How Things Change

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I learned an interesting lesson about life. I thought being educated and some “real life” years under my belt I was confident I had a good grasp of what life is all about. That changed when an assignment led me to speak with, among others, a number of elderly people. I felt my interview techniques were quite well honed, but that was changed in an interview with an elderly man. Apparently I was not getting a point he was making. He said, “Young fella, you are smart, but you are lacking something. You see you have trouble understanding how things are for people my age, but we understand how you think because we have been there. You will not be able to fully understand where we are for another 50+ years.”

My name is Jerry, Jerry Jensen. I’m in my late twenties and I’m a writer for the local town newspaper. I usually write most of the sport news but I have also written a lot of other featured articles for the weekend special section on a variety of interesting topics. I have a lot of freedom and my press pass gets me into a lot of events. I love my job even though it’s not the best paying job.

I like reading and following local history. I’ve read about my own family’ past history for as far as I could go back without paying a lot of big bucks to go much further back.

A couple of years ago I was asked to write a story concerning the changing dating habits and attitudes about sex over the years. I needed to reach out not only to the current generation, but to speak to the oldest people I could in order to establish a base from the past in order to compare to the changing mores over the years.

I started by talking to the elderly people in nursing homes and in the senior centers promising confidentiality. (I specifically promised I would not mention any names.) I explained my assignment to them; I was writing about how things have changed over the years. I hinted that I don’t think it’s been for the better, but promised to be open minded, balanced and fair in my reporting. I’ve talked with many who were grandparents. They really had a lot to say for someone who showed interest in them and just took the time to listen to them. I loved to listen to them talk about how they met their spouses and raised their families. There always seemed to be so much love in their stories. I was surprised that they spoke out so freely. Some have even told me about their parents and how they met many years before they themselves were on the scene.

After many stories I detected a rural bias as so many told me how their parents worked on farms and about once a month they would have dances and shindigs. Square dancing was pretty popular back then. Many of the men were miners. There was a lot of courting going on back then and the men would always ask the parents for permission to seek their daughters hands it marriage. There wasn’t a lot of divorce back then. Families stayed together and did things together. It was funny how they got excited when they said they would all sit around and listen to the radio. Back then people told life stories and the family got together to listen about them. Another thing was that even for the children there was not a lot of ‘free’ time; the children all had chores to do. Respect for their elders was high and children didn’t usually argue with their parents.

When they talked about sexual positions it was usually missionary and sometimes dogie-style, but they would just say from behind. Some of the more religious people said they only used sex to procreate. Maybe that’s why most of them had seven to twelve kids, some even had a lot more. One elderly couple told me they had seventeen kids and loved every one of them.

I was surprised that some of the elderly didn’t have a problem talking about their sex life. They didn’t use a lot of dirty words but you understood what they were talking about. Most of them did not say they had many lovers but most said they were in love with their lovers and in most cases ended up marrying them. It sure seemed different from the dating scene I had discovered growing up in this day and age.

When I talked to people my parents age the dating scene for them had changed considerably from the previous generation. I think the wars had a lot to do with it. The servicemen, even though they had wives back home seemed to have had many sexual partners while overseas. Many said it was the loneliness and wondering if they would even make it home.

During the sixties and seventies, I guess they called it the ‘sexual revolution’. Sex seemed to be a lot more open. Divorces went way up and the cheating seemed to become more a way of life. Many of the men blamed it on the war and others on the women entering the work force. They said it was kind of a new found freedom for the woman, earning her own money and all.

Women told me that after their kids started school they got bored and decided to find a job to have their own money. (Don’t take it out on me for writing these things. I’m just reporting what I’ve been told.)

During this period bursa escort more and more sexual positions seem to come into play. Perhaps people were searching for more excitement and what was new seemed exciting. One was oral sex, the women said that when men came back from the war that they wanted oral sex. Many of the woman did it but were aggravated that their male companions didn’t care to return the favor. You have to remember that this was only the people that talked to me about their sexual life. It wasn’t everyone. It was about the same time that anal penetration sex seemed to appear, though historically it had been around for 4,000 years. Not too many women seemed to care about it. Many said it made them feel used or degraded.

In depth communication seemed to become somewhat extinct between couples. More and more divorces started after the kids were out on their own. Couples in their forties and fifties were getting divorced. Most everyone thought the grass was greener next door. When I last checked the divorce rate was near fifty percent. Everyone wanted freedom and free love. Free love, what a joke, it cost the breakup of so many families, not even counting the cost of child support and alimony and maintaining two houses. I wish there was someone we could blame, but it’s ‘society fault’ and I feel it’s the ‘Me’ generation now. Everything was focused on satisfying me, myself and I.

This kind of brings me to my own life experiences. I was born to a good family. My mom and dad rarely argued and seemed to really be in love. I have an older brother and sister and we were close knit siblings. We argued and fought like most siblings but five minutes later we were playing together again and always stuck up for each other against outsiders.

My dad and I talked often about the change in the moral climate. He mentioned that you can almost see the changes day by day. I knew my parents tried to raise us the best that they knew how and hoped we would heed their warnings. My brother and sister both went to college and met their future partners. They seemed to have loving relationships. They never spoke much about college life except studying.

