Hunting for a Master

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Claire sat at her desk day dreaming. It had been two weeks since she had gotten laid. It was all she could think about. It wasn’t the longest she had ever gone without sex either but it was just that she needed sex. As a nineteen year old college student Claire had come into her sexual awakening during her freshman year. She hit the ground running and didn’t look back, however after just breaking up with her boyfriend two weeks ago she needed to at least find someone to satisfy that void in her life. She so far had fulfilled every one of her fantasies to date, however in the past two weeks she started to come up with a long list of things that she wanted and wanted right now.

Claire ran her fingers through her long black hair that contrasted her soft white skin. Like a long haired snow white she sat at her desk naked, after just finishing yet another masturbation session. She figured she would take a shower in a few minutes to try and cool off a little more. It was another hot Carolina day but she hadn’t cared, she had needed the release. Her books still lay scattered, covered by her cloths, on the floor where she had tossed them.

Her last boyfriend had bored her. He had been a sweet guy and an attentive lover but he wasn’t open enough to all her fantasies. She would come up with a new idea everyday and most of the time her boyfriend would just go back to his normal routine.

She knew what she really wanted. The problem was she didn’t know weather she could have it, at least not from the person who she really wanted it from. She wanted to be dominated. It made her feel so dirty thinking about being made a slave, a puppet to be controlled by someone else, used for their pleasure and then disregarded. She thought about being forced to do things she would never do on her own, being tied up, held down, brought to the edge of orgasm and then made to beg for release. That was what she really desperately wanted.

That in itself wouldn’t be too hard to find. She had found that at her small liberal arts college the boys could be easily manipulated into doing her bidding. A flash of her perky 36-C breasts was all that she needed in order to bend them to her will. The only problem was that she wanted someone in particular, someone who would take a lot more effort, but in the end would be a far better master.

Her ex-boyfriends room mate and good friend Brian. Brian and Claire had been good friends since before Claire had started dating David her ex; he had even played a part in fixing them up together. Claire had always thought that Brian had a rough hotness to him but at the time she was looking for a somewhat softer touch. Now though she wanted that rough edge that Brian seemed to give off. Brian was average in height if a little short. His short brown hair flowed into his full beard that he generally kept trimmed short. There were few people at the school who could actually pull off the full beard but he managed to do it nicely. Then there was his great ass too, Claire thought to herself.

Claire decided that she would have to take her shower now before she had to get herself off again. She grabbed her towel and walked through the hall of her suite completely naked. She had stopped caring who saw her naked, at the beginning of the year she was incredibly shy about anyone seeing any part of her body but her confidence had grown as her abilities to seduce men had increased.

She and her room mate had even been on again off again lovers, but since Tori had gotten into a serious relationship Claire didn’t get the attention that she once did from Claire. That was another motive for walking through the halls naked, she figured she might be able to seduce another one of her suitemates if she got them worked up enough. In truth she just liked the attention that she got. It felt good to be wanted.

Claire hung her towel on the wall opposite the shower and turned on the water letting the old dorm buildings pipes warm up before she got in. She grabbed her shower things that sat on the counter and got in. The water felt good, washing away the sweat from her after class activities. She grabbed her body wash and started to lather it up. She loved having her skin slippery with the soap. She ran her hands all over her body, at first to spread the lather but then just because she liked the feeling of hands roaming her body. She slowly rinsed the suds off of her body watching the soap and water trickle down her shoulders, between her perfect breasts, down her flat stomach, and finally down her long sexy legs into the drain.

Next she grabbed her shampoo and started to massage her jet black hair. Even massaging her scalp felt sensual to her. She breathed heavily as though she were being pleasured. She washed the shampoo out of her hair and then the conditioner. Finally she started to lather up her legs with shaving cream. She didn’t really need to shave but she was a compulsive shaver, she loved having smooth sexy legs. She worked the razor up her leg carefully balancing her leg on the ledge of the shower. As she was standing the hot water was periodically running right over her clit. It felt so good, bebek escort like a hot tongue washing over her pussy. She had to resist the temptation to get off again, she wanted to stay horny for tonight, she wanted to be taken advantage of by Brian.

