I Celebrate Turning 35 in Las Vegas

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This is a continuation of my last story “I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas.”

Please read it first so you can follow along in chronological order.

Thanks for your views and votes.


For the first time in about a week, I woke up in a bed with only my fiancé and me in it.

No Monica, no Lourdes, no Kayla. No Susan.

Just Catherine.

It was my birthday, and I was now 35.

I had buried my wife in January; it was now September.

Catherine and I were in a hotel suite in Las Vegas. We were going to get married in a couple of weeks.

We started the birthday celebration the night before with two gifts for me: Kayla and Susan.

Susan gave me her virgin ass and I had Kayla’s ass for the fifth time.

This last time fucking Kayla’s ass was the best yet because we didn’t use any lube and the friction was strong.

Kayla had this fascination with pain so the lack of lube didn’t bother her.

I had to push hard to get past the tight ring and every inch was a battle but despite some tears, she claimed she really enjoyed it.

It felt so incredibly pleasurable to me I didn’t last long, and while I didn’t cum a lot, I did thrust repeatedly to the darkest recesses of her slick, hot, tight bat cave.

It was 5:30am, my usual internal alarm wake up time.

I sleep nude, as does Catherine.

I was laying on my side, spooning Catherine, my hard cock between her cheeks.

My arms surrounded her, as if I was her blanket. Her poncho.

My hands held her magnificent breasts and as I awoke, my fingers instinctively moved to play with her nipples.

Catherine rubbed her warm ass against me, causing me to even stiffen more, as if that were possible.

She whispered to me “Happy Birthday love of my life, please come inside me honey.”

Catherine was still half asleep but was interested in having sex with me.

When we were in Mexico Catherine had been so worked up with me taking Lourdes virgin ass she was insatiable that night. We literally fucked all night.

Catherine had the same reaction to me fucking Susan’s virgin ass last night. She loved seeing me impale a waiting yet anxious female and once again, we fucked all night long.

What a trooper. God I loved her!

She lifted her right leg and reached back and steered my erection to her warm hairless lower lips, already moist in anticipation of my arrival.

I pushed in slowly, savoring her tight, hot, wet grip on my cock.

Entering and being inside Catherine is actually indescribable.

All I can say is it was as if God made her pussy specifically for my hard penis.

We fit together perfectly.

Maybe I should start calling Catherine Goldilocks.

Kissing her neck, my right hand moved down to play with her already standing at attention clit.

I pumped in slowly, but completely, deep strokes, letting her feel every millimeter of my cock.

She groaned as I humped, her nipples responded, her breathing got heavy, her pussy moistened and got hotter.

Slicker, tighter.

I didn’t last too long; but it was long enough to get Catherine off by playing with her clit and we came together as I unloaded my baby batter deep inside her.

Morning sex is the best. Especially if you’ve been naked together for the night.

She whispered “I want you to empty yourself into me before you get out of bed. I love it when you hold me like this.”

Catherine laughed that bedroom laugh of hers and did her best to milk me dry.

After a few minutes I shrank and fell out of her.

She rolled over and kissed me good morning and said “You will receive many gifts today. You’re a very special man and deserve only the best. I love you Jack Colton.”

We kissed and I fondled a bare breast, lowering my mouth as I sucked on her nipple.

Catherine laughed again and said “If you don’t stop we’ll be here all day. I need a husband who stays in shape, so please head to the gym sweetie.”

Before I got out of bed Catherine asked me to have Susan join her, telling me “I hate to sleep alone.”

What she really meant was ‘I want my pussy licked by Susan this morning.’

Yes Dear. I understand Dear.

In the second bedroom of the suite I found a nude and sleeping Susan and planted a kiss on the side of her face.

I pulled the sheets down, exposing her nude back, butt and legs, and using some lotion from the night stand, woke her with a quick back massage which she enjoyed.

Kayla was nowhere to be seen.

She sighed as I rubbed her fine ass, spreading her legs signaling me she enjoyed my touch.

I could see her rosebud as her ass separated and her red bush below her ass.

Spanking her ass, playfully, I asked Susan “How is it this morning?” and she replied with a giggle “Its fine Master, anytime you want it just ask.”

I quickly finished her legs and feet.

I needed to get to the gym.

With that I lifted Susan and carried her into our bedroom, depositing her next to Catherine who had moved towards dvd full porno the middle of the bed.

Catherine smiled and snuggled up to Susan telling her “I want to thank you for giving Jack such a personal gift last night. He loved it. I loved watching him take your ass Susan, it was erotic beyond belief.”

I smiled and left for the gym.

Let them play. It was all good.

I had cautioned Catherine not to punish Susan anymore; the Mexico issues were resolved and behind us.

By 7:15am I was in the lobby restaurant, the one that never closes, having a cup of coffee and glancing at a newspaper when someone slipped into the booth across from me.

I looked up to see a smiling face of a gorgeous young woman, dressed like she had just been out for a run.

“Happy Birthday Master” Kayla whispered to me, reaching across to squeeze my hand.

“Thank you sweetie” I smiled back “I really enjoyed your birthday gift last night.”

She just smiled back at me and said “I hope you will enjoy that gift again. It’s yours for the taking.”

The waitress brought over coffee for Kayla and for a few seconds there was silence at the table.

As soon as the waitress left Kayla said to me in a low voice “I’m still dripping you out of my ass.”

“Does your ass hurt?” I asked.

She didn’t reply, taking a sip of hot coffee as she looked at me. Her eyes were dancing.

Kayla smiled. Man, she was good looking. And that body, holy shit.

