How I Fell In Love Ch. 03

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With bed full of books, mind full of mess, and phone full of unread messages, I sat idly fighting myself.

What had happened in two days? My life had changed. My best friend, with whom I thought I wanted nothing, had become the primary source of my wanting. He had said and done things that couldn’t be reversed. How had my life gone to a state of utter chaos? How had someone like me landed into an island of confusion?

My thoughts, sane and rational, fogged my mind. I closed my eyes and put my head down on my lap with my hands tangled in my hair.

Memories of his smile and the words we said came back to my mind.


“Hi. What are you smiling at?”

“You’ve made your decision. About the- relationship”

“Have I? And what is it?”

“I need you to say it; I need to hear it from your lovely mouth”


“Amy, I need you to know I will hurt you.”

“And Aiden, I need you to know I will be here.”

My irate phone buzzed earning a hiss from me as my calmness seeked shelter from my anger. I took the phone in order to switch it off, only to see 99 messages from Aiden.

Aiden: A

Aiden: M

Aiden: Y

And this childishness continued.

I called him up.

“What is it?” I asked whining.

“Are you ok?” he asked with concern, so unlike his childish messages.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I think there’s something going on in your brain despite my earlier successful attempt at showing you that you want to be with me.”

How did he know this?

“I- I think we should reconsider all this” I said, hoping he would get the hint that I was indeed suggesting I want out.

“We’ll discuss this tomorrow.” He simply said.

Oh no! Did I really want to talk about this? My heart was beating hard. I found myself not wanting out.

“Good night Amy” he said and hung up.

I switched off my phone and concentrated on my work.

Tomorrow- College

I sat idly, aloof, thinking how I would approach this topic. I had already hinted last night. My first relationship and first breakup. What kind of girl says ‘yes’ one day and ‘no’ the next day? A terrible person! And why, oh why, did I feel like my stomach curled when every time I felt that after this breakup I was going to be broken? Did I want this relationship or did I not want it?

“It seems I should never leave you alone. Only then you will be focussed on what you want.” Aiden said as he came up behind me, breathing on my neck, pushing my thoughts aside.

His finger touched the nape of my neck and I closed my eyes as he closed his fingers around my neck to bend it back and placed a kiss on my lips. A pure moment of my incapability to deny him… or – submit.

Soft, prolonged kiss, closed mouth. Only his lips pressing mine.

As he broke the kiss, I opened my eyes to see a pair of blue eyes staring intensely into mine.

“What’s wrong?” he said as he frowned.

Our professor chose that moment to enter and broke our trance and we straightened up.

Politics! A subject of my interest, failed to keep me engaged today as the wheels of my mind turned and worked overtime to generate an answer to Aiden’s question. I didn’t even know the basics of a breakup. I desperately needed a ‘how to’ manual to deal with this.

As the lecture ended, so did my time to come up with the answer. Others dispersed and some girls where approaching me but the site of Aiden, they gestured ‘some other time’. Everyone left. Aiden and I stood still, facing each other, in the big, giant empty classroom.

“I – I don’t know anything.” I said and he frowned asking me to elaborate.

“Look, I know I said ‘yes’ yesterday after we…” I blushed and a smile crossed across his face. I took a breath and continued, “But after that, ever since that actually I have been thinking about everything. About us. About how you are when we are alone and when you do things to me. I-”

“Let’s go somewhere private özbek escort and talk.” He cut me off.

He held out his hand and without a thought, I took it, realising after a beat I should not have done that. Am I becoming dumb?

We reached my place. A smile crossed my mind at the irony. Just day before yesterday, we were at my place and my life had changed. Will it change today as well? Will I be more devastated than I am now?

Throughout the walk home, he was quiet. As soon as we entered my home, my heart raced, and just as I closed the door, he pinned me to the door, and his mouth attacked mine.

Oh! The kiss. He was pouring all his defence into it. Trying to give me more than reason itself to be with him. Cutting me off before I tried to speak- before I broke us up. His teeth took my lower lip hostage and kept tonguing and sucking it. He then gave tiny little bites and found my tongue, as he licked it, once, twice, oh my! Of course, he had ravished my mouth before, plunging his mouth into mine. But this – this felt ten times more. His ragged breathing made me aware it was same as mine! He was affected- hugely!

He was relentless. His hands went tugging me, my waist, my breasts. Oh my! He kneaded them and I felt- I would die if he stopped. I found my own hands, grabbing his head and arms, feeling the dire need to support myself, and stop myself from losing. His tongue sucked mine hard and I moaned.

