Hot ‘n’ Wet Ch. 03

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The further adventures of Marilyn Delacroix when she was very young, extremely hot, and dripping wet:

She embraced him as soon as they were inside her flat. She didn’t even bother to turn on a light. His hands caressed her ass, kneading those firm globes. She sucked on his tongue as she hooked her leg around his, pushed him to the couch, and followed him down. She humped his cock as they savored each other in the dark. He wasn’t quite ready for round two but he did push her off and got to his feet. He kissed her some more and started to undress her. She did the same for him, offering her tongue and accepting his as they did a mutual strip tease. He helped her out of her bra and cupped her tits, stroking the nipples with his thumbs. She moaned in his mouth. He was taking her to that place again. He tasted so good, warm and salty. She was on her way to another orgasm. He leaned down and sucked on her nipples. He was making her crazy! He sat on the couch and she humped herself on his leg; he took her nipple gently between his teeth and ran his tongue back and forth across it.

“Peter, I’m going crazy! I need to..OHHH!”

He’d slipped a finger into her ass. She trembled and grunted with pleasure. He stood her up with that finger. He was in control, and really knew how to work her. He kissed and licked his way to her groin. He slid off the couch to sit on the floor between her legs. He was gonna put her through her paces, her pussy was on fire with anticipation. It only got hotter when his tongue licked it.

“You have the most amazing pussy! Tastes so fine!” He slipped his tongue between the lips and gently touched her clit. A tremor went through her whole body. She massaged her nipple where he’d bit it and stroked his ear with her other hand. This was the way she liked it — hot and heavy oral before the fucking. His finger slow stroked her asshole, so hot and nasty! She was so glad she’d brought him home with her. He was really taking care of her coochie. She gripped the back of his head and humped on his tongue. She was sliding off the edge, riding that tongue to that place where she lived!

“That’s so good, Peter, fuck me with that tongue! Yes!” She said. She grunted with each tongue stroke. The eruption was building. He was taking her to that place where she lost track of self; mindless ecstasy awaited her arrival. She was balanced between heaven and hell on his tongue. A wave of pleasure that chilled her core blossomed from his tongue on her clit. Searing heat followed. She grabbed his head with both hands and fucked his face. She fell forward onto his face and the couch, humping away. She came and came some more till she collapsed, spent, on his face.

He slid from underneath her and sat beside her on the couch. He caressed her legs, ass, and back while she trembled and spasmed. Her breathing was ragged, uneven. The tremors gradually stopped a few minutes later. She lay there panting gently. He found a candle on the coffee table and lit it. He lit another. After their session in the dark, the candles highlighted her body in stark relief, accentuating her lush curves. He was nearly ready for another round with her, he was sure that she’d be up to it. Hell, the girl was twenty-two or three and one hot cunt as well. She’d probably let him fuck her all night. It’d been years since he did that. He hoped that he’d be up to it. He loved a challenge and this fine young thing was as much a sexual challenge as he’d ever had. He smelled his finger that he’d used in her ass. It smelled pungent and nasty but not gross. Sort of like her delicious pussy. He sniffed it again.

“That was amazing.” Her voice was soft. She felt wonderful and wanted him to know it. “Thank you.”

He kissed her hair. “You’re so very welcome. I need to thank you for a memorable evening.”

“You’re leaving?” She stirred, confused, and started to get up.

“Not unless you want me to.” He chuckled. “I just wanted to let you know how special this has been for me.”

She turned to him and the light. “It’s been very special for me, too, and I’ll be glad to do anything you’d like.”

“Anything?” He smiled.

She smiled back, “There’s not much I don’t like and even less that I won’t do. I’m rather uninhibited, if you hadn’t noticed, and submissive.”

“I noticed that you’re one, hot, wild, bitch.” He wasn’t smiling. She felt his gaze touch her deep. Something was stirring inside her, pulling at her. She saw that his cock was thick and hard again. The head was fleshy and purple, delectable in the candlelight. He was ready for some more. Something deep inside pulled at her, urging her on. All she had to do was reach out..

