Hyperlactating and Engorged

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Hi everyone this is my first story. It’s all impromptu and I made it in 20 minutes so it’s not the best (far from it) but I hope you’ll find it interesting. Honest critiques appreciated. Thanks.


Why do these things happen to me? First, I wake up late and have to rush out of the door which meant I couldn’t feed my kids. Then, in my haste I realize that I didn’t put my pump back in my bag. After that the trial got delayed for a whole hour and I botched my fucking opening statement so now that jackass from Rosenberg, Kelein, and whoever that other dude too old to fucking practice law is gave a home run of a speech. And finally I have to find my way back home in the middle of rush hour in the DMV. What’s it been, 15 hours since I last fed the kids?

This is fucking perfect. “I think I want a family” I said. Absolute genius. How convenient if me to forget the fact that twins are highly common every other generation in my family. And compound that with the fact that I have two of the hungriest babies this side of the Mason-Dixon line. If I didn’t make them and they weren’t so goddamn adorable I karabağlar escort might just call it quits. Jesus fuck my tits hurt. This has to be a new record for longest time gone without emptying my tits. God this fucking hurts. I swear my supply is increasing. These children of mine drank me straight through sizes F through K. This bra feels so tight. I my even wanna think about how much a new set of bras will cost. I just had to be thin with huge tits. And here I thought high school was bad. At least my breasts didn’t depend on people then. Just focus Meredith. It’s gotta be what? 15 more minutes? Then you can go home and drain these factories you call breasts. 15 minutes. 15 minutes.


How the hell did I forget that the nanny took the babies to the park? What is it now? Oh shit it’s 5:45. We’d won’t be back from work for another half an hour. I guess the pump will have to do. Wait I don’t have any empty bottles. God, if this is your way of punishing me for some wrong I’ve done, ok I get it. I swear to God I can feel my tits expanding with all this milk karaburun escort I have. Of all the times I could use a let down this would be one of them.

What can I use instead of bottles? Come on there has to be something in one of these cabinets. These water bottles will have to do. God. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. You pushed 2 people out of you in the span of 18 hours this is nothing. Oh wow. These bottles fit perfectly.

Ok. Easy does it on the buttons. Easy. Easy. Eas- FUCKING SHIAHHHHHHHH. Next time go slower on the buttons. Are those my tits? Jesus that’s a lot of veins. Hell they look lumpy at this point. Now to get this bra off. Just in clasp it. Just unclasp. You know what? Where are those fucking scissors? This bra is TOO. DAMN. SMALL. What the hell why can’t I find those lefty scissors I paid 15 bucks for? This is useless let’s try to be right handed today it can’t be that hard. Sure I’ve only been using my left hand for basically everything for the past I don’t know, 32 years but hey. If 90 percent of the fucking world can do it so can I. Just gotta snip karşıyaka escort this and oh lord that feels better already. God. Jesus. Breathe. Just breathe. One more ass and done. Now to get these pumps going.


Whoever invented the breast pump needs a medal because this is exactly what I need. This shit is pouring out of me at a crazier rate than normal. Normally in 12 minutes I can get 8 or 9 ounces per boob but now I’m at 12 on the right and the left is just running away at 15. The lumpy look is gone but if I got a paper cut on my tits right now I very well die from blood loss. So that’s not good. I wonder how much I’m gonna get today. The dynamic duo show no signs of letting up any time soon so that makes for a while longer before I can go. God it’s been such a day today. Just gotta go over… some plans… for…


God why does it feel like nothing’s coming out? I was just channeling my inner Niagara Falls a minute ago. I… wait a minute. Why’s it dark out? Where is everyone? Where’s my phone? Oh god. It’s 7:26. Wes is caught at work. No surprise I married an engineer. And the nanny took the kids to the store. I cannot STAND the feeling of pumping an empty tit and HOLY FUCK! Did I pump 23 ounces from one boob? That means I made like 46 at least. Let’s see that’s 23 and a half and 25. 48.5 ounces. That’s got to be a record for one session of anyone. Hyperlactation you are one cruel motherfucker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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