Housebuying Boogie

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My wife Samantha and I had been looking at properties for a few weeks when we decided to view Number 22. The experience so far had left me unenthusiastic and even Sam was beginning to find the ongoing process a little tedious. We couldn’t agree on which place to buy. One of us always had a negative point about the few places we had considered, and so it was with a growing feeling of frustration that we arrived at the next address to meet the agent.

Because it was Saturday afternoon, our usual agent wasn’t available since it was her rota for the weekend off. She’d called to apologise, but emphasised that Richard would look after us and assured us that he was more than capable.

‘Hmm,’ I heard Samantha murmur when we arrived. I assumed the tone of approval as for the house, but she continued with, ‘Look at him.’

As the car came to a halt I looked through the windscreen and saw the object of Samantha’s enthusiastic appraisal. A tall, athletic black guy was standing in the open doorway and was obviously expecting us. I supposed that this was Richard. He appeared to be in his early twenties, was dressed in a light suit that even I could see complimented his dark skin. His hair was neatly groomed and he looked to be relaxed and confident.

‘What do you mean, “Look at him”?’ I asked exasperated. ‘So he’s young, good looking and black… so what?’

‘Oh come on, Mark,’ Samantha rolled her eyes. ‘A girl can look can’t she? He’s positively gorgeous.’

‘For fuck’s sake,’ I muttered and opened the car door. ‘Come on, let’s take a look around.’ ‘Mr and Mrs Webster?’ Richard smiled and extended his hand.

‘Samantha, please I’m Samantha, call me Sam, and this is my husband, Mark.’ Samantha took over the introductions and smiled broadly at the young man.

Good God, she’s making a big deal out of this bloke. Look at her, positively drooling over him!

I shook hands with the estate agent and he went straight into his prepared introductory speech. Samantha and I followed Richard throughout the spacious, three storey house and as we looked into the usual rooms I forgot about Samantha’s bitch in heat attitude towards the handsome black man. The house really interested me and I could tell that Samantha appeared to like it as well.

‘Well,’ Richard asked finally, ‘what do you think?’

I looked at my wife and she smiled and nodded with approval.

‘I think,’ I replied slowly. ‘I think that we’re interested.’ I looked at Samantha for confirmation. ‘Sam?’

‘Mmm, definitely,’ she responded. ‘I’m definitely interested…’ She gave me a sideways look and grinned slyly. ‘Interested in the house too,’ she added.

Richard laughed albeit a little uncertainly. He was unsure as to how to politely respond to Samantha’s inappropriate remark and was flustered.

‘Please,’ I interjected,’ forgive my wife, she’s a little… ah… nervous. She makes jokes that probably aren’t funny when she’s nervous,’ I added as an attempt at explanation.

‘Ok,’ Richard smiled uncertainly. ‘Shall we sit in the living room and perhaps go over some possibilities?’

‘Oh, the possibilities are endless,’ Samantha offered and looked daggers at me.

‘Erm, do you think my wife and I could have a moment in private to discuss things?’ I asked Richard, who smiled politely and discreetly left the room.

I turned on Samantha abruptly, incensed by the show she was making of us both.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ I whispered sharply. ‘You’re making us look like a pair of fucking idiots. Making suggestive comments like that. Richard’s embarrassed… I’m fucking embarrassed… Jesus Sam, stop it.’

‘What?’ Samantha asked in a parody of wide eyed innocence. ‘So I’ve made a couple of remarks, Jesus relax will you.’ Samantha sniffed in disdain at her perception of my stuffy attitude. ‘I find him yummy, that’s all. He looks good, he smells good…’

‘Well calm yourself down, he’s got to be ten years younger than you anyway, you’re thirty five… how about fucking acting your age.’ ‘What?’ Samantha said sharply. ‘I’m thirty five, so there’s no way a stud like him is going to fancy me, is that it?’

‘Jesus,’ I muttered and looked upwards. ‘Listen to yourself. We’re here to look at a house, not get into a domestic. I’m not going to argue about how attractive you may, or may not be to a guy ten years your junior.’ I looked at Samantha directly, ‘I know you like the look of him, but come on… I’m standing right here, I feel a complete fool when you come on so strong like that.’

‘Ok,’ Samantha murmured quietly. ‘Sorry.’ She looked at me and smiled sheepishly.

I felt myself soften when I saw the look of contrition on my wife’s pretty face. I’ve always been easy to manipulate, at least as far as Samantha was concerned. That pretty face had attracted me to begin with. Samantha’s very kissable mouth with the adorable slight overbite and her big blue innocent looking eyes had captivated me years ago. I was always a sucker for blondes, and Sam’s particular shade of ‘dirty blonde’ really Bostancı Anal Escort did it for me in the trouser department. Samantha didn’t have any single outstanding feature that defined her attractiveness, for me it was the whole package combined. Her bust was neither overlarge nor small, her neat breasts were rounded and well proportioned, and her cleavage was shown to its full potential that day in her button fronted blouse.