Claire quickly finished up her shower by shaving her pussy completely bare. She got out and wrapped her towel around her waist and walked back into her room to dry off. The air felt good against her wet skin as she sat in her chair naked and started to talk to people online to see what was going on tonight, and more importantly where Brain would be. After some expert investigative work, Claire managed to figure out that Brian and his girlfriend Alison were going out to one of the fraternity parties. Claire was apprehensions about stealing another woman’s man but it wasn’t enough to keep her from wanting it. Alison wasn’t one of her best friends but she was close enough to feel guilty for actively plotting to seduce her boyfriend. In the end she justified that she was friends with Brian first and knowing Brian they would eventually break up anyway so she probably wouldn’t have stayed very good friends.

Claire now stood in front of her closet trying to figure out what to wear. She wanted to get wasted tonight; she knew that much, so she would have to wear the sluttiest thing possible so she could get her alcohol for free. She picked out a short skirt and low cut tank top both black. She put on a hot pink bra that was slightly bigger than her tank top so it would be clearly visible. She debated on weather or not to put on underwear but decided against it.

She finished the outfit off with high heels and a belly chain of big silver rings. She took a look in the mirror. She looked like a total whore. Strangely she liked it. She had even had a few fantasies about being a prostitute but she was too scared that she would get some disease or get stabbed by some crazy person. After putting on her make up, she went out the door, a girl on a mission.

After stopping by some friends places to pick people up and pregame they made their way to the frats around 11:00. There was only one house having a party tonight so it was packed with people. Claire wedged her way into the party squeezing between drunken sorority girls and frat boys. She made her way out to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with one of the more attractive looking boys there. She had no intention of doing anything but using this buffoon to get free shots but if she was going to grind up against someone she figured he might as well be semi attractive. She was already fairly buzzed from the drinks she had had with her friends earlier so she started to get very provocative with her movements. Her new friend’s hands found their way quickly from her waist to her ass. He squeezed her ass roughly, obviously already wasted. She just kept dancing grinding her thigh into his. She could feel he was already hard. She was glad that she wasn’t planning on hooking up with this guy as he wasn’t very well endowed at all. The song ended and he tried to pull her in close to kiss her. She stopped him and asked him to get her a few shots. Like a lap dog he agreed and hurried off behind the bar. She followed him over to watch him pour her drinks. She wasn’t about to end up drugged and unable to seduce her real target tonight.

After a few shots of vodka and two Jaeger bombs Claire was now totally drunk. She continued to dance with the frat boy until she spotted Brian and Alison dancing off toward the porch. Claire had to think really quickly as to how she was going ditch her frat boy. It only took a moment in her drunken state to conceive her plan.

“I’ll be right back I just have to use the bathroom. You wait right here ok?”

There was only a slight groan from the frat boy as he stared straight down Claire’s shirt. She went into the bathroom and waited a few minutes. After she was satisfied that she had waited long enough she left and headed over to Brian and Alison. She ran up and grabbed Brian by the arm.

“Oh my god I’m so happy to see you,” she said happy and drunkenly. Then she gave a big hug to Alison “Hey how are you two?”

“Great.” Alison answered, “How are you doing? I heard about the break up with David.”

“Yeah I’m alright, I feel kinda bad but it’ll all be better in the end.”

“Well if you need anything let me know, ok?”

“Actually could I borrow Brian for a dance, this frat boy has been bothering me all night but I think if he sees me with another guy he’ll lay off. Do you mind?” Claire’s heart was pounding this could be the perfect excuse.

“Go for it, I need to go out and have a smoke anyway you go ahead and take him, just remember he’s only on loan.”

Brian just laughed. He was obviously drunk but not falling over or stumbling at all.

“Is it ok with you?” Claire asked worried that she might be asking him to betray his friend, although that was in fact her real plan.

“Yeah bud, anything for you.” He winked and grabbed her hand to lead her out onto the dance floor. Claire was so happy. They mecidiyeköy escort started off dancing normally, close but nothing too provocative. Claire figured she would at least have to initiate this part of the night, otherwise he would never make the leap into the fantasy she was dying to have fulfilled.