His hand caught her arm. Where did he learn that look? He was inside her mind. It seemed like he knew her, and how to control her. He pulled her up and kissed her gently. He placed her hand on his swollen meat. “Squeeze it.” He said, “Stroke it.” She did as he told her. She wanted to please him. He had a beautiful cock and that gaze gaziantep escortları that unlocked her soul. He was taking her to that secret place were she lived. “Kiss the head, suck on it, hot bitch.” He sure knew how to take control; she was a hot little cunt who needed to be used. She maintained eye contact as she leaned over and gave the head a wet lick. The taste of that fleshy, purple treat — salty candy — made her crazy. She kissed, sucked and slurped on it with abandon in the flickering light. She loved the taste of this guy. She needed to please him and his cock!

He pulled her off of it and spoke to her. “Now that my cock is good and hard, you need to say ‘hello’ to it.” She was fixed in his sights. “Talk to it, tell it who and what you are: a, nasty, hot, cock-hungry, bitch who’s missed it, craved it, loves the taste, needs it’s hot, nasty juice. Do you understand?”

In answer her gaze shifted to the tumescent treat she held, the head glistening in the candlelight.

“Hello, I’m Marilyn.” She closed her eyes and touched the head to her cheek. “I’m the whore who sucked you off earlier.” She began to rub it slowly over her face. He made a noise deep in his chest, reached down and gripped each of her nipples. She shuddered before she continued: “I love the way you taste and your delicious cum. I’m a cock-loving, cum whore and I can’t get enough of you. My cunt is hot ‘n’ wet and needs to be fucked hard.” She licked a drop of precum forming at the hole and went on: “I’m a hot, little, bitch who needs to be used; fucked hard in all my holes and a load of your hot cum in my mouth.”

She took it in her mouth and opened her eyes. She gave him a look of complete adoration. She sucked him hard and stroked him. After a minute of this he said:

“Lick my balls you nasty bitch.” He rolled her nipples sensuously between his fingers. She took his nuts in her hand and licked each one, savoring the tangy flavor and aroma. She took one in her mouth and sucked on it. She was still stroking his cock. “That’s good, clean it good.” This was so wild and nasty. He’d been stroking her pussy with his big toe, now he slid it in. He was using her, like the whore she was! She made a noise and humped his toe. She loved being used like this, she felt complete. She took the other one into her mouth and sucked on it. His nuts were huge. She could barely get each into her mouth! The taste was intoxicating to her. Damn, she was such a slut!

“I’m almost ready to fuck that tight pussy of yours.”

She moaned in response, he really had her now!

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, hot bitch?”

She grunted her approval; she had a mouthful of his nut. She was fucking his toe with slow, short strokes, squeezing it at the bottom of the stroke. She’d been caressing his leg with her other hand but now that she was getting close again, she used it to finger his ass. He made a deep noise when she slid it all the way in. She was really close to orgasm; it loomed just on the edge of her consciousness, like a storm. It still took her by surprise when it struck, sweeping her into its maw. She tensed, squirming on his toe, finger jammed up his ass, and nearly sucking his left nut out of the sack.

He urged her on: “Fuck on it, that’s right, hot slut! Ride my toe, suck my nut! Go on! Come hard, bitch!”

She did, bucking on his toe hard with her cunt clenched tight. She panted with every thrust. When her spasms ended, he pulled her finger out of his ass, his toe from her cunt, picked her up, took a candle and carried them to the bedroom.

He set the candle on the dresser; then he laid her down gently on the queen size. Then he kissed and stroked her body all over. She was riding the wave; he had her ready again in no time. He rolled her onto her stomach, spread her legs, and stood between them on the floor. She tingled with anticipation and excitement as he stroked her thighs and butt.

SMACK!!! Sharp pain and pleasure radiated from where he’d slapped her ass!

“GET THAT ASS UP!” He commanded. “UP IN THE AIR, BITCH!”

She moved quickly to obey. Her knees were at the edge of the bed and her butt was level with his hard cock, facing him. She could see them both in the dressing mirror opposite her bed. Her clit pulsed. He stroked her ass with his left hand and used his right to rub the cock head on her quim.

It was gonna be a tight fit with that thing, she groaned thinking about it filling her up. He entered her with deliciously slow strokes, each one just a little further than the last. That thick beauty was her ticket to paradise; she was gonna ride it there. She squirmed on the end of it, clenching it in her cunt; the ‘Chinese Squeeze’ as her mom called it. This was amazing being used by an older, handsome, man who knew how to use her. Having a ten-inch choad didn’t hurt either. Peter was the whole package. He gasped when she put that cunt clench on him.

“Oh, yeah! This hot bitch can do some tricks, eh?” He was nearly all the way in, still with that steamy rhythm. She squeezed it again. “That’s good, slut, squeeze my cock hard.”

