Housewife Allie

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This story contains a variety of straight, bi and gay/dyke sex, BDSM, GS, BS, whore, slut and other action. If any of this upsets you, please don’t read. If you like it, read on and let me have comments!


It was Tuesday morning and the 37yo mom dropped off her little one at the twice-weekly playgroup and stayed to chat with a couple of the other moms for a few minutes before getting back into her luxury SUV. Often she liked to stay and chat, or maybe go for a coffee, with some of the moms as she knew that a few of them didn’t mind some dyke pussy licking from time to time, but today Allie had other arrangements she didn’t share with her girlfriends. Squirming on the leather seat as she drove her late model SUV, Allie’s cunt was tingling under her cute mid-thigh dress, no knickers covering her big married slit. Her heavy D cup tits were wobbling in her soft-cup pink lace bra, the thick dark pink nipples already semi-hard.

She parked at the far end of the small carpark, squirming and horny. She took a tube of lube from her purse, smeared 2 fingers, then leaned over, lifting her ass off the seat slightly then pushing her hand between her thick thighs and smeared the lube over and into her anal ring. When she saw the blue car arrive, she climbed out of her SUV and walked slowly across the carpark and small grass area to the brick toilet block and walked into an open stall. Moments later the man walked in, smiling at her, stepping into the stall and closing the flimsy door. “God, slut, you look cute, just like a normal mom, I bet no one knows what a filthy piece of ass you really are huh? Open my pants, pull my dick out, its already getting hard for you” the guy said, perving at the mom and tossing a thick envelope of cash onto the floor.

Allie leaned over, expertly undoing the mans belt and unzipping him, pulling his thick meaty cock from his shorts. Wrapping her slim fingers around it, she quickly opened her wet mouth and started sucking, it wasn’t long until the man was fully hard in her drooling mommy mouth.

“Fuck, yes, you’re good, slut, now stand up and pull your dress down, show me your big breastfed tits” the man said, slowly jacking his spit-wet cock as Allie pulled her dress down then reached into her sexy sheer bra and pulled her natural heavy D cup tits out so they hung over her bra. “Ha ha, fuck look, your nipples are already hard, you must love sucking big dick huh?!” Allie just squirmed, as the man talked. “Pull your dress up, I hope you’re not wearing any panties, like I said” and Allie pulled her dress up, exposing her cunt. A nice strip of dark cunthair framing her thick hanging labia and her wrinkled thick hooded clit, the short- trimmed fur already matted with slime, her labia glistening with cuntal excitement.

“Nice cunt slut, now turn around and bend over the toilet, show me that mommy ass I paid for” and Allie did what she came here for, straddling the toilet bowl, her legs wide, bending over and putting her hands against the wall.

“Pale tanlines aren’t they slut, not enough bikini time for mommy these days huh? Reach back, one hand, spread that white mom ass” the guy told Allie, who obeyed, pulling her left cheek out, exposing her already lubed anus, the heavily puckered brown ring already glistening. “Mmm, very cute pale mommy ass…I wonder how many of your friends know you’re currently bending over a public toilet offering your greasy asshole to a stranger, huh? Look back at me, ask for my cock!” Allie looked back over her shoulder, her big tits hanging, her white wobbling ass Çeşme Escort spread open and her big wedding ring sparkling as she held her meaty ass open. “Fuck my ass please, fuck my dirty big white ass please mister, fuck my mommy bumhole” Allie moaned, so disgustingly horny by now.

The perv didn’t waste any time, holding onto Allie’s married hips, pushing his cock against her greasy asshole and shoving forward, fucking his rock hard fat cockhaed past Allie’s rubbery sphincter. “Arrnngg, ohhh fuckkkk, fuckkkk, unnnrrgghhhh” Allie moaned and grunted as the mans fat dick penetrated her for the first time and shoved a few inches into her asstube. He held her, her married ass quivering and shaking, as he pushed harder, jabbing deeper, pushing more cockmeat into her slimy ass. “Fuck yes, your ass loves cock doesn’t it slut, your assring is grasping at my fat dick already” the man said as he started to pump Allie’s ass, getting all 8 inches buried. “Now slut, tell me what you want, what did you write in that personal ad on the website, tell me now while I fuck your big ass.”

