he got started well.

He slowed down so she could regain her breath. “What made you so hot tonight?”

She said, “Watching all these near naked bodies has been more than I can stand.”

“I know what you mean. I feel the same way myself.” He once again began to move his cock in her cunt. She had wanted him all evening and his cock in her hot cunt quickly brought her to another climax. It was hard to believe that she had been a virgin only two days before.

Luann loved the way his big cock felt as he moved in her. Each time they had sex it was better Bostancı Rus Escort than before. She suddenly felt a large climax building in her. She couldn’t hold back and this time he went with her. Before she could calm down she had a mental picture of Juan and Lupe big black cocks sticking out of their pants. Jason was thinking of Lois at the same time.

Something happened that hadn’t before. His cock didn’t get soft, it got harder. Then they were fucking as hard and fast as their young bodies could move. Both using the others body to fuck while thinking of someone else. They both came at the same time. As he pumped his hot juice into her she came her last time. Both were asleep within minutes with his cum running out of her cunt and soaking the sheets.

Once again they had been the center of attention. Juan said, “That is one hot little women. I am looking forward to trying out that pretty cunt.”

Lois said, “Jason is more than holding his own.”

Juan was sitting on the edge of his chair and Lois moved between his legs. She took his large cock out of his shorts and quickly covered it with her mouth. Lupe moved behind her and pushed her shorts down her legs. As she sucked Juan’s cock Lupe slide his cock in her hot cunt. One thing he could always count on was her cunt being ready for his giant cock. She was always ready to fuck.

Juan played with her tits while his brother fucked her. They had been having sex together for years. Often Lupe would spend the night with her even when Juan wasn’t around. She was one of the few woman that could take all his cock and be ready for more. The three could make the three way fucking last for hours. This was what Luann saw, as she was about to come up on deck.

She had woken up after a nap. Jason was still asleep and it looked like he may be out for the night. She had regained her strength and was ready to be fucked again. She was thirsty and headed to the galley to get a glass of water. Once she had her water she thought she would go up on deck while the others were in bed.

The sight that greeted her eyes as her head move up the stairs brought her to a sudden stop. Lois had told her what to expect but now she was seeing it with her own eyes. She could not make herself leave as she watched Lois swallowing Juan’s cock and Lupe pushing the largest cock she had ever heard of in her cunt.

Juan had his eyes closed as Lois sucked him. When he opened them the first one he saw was Luann standing on the stairs watching them. Her fingers were in her cunt. She was moving them in the same rhythm as the fucking she was watching. It was several moments before she realized Juan was looking at her. He motioned for her to come forward but she shook her head and left, her face red with shame. She lay beside Jason and used her fingers to bring herself off again, Juan watched her on the TV and smiled knowing it was just a matter of time.

The next morning the sun was shining when they woke. Luann couldn’t wait to tell Jason what she had seen the night before. After telling him they were both so hot that they fucked again before getting a shower.

They started to dress for the day. Swimsuits would be the dress of the day. Luann looked in the drawer for her suit. Today she was going to wear the more reveling one. She couldn’t find it where she had left it. In its place was a suit like the one Lois had on the day before. Only this one was blue to match the color of her eyes. She looked around and found Jason holding up a suit like Juan and Lupe wore.

“Are you going to wear that,” she asked?

“I don’t know, are you going to wear yours?”

“I think I will try it on before deciding?” They both pulled on what there was of the suits. They stood looking at each other. Luann was the first to speak. “You look pretty good in it. I think you should wear it.”

Jason was looking at his new wife in a different light. The suit made her look more naked than she would have with nothing on. His cock started rising again. “You sure do look good in that suit, I think we should wear them since the others will.”

Luann stood before him with her feet spread, looking to the entire world like she was ready to be fucked. Her tits were barely covered on the nipples and the sides and tops open to anyone looking. The bottom only had a patch to cover her cunt and the string running between her ass cheeks was the only thing that covering her backside.

“I think it is your cock doing the talking. You do know that you are not the only man that will be getting an eye full of me? What are you going to do if they make a pass at me? If I go out there like this I don’t want you acting jealous. I saw the way you were looking at Lois and I know the other men are going to be looking at me. I can do it if you can, it is your decision.”

Jason’s cock was hard and she was right part of it was his cock talking. At the same time he wanted to see the faces of the men when they saw his wife. “I will behave, let’s go.”

The others were at breakfast when they reached the galley. It was plain to see that the men liked what they saw when Luann walked into the room. For a while both Luann and Jason was self-conscious in their suits. The others put them at easy by not making any comments. The only thing said was by Lois. “I see you found the suits I left for you.”

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