My wife is a tall lady and her slim, elegantly shaped legs were shown off to their superb finest in the skirt she’d chosen for our trip out house hunting. The skirt hung to just above my wife’s knees, not too short and not too long, and the total effect was added to by the fact that her higher than average heeled shoes put just the right level of tension on her calf muscles and gave her legs that little ‘extra’ to cause men to take a second glance at her as she passed in the street. The narrow waist of the skirt emphasised Sam’s delectable backside; another winning feature that had given me many, many hours of exquisite pleasure.

‘Come on then, babe,’ I said softly and leaned in to kiss her mouth lightly. ‘Let’s talk money with Richard.’

Richard sat on a two seater settee that was in the living room, and Samantha sat opposite him in a matching chair. I watched Richard eyeing my wife’s legs as she settled back in the seat and crossed her shapely pins.

Oh fuck. I hope Samantha doesn’t see him eyeing her legs. It’ll only encourage her.

‘Right,’ said Richard briskly as he dragged his eyes up from Samantha’s legs. ‘You know the asking price?’ he enquired. I nodded and he continued, ‘Ok, so how do you feel about it if I may ask?’

‘Well,’ Samantha spoke,’ we would expect the vendor to negotiate.’

I looked sharply at her. I could tell by her tone that she was back to playing games already. Oh shit. She had a look in her eyes. A look I’d seen a few times in the past, and one that she had only ever displayed while drunk. It was her ‘horny and flirting’ look. It was dangerous.

‘Well I’m sure that we could come up with something if we all try to reach a common goal,’ Richard replied apparently unaffected by my wife’s tone of voice.

Samantha laughed with enjoyment. ‘Now I’m certain that we could come up with something.’ She stared at Richard as though challenging him and the young man shifted awkwardly in his seat. Samantha’s very thinly veiled suggestive remarks had obviously penetrated his consciousness and he was more than a little discomfited.

‘Sam,’ I warned, but my warning fell upon deaf ears as Sam stood up.

‘What?’ she looked at me with hat blue eyed innocence. She smoothed her skirt over her hips and for some reason Richard swallowed heavily. Perhaps the innocuous gesture had struck a chord within him, I didn’t know and could only guess, but he could only look at Sam helplessly as she moved across the carpet towards where he sat. ‘We can talk… figures if you like,’ Sam said in a slightly husky voice and settled cosily onto the seat next to Richard.

‘Er… Yes, yes indeed,’ Richard stumbled, lost for words in the strangeness of his situation. He was totally at a loss and looked to me for some sign.

‘Sam,’ I warned again I a low voice. ‘Stop teasing the man, come on.’

‘Teasing?’ the blue eyed innocence again. Samantha turned her body towards Richard and leaned in closer. ‘I’m not teasing am I, Richard,’ she sighed.

‘Erm…’ Richard still struggled with the words, and then called out, ‘Oh!’ as my wife placed her hand on his thigh.

‘Sam!’ I barked. ‘That’s enough, get up, we’ll talk about the house on the way home.’

‘Mark,’ Samantha replied with a pout. ‘Don’t get so cross, I was only playing. Richard doesn’t mind.’ She squeezed the poor man’s thigh and looked at him again. ‘You don’t mind, do you Richard?’

‘No, no,’ he replied flustered. ‘Not really, no.’

‘There!’ my wife called out in triumph. ‘Now, stop being silly Mark, you’re so stuffy at times.’

I rolled my eyes in exasperation and smiled at Richard apologetically. ‘Sorry about her,’ I said. ‘She doesn’t mean anything, she just takes things a bit too far sometimes.’

Richard grinned weakly and rose to his feet. He obviously hadn’t assessed the situation fully since his trouser front was bulging with what appeared to be the beginning of a very impressive erection.

Richard’s eyes grew wide when he realised that his traitorous cock was standing at half mast and was tenting his trousers hugely.

‘Good God,’ I heard Samantha whisper when she saw the effect her flirting had had on poor Richard. ‘Is that for my benefit?’ She giggled nervously, obviously taken aback by the sheer extent of Richard’s apparent arousal.