Allie was on heat, in a position she had become accustomed to – bending over a toilet with her legs spread being fucked in her ass. “Oh god, fuck your cock feels so good in my ass, my mommy ass, my shit-loaded mommy ass!” Allie moaned, her big tits shaking. “I want you to fuck the shit out of my ass, thats what I wrote, you nasty perv!” Allie continued, grinding back on the cock, feeling that cockhead already pushing into her shit.

The mommy hadn’t shit for 2 days, she was properly loaded for this meet and the perv knew it. “That’s right you filthy bitch, you want to get your cute mommy ass all messy don’t you? You want to shit all over my fat cock while you get fucked in a public toilet don’t you? Do it, slut, shit it all out, I wanna see your cute mommy ass dumping on my cock right now.” With that Allie moaned and grunted, relaxing and pushing, her hot brown load squelching as the perv fucked her ass, the shit getting forced out of her rectal tube, squishing around the man’s thick cock.

“Oh fuck, fucking look at that brown mess, it’s gonna make me blow my fucking load” the perv grunted as he pulled his filthy shit-coated cock from Allie’s shithole. “Get down and suck it, quick, suck my filthy dick” the perv moaned and grunted as Allie spun around, squatting on the toilet floor and opening her mouth wide for the perv to shove his filthy cock into. “Arrgggghhh, fuck yes, here it cums!!” he moaned, his cock erupting with spurts of thick cocksnot into the moms shitty mouth. Allie kept her mouth open, the thick cum mixing with the slimy shit in her mouth, slowly drooling down her face. “Fuck that was good, now let’s see you dump the rest of your filthy mommy load you dirtslut” the perv continued, making Allie again spread her legs and bend over the toilet. She spread her white ass wide open, the slimy shit already smeared heavily around her asshole. One hand against the wall, her other hand furiously rubbing her cunt, Allie pushed her load out, the shit snaking from her asshole and falling part on the floor, part into the bowl. “Fuck hun, you were fully loaded huh?” the man said admiringly, watching the 37yo mom shit herself.

The perv was jacking his slimy fat cock, watching Allie shitting herself. “Now slut, shove your ass back more, open yourself wider and bend over and lick your shit off the bowl” the man said, Allie’s filthy ass spread obscenely wide, her shithole bulging, as the perv jacked his cock harder and watched Çiğli Escort the housewife lick her own brown mess. “That’s it slut, keep licking that shit, yess, yess, look at your filthy housewife ass you dirty filthy slut…ohh fuck yesssss” he grunted again as he shot another load of cum, Allie thrashing her cunt and coming on her fingers soon after. “Fucking thank you slut, you are a filthy piece of ass, you know how to find me if you ever want to do this again” the perv said, zipping up and walking out as Allie wiped as much shit off her ass as she could, flipped her dress down, picked up the envelope and walked out of the toilet block to her SUV, putting some newspaper on the seat so she didn’t make a mess of the leather seats.

Allie drove home, driving into the garage and closing the door behind her. As she got out of the SUV she noticed some movement at the side of the house…oh god, she thought, probably one of those college boy peekers, oh well, he’ll get a good eyeful now, as she squirmed into her big bathroom and stripped for the shower, her ass filthy with shit still. Allie quite enjoyed the college boy peekers, they were so keen on her wide mommy ass, so different to the hardbody college girls she’d see at the mall. And of course, a few of the rich college boys didn’t mind paying Allie for some favours from time to time, favours she was happy to oblige them with!

She washed well, all the time knowing the boy was probably peeking at her through the slightly open bathroom louvre windows. Allie washed thoroughly with antiseptic and antibacterial soap and mouthwash and a good cunt-washing with her big douche bottle until she was scrubbed clean, popping an antibacterial pill for good measure. All the time, she was making sure she played enough with her big tits, her pale ass and her slutty pussy to turn the peeker on. Stepping out of the shower, naked and wet, she heard the peeker outside and saw him push a $100 note through the window. “Gimme some of your dirty panties Mrs A, you’ve got me so hard for you” he was grunting as Allie smiled, took the money and pulled a pair of soiled panties from her hamper. She waggled the little spandex and lace panty next to the window, teasing the boy. “You want these dirty things huh? But they’re so dirty! You can see where my pussy has leaked into them…ohhh and some butt stains too!” she giggled, stuffing the panty through the window. “Ohh fuck yes Mrs A…fuck they’re gonna make me cum…arrnnggggggg, fuckkkkk” the peeker was grunting, jerking himself off hard and Allie bent over and spread her ass so the boy could sniff her panties and perve at her married ass while shooting his load.

