Hot Under the Collar

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The economic meltdown of 2015 hit Roger particularly hard. He had been a fairly successful mortgage broker in Houston before the crash. It seemed like the steep rise in health insurance premiums hastened the death of the forty hour work week which in turn hastened an irreversible decline in the number of prospective buyers applying for mortgages. If that wasn’t bad enough, when the Federal Reserve finally did taper its Quantitative Easing in 2016, interest rates went through the roof, pretty much wiping out what was left of the mortgage lending industry just as affordable health care had wiped out the health insurers several years earlier.

As a matter of course, Roger’s wife left him for a more financially secure bureaucrat heading up the South Texas regional section of the United States Department of Agriculture. Under the onerous laws promulgated after the crash, the Domestic Relations Court awarded her three quarters of the community estate Roger had painstakingly acquired during their twelve year marriage. The final divorce decree ordered him to pay out close to two thirds of his income to her for support of their two children and spousal maintenance.

Stalwart in his efforts to stage a comeback, Roger studied for and earned his Series Seven and Series Sixty-three securities licenses. The newly emerging slave trade had become the next big thing in a conspicuously frothy investment world. The wealthy could obtain front loaded accelerated depreciation for the purchase price and reasonable and necessary expenses associated with the upkeep of the slaves they purchased at the ubiquitous auctions, not unlike the traditional benefits accruing to owners of cattle and horses.

Favorable tax treatment enabled aspiring new slave owners to shelter the income they now received as third party beneficiaries while they rented out their human livestock for sexual services and physical and/or intellectual labor. Those who purchased the slaves’ services from the Owners would pay considerably less than they would have had to prior to the institution of the Slave Enabling Statutes. Prospective employers were getting workers at wages far below market without having to pay out benefits while at the same time a burgeoning class of sexual tourists could now rent short-term or long term companionship without the traditional hassles of dating and courtship by accessing the usual and customary websites. In short it was a win-win for all parties concerned.

The reinstatement of slavery was truly an elegant solution, propelled by the need to reduce an otherwise intractable unemployment rate approaching a third or more of the able bodied labor force, bestowing new opportunities for the investment class while rescuing the political class from widespread condemnation for presiding over a clearly unsustainable and unacceptable economic environment.

And so it was at an investment seminar touting the elegant solution for the well-heeled, held at the hipster Hotel ZaZa Houston, in the tony museum district, Roger met Chloe. They sat together at the panel for discussion and presentation. He had given a power-point presentation on the favorable tax treatment available to those who purchased human livestock, preceding an impassioned presentation chock full of her anecdotal experiences as a slaver in which she outlined the criteria she used to recognize the submissive personalities she encountered in her work and the methods she employed for enslaving them.

A masterful and seasoned public speaker, Chloe sought to sell the sizzle and not just the steak as she finished her presentation on a high note, imparting to her enthusiastic audience an explicit description of the full range of emotional and sexual benefits available to any Dominant Owner who was considering buying into a legally sanctioned ‘asymmetrical relationship’.

As Roger looked around the seminar room, he could not help but notice the use of four shapely nubile female slaves in their late teens or early twenties, nude and collared serving tea, coffee, and pastries to the seminar’s presenters and attendees. The coerciveness of their submission was further magnified by the tiny cowbells affixed to their leather collars softly ringing with each step they took, announcing their every coming and going from the seminar room. This indeed was shrewd product placement by the organizers of the seminar.

Roger found himself at once strongly attracted to and somewhat intimidated by Chloe. He hadn’t been with a woman since the divorce some fourteen months ago, focusing his energy instead on trying to revive his flagging financial prospects, rather than getting hopelessly entangled in an emotional encounter with an outcome uncertain or worse, one toxic to his already vulnerable state of mind.

But Chloe was undoubtedly alluring, her generous height enhanced by heels, her perky breasts accentuating an athletic and curvaceous frame elegantly wrapped in a smart pin-striped Anne Klein business suit, her neck adorned by a Versace Lapis Ceramic Ingot Bib necklace, cihangir escort much too expensive for likes of Neiman Marcus, her skin tone unblemished, mocha and positively glowing.