He pressed my mouth hard against his and held me tightly, as he quietly ended the kiss, leaving me – speechless and in a state of nothingness.

“How do you feel?” he asked, catching his breath and still holding me, tightly.

“I feel- I need- I want- oh god!” I couldn’t even form words after that kiss!

“I think we had this discussion yesterday that you wanted to be with me. Why do you doubt yourself today? Huh?” he said and even though he was panting just a little, he sounded totally in control of himself. Where had my control gone?

“I don’t know.” I said slowly.

“Ok.” he said and he held out his hand.

I thought about taking it but when he cocked his eyebrow, I quickly grabbed it.

Leading me to my bedroom, he made me stop in the middle of the room. I blushed remembering that we were standing exactly like we were…

He took a few steps back and gave me a scan. Top to bottom. I gasped as he locked eyes with me.

“Strip.” He commanded.

I found myself reaching for the hem of my tee shirt.

“No!” he said. “The jeans first.” He finished.

I reached for the button and the zip and slipped out of my jeans. Reaching for the hem of my tee- again- I courageously pulled it up and off me.

Stepping out, I stood in only my bra and panties. I could see his eyes had widened a little. I blushed and at the same time felt proud that I could do something to him.

“Those too.” He said and I shook my head, unable to do it.

He came close and I stood still. He reached for the clasp and agonisingly slowly, making me aware of my nakedness, he removed my bra.

He looked at my breasts. I had an urge to hide but then my body betrayed my mind. I was immobilised. He breathed and this time, it landed on my chest. I closed my eyes and a moan escaped me.

I felt his hands, around my waist, unexpectedly, as he dragged my panties down the entire length of my legs, feeling every bit of them.

As I stood naked, fully naked in front of him, I found myself aroused. Who would have thought, Aiden undressing me, would be arousing!

He held my chin and I opened my eyes.

“You say you want to break up with me?” he said nuzzling my cheeks.

His hand went straight to my clit and without a thought, I shamelessly rubbed against it. He cooed.

His other hand went straight to my left nipple, flicking it lightly, eliciting long moans from me.

“You say you want to break up with me, sweetheart?” he said again, his nose still nuzzling my cheeks.

His mecidiyeköy escort hand that was brushing my clit, went to explore further and his fingers, tried to check my wetness. I protested with my moan and he chuckled and went back to my clit.

“You are wet.” He said.

And I could hear his arousal but nothing mattered to me, except to achieve the orgasm he was leading me upto.

He suddenly pulled away. I opened my eyes, to see his sly smile and my own single small tear at the side of my eye.

“Please.” I said quietly.

“You want to come?”


“You want to come or you want me to make you come?” he asked. I blinked at him blankly.

“Sweetheart, if you really just wanted to come, you would have started using your own hands to continue what you wanted.” He added and it hit me, I wanted him.

“I-” I started and looked at him.

“If you want it, you got to say it.”

“I want you to make me come.” I got it out.

“Say please.” He said smiling.

“Please Aiden. I am yours. Make me come.” I said it and I didn’t register the meaning of it until later.

“Get on all fours.” He said in a manner that was impossibly dominant and called an unknown psyche of me that wanted to do nothing but what he said. If he wasn’t telling me what to do, I would die! I was quick to comply.

He went around kneeling behind me and the first blow came hard.

“This is for doubting yourself.” He hissed and second blow. It was arousing me. Why?

He started with his relentless pace. His spankings getting harder and harder and although I was aroused, I fought my feeling of fainting. I did not want to faint.

“Stop” I said and I knew it was too soon.

“Amy? Are you okay? You can take a lot more than this.” he asked and I looked at him with teary eyes.

“I don’t want to faint.” I said meekly and he smiled shyly.

“Do you want to have sex?” he asked and his breathing was harder.

“Yes.” I said looking at him expectantly.

“Get on the bed.” He said and I somehow stood on numb legs, walking towards my bed.

He didn’t join me and still standing, undressed himself. As he removed his shirt I saw his chest. Not that I was seeing his chest for the first time, but never in this way. I felt needing his warmth around me. He removed his jeans swiftly and then his boxers and I found myself staring at his cock and balls. My eyes were glued to it.

I was still sitting and he was still standing. He came close and said, “suck” and almost instantaneously I did.

Only taking his head, I swirled my tongue around and heard him curse. He pulled back and I looked at him.

“Lie down.”

I expected him to kiss me but instead he walked towards my legs and kissed them. Moving from my knees to inner thigh, he didn’t waste any time as he tongued my clit.

