Hunt in the Club

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I entered the club, feeling the throbbing base penetrating me. A sense of power, excitement and fun pulsed through my veins, the spark of being surrounded by thousands of people all wanting a good time was intoxicating. My dress was tiny, the midnight black top contrasted sharply against my pale skin and the luxe material clung to my full breasts, thin straps crossing over my heavily exposed cleavage like an invitation. Walking through the reflective doors of the coat hall, I took a second to admire my sleek, curvy form. The dress stopped just under my pert ass, the black fabric highlighting a cascade of fiery red hair that was almost as long as my dress. I turned, focusing on the sky high black stilettos that covered my dainty feet. God, I loved shoes! At almost 5’3″ barefoot, heels were my favourite accessories.

Tonight, I stood 5’8″ on jet platform daggers and as I stalked into the pulsing heat of the crowd, I bathed in admiring glances. Working the slink and seductiveness that the lift and extra height allowed into my strut, I headed right to the smaller bar. Ordering a ‘Sex on the Beach’, my favorite cocktail, I smiled at all of the attention my dress was receiving. The wet glass coated my fingers, damp and cool. Checking my makeup in the mirror behind the bar, I used a moist finger to adjust the eyeliner. Bright blue eyes stared back, looking enormous under the heavy black shadow. The gloss of my lips was clear as to not distract from the main feature of my face. I’d always been told that my eyes were stunning, and I used it to the fullest advantage. My cheekbones were highlighted with a shimmer and overall the effect was head-turning, if I did say so myself. I felt sexy, alluring and in control; I embodied dangerously sexy.

Although I’d come in alone, my best friend was in here somewhere. After a few minutes of searching through the crowd, I spotted Leena by the larger upstairs bar. Some new music from this season in Ibiza was pumping through the speakers and I took the opportunity to sway as the music took me. People were flirting, dancing and chatting; forgetting their lives outside in favour of letting go. The club was modern, sleek and full to the brim; I loved it when it was like this. Taking the steps slowly as to not spill my drink or twist an ankle, I checked out the local talent.

A couple who were dancing captured my attention and I stared as I made my way along the length of the club. They were both attractive, young and clearly enjoying themselves. My mind flitted to the idea of being sandwiched between them, causing sexy shivers at the thought. I loved sex and had never really bothered with gender; it allowed me to truly revel in fantasies. Even if it wouldn’t happen with these specific people, a girl could dream. The guy looked up as I stared and caught my eye. His beautiful smile pulled me in and I returned it with one of my own, choosing that moment to lick some of the condensation from my drink off my finger. His eyes widened at the sight, but was promptly distracted by his woman taking a handful of his hair, yanking his attention away from me.

I readjusted my hair and my grasp on my drink just as a voice interrupted my thoughts.

“You’re so bad!” a harsh shout in the vicinity of my ear was followed by a bark of a laugh. I jumped a mile. Leena.

I grinned, hugging my best friend and she returned it one armed so as to keep hold of her own beverage.

“Someone has to be.” I shouted over the ebb and flow of the music, swaying with the beat. The lights caught her lips as we moved, her cherry red lips glossed to perfection.

She yanked me over to a quiet corner and we sat taking it all in. The leather under my nearly bare ass warmed quickly, the white shine reflecting the lasers flashing through the crowds.

Leena’s short blond hair caught the light as we swayed to the music and drank for almost an hour. A few people, mostly guys, approached us for dances but I enjoyed the time to just sit. My drink expired quickly and although I wanted another, I refused to lose my seat. Leena had found a new friend so I surveyed the crowd. I loved to people watch.

I became entranced in a couple arguing and only responded to Leena when she shook my shoulder. I turned quickly, head whipping around, face arranged in question. She indicated for us to go to the toilet.

Once there, she looked at me and said, “I think I just saw Tina.” Her expression was intrigued until distracted by her own reflection.

“Really? Wow, I haven’t seen her in years!” I rearranged my curls in the mirror, then started to reapply my clear cherry flavoured lip gloss. Her eyes sought mine in the mirror.

“Maybe I should go say hi alone? She doesn’t really like you after that wine tasting fiasco. Maybe I could ask about Decan?” As she said the name, she raised her eyebrows comically, bumping my shoulder with her own. Women flowed in and out behind us, flocks of women admiring their reflections and primping as they went.

