how we got into swinging

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I met Sue, and we just seemed to fall in love, she was a good looker and with the best tits I had ever seen and play with, but when she was in hospital for a couple of days not long after we met, I made the mistake of going out with one of my ex’s, and Sue found out.

Instead of getting mad, she got even, it turns out, she had a date with a guy before we met, but when she saw him ride past with a girl on the back of his motor bike, she walked off, it turns out he was just taking her to work, and also as it turned out, it was my best mate, Mac.

So after I had taken my ex out Sue rang Mac, and went on a date with him, and ended up screwing his brains out. She told me about her date and how they had fucked for hours, without thinking I went done eating her pussy out and as I found out his cum too. We met a few other people, Sue would go with the guys and I would take the girl with me meeting later to share our experience’s.

I worked a few night shifts, mainly Saturday from mid night to 9 am Sunday, Sue and Mac often got together, and he slept over some nights, fucking all night, until just before I got home around 10 am.

When she told me he had stayed over it turned me on, going down licking out her freshly fucked pussy, so most Sunday mornings after that, when I got home, I ate her out, then fucked her for hours, I told her it turned me on knowing she was taking some one else’s cock and cum, a few months later we migrated to Australia.

Sue has always got her fair share of looks from the guys, her curvy body and great 38 E cup tits, gave guys a hard on just looking, she always wore a short low cut dress which showed off her body well, even after having the kids she kept her figure and boobs.

Sue was preagent with our first child, when I got home one after noon after work, she told me to shower, walking into the bedroom she lay me down and sat on my face, i went to work in her pussy, the fresh cum made my cock jump straight up, turned out a guy we knew had dropped in and they fucked for hours, he had just left, this was to become a regular event for them, and other guys over the coming years.

It was while we were meeting a couple I worked with, that things went further, Reg and Diana were about 15 years older than us, but we all ended up fucking one night, and seeing Sue taking a cock was so hot, that was the first time I saw Sue being fucked by another guy,as soon as I could I got her to 69 me and my tongue went deep up her hole licking out every drop of his fresh cum, we met them many more times before moving out of town to the city, that’s when things really heated up.

We had seen a advert in the paper for a swinging meet, and phoned up, Saturday night Sue wore one of her lowest cut mini dresses, with no bra, her ass on show as she stood, we arrived at the house, it was huge, our nerves on fire, should we go ahead with this, but as the door opened, the slightly older guys eyes soon fixed on Sue’s tits, he lead her into a large room, more eyes fixed onto us both, all to quickly a line of guys made their way over to Sue, I estimated about 15 couples or so where already here.

Her dress was a hit with the guys, in one quick move Sue stood naked in front of them all, her big tits swinging free, she got more attention than the other ladies, she was instantly the hit of the party being younger and with bigger tits.

My cock soon found a mouth hanging of it, it seemed that because Sue had 3 or 4 guys playing with her, I got my fair share of woman too, quickly my cock sunk deep into a nice warm pussy, I saw Sue being taken off into a spare room by the guys.

I had been busy, fucking 4 or 5 woman, when some hours later I saw Sue wobbling towards me, fresh cum dribbling down her legs, I just had to eat her out, pulling her over my face, my tongue went deep inside her pussy seeking out all the hot cream, whilst I was eating her, another fresh cock sunk deep inside her soaking wet pussy and he fucked her hard, my face so close to his cock as he pounded my happy wife, then his cock pulsed and I knew he too was adding his cum to her hot cunt, my tongue went in search of it before he pulled out, I loved it all.

We stayed for another hour or so, Sue being fucked now in front of every one, her legs up on guys shoulders of around their waists, but she took them all fully and worked their cocks until they cum in her pussy or mouth,

When gaziantep eskort bayan she had time to talk, she told me that 7 or 8 guys had fucked her in the group fuck, I fucked her hard when we got home too, up till now that was the most guys she had been fucked by in one session, some 14 or more tonight.

Over the next few years we went to a lot of swinging parties, every time I would get to eat out her freshly fucked pussy, and she always got plenty of cocks and cum, as most guys loved fucking and playing with her huge tits. I ate cum from other woman as well but always found Sue’s to be best

Then we decided to hold our own orgy, often with 5 or 6 couples attending, being young we always had a good choice of people to fuck, most times we got to play with them all, and more than once too. and during the week days we met other couples for sex too.

Then we met one couple we started by fucking in different rooms, then after I had filled her pussy with cum, the lady got up and left me to rest, shortly I walked out into the second bedroom, to see Sue being fucked, and the lady eating her pussy out, my cock jumped straight back up and found her wet snatch again, we fucked until 4 am or so, after that Sue would make a point of playing with the other woman too.

