Hot, Straight Step Brother Moves In Pt. 03

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Neil felt sick. He felt almost as if he could vomit. He had been caught in his step brothers en suite, butt naked, sat on the closed toilet seat with his now soft cock in his hand and sticky cum dripping down onto the floor. So many things were going through his head. Why on earth did Liam do this? What purpose did this serve? He deliberately made Neil horny, pinning him onto the bed and making him smell his arse hole through the tight fabric of his underwear, and then told him to be in this bathroom at this time knowing full well he would be entertaining her.

The girlfriend quickly covered herself up, and with a look of utter disgust, slammed the door of the bathroom shut. Dumbfounded, Neil stayed motionless for a few minutes before coming to his senses and quickly wiping his cum away and getting his clothes back on. Neil didn’t hear anything from the other side of the door, so he quietly pushed it open and peered round. On the bed was Liam, now covered up with just his tight boxer briefs. He was lying belly up on the bed, his arms behind his head. From this position, you could make out his firm biceps, and below them, his manly armpits. Neil’s eyes filtering down his body, he couldn’t help but notice the six pack abs (with love bites all over them), and at the bottom of the trail of hair, the enclosed package.

“Wondered how long you’d stay cooped up in there for,” said Liam with a snigger.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Replied Neil.

Liam shrugged his shoulders. “What? Fucking my girlfriend? It’s what normal people do.”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

Liam smirked and moved his hand from behind his head down to his cock. He grabbed it, and in doing so, highlighted just how big it is. He began to shake his cock in his underwear. Neil was mesmerised.

“Oh,” said Liam, “you thought you were coming to my bedroom to get some of my cock?”

Neil looked away.

“What? Did kağıthane escort you want my cock shoved down your throat? Did you want to gag on my jizz as I cummed in and around your mouth?”

Acting as if he literally didn’t hear him, Neil said: “where is she? Where’s she gone?”

Liam jumped out of bed.

“Don’t worry. She hasn’t gone to tell mummy and daddy that my step brother is a faggot who likes watching people fuck. She’s in the bathroom. Since our one was, well, full”

Liam walked over to Neil. Neil’s back was to the bedroom door, and Liam was facing Neil.

“I’m trying to persuade her not to do that,” continued Liam.

“Thanks,” said Neil.

“I mean, it’s not your fault you’re a horny little fuck, is it?”

There was no answer, and Neil went to walk away. Liam firmly grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Is it?” Liam repeated, sternly.

“No,” Neil said.

“You really don’t respect me, do you?” Said Liam, “I mean. Not only do you violate me by stealing and sniffing my dirty undies, but then you actually watch me make love and wank.”

Neil rolled his eyes and uttered the word ‘sorry’.

“Time to show me some respect before my girl gets back. Get on all fours and kill my feet.”

Neil couldn’t believe this. He sighed and went to walk away again, and once again, was yanked back with a firm grip of his arm.

“Do it. The longer you wait, the more chance of my girl coming back and catching you trying to sniff my feet,” Liam said.

Liam’s voice now changed, more shrill and a fake panic sound to it, “oh no! Neil stop it. For God’s sake. You’re like a dog on heat. That’s it, we have to tell mum and dad.”

He was right. The longer he waited, the more chance she would come back. Neil quickly dropped down to his knees, bent over to Liam’s size 10 feet and kissed both.

“Do it like you mean it or not at all,” Liam maslak escort said.

Liam started to kiss both feet repeatedly. He started off just giving them a peck, before introducing his tongue. The feet had a scent to them. They smelt like manly sweat, and neil felt dirty being on the floor doing this, knowing any moment the girl could walk back in. Neil looked up, and from this angle he could see Liam’s hard cock through his boxies again. Liam pulled his feet back and Neil stood up.

Liam leant over to Neil and was whispering in his ear. He was that close to Neil that it tickled his ear and the sensation of his breathe being this close caused Neil to tingle.

“Everything about me turns you on,” Liam whispered, “and I fucking love it. You’re a pathetic, fag cum drop.”

Liam moved his mouth away from Neil’s ear and was now facing him, their lips centimetres from each other.

Neil was certain that Liam was moving in for a kiss. In fact, there was no doubt about it. But as Neil reciprocated and made his lips touch Liam’s, Liam pulled away.

“Are you trying to kiss me, Neil?”

“What? I, er, no,” Neil stuttered.

“Tell me, what part of my body do you want to ram your tongue into the most? My mouth or my tight arse hole?”

Before Neil could answer, Liam started to speak really loudly:

“Yes. So I think you should leave our room. I can’t believe you”

As he said it, in entered his girlfriend and it suddenly made sense why he started to speak louder.

Less than an hour later, they were all sat around the dinner table together. Mum, dad, Liam, Neil and the girlfriend. Neil wanted to be anywhere but here, but he simply didn’t have a choice. Mealtimes are the dinner table were compulsory in this house. And Neil figures that him suddenly refusing would highlight that something was up.

Looking over at Neil and seeing he looked withdrawn and upset, the etiler escort mother said

“Darling? What’s up? You’re normally so happy and vocal. I hate to see you upset.”

The girlfriend scoffed.

“Upset? Him? I’ll tell you why he’s upset. Liam caught him sniffing his underwear, and not only that, but he was hidden in Liam’s en-suite masturbating while we – while we, er, were doing it.”

Deathly silence fell upon the table.

“So he’s not the one who should be upset. It should be Liam. And me. I feel violated”

The dad flung his thirst down onto the table.

“I’d ask if this was true, but judging by your face, I know it is! Fucking disgusting. Perverted. You’ve got an issue. You’re a fucking perv and you need help. Get out of my sight and go to your room.”

The mum and dad apologised to the girlfriend, and with that, she left for home. Neil lay awake in his bedroom staring at the ceiling. He was beyond devastated. Gutted. The clock on his bedside read 2.30am when his bedroom door crept open and in entered Liam.

Liam stood at the foot of his bed.

“What’s up with you?” Liam said, while slowing taking off his shirt.

“What’re you doing? You know what’s up.”

“It was only the truth that was told. Not my fault you have an issue,” Liam said, now with no top on and his trousers half off.

“Get out,” Neil said

Liam was now stood there in just his undies, and he crawled into the bed and under the duvet, next to Neil who also only wore his undies.

“The thing is, Neil, with me persuading my gullible little girlfriend to tell my parents on my behalf, they now know you’re a sick fuck.”

Liam pulled Neil’s underwear down and threw them off the bed. Neil froze.

“I can have some fun now. No one would ever believe you over me. You’ve been caught with strange browser history. You’ve been caught wanking into my underwear, and you’ve been caught butt naked listening to me having straight

sex. All of which you owned up to. You’re mine now, Neil.”

Liam’s hand cupped Neil’s cock, and with that, pulled their bodies closer together. Neil felt Liam’s rock hard cock pressing against his naked bum.

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