“Whatever, you know I don’t gaziantep escort reklamları care about him any more, it was forever ago.” I shrugged, trying to hide the full body throbbing that had started at the mere mention of my ex, the love of my life.

“Heidi, you’re completely transparent.” she laughed, pressing her bright red lips together, closing her purse, and then adding, “I’ll go ask. She lives in Dublin now, maybe they meet up. It can’t hurt and I know you’re dying to know.” She turned to glare at me before heading to the exit.

“You’re going to do it anyway!” I laughed, turning on my heels to follow her out with one last ruffle of my fiery mane.

I watched my friend climb the stairs to the main room, her soft yellow dress swaying around her slight form. Her model figure was the envy of the women but my curves pulled the gazes of the men.

I sat back at my original table as she went to find our old friend. I say friend, I’d only met Tina once, briefly, at a wine tasting. Sadly, she’d been wearing white and I’d been drinking red. You can see what happened. Leena had worked with her, introducing her to some of our mutual friends through the year they’d hung out, including Decan. Tina had become interested in him and in BFF solidarity, Leena had steered Tina away for someone less problematic, though when Decan moved to Dublin for work, the issue had solved itself. A wave of jealousy crashed through me at the thought of them living in the same city. Irrational, I know but Leena always mentioned how Tina asked about him, even after he moved. I think the word salivated was used more than once after a night out. What was more annoying is that Tina was not exactly hideous. She is a mousy brunette with a temper and a short complex. I’m not taller than many people but her, I had a good few inches on. She was petite in a very traditional way, pretty with makeup on, enough to turn heads when she dressed up.

I was swaying to the music, my foot tapping as I watched Leena find her. They chatted and my gaze followed when Tina pointed at the dance floor. I stood, nearly knocking my drink over when I saw him. My heart jumped. Yep, there was Decan, dancing in a herd of girls like some kind of prince. He really could own a space.

My heart started to race and I felt dizzy. Why did he have to be so damned hot? He’d not changed a bit in the past year. Why was he here? What should I do? I stared transfixed until he wandered back to Tina, now alone because Leena was back and shaking me. Her hands gripped my upper arms and eventually I tore my eyes from their fixed point over on the other side of the room.

“Oh my god, he’s here!” she screamed excitedly.

“Yes, I saw.” I whispered, nodding so she’d get the point over the loud beat. Even if I could have found other words, the shock of seeing him unexpectedly had really knocked me for six.

“He’s not here with her but they flew over together. Landed in Manchester last night, they’re only here for two days.” she rambled, like the details really mattered. They didn’t, but she was insanely excited. She’d always maintained our status as her OTP- one true pair and was always annoyed when we fought, then devastated when we had parted ways.

I was shaking with need, my physical response at just knowing he was near was terrifying but thrilling. She finally let go of me and I crashed onto the sofa we had claimed as our own. I dared another look over towards my ex and Tina was draping herself over his shoulder.

“Oh no, you have that look.” Leena said, her expression horrified as her hands twisted in her dress. My body shook as I tried not to laugh at her expression because I knew exactly what she meant.

“What look?” I asked, voice straining to convey innocence over the pulsing music but sure my predatory expression wasn’t matching. My hunger was rising, I wanted to seduce him, to take back what my body thought as rightfully hers. I wanted to hunt and nothing would stand in my way.

“He came with Tina…she seemed to think…” Leena started, emphasis on the small woman’s name, like making her more of a person would help.

I spun and glared at her playfully.

“She thought what?” I replied, my hand brushing stray strands of hair from my face, lips thin in daring.

“You know, that she has a shot with him. They’re staying in the same hotel.” she grimaced, knowing the challenge would make me more eager, not less. Flicking hair behind her ear, a nervous gesture, she rolled her eyes as I refocused on my prey.

He was still talking with Tina and I took a second to drink him in. God, he was beautiful. Average height with the most luscious almost black hair. He’d styled it in a quiff, flicked upwards with the back and sides shaved. His bright green eyes had been seared into my memory over the two years we’d been together but now they were hidden by the strobing lights. My pussy throbbed as I took in his toned body behind the tight green shirt and skin tight jeans. He always dressed to highlight his eyes, ironically like I did. Women and men stared at him as they passed, pulled by his looks and something that if you asked them they wouldn’t be able to put their finger on. Animal magnetism, he was pure alpha male. He was someone you wanted to be around, someone who pulled you in and trapped you with a smile, a laugh and a compliment.

