How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 02

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As I lay in bed, I tried to recover my sanity. Jake said nothing in the morning. Trying not to show too much affection, he just helped me get up from out of bed and helped me stand. And that was all.

I couldn’t even walk properly after last night, with my soft bum in pain and having to hold my pants closed, as the beast tore it off last night. He was of course in a great mood. All the others sniggered and laughed at me as I walked around in prison tamely and awkwardly, my torn pants stained with my blood and his load. It was so embarrassing. They all watched last night as Jake had sex with me. Jake’s theatrics convinced them that he raped me, though it was far from it! Nevertheless, I had to keep up this embarrassing charade for him.

At breakfast I didn’t know where to sit. Jake directed me loudly “Bitches sit there”, as he pointed to a table where regular rape victims sit.

“Welcome to hell bro,” one of them said.

“I heard he used lube on you”, “He kissed you?”, “You were very lucky”. They all said.

“Lucky? What the fuck? He raped me!” I scolded them, even though it wasn’t true. Despite the pain, I enjoyed every minute of it. If I hadn’t prepared and psyched myself up, it would’ve probably been hell. But instead, I was in heaven last night!

“You don’t get it. He never does that. He’s as rough as they come. He even helped you out of bed. No one else has even approached you yet. He hasn’t swapped you for another.”

I was confused. But then I realised my worst case scenario actually exists here. I’ve read that in prison, the bitches often get passed around casino oyna from thug to thug mercilessly. This is the worst possibility that I had psyched myself up for. But ideally, my aim was to enjoy sex, and try to ensure that only one man “owns” me here, so to speak.

Thankfully after being with Jake, no one else had even tried to grab me as yet and use me. Perhaps he warned them that I’m his. A small smirk creeped out of me as I thought back at his kisses on my neck as he ravaged me.

I began to think of ways of cementing this arrangement. I’ll have to deal with this for 6 months. Ideally I’d want to be used by only one man.

After breakfast I cautiously walked up to Jake in the prison courtyard. He was surrounded by a group of thugs, leading them. He was the don there.

“Hey look! It’s Jakes bitch! You enjoy last night? I could hear your sissy squirming! Haha!” One of his gang members sniggered.

I ignored him, and spoke directly to Jake. “I need to talk to you, in private”. The group laughed.

Jake said nothing and got up. “Alright”.

We walked to a secluded part of the prison. I decided I would take some initiative and secure my protection. I’ve never been gay before, but decided that I’ll have to put on my best performance for him. My prison life here depended on it.

As we got behind a wall, I pushed him against the wall. He was a big tough man. He felt no need to be threatened or retaliate. He just smiled at me sheepishly. “I’d like to make a deal with you”, I began.

“A deal? I’m listening.” he replied.

“What you did to me last night, canlı casino it was amazing!” I began to whisper in his ear. “I know how it is here in prison, but I’m not anyone’s bitch. I understand your charade and appreciate the gentleman inside you.”

“What are you suggesting?” he interrupted.

“Sshh!” I asserted, as I placed my finger on his lips. It made him intrigued as to what I would say next. I got close to him so he felt my breath as I talked. “If you present me as a bitch here for everyone to grab and if you use others here, I’ll never cooperate with you. I’ll fight you however I can.”

“I’m not hearing a good bargain so far”, Jake interrupted again.

“Shh, let me finish,” I respectfully replied. “But, if you are different, I’ll come to you. If you’re a gentleman, get clean, brush well, be polite and kind to me, and protect me from all others, be loyal to just me, I’ll give you everything I can.”

And with that, I gently rubbed his crotch. “Keep this clean, lube well, be only in me, treat me right, and I’ll give you whatever you want, willingly”, and I gave him a peck on his lips.

He then grabbed me by my arms, “Prove it! Prove what you can offer!”

I then got on my knees, smiled and looked up at him, and put on my best performance. I wasn’t gay, I thought. I just need to serve him and get his loyalty, to make my 6 months easy. I tried to be as convincing as possible.

I unzipped him and dropped his pants, and began to caress his dick. He was still soft, but thick nonetheless. And gosh what a hairy dick! I don’t think he ever shaved his dick in his life. kaçak casino I endured it, and handled it, even though it was kinda disgusting to me. I caressed it and kissed its head. Jake groaned gruffly. I looked up at him, and spoke softly “Be my Jake”

And then I put his dick in my mouth, and began to suck dutifully, devotedly. To my surprise, it wasn’t all that bad. In fact it began to taste pretty good, although I preferred a woman. His dick was thick, with protruding veins. I sucked and sucked and began stroking him. Hi precum was so much, more than I normally ejaculate. I licked it all up. I had to show devotion. I psyched myself up to swallow him. With each moment this beastly man became more tender and gentle. He stood and began caressing my hair and face as I sucked him. He massaged my head and neck gently, taking care not to grab my head and fuck my mouth. No, he became a gentleman and I began to appreciate him more.

I could see he was at his limit. He began to push me away, as this gentleman didn’t want to force me to swallow. But by that time, I began to yearn for it and anticipate it. He tasted so good! I can’t believe I could be so addicted to such a sweaty hairy beast! I took him in my mouth as much as I could, but his dick was took big even for my mouth. I stroked him and stroked him until he erupted. He roared once again, a familiar sound for the rest of the prison. He exploded into my mouth and I drank his seed. I suckled and suckled like a hungry lamb and gobbled him up. As he got smaller, I sucked more, wrapped my arms around his butt and sucking him until his monster dick became small and cutely hidden in his bush.

I left him to recover and walked away smugly, partly happy because I was confident that my plan would work, and partly because, part of me kinda liked it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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