Roger was falling in love with the full mane of frizzy black hair covering her shoulders and her intense black burning coal eyes, her glance welcoming and penetrating at the same time.

He began to fantasize running his fingers through her hair, kissing her, his tongue exploring what he imagined to be magnificent earlobes, holding her close to him, inhaling her scent.

Most of all, he loved the fullness of her thick full lips. How mocking they seemed every time she forced a smile during her presentation, how condescending those lips seemed every time she had flashed a smile his way, how exquisite they would be wrapped around his cock.

And so he was greatly surprised several weeks later when he received an email inviting him over to her home for a tête-à-tête.

In her living room, they sat on the same sofa that witnessed dozens of previous seductions Chloe initiated in the line of her work. She asked him about how his life was going after the divorce. She asked him about his children. She asked him if he still missed his ex.

Two professionals sitting side by side, they conversed about the nuances of the new slave trade, its opportunities, its challenges, its likely effects on the national economy and culture.

She told him about how exciting it was for her to exchange and extract the aura of personal power from her unsuspecting victims. Each enslavement brought her somewhere between twenty-five and thirty thousand dollars in fees and earnings. With ten or more enslavements consummated every year, she was not doing shabbily at all. Each submissive she encountered presented her with one more opportunity to acquire yet another toy, yet another stimulating experience that constituted the good life. It was after all, a very good life, and she was grateful for every opportunity that came her way.

Giddily, she suggested to Roger that maybe, just maybe she could call upon his expertise to help her manage her growing portfolio.

Roger listened intently as he found himself basking in what he intuited to be the “hot” energy signature of her commanding presence. He could sense her sizing him up, waiting for him to make a move. He knew only too well of the dangers of playing with fire but after having been alone for so long, the temptation was irresistible.

Throwing all caution to the wind, he scooted next to her on the sofa, putting his arm around her shoulder. She rewarded him with a peck on the cheek, running her fingers through his thick sandy colored hair.

She abruptly changed the course of the conversation.

“Roger, may I be frank with you. I demand brutal honesty and authenticity from everyone I come into contact with, be they ‘normals’ or ‘submissives’.

“Beating around the bush, hiding in subterfuge not only turns off otherwise malleable victims but is a resounding and irreversible deal killer in all things seductive.”

Roger reflexively nodded as if to signify understanding.

“You see, Roger, this business we’re in rewards the tenacious and the clever. I’ve made it my professional calling to hunt down and capture ‘submissives’, reducing them to kneeling at the feet of their eventual owners, giving up all of themselves selflessly.

“Roger, it’s my opinion that before you can successfully advise your investor clients on how to make the transition from being mere shareholders to being slave owners you yourself need to fully appreciate the specific needs that are satisfied by dominance and submission.”

“Whatever do you mean, Chloe?”

“Roger, did you ever think about what makes a slave a slave?”

“Most of the ‘normals’ you and I know just muddle through, meeting never-ending deadlines and challenges day to day.

“By the end of their dreary week, they are either physically or psychically exhausted, gratefully consuming whatever gratification they can find wherever and whenever they can find it.

“Oh, they’re very happy with steak when they can get it, but they will settle for hamburger when there is nothing else available.

“When a ‘normal’ purchases one of our slaves, she no longer has to settle for hamburger. She has filet mignon on demand whenever she wants it. The many and diverse benefits of ownership restore her sense that she is fully in control of her life and circumstances.

“Her slave is there to wait on her hand and foot, lighten her work load, faithfully perform the housework and other menial labor, reliably service her most insistent sexual urges, whenever the need presents itself.

“A well trained slave offers her a profoundly more emotionally satisfying companionship than the most loyal dog with the best pedigree. There’s no need for marriage, no need for pre-nuptial agreements, no need for nasty community property splits later on, just a well drafted mecidiyeköy escort bill of sale between a willing buyer and a willing seller.”

Roger suddenly felt a pinprick of stale anger rising up from the smoldering ashes of repressed memory.

