House Boy

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Casey bent over in the middle of the street, pulling up his knee socks. It was hot, and a bead of sweat dripped down his thighs.

He was very small for a college kid and even his sister’s bike seemed large for him. He hopped onto the seat and started pedaling, his booty shorts starting to ride up as the seat rubbed against his ass.

His hair blew back in the wind as he raced out of his neighborhood. It was the first day of his new summer job and he was already late for work.

The ad said “Looking for college kid for maintain summer home.” After a few phone calls, Casey was suddenly going to be in charge of maintaining a beach house on the other side of town. He had felt strange about it at first, but the owner sounded so kind and gentle. Plus, Casey was so desperate for money, he was pretty much willing to do anything.

The house was small, but set back just off the beach. The owner stood in the front lawn and waived.

“You must be Casey.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’m Michael and this is the place.”

Casey shook Michael’s massive hand. He hadn’t realized it until he got close, but Michael was a towering man, well over six feet tall.

“It’s beautiful.”

“It’s small. But sometimes all you need is something little.”

They walked in through the front door and Casey felt a chill from the air conditioner. Ataköy Escort The outside had been deceiving. The living room was wide and open, with a large couch in front of a big flatscreen over the fireplace.

“The kitchen is just back there and the two bedrooms are off down the hall.”

“It’s amazing.”

“I try to keep it in shape but I won’t have too much time this summer. That’s where you come in. I just want you to come by once a day, make sure everything looks good.”

“I can do that.”

“Alright. Well I have to be going. I’m going to leave the keys with you, house boy.”

Michael dangled the keys up in the air and Casey had to step up onto his tippy-toes to reach them.

“Feel free to use the place however you want. I’ll stop by every couple of weeks to check in.”

Then Michael was off. Casey watched out the front window as he drove away and then dropped onto the couch in the living room. He flipped on the tv.

Suddenly, on the screen flashed a man sitting down naked. A boy about Casey size crawled to the man’s lap and began to take the man’s cock in his mouth.

The man’s cock was massive and barely fit in the boy’s mouth.

Then Casey recognized the couch the man was sitting on. Casey’s cock began to throb.

Casey’s eyes were glued to the screen. The camera only Ataköy Escort Bayan revealed the boy’s face and up to the man’s neck. The boy on the screen looked just like him, short and petite with shaggy hair.

The boy hungrily wrapped his lips around the man’s swollen cock, taking the tip slowly into his throat. Casey licked his lips and slid his hand down into his booty shorts.

Casey started to stretch out on the couch. He was still wearing his knee socks and he put his feet up on the coffee table. His left hand began to softly rub his cock while he reached the other up into his shirt, rubbing his nipples.

The boy had started to deepthroat the man, who was holding him firmly by his hair. Saliva began to drip down the boy’s face as the man moaned.

The tip of Casey’s cock poked out from under his tiny shorts. Casey rubbed under his balls and then started to rub his finger softly on his hole.

Casey pulled out his hand and sucked on his middle finger, imagining he was the boy on screen. Then he slid his hand back down to his ass and rubbed his spit all over his tight hole.

Biting his lip, Casey slid his finger slowly into his tight little ass. His cock strained against the waistband of his shorts, fighting to get free.

On screen, the man had lifted the boy onto his stomach, laying him Escort Silivri across his lap. The boy was still wearing a cute pair of little panties which the man pulled down to his ankles.

The boy squirmed as the old man grabbed his throat, forcing him to arch his back. Then the man started to rub the boy’s ass, lightly spanking it.

Casey’s cock was throbbing, dripping precum all over himself as he slide his finger in and out of his tight little asshole. He started stroking himself at the same time, biting his lip, staring at the screen.

The man had just started to tease the boy’s cute pink hole when the video paused. Casey stared at the screen.

Suddenly, Michael’s face appeared on the screen.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

Casey was silent. His cheeks flushed.

“You thought I was just going to give you the keys to my house and not keep an eye on you?”

Casey turned red and started to feel hot. He slowly pulled his hand out from his shorts but his cock continued to pulse.

“Don’t worry. I suspected you might be a little slut. Now I want you to reach under the couch.”

Casey nodded his head and got onto his knees. He instinctively stuck his ass up in the air, wiggling it back and forth.

“Get the black box.”

Casey pulled a box from under the couch. It had a small red ribbon around it.

“Open it.”

Casey untied the ribbon and inside the box was a pink, 8 inch toy.

“Now, why don’t you tie that pretty bow around your cock, nice and tight. You’re going to put on a show for Daddy. Let’s see what a cute little toy you are.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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