Already aroused, it didn’t take long to come. But it wasn’t intense. I frowned, after I came, even though I felt relief bodily.

He came up and gave me a hard kiss on my mouth. He tasted sweet-sour and it took a while for me to figure out it was my taste.

As he unlocked his lips from mine, I realised he was probing at my entrance. I held my breath. I was losing my virginity- to my best friend.

“Relax. I didn’t just make you come, so you could tense up again. I need you relaxed if we are ever going to- oh” he said as he found my hole and slipped in a little.

I screamed. It burned.

“Shh- sweetheart.” He said but I was hurting so much. I started moving my hands and legs. He held both my hands above my head with his left hand, while his right hand went to guide his cock. I cried feeling helpless.

He pushed further in. I felt sensitive. I wanted him out.

He soon reached my pain point and I cried as loudly as I could.

He left my hands to cover my mouth but I started pushing his hips away and he had to hold my hands again. Stopping my scream with a kiss, he pushed further and went past azeri escort it.

I felt immense pain and he relief at the same time. I felt full and he stretched me out little by little as he went deeper and deeper, so much that I had never imagined.

I cried and shook my head. He left my mouth and filled me completely. He didn’t move at all and I felt his thumb brushing my clit. I relaxed and went lax.

As he pulled out slowly, completely, I felt the burn again. Oh I couldn’t endure this till he came.

I looked at him and saw his eyes fixed down to how I took him completely. His balls touched my ass and I realised he was slow in his movements. Did he not want to hurt me? Or he knew this hurt tremendously?

I closed my eyes as he changed angles. I was moaning and moaned particularly loudly when it felt like he might have touched something that caused immense pleasure. More!

He didn’t change anything more and continued and it felt heavenly. I could see in his eyes, he was about to come. I was there. He freed my hands which were now tired to move and tugged on my nipples.

I felt – oh shit!

“Aiden”, I said unable to hold back.

I bucked up and I was almost coming. This was intense. His hand on my nipples, my clit and filling me upto the hilt.

“Come” He said and I gushed out my relief as I chanted his name.

I had trouble opening my eyes. And as I went beyond the brink of consciousness, I felt my body ache. Moreover something was pressing my body.

I realised my head was buried in Aiden’s chest. He was holding me tightly to him and his arm was pressing my head further close. I could hear the steady rhythm of his beating heart.

I smiled and must have made some tiny movement because Aiden’s grip loosened as he allowed me to pull myself away from him- just a little.

I blinked, to the soft afternoon glow in my room. To his hot, naked chest. To glance around the room. It felt like a dream. He smiled at me and kissed my cheeks.

“How are you?” he asked whispering.

As I brought my arm up to brush my fringes away from my face, I saw I was wearing his shirt. I raised my eyebrow to him.

“You were cold.” He said and frowned.

“Aiden, I-” I began but he cut me off with a kiss.

“Amy. I love you. And I want to dominate you, hurt you. But not in the way I think you are picturing. If you’re scared by all this, I understand. But I need you to trust me. I know you want to be with me. Hell, you know you want to be with me. Then please, give us a chance. I want us to at least try.” He said and I was speechless. I had never expected this! I wanted to cry.

“Ok.” I said as I had tears flowing over which I had no control it seemed.

“Thank you.” He said and hugged me.

“How are you?” he asked again.

“Sore!” I said and we laughed a little.

“Why don’t you go to sleep? I have to leave, but” he said and I didn’t want him to.

“Stay. Till at least I fall asleep.”I said and felt teas still running my face, sobbing a little.

“Ok, sweetheart.” He said and I shut my mind.

I woke up, in my own room. Alone. Dressed.

I tried sitting up and every part of my body burned. God!

I moved my legs to try and stand up and ended up falling in my bed. Oh!

My eyes went to my side table. There were two strips of tablets and a note!

‘Dear Amy,

I am glad you agreed. And I know you are sore. The pink tablet is a painkiller. Have one. And I hope you are on birth control. If not, the white one is for that purpose.

I wanted.

I love you. See you. Message me when you feel like it.


I gladly took the painkiller and thanked my mom for having me put on birth control pills, even though she knew I didn’t have a reason to be taking them.

My eyes went back to the words he had cut. What did he want?

I pondered for a while, lying on my bed.

He was gentle today. Vulnerable, maybe. He didn’t dominate much during… well leading up to that point, yes he did.

Did he- was he not completely satisfied? Oh shit, he wants more.

How the fuck would I do that, if every time it felt intense, I faint! If every time, he was doing something it felt intense. Oh god!

To be continued…

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