At another party, I went for a swim with a young lady, and we fucked on a mat on the lawn, it was when she said slide your cock in my ass, things took a different turn, I loved it, fucking her hard until I blew more than my share of cum up her ass, returning to the orgy we both fucked other people, Sue also covered in cum from head to toe.

Later when I told Sue, she was turned on, asking me how it felt and what the other lady did etc, so the next night she let me fuck her ass, and things went on from there, Sue took to it well, often now letting us guys fuck her in both holes, or two at a time, feeling another cock inside her body thought the thin separating skin was so horny.

It was one night just as Sue had her biggest ever orgasm, with my cock buried deep in her ass, that I thought about trying anal myself, soon we began to get my ass used to taking toys and it felt good.

Most times we had met couples for fun, now we started to meet bi guys, as I was also enjoying sucking cocks and them sucking my cock, Sue got turned on watching us play taking guys cock between us, Sue most times ended up with his cum in her ass or pussy, but some times I got to suck them off too.

It was during one of these sessions, the guy had just filled Sue’s ass with his cum, he would have been about 19, his cock stayed rock hard, so seeing his man hood standing proud, Sue tuned me around and sat me on it, I worked it further in, as he pushed up into my virgin ass, my life had taken a turn for the better, as i rode his cock hard.

I knew now why people enjoyed anal, it felt great, then he got me to kneel on the bed, his cock went right back in, deeper this time and what a feeling, my ass was on fire with his cock pounding hard into me, when he shot his cum deep inside my ass I was delighted, my fist anal orgasm hit me, as I enjoyed my first anal cum load, when his cock slide out, I stuck my fingers in my ass and sucked his cum from them.

I worked on the road as a sale rep, which gave me a fair bit of freedom, so it was pure luck one day, I rang Warren who wanted to meet us for a bi 3 some, it was 3.30 and it turned out he was home and not far from me, so I drove over to meet him in person for a chat.

Warren was a construction worker, well built, wearing just a pair of shorts, he was still damp from his shower, we sat talking about what we liked to do, I told him how I enjoyed bi sex now and had taken my first cock last week, it was about then his cock started to show from the leg of his shorts, and it looked good to, long and thick, my cock also showing under my trousers, needed to be adjusted for comfort.

As he stroked his cock, it grew more, then he said, want to play, I thought a good blow job would go down well and said yes, stripping of quickly, I then saw his cock fully, wow, it was possible 9 inch’s long and very thick, with a Prince Albert though the head of it too, could I get this monster in my mouth.

I went down sucking what I could into my mouth enjoying my first one on one with a guy, his cock felt great, as about half went in, then Warren went to town on my cock, sucking me right in, his nose on my body as I felt his tonsils hit my knob head.

Then to my horror, Warren lay down and told me to sit on his cock, there was no way I could get that monster inside my near virgin ass, but before I knew what I was doing, I was sitting over his cock, his huge knob head against my hole, then with some pain, it went in, just an inch at first, then slowly more followed, some 5 minutes later I was sitting fully on his body, all of his cock firmly shoved inside my ass.

I rode that cock for ages, then slowly my legs gave out, Warren swung me around and fucked my ass doggy, his cock going in further still, as he gripped my hips, pulling me back hard, each thrust at first making me jump, but soon the feeling got better, I helped him by pushing back too, he slammed into me with his full force, I was in heaven.

He kept going for ages, my mind totally loving my new found sexual fun, then all too soon, he grabbed me harder, slammed deeper than ever and blew his load deep inside my ass, it felt like he was going to keep coming, as more and more lovely sticky cum sunk deeper and deeper.

Warren lay down next to me, his cum running out of my ass down my legs, then he moved and went under my body, licking his cum as it ran free, I loved the kinkiness of him doing that, and still do it to others now. We never did meet Warren again, as he met and fell in love with a lady, ending his swinging life style, but over the following years my love of huge cocks grew, Sue also taking to my ass now with bigger and bigger toys, then I got into taking a fist the feelings just kept getting better.

We always had different partners, Sue would have a boy friend, and I would have a guy or woman I would meet for one on ones, over the years we had fun, telling one another about our fun with our sex partners for that night, or often more than one, as I liked groups of guys fucking me and some times Sue’s guy would organize his friends to join in fucking her in any way they wanted too.

One of her lovers used to take her to motels, and some times I would meet her there after he had gone home and stay the night, on a few occasions when she had been group fucked, some of the guys would still be fucking her when I arrived, a couple of times guys from the motel, would join in after seeing all the other guys going into the room, and coming out later looking ragged and used, and this lead us to meeting them the next night in their rooms, with more guys from the motel, especially as Sue would walk naked from the car to the motel room to stir them up. After about 3 years her boy friend stopped meeting her, his wife found out about it.

