Hot Session at the Gym

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It was hot and I was sweating heavily as I left the gym floor and headed for the changing rooms and the luxury of a hot steaming shower. My new fitness regime was beginning to pay off, and I had started to feel good about myself and my body after many years.

I noticed him looking at me as I walked past, it was the same guy who I had seen practically every day for the past week or so down here. He looked a bit younger than me, a bit leaner and fitter too. He seemed to hold my gaze as I walked past him but I thought nothing of it as I entered the changing rooms.

It was late, probably about 20 minutes before the place closed, which was ideal for me as it meant nearly everyone had gone and there were no poseurs left in the place.

The changing room and showers were empty, I could have a long hot shower on my own practically. Bliss!

As I let the hot water cascade of my body I noticed him enter the showers, I glanced at him as I tuned my back. He was fit, not overly muscled but he put me too shame. His cock was big too! Some blokes had all the luck!

He moved to the shower next to mine, which I thought odd as there were at least 10 showers free.

As he spoke I couldn’t help but look down at his body again, his cock looked to be semi hard, about 8 inches at least. He introduced himself as Tom and told me he had seen me here several times, and that he preferred to be here late when the place was quiet.

Again güvenilir bahis I couldn’t help myself and looked down at him, his cock was still semi hard and he seemed either oblivious to it or he simply didn’t care. I cared however, as I knew that if he got any closer to me then my cock would stiffen at the thought of brushing against him.

This was like some weird fantasy, fit guy in the showers, standing next to me with a hard on telling me how he loved being in the gym late at night as no one was around.

He must have noticed my discomfort as he apologised and said he should really stop bothering me. Something came over me at that moment however. My heart was racing as I said ” Please don’t go, I’m enjoying your company” Idly I stroked my cock as I said this, feeling it begin to grow in my hand. Tom was immediately alert to this, he moved in closer and brushed his hand against my thigh. I said nothing and his hand slid gently across my belly and down to my fully erect cock. His finger tips stroked gently down my shaft and he lightly squeezed the base and my balls.

I was motionless, transfixed by the thought that I was stood in the gym showers with a complete stranger, another man at that, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to make love with him!

His fingers were now stroking up and down my shaft and he moved so close that his huge cock pressed against my belly. His lips sought mine türkçe bahis and we kissed. An electric shock fizzed up and down my spine, his tongue sought mine and we licked each others tongues like two frenzied teenagers.

I moved my hand down and slowly began to feel his beautiful hard cock. It felt amazing in my hand. I was going to savour every minute of this.

Tom moved away from me and lowered himself so that he could get my cock into his mouth. He began licking and then rhythmically sucking my cock, while slowly squeezing my aching balls.

I could feel myself warming up for a huge orgasm and told him to stop before I came. I wanted to have him before I climaxed in case I went off the idea. I knelt in front of him, hot water gushing over me and slowly licked his shaft from tip to base. I swirled my tongue around his bulbous end and then closed my lips around him, slowly taking him as far as I could in my hot mouth.

I began to move my mouth up and down him slowly, licking his glans from time to time. I began to seek out his bum hole with my fingers, and gently started to probe him as I speeded up my action on his cock.

After a few seconds he started to wriggle and push down on my finger, so I inserted two, then three into his tight bum.

Now he started to softly moan, and his cock hardened, his balls stiffened and with a quick spasm he began to shoot his hot come into my mouth. It was an amazing güvenilir bahis siteleri experience, I gulped his load down, the taste was incredible. I carried on licking and slurping his cock as my fingers pounded away at his bum.

Eventually his cock started to soften and I released him from my mouth. I stood up and kissed him, his tongue once more explored my mouth, as his fingers found my aching cock.

This time Tom got down on his knees and took me inside. It didn’t take long, and as his lips worked their magic his fingers were also doing likewise inside me. I was writhing on his fingers; the feeling was pure ecstasy as I came into his mouth. He gulped me down and kept slurping away at me for what felt like minutes afterwards.

My cock wasn’t going to soften however, and sensing this Tom told me to lie on the floor. He straddled me and lowered himself onto my still throbbing cock. It felt hot and tight but my fingers had obviously loosened him up and he slid onto me without too much effort. It felt fantastically tight, and I slowly bucked underneath him. His cock started to grow and I so I began to wank him off as he writhed on top of me.

It was such a great feeling, Tom didn’t take long to fully harden and within a few minutes I brought him off again, this time his juices hit me in the chest as I emptied my second load into his bum.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, slowly our hearts began slowing down and we got to our feet.

We continued our showers in silence, then both changed and left the Gym in silence. I hoped that I might see Tom again, but knew that the experience was probably a one off and all the better for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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