He smacked her ass. The thrill from it intensified her grip; he was caught in a cunt vise with her ass wagging. He thrust past that grip and hit bottom. She squealed. The strokes picked up speed now; he gripped both her ass cheeks and pounded on her cunt. Every stroke was heaven! He really knew how to pop that coochie! He had her on the edge of forever, ready to fly. She let go and stepped off. They were both making incoherent noises as she came, babbling and squealing in delight!

“Talk to me, bitch, tell me what a hot cock slut you are.”

This was unreal; he really was in control of her.

Panting, she replied: “I’m a cock-hungry bitch and I can’t get enough of your nasty cock! Give it to me! Ride me hard! I’m a cum slut!”

He rode her fast, deep, and hard to another orgasm.

“Here’s your reward, hot bitch.”

He pulled out at the last second and shoved it in her mouth, feeding her gob after hot gob of that delicious goo. She swished it around her mouth and tongue, savoring every drop as he deposited the last few drops on her face. She had a faraway look in her eyes as she licked his cum from her lips.

“I’m a fuck-ho and I love the taste of your cum. Please give me every drop.”

He nodded, saying, “Go on fucktoy, drain it dry.” She ran her nail up the underside for the last couple of drops.

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply running his hands over her sweaty body. He tasted his fingers and touched her cunt, sniffing his finger and licking that, too.

“You have the best tasting pussy.” He kissed her again. “I could eat it all night.”

“Really?” She teased and smirked.

“Really.” He wasn’t teasing. “You have a hot, tight..”

She stopped him. “Don’t go on, not unless you’re ready to fuck the living daylights out of me. That master — ho thing is my particular kink and I love the way you take control of my lil friend, but can we just cuddle and rest? I have a real surprise for you when we wake up. Hmmmm?”

“Well, if you insist.”

“I do, it’s been a long day and we both have to work in the morning. I do have a surprise for you when we wake.”

“Ok, but if nature calls, I might have to wake you first.” He nuzzled her. It felt wonderful to have a man in her bed, especially this one. He’d used her just like a whore, giving her a load of jizz in her mouth. Now he was holding her tenderly, enjoying the feel of their bodies together. What wasn’t to like about him? While she thought about the previous evening and this hot tryst he started to breathe slow and regular. Men, get a nut, fall asleep. She envied him; this crazy night wouldn’t let her sleep. She rolled over and put the vibrator into the nightstand. She wouldn’t need it tonight.

His hard cock sliding between her legs woke her. He’d been cupping her breast in his right hand while he slept but he wasn’t asleep now. His finger traced a circle on her aureole. She’d nestled up to him spoon-style earlier and now he could nuzzle her ear and smell her hair. That would have been enough to get her started, but that hard meat from behind sealed the deal. She’d be wet soon.

He caressed her a few more minutes, it was nice of him but not necessary, she was ready and more than willing! It was so good to be with a man who knew how to take some time, get her up to speed. He pinched her nipple and she gasped. She moved her pussy to ride him.

“ feel so good, do you have a condom handy?” He asked, “Mine are in my coat pocket if you don’t.”

“Sure.” She leaned over to the top drawer of the nightstand and pulled one out.


She wanted to ask what he had in mind but what the hell? She’d find out soon enough. He pulled it out and slid it over his erection. She noted that it was a tight fit. A really tight fit. He probably used Magnums, but she didn’t have any. He pulled her close and kissed her. He stroked her body some more and said: “You have an amazing body, every inch is beautiful and delicious.” He rolled he onto her stomach and spread her legs, continuing to caress her luscious curves. He kissed her thighs and butt, stroking her butt cleavage.

“Watching you walk across the lobby the other day have me a major league hard-on and I’ve wanted to do this ever since.” He licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

She thought, “If he smacks my ass, I’ll come right now.” He didn’t, instead, he opened the top drawer of the nightstand, chuckled when he saw the vibrator, and took out the KY tube. He’d seen where she kept the rubbers, so it wasn’t a big ‘duh’ that she kept some other stuff handy. Smart guy, but that was part of the package. The thought of getting her ass filled with his shaft caused her to shiver. She couldn’t believe how quickly he had ‘learned’ her. He squeezed a gob of the KY onto his fingers and applied it to her asshole. He was gonna fuck her in the ass! He was gonna pound her ass with that monster! She’d never let anyone with a cock like that fuck her ass! It was too late to say no to him now and besides, if he wanted to do it, then she wanted to do it more. Sexual attraction had ignited this little party: so she was ‘goin’ with what she was knowin’; sex was on the menu — sex was being served. It kind of hurt when he lubed her hole; she made a little noise.