My heart ached seeing him. I’d never tell her this, but Leena was right. I cared, more than I should. My finger played in the hair that rested near my breasts as I thought about getting him alone.

Tina touched his shoulder again and my body tensed. Mine. The whisper flowing, echoing through my mind. I watched as she flirted shamelessly. Her dainty hands making his broad shoulders seem huge. I took in the smile, the lean and how desperate she looked behind her plain brown eyes. I felt the smile before Leena nudged me.

“Dude, you look evil.” she teased, leaning back into the sofa. Pushing her shoulder playfully, I thought about her word. Evil? No, but vindictive, maybe. Predatory, oh yes. Tina thought he was interested but I knew that man inside and out. She didn’t have a chance, not really. She didn’t seem to know that he was nice to everyone, poor girl. For me, he’d walk over hot coals, drop everything and every one. I’d always had a power over him even after we’d parted ways; we’d meet up and fuck from time to time. I could always turn his head from whatever fluffy bunny was following him, trying to snare him.

Time to play.

I smoothed my hands down my dress and pushed my bra up a touch, there. Perfect. I smiled at Leena who gave me the thumbs up after removing an eyelash from my cheek.

“Don’t wait up.” I grinned wolfishly at her and she rolled her eyes, slapping my ass as I walked away. The music was amazing; primal drums throbbed as I considered my approach carefully, swaying to the beat.

I needed to time this perfectly. My walk had to be strong but seductive. He had to see me but not like I was looking for him. Oh yes, I knew exactly what to do.

I waited for Decan to go to the bar, ever the gentleman. Tina was alone at their table, her tiny form emphasised by the high chairs they’d chosen, one heel wrapped around the wooden crossbar.

I purposely put my back to the bar, and braced my sexy cross legged stance with my arm in front of myself on their table. The music over this side was lower and you could hear the conversation more clearly.

“Hi, Tina.” My lips curled in a forced smile. Look how happy I am to see you, it said. She took a second to recognise me but the scowl that came over her face made this whole thing worth it ten times over.

“Heidi…oh you’re with Leena.” she realised after a second, her face said she was going to add something but seemed to change her mind after glancing behind me.

“She didn’t mention you were here…” she added, the words trailing off. Decan must be coming back, the bar hadn’t been busy so I’d expected it. Her eyes widened as he approached, I bet he was admiring my rear view.

“She didn’t think we got on but I thought I should come say hello anyway, you know, for old times sake.” This smile was genuine, not for Tina but for the knowledge he was nearly in reach; I felt his eyes on my curves. She scowled harder, clenching her empty glass in frustration. She knew it was bull shit but wouldn’t crack her delicate facade in front of the guy she was trying so hard to catch.

The shadows must have been darker here because he didn’t recognise me right away.

“Tina, who’s your fri-” Decan’s strong voice came from behind me and as I turned he stopped mid-sentence.

“Hey gorgeous.” I whispered, leaning into his stocky frame, not making contact. The urge to touch him, to roll myself over him or something naughty like biting his ear playfully was overwhelming. Like fighting a magnetic force, I pulled back. I wouldn’t ever show desperation.

“Heidi” he whispered in shock. My name rolled from his mouth like melted chocolate, rich, sweet and sexy. Time slowed and I shivered from head to toe, hiding it well. My thong was getting wetter and wetter as I watched him look me over. His stunning eyes took in everything from my hair to my heels, it felt like a lifetime for him to meet my gaze once more. This close, he smelt like expensive aftershave with hints of beer and hair product. I wanted to roll in it like something feral. The pulse beating through my skin demanded that I have his lips on mine. Memories of the amazing sex flitting through my brain as I resisted the urge to drag him into a corner and take what I wanted.

“I didn’t know you were here, oh my god!” the words strong as I lied like a pro; coupled with my most alluring smile and wide innocent eyes, who could resist?

I held his gaze as I hugged him. His mild shock caused a delay in the reciprocation, a sexy confused frown fluted over his handsome features. Butterflies filled my stomach as I pressed my entire body against his, arms meeting behind his smooth golden neck. I lingered, just long enough to feel his impressive cock harden against me. I took a deep shuddering breath, oh god, I needed distance. The temptation was killing me.