I was a few years younger than my siblings and when I started college life seemed to have changed from what my siblings told me. I wanted to become a journalist and I loved studying history. I went to college in the big city with all the hustle and bustle. I was born and raised in a small town of two thousand residents. Everyone knew everyone and it was a very nice and friendly area to grow up in. The big city life was much different than I expected.

Before leaving for college I remember talking with my dad and he reminded me how the dating scene has changed over the years. He told me to be a gentleman and to treat girls with respect. “Jerry please remember to always practice safe sex,” he told me.

I promised him I would and did my best to keep that promise. During my first two years I studied a lot. I did date on a few weekends. It was with different girls that were in my classes and that I studied with. We were just friends and usually went to a movie or bowling. A lot of time we double dated or went with a group of students. I only had sex with two of my dates. For most of my dates we were friends without benefits. Ha-ha

For the first two years I studied hard. I was on the dean’s list for the first two years. I roomed with one other guy. He was on the shy side but we got along fine. He was from a small city maybe fifty miles from where I lived. We both were in journalism and had a lot of the same classes. We didn’t hang together very often. He was of Asian descent and had hung with his friends.

I went home for all the holidays and during spring and summer breaks. It was when I went back in my junior year that my social life changed.

Starting my junior year I applied to join a fraternity. I will have to say once you are part of it you just blend it with it. I was smart enough to get good grades but it hardly seemed to matter. Belonging to the fraternities almost seemed more important. My new life at the college was nothing like I expected. We studied during the week and did our so-called homework in the evenings. (Our fraternity had a large number of files that contained notes, essays and old tests from many of the courses that really helped get good grades. Our weekends were something else. Someone or some fraternity or sorority was throwing a party most every weekend.

It was so easy to become part of the party scene. Even though I was still underage everyone offered me beer. Usually at the parties the fraternity bought kegs and it was pretty much help yourself. I attended parties almost every weekend. As I mention I wasn’t a virgin. I did have sex twice my first two years in college. I know I wasn’t very good but was very nervous at the time. Neither girl gave me a repeat performance.

Here I was at my first big party my junior year. I was fairly excited and was talking to my new fraternity brothers bursa escort when the girls and women started coming in. There were so many girls attending our first big bash. We had a small band that began playing music and a lot of couples started dancing. I was having a beer and watching a lot of the women dance.

Damn! Most of those women were really good looking and most were dressed in shorts and quite a few in halter-tops. I was asked to go to the store and pick up a lot more snacks. The store was only a couple of blocks away. I was given the money and picked up all kind of finger snacks. When I returned the party was in full swing. A lot of drinking and dancing going on and some couples were even making out. One gal came over and helped me open up most of the bags of goodies and then asked me to dance.

It was a fast dance and we jumped around a lot as I watched her shake her booty. She looked at me and smiled and asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her she looked great and I loved watching her. The next song was a slow number and she came into my arms and put her arms around my neck. When she pressed her chest against me I knew she didn’t have on a bra.

We exchanged names and she told me she was a junior and just transferred in from a community college. We danced a couple of numbers and I slid my hands down to her ass. I knew I was getting a hard-on and she just smiled at me. We got a beer and just talked for a little bit. I went to take a piss and when I got back she was dancing with another guy the same as she danced with me. I just went ahead and danced with a lot of different girls. They all looked pretty damn good looking to me.

Most of these girls were being felt off but didn’t seem to mind. I watched a number of them grab the guys by the crotch and smile. As the evening progressed more and more couples would disappear into some back rooms which I found out were bedrooms. There was a lot of sex going on. One gal I danced with asked me straight out if I wanted to fuck. I was surprised but said yes.

We went to one of the bedrooms and she told me her name was Jodie and I told her I was Jerry. She asked me if I would lay on my back because she like to be on top. I gladly said yes and we both stripped and I slipped on a condom. They were placed all over the frat house on most all the endtables. The guys said they got them from the college’s health services unit. Jody got on the bed and crawled over to me, then straddled me and lowered herself down onto my hard cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. She was swearing up a storm and I was playing with her tits and sucking on them while she was riding me. After about ten minutes I grabbed hold of her hips as she had an orgasm. I held on tight as I came hard inside the condom. After her pussy stopped pulsating, she got off of me and thanked me for the great fuck. She cleaned up a little, got dressed and said maybe she would see me again sometime. I got cleaned up and went back to the party.

This was the way the parties went most every time. We had a few small parties that were more intimate but about once a month we had these large fraternity parties. It was odd how after a few of these parties it felt so natural. I had sex with women and didn’t even know their names. It was just a sexual party atmosphere. It was so different from when I was growing up. There didn’t seem to be any love in the mix, just getting a need taken care of.