“Oh, Peter, please be gentle.” She whimpered.

“It’s going to be alright,” he kissed her ear, “I won’t hurt you. Much.” She shuddered and whined when she heard that. He stroked her hair. “I don’t have to if you really don’t want to.”

“No, I want you to, I want that choad in my ass!” She hissed. “Fuck my whore ass and make it yours.”

He kissed her ear as he positioned himself.

He rubbed the head on her asshole, gently spreading it open as he worked it in. It was really too wide for the opening. “Relax, baby, it’s gonna be good.” She whimpered some more as it filled her ass. He slow stroked it deeper and deeper as he had with her cunt. She was starting to like this.

“That feels so tight and sweeeeet! Mmmmgh!” He was enjoying this!

“Oh, Peter, fill my ass with that cock; take it!”

He supported himself on his left elbow while he fingered her clit with his right hand. He was giving her the whole shaft now and hitting it faster and harder. She could feel that wild delight building inside of her. He really had her going strong now. He grabbed her tit with his left hand; pinched hard on that nipple! She surrendered to the heat, giving herself to it and him.

He rode her harder, stroking her clit and fucking ass faster till she came, panting and moaning. She felt another orgasm on the way, inevitable and intense. He made her come again, this one was better than the one before and seemed like it lasted for an hour.

He pulled out, stood next to the bed, and pulled the condom off. He stroked his shaft and said: “Get some of this. Come on, bitch, now! I’m coming!”

She moved quickly to grab his cock in both hands and stuff it into her mouth. She wanted his cum. She needed to taste it again. She stroked it with one hand and gripped his balls in the other as she sucked that thick treat.

He threw his head back and pinched his nipples; grunting as he shot his rocks.

Marilyn took a wad in her mouth and then smeared the head all over her face as he dropped the rest of the load. She wiped cum off her face with his cock and slurped it off. She was glad he’d worn a rubber, she would have taken it if he hadn’t but this was a lot better!

“I love this stuff.” She worked a couple of drops to the tip and licked them too. “I’m a cum slut.” She licked the head and kissed it. “I love your cum and your cock.”

He was entranced. This woman was as nasty and hot a fuck as he’d ever had. She blew his mind and his cock to say the least. She lay down and pulled him with her. He reflected on the past few hours: This was one sensual woman; even wilder and nastier than his hot bitch wife when she was chasing him fifteen years ago. This Marilyn was nowhere near as beautiful as Alana; but had a hot pussy that probably would get them both in trouble if he kept on seeing her. She was one, wild, nasty bitch! He wanted to see her again, just to make sure that this wasn’t a fluke. The smell of her pussy made his dick so hard that a cat couldn’t scratch it! He pulled her close and they slept.

She woke a few hours later, checked the time, and decided to get this ‘good morning, honey, let’s fuck’ session started. He normally would be getting up about now to work out. She smiled to herself: he was gonna work out, oh yeah! She hoped he was up to it; she was getting hot just thinking about this position she wanted to use on him. She loved being used and he knew how to work her in ways that she dreamed about; but she needed to show him that her pussy could take control and make him holla!

She took a few minutes to enjoy having this handsome man in bed. The smell and feel intoxicated and aroused her. The night before with Delia had been thrilling but nothing got her more fired up than a hot man. She was, as mom always said, a man’s woman. She untangled herself and slid off the bed to go to the bathroom. Jeez, she was a mess! Good thing she didn’t have to be at work early.

She came round to his side, rolled him onto his back, leaned over, kissed him, then put her tits in his face. He made an appreciative noise and kissed each nipple, gently nipping them.

She ran her hand down his hard chest and stomach to seize his cock. He buried his face between her tits playing with the nipples. This felt wonderful but she had to maintain control. She pulled away, saying: “That’s so nice, but let me try something, ok?”

“Whatever you want.” Yes, indeed, whatever she wanted. This had been a memorable encounter and there was plenty of time for some more fun. He was totally taken by this child. He was nearly forty years her senior but she was teaching him some tricks! Sometimes it was good to be an old dog!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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