‘Oh,’ Richard blurted. ‘I’m sorry Mr Webster… and you too Mrs Webster. I’m…’

‘Richard, please,’ my wife purred. ‘You have no reason to be sorry, no reason at all.’ Samantha looked at me pleadingly. ‘Mark…’ she began. ‘Mark, please…’

I knew what my wife was Bostancı Yaşlı Escort asking. She wanted my signal that she could go ahead. I knew she’d had a yearning for black cock since before we’d met. To date, she’d never acted upon her desire, I had no real idea why. Perhaps it was out of love and respect for me, her spouse, or perhaps she just didn’t have the guts… I didn’t know. All I could focus on now was the fact that she appeared to have made her choice. She wanted Richard, and she was now looking to me for some sort of approval.

My stomach flipped and coiled greasily. I felt a conflict of emotion, a paradox of jealousy and burgeoning lust. The thought of my wife, my beautiful Samantha with another man… The imagined vision of my Sam, her legs wide in invitation as she gazed up in wonder as another man held his hard cock against her lithe body… God, the very thought sent me wild with jealousy, but… But, my cock took me by surprise with its sudden, huge stiffening. My mind whirled with indecision. My wife… No! But the throb in my balls and lower belly sent a different message to my brain, and I was appalled to hear my own voice as though from afar utter a hoarse, ‘Yes Sam.’

The voice sounded to me as though it had come from far away, but my wife only grinned at me in response.

‘Thank you, baby,’ she whispered. ‘I love you.’ Then she turned to Richard who had been standing dumbly throughout this personal, private drama and smiled at him. ‘So,’ she whispered, ‘are you going to let me see what you’ve got that’s making your trousers bulge like that?’

My wife reached out and rubbed the big bulge with the palm of her hand. ‘Mrs Webster!’ Richard managed to call. ‘Mrs Webster, please, no… I… this…’

‘Oh come on, Richard,’ Sam cut him off. ‘Loosen up,’ She jerked her head in my direction. ‘Mark’s cool about it, I want you, and I’d say you want me…’ She pushed her body against the bemused young man and writhed against him slowly. ‘Come on,’ she insisted. ‘Kiss me.’

Sam stood on tip toe and held Richard’s face in her hands. She pulled his head down to hers and kissed his mouth. He resisted for a short time, but then seemed to succumb and began to return the kiss.

I stood immobile for what seemed an age as my wife held the man’s face in her hands and pushed her tongue into his mouth. The contrast of Samantha’s skin against the dark background of Richard’s cheek stunned me. My chest felt tight, constricted, as though a band had been placed around me and was slowly tightening. I realised with a jolt that I had been subconsciously holding my breath and I had to make a determined effort to breath normally again.

Still standing stock still, I continued to watch as Richard’s ardour began to obviously heighten and I heard him moan quietly while my wife’s tongue writhed with his in a serpentine ballet. As the couple kissed, Samantha’s hand was busy at Richard’s belt and zip. I watched her reach inside the gap at the top of Richard’s trousers and heard her low murmur of approval when Sam felt Richard’s cock.

Without preamble, Sam pulled the man’s penis from its hiding place. ‘Oh my God!’ she cried. ‘Look at it.’ My wife’s eyes were huge, wide with the shock of what she was looking at. It wasn’t the size of Richard’s cock; it was the fact that it was the first black cock she’d ever seen in real life. ‘Look at it, she repeated, ‘it’s so… it’s so… dark.’

My wife’s delight was obvious; she was positively salivating at the sight of her soon-to-be-lover’s exotic penis. I felt the greasy slide of jealousy again, but was also taken by surprise at my own body’s reaction to the situation. In response to Samantha’s eagerness and wide eyed anticipation, my cock had grown suddenly hard. The excitement in Samantha’s voice sparked my own excitement and I was almost as keen as her for the situation to develop further.

Samantha glanced across to me as she held Richard’s erection in a sort of underhand grip. A quick, almost apologetic smile twitched at the corners of her pretty mouth and she rolled her eyes in a signal of appreciation. Once again I was aware of the contrast in the pale skin of her inner forearm, as Richard’s chocolate hued cock lay thick against her wrist and arm. Sam’s grip tightened around the girth of Richard’s shaft and she slowly began to manipulate the length of it. Richard groaned as my wife gently caressed him, his eyes were closed with the sweet sensation he was feeling. I knew exactly how he felt because my wife had teased my own stiff cock to climax on numerous occasions stretching back over the years of our relationship.

Sweet Jesus just look at her. She’s actually holding another man’s cock right in front of my eyes! Why am I letting this happen? I should intervene; I should stop it! She’s my wife, for God’s sake. But, look at her. She’s so beautiful; she looks so bloody excited… That look on her face… it’s turning me on too. Damn, damn her. I should stop it… but I can’t.