I need to mention that after a while I noticed some couples were going together. I couldn’t believe it that both partners still had sex with other people. I would hope that I would never share my girlfriend with other people. I knew I was changing from the way I was brought up. I did notice that other than the couples who were together, no one did any passionate kissing. When I tried to kiss the girls, I was told it was to personal. I could play with her tits and ass, fuck her, but couldn’t kiss her. This wasn’t just one woman but dozens of them telling me this. It reminded me way back when the guys used to say the four F’s, find them, feel them, fuck them, forget them. That’s what it seemed like.

There was a huge party that fell on my twenty-first birthday. All my fraternity brothers told me it was time to get plastered and fuck as many girls as I could. The party started out great. A lot of the girls wished me a happy birthday and said they would see me later. I drank way more then I usually did and was getting drunk. In fact, I even smoked a couple of joints.

I was way out of it and it made everyone laugh, even me. I was feeling up every girl I danced with and before I knew it two girls took me to one of the bedrooms. They literally undressed me and started having sex with me. I did put on a condom, in fact I wore quite a few that night.

I want to add here that I had never had oral sex before that night, neither gave it or received it. I notice that the two girls who took me to the bedroom were my buddies’ girlfriends. They were told bursa eskort to show me a good time for my birthday. After disrobing me the two girls got naked. I noticed one was shaved and the other had a thin landing strip. Damn, these girls were beautiful. Before lying on the bed Beth handed me a pill and a drink of beer to wash it down. She told me her boyfriend said to give it to me so I would last awhile. She told me it was a Viagra. Amy with the landing strip had me lie on my back and slowly lowered herself on me.

Beth, straddled my head and lowered her pussy down to my face. For the first time in my life I began eating a pussy. I was shocked at first when she first lowered her pussy down to my face. She at least gave me a little room to breathe but her pussy was really getting wet and I began to tongue her till she came all over my face. Shortly after that Amy came and she kept rubbing her pelvic against mine with my cock buried deep within her. When they were finished Beth leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss. I was surprised and she said she wanted to know what she tastes like and please don’t tell her boyfriend Bob that she kissed me. He wouldn’t understand.

Amy got off of me and kissed me also. “Beth, you do taste good,” she smiled. Amy said “Happy Birthday Jerry and please don’t tell our boyfriends about the kisses.”

As I lay there naked two more girls came in to wish me a happy birthday. Anita was a black girl and Kim was Asian. I had already thrown away the first condom. Both girls stripped and Anita said that Beth told her that I ate pussy and she quickly lowered her black pussy down to my face. I spread her lips and saw her pink pussy and buried my face in it. I didn’t have to be good but just use my tongue and suck her pussy.

Kim took a damp rag and wiped off my cock. She leaned over and starting sucking on it. It had gotten soft from coming in the condom while fucking Amy. This was my first blowjob ever and I got hard again very quickly. After Anita came on my face she got off and took the rag and wiped her cum off my face. Hell, I didn’t care, I was three sheets to the wind. Both girls took turn sucking my cock. As soon as it got hard Kim slipped a condom on it and asked me to fuck her missionary position. Damn she was good. I lasted longer since it was my second time coming. After coming the girls thanked me and wished me a happy birthday and left the room.

I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up there were two other girls naked in the bed with me. That’s one birthday I’ll never forget.

Needless to say, that was what my sex life was like until I graduated. I knew that through the generations that the sex life of people changed. I was honestly surprised that is became so open and I guess I was part of it.


After graduation I moved back home and got a job as a journalist at the local newspaper. To be honest when I moved back to our small town it felt like I moved back in time twenty years. The sexual expansion hadn’t reached our part of the world. I guess that’s both good and bad. It was just moving too fast. I never really had a real girlfriend. Someone I cared to share a life with.

When I got the position at the local newspaper, I lived with my parents so I could save a little money.

After about six months I found a nice apartment for rent. It was a large apartment building with over fifteen apartments in it. I felt pretty good being on my own. I began going out with some of my old friends both male and female. Two of the girls I had sex with but it just wasn’t the same. I had no loving feelings toward them. It was so different from a few years ago when sex had meant something. I also notice that I was more focused on a woman’s physical assents that her personality.

The newspaper hired a new reporter. Her name was Mandy and she moved in from Indiana. She went to community college for two years. She was a real cutey, I talked with her and she said she had found a one bedroom apartment close to our office. Come to find out it was in the same apartment building that I lived in. We both laughed about it. Our apartment building had a pool and a hot tub for their renters. I said to myself “damn would she look good in a bathing suit”.

A little about Mandy, she looks like the proverbial girl next door. I knew she was the kind of girl I could fall in love with. Beautiful, seemed happy always smiling and a great personality. Needless to say, I wondered about her sexual past.

It was at about that time that my editor asked me to write the story about the changing times in our morals and cultures. I knew a lot of people would be asking me where I got my information. I told them by contacting people of the last four generations. Of course for the latest information I lived it but there is no way I would tell anyone that.

I wrote my article over the next month. I asked Mandy out to dinner at least once a week. She was so sweet. We talked a lot and she told me about her family. She had two younger sisters that she would take everywhere with her. She was twenty-one and her younger sisters were teenagers. Her parents were on the strict side and she didn’t date till she was eighteen. She was allowed to go to her prom. She received a scholarship and went to the community college.

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