Very slowly she worked her hands down his back and grabbed the belt loops on his jeans and pulled him in close to her, she started to rub her leg up against his. He took the cue and started to grind a little bit with her. Claire turned around so she could grind her ass up against him. Brian put his hands on her hips and started to pull her closer grinding against her ass hard. Claire was pleased that Brian was much bigger than the frat boy. She was so horny she couldn’t stand it. She leaned into him and moved her head so he could have a full view of her perfect tits. His eyes went right for it and Claire closed her eyes so Brian could get a good, long, hard look. She flexed her ass muscles a little to toy with his hard cock. This was so hot.

“Hey!” A voice came over the loud base of the hip hop music.

They both stopped dancing. It was the frat boy who she had been dancing with earlier. This was not what she wanted. The frat boy was pissed. He was working his way out into the middle of the dance floor pushing people out of the way.

“Is this your friend from before?” Brian whispered into Claire’s ear.

Claire could only nod as the 6’4″ 240 lbs frat boy approached her and her 5’8″ 150 lbs friend. She saw disaster written all over this.

“What the hell are you doing with my girl?” The big frat boy stuttered.

“Your girl? She doesn’t belong to anyone dude and if she did it wouldn’t be a popped collar douche bag like you?” Brian pulled her closer.

“Slut.” The frat boy pushed Claire down on the ground hard. Claire didn’t even believe what was happening. The now enormous looking frat brother started coming toward her. Brian jumped in between his friend and the huge guy before him.

“You get the hell out of my way you little piece of shit.”

Brian didn’t even respond. He just stood there staring up into the face of the pissed off monster before him. Claire couldn’t believe it. Brian was defending her. It was kind of a turn on. She had never liked guys acting all macho before but it was hot to know that her friend was willing to stand up to someone like this in spite of the fact it looked like he was giving up a hundred pounds to this asshole.

“Move!” he yelled again.

“Leave her alone asshole.”

“Fuck you.” He swung a fist at Brian’s head. Claire screamed but Brian managed to duck the punch. In one swift movement he grabbed one of the frat guy’s legs and pushed him over onto the ground smacking his head. Claire couldn’t believe it. He got ontop of him and pinned him to the ground.

“Your lucky you piece of shit that I know your drunk cause if I have to do this again I’ll stomp your fucking throat in.”

Brian got up and helped Claire to her feet. Claire was covered in beer and dirt from the floor. Her tank top strap was broken and she was holding it up. They both walked out to find Alison. The frat boy just lay on the ground nursing his head half knocked out from beer and the blow itself.

“Oh my god what happened?” Alison rushed over to Claire tossing what remained of her cigarette to the ground. “Are you alright?”

“That asshole frat guy pushed her. I should have reacted quicker but I didn’t see it coming.”

“No Brian stopped him from doing anything else. He was going to beat me up I’m sure of it. Sick Fuck!” Claire screamed back toward the house.

“Do you want us to walk you back to your room?” Alison asked.

“No you guys stay here and have fun, I’m just not in the mood for this anymore.”

“Well I’m going to walk her home Alison and then I’ll come back and we’ll go do something ok?”

“Yeah that’s fine babe. Give me a call if you need anything ok?”

‘Sure thing.”

Claire couldn’t believe it. She was now being walked home by the very person she had wanted to take her home in the first place. It might turn out to be a good night after all. Brian held her close to him as they walked partially because she had broken a heel and was having trouble walking from being drunk anyway. She was happy to be close to him being in his arms.

He walked with her all the way into her room. She sat down at her desk letting her tank top fall down to expose her bra.

“Thank you so much for everything Brian.” She hadn’t realized how drunk she still was until she started talking.

“No problem that guy was an ass hole. You let me know if he gives you anymore trouble ok?” She caught him staring at her breasts. She opened her legs a bit so that he could get a slight view of her bare shaven pussy.

“Do you think Alison would mind if you slept on my foton tonight? I just don’t want to be alone.”

“Sure just lemme go outside and call her to let her know I’m not coming back and make sure that she gets home safe ok?”

