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I spent a week at a training class in Miami last October. I love that area; it is so full of beautiful people living the highlife. Then there is me, a 59 year old chubby guy who does not fit in with them at all, but I still like to watch them. The classes were in the morning which left the afternoons free so I thought I would go lay on the beach to colorize my skin. It was pretty warm those days and thought I would pack up a container of ice and get a half pint of Crown. After getting to the beach, I oiled up with sunscreen and poured myself a cold Crown on the rocks. I suppose I spent about 2 hours out there and had a pretty nice buzz, not drunk, but a nice 5pm happy hour buzz. Like I said, I am a chubby guy and also attracted to chubby guys. With all these beautiful people around, I was always scouting out my type. There was a young guy on the beach that was just my type, around 19-20 and chubby. He was unshaven and cute as hell. We exchanged glances and smiles. I caught him in a look back. I considered approaching him, he just looked like he might enjoy the older type. I wished we were on a nude beach so I could take in his nakedness. As my fantasies about him wandered, I realized that the sun, Crown, and blood rushing to my cock and it was starting to make me really sweat. Sitting on a blanket full of sand was getting a little uncomfortable.

I hate the sand sticking to my skin. I hate the sunburn I know I am going to get. Most of all, I hate hot sweaty sand. I have never enjoyed the beach unless I have a beach chair. Yet here I am, lying on the beach, sand stuck to my sunscreen covered ass, arms, back, you name it.

I shift restlessly on my beach towel, trying with great difficulty to keep my hat in place to give my fair face some kind of protection. I am sweating. Not the good kind of sweat that comes with physical activity, but the horrible sticky sweat that comes from sitting in the Miami izmir escort sun. Finally I succumb to my misery. I can imagine myself relaxing in my room sitting on the balcony. I am going back to the room.

Back in the room, I pour myself a fresh Crown, peel my suit off, and slip into a cool shower. Standing under the spray, I begin the tedious task of removing every grain of sand from my body. I think about him as I touch myself. I run my hands over my breasts. I have always loved my breasts. They are sensitive to the touch especially my nipples. I think of him touching them.

I finish washing sand from my hair and as I rinse my soapy body I feel a small amount of stubble around my cock. I keep my crotch shaved except for a little fuzz above my cock. I love the smoothness of my balls with all the hair removed. I even shave the hair around my ass. I just love the feel of a smooth ass; I imagined the he was smooth as well.

As I dry off, I look at myself in the mirror. I am relieved to see that my face is not burned. I admire my chubby body, my smooth skin, my breasts, my cock and ass. I look at my freshly shaved cock; I really like what I see. I place one foot on the countertop and look carefully at my balls to make sure it is well shaved. It’s like looking at the cock of another man. I rub lotion into the skin of my legs, abdomen, arms, breasts, and cock. I reach around and apply it to my buttocks. I run my fingers over my ass and then dip a finger inside, thinking of him being there.

I am getting excited touching myself and decide to make myself comfortable on the balcony with my Crown because it is starting to get dark and cool down. I run my hands up to my breasts, rubbing and pulling at my hardened nipples. I turn to go into the bedroom and upon entering the room, realize that the curtains are open on the sliding doors out to the balcony. I am alsancak escort standing in a hotel room, rubbing my nipples, completely naked in front of an open door. Directly across from me I can see a guy sitting in chair on a balcony, not 30 feet away. He was probably 40-45 and about my build. My first impulse is to duck away and cover up, embarrassed, but something catches my attention. He is wearing a towel and a hardon showing through the open split. I realized that he could see into the bathroom by a reflection of a full length mirror. I feel a gush between my thighs. He said nothing and then started stroking. I said nothing just stood there. I wished it were him, but this stranger will do nicely. I love to get naked for other guys, especially chubby ones.

I slowly lower my hands to my abdomen rubbing my stomach. Slowly, I begin to rub my skin in a circular motion, upward until I am cupping my breasts. I tease and stroke them, and return my attention to my pert nipples. I rub the sensitive peaks firmly, pinching and pulling them intermittently. I watched as his hands lower themselves to open his towel, freeing his rock hard cock. He had a nice sized cock, mine is small but I like that. I like small cocks best, some you can take the cock and balls into your mouth at the same time dancing your tongue over them both. I lick my lips at the site of its large head. I imagine what he tastes like. One of my hands snakes its way down to my now hard little cock.

Gasping at the site of him stroking himself openly, I take a step backwards. I lower myself onto the bed and spreading my legs, opening myself to him. I begin to tease and caress my ass with my other hand. I rub and stroke my butt button, my hips beginning to undulate in the rhythm of sex. I dip lower, penetrating myself with one finger, pushing in and out of my hot tunnel. He just sits and strokes buca escort his cock. I am hot as hell. I loved the fact that I am here completely naked letting some stranger watch me jack off and finger myself.

I slide a second finger in, fucking myself harder now. I rub my cock and balls while my hand pumps in and out of my manpussy. I feel my juices running down between my ass cheeks. I love to play with a nice dildo and always travel with one. I got up to get mine from the suitcase lubing it before returning. I again laid down open legs facing the stranger and slowly inserted the dildo into my waiting ass. As the first strokes made my muscles relax, I thought about the boy on the beach and wished it was he who was entering me. Once my muscles were at ease, I could really pump it in and out giving the stranger full view. I laid on my side and lifted my leg so he could see it enter deep and also see the juices glisten on the dildo and my ass cheeks. I saw that he was still stroking and had not cum yet. If he were 30 feet closer, his cock would be in my mouth and I would be able to taste his nectar. I moan louder now, gasping and panting as I feel myself about to cum. He is matching me stroke for stroke and I see by the look on his face that he is going to cum too. I grasp my cock with one hand and continue to fuck my ass with the dildo. The first wave hits me and my eyes close as I surrender to the deep and intense spasms. The first splash hits my belly and the second hits my face. I reach my tongue out to taste myself as it runs down to my lips. I take as much as I can reach. I ride the waves of my pleasure, oblivious to the world around me.

As I come down, still slowly sliding dildo in and out, I open my eyes. He is gone. Was he ever there? Did I imagine this with the help of the Crown and hot sun? The balcony was empty. No lights on in the room. Afterwards, I sit and look for a few minutes, before rising to my feet and pulling the curtain closed.

I was scheduled to check out in two days and kept looking to see if anyone ever came back to the room. I never saw anyone. I wonder if the boy on the beach will be back tomorrow. If so, I will talk to him and see if he is interested in getting a drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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