“The ‘submissives’ that comprise the lifeblood of our business model,” continued Chloe, “are fundamentally different. It is the grand irony that over time because of how they are hard-wired, they gradually lose the ability to totally lose themselves to the throes of passion and sexual rapture. If left untreated, they become psychically impotent.

“That is where you and I come in. There is something in the nature of a submissive that requires him to experience punishment, humiliation and degradation before he can euphorically lose himself in sexual release.

“As a slaver, it is my duty to find the ‘submissive’, and lovingly encourage him to accept the infliction of increasing humiliation with each succeeding orgasm.

“Unfortunately, once that connection is made in his brain, there is no turning back, and my ‘victim’ becomes hopelessly addicted to performing more and more humiliating acts in front of larger and larger social gatherings. It is that all consuming and very public orgasm that becomes his intrinsic reward. This is, after all, what makes him a slave.”

Roger found himself fascinated with Chloe’s discourse, bringing himself to rub her shoulders and rub his face in her coarse kinky hair.

Chloe smiled. She was happy and content to be sharing a cozy space with this good looking man. She reached beneath one of the sofa cushions and pulled out a red leather dog collar.

“You’ve been very quiet, Roger. When we first met at the seminar did you realize there was a connection between us?”

“Yes, Chloe.”

“I’m flattered to know that you feel attracted to me, Roger.”

“I’ve had something I’ve been meaning to ask you, Roger. So please don’t be taken aback.”

“What is it, Chloe?”

“Have you been fantasizing about me since we met at that seminar?

“Come on, Roger. No need to be shy!”

“Yes, I have, Chloe.”

“Roger, have you been jerking off while fantasizing about me?”

“What kind of question is that, Chloe?”

“Roger, you must realize that most every man I meet professionally or socially wants to go to bed with me.

“I think you’re a nice guy but I can have my choice of any man I want. You just don’t have the money or the power or the social status to hold my interest.

“If you want to find a place in my life, Roger, you’re going to have to earn it.”

For Roger, this was the make or break moment in which to assert himself. His mouth found her thick sensuous lips and her tongue snaked into his mouth, exploring the urgency of his need.

“Kissing me won’t get you off the hook, Roger.

“You must answer my question, did you masturbate while you were thinking of me?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“I am very happy to hear that I have that effect on you,” she gloated.

“Tell me about your fantasies of me,” she queried. Roger was never one to lend voice to his most deep seated secrets, but the sweet siren song swirling around him suggested that the rewards were worth far more than the risks.

“Frankly, I fantasized about taking you to exotic destinations and fucking your brains out,” he sheepishly confessed.

“I fantasize about caressing your beautiful body, sucking on your nipples.”

“I certainly respect you for your honesty, Roger. It takes a truly exceptional man to speak his mind like you just did. Do you trust me, Roger?”

“I think so. I certainly do want to trust you.”

“Trust is necessary if there is to be good sex between two people, she purred as her finely manicured fingers rubbed his neck and caressed his cheeks.

“A man like you must first trust himself before he can trust the woman he is with. Don’t you agree?”

“I don’t quite understand.”

“Oh, Roger, I think you would agree that a man like you must trust himself and his sexual partner before he can experiment?”

“Just what do you mean by ‘experiment’, Chloe?”

“Would you be so good as to allow me to act out my fantasies before we acted out yours, Roger?”

“I don’t know. That all depends.”

“Roger, would you wear my collar?”

“Why would I do that?”

“How can you possibly describe to your investors the joys of slave ownership if you haven’t first experienced what a slave experiences first hand?” she asked.

“I don’t know. This is too much to wrap my head around.”

“Roger, you do desire me, don’t you?” she needled him as her hands began to play with the dog collar.

“Let me teach you how I want you to satisfy me. This will be fun for both of us. Trust me.”

Those burning coal eyes stared into Roger, overpowering him and burning holes in his resolve.

“We can role play, and we will keep it our own little secret. What do you say, Roger?

“I think I know kurtuluş escort how to make you happy,” she insisted.

“Ok, what do I do?” he hoarsely whispered.