He left the room and Claire sat there in the chair. florya escort She didn’t know what to do. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was covered in dirt and smelt like beer. She felt like a total skank but on some level she liked it. The ripped tank top hanging down, the skirt showing a little of her pussy, she felt like a slave being depraved for her master.

After a few minutes Brian came back in. He told her that Alison had found a ride home with a sober friend and that she said if Claire needed a girl to talk to that Alison would have her phone on all night.

“I feel like shit.” Claire said as she spread her legs a little wider resting her elbows on her knees and putting her face into her hands.


“Because of everything that happened. I feel like it’s my fault.”

Brain sat on the futon and glared at Claire’s pussy. “Well you were dressed a little over the top tonight. I mean it doesn’t make up for that guy being a total dick but if you didn’t dress like a total slut tonight things might have been different. I mean you don’t normally dress like that, at least not when you were with David.”

“I know but part of me likes the attention.” She paused and looked up at him as he tried to move his eyes away from her bare pussy without her noticing. “Part of me wants to be a slut.”

Brian just sat there not responding. She could tell he had a hardon from the bulge in his jeans. “Part of me wants to be used for someone’s pleasure like a slave.” Her eyes never left his. “I just need someone strong to be my master.”

Brian looked at her. She could tell he wanted it, wanted to take control, wanted to use her for his own fantasies. She just needed to come out and say it now, the one simple request that would put him on the spot.

“Would you be my master Brian? I mean maybe just for tonight, since you already rescued me I should repay you somehow.”

Brian started to say something about Alison as he got up from the futon but Claire fell to her knees in front of Brian.

“No one has to know. They’ll only know if you want it, everything will be how you want it.”

His hand was on the door knob but he didn’t turn it. Instead he slid the bolt into place locking the room. Claire almost cam just hearing the lock. She had no idea what was in store for her, what kind of acts she would be performing but that was exactly what she wanted.

“No one knows about this got it?”


“Yes what? For the rest of the night you will address me as master you fucking slut.”

“Yes master.”

“You’ve been planning this for a while haven’t you? Fucking your ex’s best friend, his room mate. Well now you have him here and you’re my little slave.”

Claire was already wet. Just him talking down to her turned her on. It was so erotic on her knees before her master being degraded.

“Do you want me to clean myself up for you master?”

“No, I think you deserve to be covered in dirt and smell like beer after all your manipulations. I do however want you to get some underwear on, a thong that matches that bra would be nice, and take off that torn tank top and slutty skirt.”

“Yes master.” Claire obeyed her master diligently finding the sexiest pink g-string she had and sliding it on before taking off her skirt and tank top.

“I want you to dance for me, like you were at the party. You want to be treated like a whore well we’ll start with treating you like a stripper.”

“Yes master. Is there any music you would prefer master?”

“Anything just be quick about it.” She ran to her computer and put on a mix that she liked to have on when she had sex. All the songs were hip hop or R&B and she knew she could dance to them in a way that would please her new master. She started to dance in front of him rolling and rocking her hips, moving her hands all over her body. She looked him in the eyes and watched where his eyes were going over her body.

“You don’t look me in the eyes unless I tell you to.” He said catching her watching him.

“Yes master.” She averted her eyes. Her pussy was throbbing begging to be touched. She started to snake her hands down her stomach to play with the top of her thong line. She traced it to the edge and then started to run her finger down toward her pussy. Just as she was about to hit her outer lips he stopped her.

“No touching yourself unless I tell you too. If you do that again I’ll have to punish you. You ask permission before you touch yourself is that understood?”

“Yes master.” The suspense was killing her she needed to be touched so badly.

“You’re here for my amusement slave, if your good then I’ll allow you to finish yourself off but not before I’ve had my way with you. Now turn around and bend over so I can see your ass.”

She did as he asked. She put her hands on her knees and bent over her ass perfectly in his face. He leaned forward and looked at her perfectly round ass. It was a beautiful big ass that turned heads everywhere she went. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she could feel his breath on her ass cheeks. Out of no where came a tremendous smack. Claire had been spanked before when having sex, she liked it when it was at the right time and in the general mood of the moment but it had always been rather light and playful. This was hard and it hurt, but she liked it. He slapped again, this time she let out a slight yelp.

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