As Allie was getting dressed in her walk-in closet her phone beeped with an incoming text message. “Want to rent your housewife ass. $500. South Beach carpark. 1pm.” was all it said. Allie didn’t know who it was from, obviously one of her other fucks had given this guy her number. She typed a response – “See you there”. It was already past 12 noon as Allie pulled on some slutty pink crotchless panties and matching sheer bra, a light summer flowery dress and some 4 inch sandals. She smeared some more lube over her swollen arsering, her cunt still moist and slimy as she walked out and back into the SUV and drove to the meeting spot. It was quiet as she parked at the far end, under some trees and immediately a couple of guys walked towards the SUV. Allie rolled the window down as the guys approached, turning a little in her seat, exposing plenty of her thighs as Foça Escort she smiled at them. “Leave your car here, slut, we’re going to do you in our truck over there ok? More room in the back to enjoy that big housewife ass of yours!” one smirked, as Allie got out and followed them after taking their cash.

The 2 guys opened the back of the truck and Allie climbed up, showing her ass and crotchless panties and the 2 men followed her into the back. “A friend of ours has hired your ass before slut, he said you were a filthy housewife into whoring yourself out behind hubbie’s back. Now we’re gonna take turns on you, so pull your dress off and start sucking us” one guy said as they both pulled their pants down, their big cocks already semi-erect. Allie squatted and started sucking, both hung dicks getting fully erect fast…9 inch cocks…Allie slobbering all over them, sucking the huge balls too. “All 4’s slut, knees wide, we’re gonna spit roast you good!” one guy grunted and immediately housewife Allie had cock shoved down her gagging throat and the other cock forced up her greased swollen buttpipe. The 2 cocks took her, the guy pounding into her ass, his hips smacking loudly against Allie’s meaty asscheeks as his fat cock stretched and plundered her rubbery shithole, while the other cock hammered her throat, her big tits swinging wildly under her.

After a couple of minutes, the men swapped ends, Allie tasting the sweet slimy taste of her lube mixing with the shit residue still in her rectal tube. “Suck it slut, suck my assfucking fat cock” the guy moaned, holding Allie’s hair and holding his dirty dick in her spluttering drooling throat. She was gakking and spluttering, thick ropes of bubbling spit drooling from her mouth as 8 inches of cock were held in her throat, the guys hand wrapped in Allie’s hair, holding her in place as he pushed into her throat. The man at the other end held Allie’s housewife arse cheeks wide open and was fucking her hole, getting close to cumming.

“Ohhhh fuck slut…i’m ready to fucking cum” the guy in her mouth grunted, yanking Allie’s head back, tilting it up, the moms spluttering drooling mouth wide open as he quickly gave his spit-lubed cock a couple of wanks and then started spewing rope after rope of cum over Allie’s face, in her mouth, in her hair. The sight made the other man also cum, holding Allie’s arse and pumping his load deep into her used asshole. “Fucking whore, fucking take my load in your filthy arse you slut” he growled as he ejaculated dicksauce into her brown tube. After emptying his balls he pushed Allie’s ass wide open and slowly pulled his cock out of the hole. “Now shit my load out slut, grunt it out of your used ass” he grunted, making Allie shit the slimy tan-coloured load of cum out of her violated asshole and into the mans hand. He pushed it around to Allie’s face, holding her hair in his other hand, wiping his hand right into Allie’s mouth. “Oh thats it slut, eat that filthy fucking load up, slurp it down slut” as Allie’s tongue slithered out and slurped down the filthy slimy load.

Allie licked her mouth clean, using her fingers to scoop cum off her face and into her mouth, savouring the remains of both loads of fun. “Thanks guys, you didn’t last long but I LOVE a dirty spit roast!” Allie smiled and laughed as she climbed out of the back of the track and wiggled her ass walking back to her SUV. She drove home, just enough time to have another quick shower before she had to go and do the pickup from play group.

Back at home, waiting for her husband to get home from work, Allie updated her little notebook with the day’s activities and the men she’d met…and what she’d earned. She had showered and bathed, used her antibacterial mouthwash and soaps, and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt looking just like the suburban soccer mom she liked people to think she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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