Richard reached for the top button on Samantha’s Bostancı Zenci Escort blouse and popped it open. The others quickly followed suit and soon my wife was standing with her blouse gaping and her bra exposed. She let go of Richard’s cock and pulled the blouse from her shoulders. She threw it over the back of a chair casually, and reached behind to unclip her bra. I saw the familiar sight of her cute, round breasts as they were freed and noticed Richard’s face suddenly change. He stared at my wife’s sweet breasts for a moment and then growled again. The sound was rich and deep, and indicated his lust at the sight of Samantha’s bared skin. He cupped Sam’s boobs in his big, long fingered hands and damn, if that contrast of skin tone didn’t cause a surge of lust to fire through my body as well.

Richard dipped his head to Samantha’s chest and licked at her thickening teats. He left a trail of saliva around each of Samantha’s areola, and at one point he had squeezed Samantha’s tits together and was slurping from one nipple to the other and back again, and was making sounds of appreciation in the back of his throat throughout. Richard’s breath was loud as it hissed through his nostrils and I heard Samantha sighing with pleasure and arousal as Richard feasted on her body.

‘Take your clothes off,’ I heard Samantha whisper urgently. ‘Take your clothes off, I want to taste your cock and see your body – Hurry!’

With an urgency that was almost comical, Richard stripped. The comedy evaporated, fast, when I saw the clean, chiselled muscles that adorned Richard’s chest and stomach. His legs were long and well muscled as well, and his arms were also athletically proportioned. His cock jutted in front of his body in all its erect magnificence and I could see the excitement in Samantha’s face as she looked at it hungrily.

Samantha was nude now as well, with the exception of her shoes, which I realised with a jolt was so that she would have sufficient height for Richard to be able to fuck her from behind whilst standing. This was one of my wife’s favourite positions, and one that she had enjoyed hugely with me on numerous outdoor trysts. That she was contemplating accommodating her black stud in just this way sent a frisson of now familiar jealousy through me again.

‘My God, you’re beautiful,’ I heard my wife say. She ran her palms along Richard’s chest and arms, feeling his taut muscles as they tensed and bunched under her touch. ‘I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a black guy,’ she whispered. ‘Mark knows,’ she added, ‘but, until now… Well, I’ve never had the guts.’

Richard grinned, his confidence apparently returned. ‘Yeah, well… I’m glad you chose today. Damn you’re sexy.’

He was right; she did look sexy, as sexy as I’d seen her ever looking. Her hair was piled up carelessly and held up with a few pins and a comb. Her face was animated and her eyes were sparkling with blatant lust and desire. Her nipples were long and thick, which was always a sure sign that she would be positively dripping between her legs. The shoes… Oh my God, the shoes! I’ve always loved Sam dressing up in a pair of what we call ‘hooker shoes’, and she was certainly getting into role this afternoon.

In reciprocation of Samantha’s touching, Richard ran his hands slowly over my wife’s curves. He gently fingered the smooth skin of her breasts and took a firm grip of both her buttocks and squeezed.

‘What a fine body you have, Mrs Webster,’ Richard said with a cheeky grin. ‘Cute little diddies, and a firm, hot arse.’

‘Why thank you,’ my wife replied with mock civility. ‘I think you’ve got a fantastic body…’ She paused and lifted Richard’s hard cock in her hand, ‘and you’re cock looks adorable too.’ Samantha tugged at the shaft several times and then added, ‘I think I’m just going to get down on my knees right here and suck your fat, black cock.’

Samantha squatted in front of the athletically proportioned young man and then knelt. She examined his penis from close range and then shocked me by sticking the pink, wet tip of her tongue out and licking the dark purple head.

‘Fucking hell,’ Richard whispered as he looked down at Samantha’s blonde head. He pushed his fingers through the careless tangle of my wife’s hair and held her head steady. ‘Sam…’ he croaked. ‘Jesus, Sam… suck me. Suck my cock. Damn, you white bitches love black don’t you?’

My wife looked up at her lover and nodded. ‘Oh yes indeed, Richard,’ she agreed wholeheartedly. ‘I want to be your bitch this afternoon, treat me like I’m your bitch. Fuck my pink pussy and feel my white tits with your black hands.’

Jesus! Where was she getting it from? My wife was talking like a complete slut. She was nearly begging the man to fuck her senseless. I’d seen her in a state of high arousal before; of course I had, but this… It must be the situation and because I was so turned on too. My God, the whole thing was just so unbelievably sexy…

I was past the point of no return by now myself. I didn’t care what was going on in that room. I didn’t care that my beautiful wife was offering herself to this man for his pleasure. I wanted to fuck her too, and I pulled my own not inconsiderable erection from my trousers. I stroked myself and watched the debauched spectacle of my wife sucking the thick black/purple pole of Richard’s cock.

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