Sue was invited out one night by a lady we knew, she wanted another lady to put on a lesbian show for her lover, turned out she was charging him to have sex with her and he was willing to pay to watch them together, if Sue wanted to help her put on the show, she would give her some money too,

Sue said she was more than happy to join her, once at the motel the girls stripped and put on the show for him, then he wanted to fuck Sue, she let him know it was ok and they all had fun for hours, he paid more than agreed and was happy to meet them again too, They met him several more times too, with their permission he asked a friend to join them, both now paying for sex, and things got kinkier too, both girls more than happy with the sex and money, turns out he was bi and wanted them to fuck his ass with toys as well as help his mate fuck him.

Sue took a job in a small shop, and got on well with her boss, then one night she came home stripped me off, and sat on my face, as I licked her pussy, cum ran out, she had let her boss fuck her after work, this turned into a regular event with them most nights. I found out that he got his brother to join them a few times, those nights she would get home late and full of fresh cum.

About the same time, a lady I worked with, Kerry became my lover for a few years too, she was well into bi fun, and joined us at home during the day for ffm 3 some’s, both woman would have fun with one another as well as enjoying my cock and cum, Kerry loved anal too, so we always had extra kinky fun with her, with toys and fist her too, it was a sad day when her hubby found out and stopped her meeting us.

Some time later, I met Brian a gay guy who loved organizing group fucks for me, soon we had a lot of guys who took turns fucking me in my own male orgy, we did this for a year or so, Sue would be out meeting guys for fun too, then once home we would share the tales and cum between us both, a few times I got home while she was still being fucked by a guy or guys too, and would join in, I never saw a guy go home with any cum left in his balls.

One night during one of my male group fucks, one of the guys turned up with his girl friend, she wanted to see guys fucking, well she did I took them all on and more, after that It wasn’t long before I invited Sue to join in too, most of the guys were bi, but even the gay ones didn’t mind Sue taking on the bi guys, while they enjoyed my body, every time now more and more guys wanted to join in, it was easy to fill his flat with guys.

So with a nice bit of pussy, and two ass’s to fuck, the group nights went down well, now once a week we had 6 or 7 guys at least take turns using our holes for fun, most times I had fun watching Sue being fucked while my ass took its share of cocks too, our toys and his got used many times in the strap on, most guys impressed by what we both took.

As well as our own group fucks at Brian’s place we went to the nudist beach, it didn’t take long before the guys knew we enjoyed being fucked in the dunes, each time we went on a Wednesday more guys seemed to be waiting for us, until it got to be to many guys, which could possible bring attention to what was going on. so we changed days and had fewer guys for a few weeks, but still most times we would have 7 or more guys turn up. I remember one day as we walked along the beach, a young guy was standing close to where we sat, his huge cock being stroked slowly as he watched Sues tit sway as she walked,

I spoke to him and asked if he wanted to join us, Sue’s mouth was on his cock in seconds, as we both enjoyed him, others joined us and another great day was had, both took all his 10 inch cock fully, and more.

As winter set in the beach was less welcoming, but with luck we had met Steve at the beach who had a home nearby where we could meet, with his friends and ours, soon we had some great night’s planed, and no restriction on numbers either.

Now we really let loose, with 20 or so guys turning up to fuck us both, most bi, with a few gay guys too, and it was more comfortable, with padding set out for more room, Sue and I often spent the weekend there letting them fuck us in any hole and any way they wanted too, at no time though did the guys abuse our trust, knowing if they did they would no longer be invited.

These group fucks got really kinky when Steve had his dogs and horses fuck us both, this turned out to be a real fun place to meet at, it was after Sue went there on her own whilst I was working away she found out Steve was charging the guys to come along.

She didn’t care, but when she spoke to Steve about it, he agreed to share the money, with some 20 guys at $100 each this added up quickly, so now we had fun as well as earning some money for it, the only condition was Steve was not to tell the guys we knew about the money, this was so they had to respect our limits and not think because they were paying us, they could do any thing they wanted, which they just about could any way.

These parties went on for a few years, and more than once we stayed the whole weekend, we never did count the number of guys, but it would have been well over 50 for the weekend meets, as well as the dogs and horses, we always went home content after those group fucks, it was a sad day when we heard Steve was ill and not able to hold the group fucks any more.

We still enjoyed lots of group nights at our place, or now and then at other guys homes, the fun of seeing Sue being fucked by 3 cocks at the
same time, and lines of guys waiting to fuck her has never wained, and when we can having a dog use our holes is such a turn on, taking their extra hot cum is great.

When I met Sue, that first night, no way did I think our sex life would be so good or kinky, if I hadn’t have gone with my ex, and Sue with my best friend, would we be swinging, or just going along in a normal marriage with just one another in bed.

I’m just glad we have swung, and I dare say, so are the 700 plus guys that have had the pleessure of fucking Sue, and me, I know over the years sex has been the cause of some of our troubles, but it has also been the main source of our life style and enjoyment for one another

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