How My Cuck Life Started

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My story

How I became a submissive cuckold for my ex-girlfriend. PART 1

I was 18 when she asked me if I wanted to date her, she was 19. At that time she had a lot more experience than I, mainly giving slutty blowjobs, getting fingered and some anal. Her pussy was still a virgin and I was her first In that regard, but most definitely not in other stuff.

My dick isn’t small a good 8″ or 20cm, but I am average in girth. I was skinny, 6’2 and my ex had a lovely hourglass figure, 5’4, b-cup with a nice big round ass.

The first 3 years were lovely, romantic and although she wasn’t overly sexual or interested in sex, I was happy. I was in love with her my entire teenage years so in a way it was a dream come true.

When I was 21 I got an offer to work as assistant on a project in the US for 3 months, it was really something I wanted to do and my ex couldn’t join me since she was going to college at the time.

We chatted a lot and emailed each other, exchanging naughty pictures and telling each other our sexual fantasies. So I thought all was well since we ‘sex’chatted frequently.

2 months in my assistant job I got a text from her, which was strange due to the international fee. It read that she had a great time last night and that she looked forward to see each other soon and spend time together.

At first I was confused, because we didn’t chat nor exchanged pictures. Then it hit me, this text was meant for someone else… most likely a guy.

The realization hurt and stung like hell, here I was being Ataşehir Escort faithful to her and apparently she was flirting and doing stuff with this guy while I was away.

Since we had arranged we would chat in a few hours I patiently waited to confront her about it. I had no other chance to talk sooner anyway. My mind was taking me every which way possible, did she just went for drinks and a talk, or was there more involved, did they have sex in any way…? It drove me crazy.

So the time came for us to be online. We said hi and I immediately told her about the text. It remained quiet for a painful minute. Then she told me she had gone out with this guy from her class and that they had a great talk and they had flirted a lot, but nothing serious happened… I asked what is nothing serious, she told me they had shared a kiss and some fumbling but that was it and it wasn’t serious at all. She said I was probably doing the same thing in the US. I told her no, that I was 100% faithful to her.

Again it was quiet for a minute, at this point I was hurting, a kiss! I then asked her if she was going to see him again. She said he was in her class and that they always sat together and that it would be weird if she broke off contact. I said that that was what I wanted. She promised me that she would keep it just as friends.

She send me a few nudes from her in revealing positions and then told me she had to still study for school.

With the nudes on my screen I masturbated, my mind kept going to her sexy Acıbadem Escort body, the feel of it and what she had confessed to. I really came hard that time.

After that our chats became a bit colder and shorter, a few nudes back and forth and a lot of me asking what was going on, which clearly annoyed her. She accused me of not believing and trusting her. Thinking she was a slut. But hey, they had kissed and fondled each other.

Finally after a few chats I found he was a muscular asian guy, who she thought was hot. She didn’t love him, but she liked spending time with him and didn’t want to stop their friendship. I was afraid to push her on this, because I was afraid she would just brake it off with me.

In the mean time I continued jerking off on her pics and fearing the worst.

Finally the time to go home arrived and I rebooked my flight for a day earlier. Part to surprise her and part to check on her.

So I arrived a day early. I went to her studio and waited there with flowers and presents for her to come home after college. I heard a car pull up and I could see her sitting in the car through the window, next to her was a handsome bald muscular asian guy. They got out of the car. I didn’t know what to do, I felt like I was invading her privacy, her place where she lived.

They were walking to the door, his arm around her, she searched for her keys. His hand grabbed her ass, she looked at him and laughed. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I decided to sit on the sofa and wait for them to İstanbul Escort come in, as though I hadn’t seen anything.

She opened the door and I yelled surprise honey, I’m home … her look was like one who was caught, he was shocked. She almost yelled the words; what are you doing here? I said aren’t you happy I am home, I came a day early to surprise you.

‘O’ she said, when looking at the guy.

‘Aren’t you happy I am home, I’ve missed you so much’ I told her. ‘I am happy, she said, I just didn’t expect you tonight, Ming and I had plans to study together and work on our school project before you got home. It needs to be ready in 2 days. Ming made plans for tomorrow. Couldn’t we just see each other tomorrow? I’ll be free then to give you my full attention.’

I was a bit stunned, but she sounded so reasonable, but I couldn’t shake the image of him grabbing her ass and she let him. I knew she was lying, but I couldn’t call her out on it in front of him. So I said, ok honey if you think that’s best. I am jet lagged anyway. See you tomorrow after school. I kissed her, looked at Ming and left.

I went to my car, started it and drove a block away, parked and walked back. I sneaked to her window and peaked inside. She was on her knees sucking his hard thick cock, he was clearly enjoying her blowjob. He took of his shirt and he revealed a sculpted torso with a six pack.

My eyes were glued to his thick cock in her mouth. I felt myself getting hard.

She got up, started to undress, but before she got out off her panties, she came over to the window and closed the heavy curtains.

Blocked from spying on her more, I waited a few moments before I could hear het moan and scream from pleasure… that’s all I was able to handle, I came in my pants. Embarrassed by it, I left.

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