As I pulled back, I let my cheek brush his and my fingers lingered on his chest. I was shaking with need as I forced myself to step out of his space.

“Wow, you look…amazing.” he said, catching my hand in his and raising it as if to get a better look. My other hand raising to my chest in the ‘I’m flattered’ pose.

Tina was rolling her eyes at my fake display of ‘who me’.

Suck it bitch.

“We should dance.” I said pulling the hand holding mine to my waist. His grip adjusted instantly to the curve of my body, squeezing involuntarily.

“Yeah, sure.” he said, then hesitated as the ‘nice guy’ kicked in.

“Tina, will you be okay?” He asked her, not really wanting an answer, but far too kind to walk away without her reassurance. I feigned interest while stepping into his personal space.

“She’ll be fine, Leena is around somewhere. She wants you to have fun, don’t you, Tina?” I grinned as I pulled him away towards the dancefloor, my heels squishing into the carpet. She couldn’t say anything contrary without looking like a bitch.

“Er, sure.” she added, full of sarcasm and knowing she’d lost. His other hand was already on my other hip.

“If you’re sure.” he commented, already walking away. I knew I’d been right; he had no interest in her at all but I hadn’t won, yet. We pushed through the crowds, sliding against people as we made our way to the dancefloor, my hand trapped firmly in his.

Solo Dance by Martin Jensen had started up a little while ago, some remix I’d not heard yet and bopping through the bodies, I could feel his smile as he watched me; I loved this song. The need to move and sway itched through me, the magnetism a force pushing me closer to him. I swayed as I hit the dancefloor, pulling his hand around my hips. His fingers gripped me and were moving with the gyration of my hips. Multicoloured lights flashed rainbows and strobes glared as the remix picked up. The smoke machine was going off at intervals making the room feel smaller than it was, lending that weird illusion of privacy you could get from the haze.

Stopping within the crowd, the volume of bodies pressed us together. I shimmied seductively down his length, pressing my ass into him as I came back up. Pushed up against each other, he looked at me with longing in his eyes. A look I’d seen a million times before. Reaching up, I ran my fingers through his hair lightly, avoiding catching the product. My chest was firmly against his and he bent down to my ear.

“I think you actually got sexier.” his breath on my lobe making me quiver, hand clenching in his collar as the tension of proximity nearly killed me.

“You definitely did.” I replied, leaning in closer. This time I couldn’t resist and as I steadied the back of his head with my hand, I took the soft skin of his ear between my teeth and bit him lightly. It was his turn to shudder.

“Heidi, jesus…” he panted into my cheek, head pressing on mine.

His arms wrapped tighter around me caressing my curves and with no space between us my mind spun out of control. I wanted him naked, thrusting between my thighs, screaming my name.

MK’s 17 was blaring and the throngs of clubbers going crazy. The surge reminded me where we were. I glanced over his shoulder to see if Leena had come to console Tina and found she had.

She waved at me, Tina glared. Oh, bad move, bitch.

I took that moment to glower and then move my hands from around Decan’s neck to his stunning face. Grazing my fingers over perfect high cheekbones and a day’s worth of dark stubble, I met his gaze briefly before returning them to Tina. Her eyes went wide as I took his mouth in mine.

As our lips met, the club fell away, my lids flitting closed and I was adrift in the sensation of his full kiss. My cherry lip gloss tasted sweet as he merged our tongues together, kissing me like it would keep him alive, like I was air. I tugged his lip with my teeth and he groaned into me, grabbing my ass in his large hands.

I felt them migrate up to my waist and then to my hair. His fists in my locks, I decided to push my luck.

His cock was a solid presence between us, no pretence, he wanted me and we both knew it.

The hum of music was back and I solidified my next move, wanting out of here and needing a bed where I could take my time with him.

The jeans he wore were black and tight, finding his zip wasn’t a challenge. We were still swaying to the music and it took him a second to register where my hand was, especially with other people bumping and staggering into us. Laser lights were skimming over the hordes of people, the lack of focused light hid my movement well.

I slid the zip and pushed my hand into the gap. His cock twitched as my fingers grazed over it through his boxers. Just a touch and his eyes rolled back in his head. A hand found mine and pressed it harder giving me the grip of his girth.

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