“Before you wear my collar, you must first disrobe for me.

“Don’t suddenly get all modest on me. You aren’t the first I’ve seen and you certainly won’t be the last.”

Chloe masterfully unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his fly. Together, they removed his slacks. Within moments he was fully naked.

She pushed him back down onto the sofa and reached for her goblet of brandy.

Playing with his nipples and chest hair, it was clear that she was pleased with all that she surveyed.

“How does it feel to be naked with me?”

Her tongue snaked into his mouth and began to wrestle with his tongue, leaving him dizzy and breathless as her fingernails found and fondled his balls.

She whispered as if to a lover, “a slave is a human evolving in reverse. With proper training they can always be coaxed into renouncing their humanity, becoming a desperate animal aching to be housebroken.”

Her thick lips smiled contemptuously as her fingers played with his erect penis.

As she squeezed it, she whispered into his ear, “this is why a slave such as you must be nude at all times and fully exposed in every type of social setting.

“For us to allow you to cover yourself would be cruel and truly unusual punishment because to do so would cut off that exquisite connection between your degradation and your arousal. Now, we can’t do that, pet, can we?” she teased him in a sing-song voice.

Roger was lost in a subspace trance. He knew this was likely to become highly addictive but this was the first time in a long time he felt good enough to trust someone else implicitly.

“As time goes on,” she purred, “your nudity alone will not be sufficient for the maintenance of my control.

“That’s why I need you to wear my collar. Placing it around your neck will forever sexualize your nudity as you walk around and display yourself to me and others.

“Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Feeling the weight of this fine leather around your neck will forever remind you of your inferiority to anyone around you who is normal and clothed.

“roger, I want you to get on the floor, on your knees and I want you to put your head in my lap,” she softly commanded, gently running her fingers through his hair.

“i don’t want to, Chloe. i just can’t cross that line.”

“You have no choice. If you refuse, you get up and leave. And I will banish you from my life, never talk to you again.”

“i just don’t know if i can do this,” he stammered.

“Trust me. I will make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.

“Face the craving inside you. This is what you always wanted, isn’t it?

“To surrender to a strong, powerful woman like me who would strip away your manhood, your self-control, your self-respect, until you had nothing left and had to face the world naked as nothing at all.”

With that roger kneeled on the wood parquet floor, placing his left shoulder on her lap. Chloe admired his prominent masculine shoulder blades, his powerful muscular hips, his well defined buttocks in much the same way she admired other specimens of livestock. She enjoyed the feeling of his weight on her as she wrapped and secured the red leather dog collar around his neck.

“My, my! I can’t get over how awesome you look wearing my collar!”

Both of her hands began to caress his lower back, encouraging him to slowly hump her leg like the dog he was about to become.

“You see, pet, losing control always brings with it the promise of exquisite pleasure. Your very weakness was what always aroused you more than anything else and this weakness which you could not overcome is what ultimately undermined your success in your marriage and your business life.

“Admit it. You’ve always needed a Mistress like me to give yourself to. In the days and weeks to come I will patiently teach you to grovel and beg at my feet.

“You will learn to worship and adore me even as I mistreat you.

“As I already told you, you will have to earn my acceptance and approval. You can expect me to humiliate you in front of my friends, your co-workers, and those who would have been your clients.

“I will force you to do things you would never have otherwise given yourself permission to do.

“Every dog needs a leash, wouldn’t you agree?” she teased as she pulled one from under the sofa and affixed it onto his collar.

“How does it feel to be my dog, roger? Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, Mistress. i’ve been such a bad dog, please punish me.”

Chloe grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and proceeded to whip his buttocks with the leash in her other hand, slowly raising red welts.

With that he began to alternately hump the hand wrapped around his penis and the clothed knee upon which that hand was resting.

“Take your time, dog, we have all night.”

Chloe smiled broadly as he began to hump in earnest. She had always pulled herself up on the downfall of every man she seduced.

She looked down on the deliciously delirious male figure kneeling at her feet.

“My pet, we don’t want you to come too fast. Slow down.

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