Kayla shattered the quiet by whispering me “I really liked it Jack, it was incredible. It was a little uncomfortable at first — your cock is huge — but each time you take me I enjoy it even more. And we didn’t use any lube. That was sure a different feeling. But, no, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

I smiled and nodded, and then she said “Catherine made it clear to me that anytime you want my ass, you just need say the word.”

I laughed, and asked “Is there a code word or what?”

Kayla’s eyes sparkled and she said “The password is ‘please’ “and then she laughed.

There was another silence and I responded by saying “It’s a great ass but let’s give your ass a rest today Kayla.”

She laughed and said “I know you are engaged and going to get married but anytime you want it Master, I’ll spread my cheeks for you.”

I smiled and said “I know I will be taking you up on that offer soon Kayla very soon.”

We each sipped our coffee and I learned that I had influenced Kayla to start running.

Kayla knew about me working out in the mornings and that Catherine swam laps, and that inspired Kayla to start running each morning.

I had noticed more tone in her legs and butt out by the pool the day before.

I encouraged Kayla to work out her arms, chest muscles and torso and suggested that she reach out to Julie, one of our models, for advice.

Kayla replied “I think we are all getting together for dinner tonight and having lunch with you and Catherine tomorrow morning.”

I asked “Who’s invited?”

“All the girls that were at the first shoot except for Monica. Me, Dana, Julie, Marie, Carmen, Sonia. Even Kathy is coming up and maybe Diana. Maybe a few other ladies, I am not sure. “

“Catherine didn’t say anything to me about this.”

“Jack, she said today was just going to be the two of you and that we would all connect tomorrow and be at the pool together the rest of the day.”

I replied “I understand.”

There was another silence.

Not awkward, just a silence. After all, it was still early.

Kayla broke the silence by asking me “Jack is there a job that I can do in your company?”

I knew Kayla was still in school and working at the steakhouse so I asked her in reply “How is school going?”

Kayla looked down and said “I dropped out.”


“I didn’t have enough money for tuition and books so I am saving up until next semester to go back.”

I looked at her and saw a girl with potential. She just needed some help, some inspiration, some hope.

Some money.

“Kayla, is it too late to enroll this semester?”

“No, it isn’t too late.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“Eight thousand dollars.”

“Okay, let’s work a little deal here. I will get you the money and you stay in school until you graduate. When tuition is due, or you need money for books and stuff, you let me know so I can take care of it.”

“Jack, you don’t need to do that. I just want a job.”

“Are you still working at the steakhouse?”

“I’m part time so they move me around and they always cut my hours.”

“Can you work nights and weekends?”

“At the steakhouse?”

“No, for me.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Kayla, you’re good with people and you’re bright. I need for you to come to work for me at the dealership. I want you selling cars. The salary is good, with great benefits, and you can make a lot of money on commission. A lot more than tips at the steakhouse. Plus you can have flexible hours. Which we aren’t going to cut.”

“But ensest porno I’ve never done that before Jack.”

“When you took your first accounting class you did something you’ve never done before, right?”


“What is the worst thing that could happen if you came to work for me and you didn’t sell any cars?”

“You’d fire me.”

“No, I wouldn’t. I’d find another job for you. I am not saying you have to sell cars for the rest of your life but I know you will be successful at it. I know people Kayla, and you will be a star at this. One night next week in LA I’ll get you all the paperwork and we’ll get you going. I’ll have a check for you Monday night. I want you in school and it’s important for you to get your degree.”

Kayla looked at me with a smile and held out her hand and we shook, sealing the deal.

“This will change the nature of our relationship Kayla. No more fun with Catherine and me once you start working for us.”

“I understand Jack. By the way, we need to get upstairs. Give me ten minutes and follow me up, okay?”

I nodded.

Kayla looked at me and said “Can I kiss you now to thank you?”

I smiled and we kissed, sealing the deal.

Kayla was a great kisser. Her hard nipples were visible through her tee shirt as she left the booth.


I walked into the bedroom in the suite to find Catherine on her back being eaten by Kayla, who was lying between Catherine’s thighs.

Susan was on her back, under Kayla’s pussy, licking and kissing away while Susan’s hands were pulling on Kayla’s cheeks, spreading her canyon.

Three blondes in some sort of daisy chain, with a missing link.


Catherine looked up at me standing in the door and said “Jack, sweetie, do you know how long it’s been since Susan had a cock in her pussy?”

My shorts started to tent as Catherine groaned and then smiled under the assault that Kayla was waging on Catherine’s pussy.

Catherine had that just fucked look on her face and motioned me over to her side of the bed.

She reached over and pulled my shorts down, and my cock bobbed out, showing how interested I was in the nude wrestling match that was going on in front of me.

Catherine pulled my cock over and kissed the tip, causing me to groan.

“Jack, Susan was so good this morning. She ate a lot of your cream out of my pussy and she needs to be rewarded. Susan told me that the last cock she enjoyed was yours back in late May. So, honey, can you scratch her itch?”

With that Catherine put her mouth on my cock head, swirling her tongue around the tip, causing me to shiver in pleasure.

I pulled down my shorts and my underwear, kicking them off.

Still wearing a now sweaty but dried tee shirt and gym socks and shoes, I moved to the end of the bed where I found Susan laying on the bed, her butt on the edge, and her feet on the floor.

Susan knew I was coming and she spread her thighs revealing her red glistening pussy hair, her slit clearly visible and ready for me.

I could smell her female aroma as I moved closer.

Catherine spoke to me, saying “She’s so ready for you Jack; I licked her red bush until she was begging me to let her come, but I held her off because I wanted Susan to give you her pussy this morning for another birthday gift. I want you to give Susan a very big load so that she is dripping all day long.”

In response to these instructions to me, Susan spread her legs even wider, providing me with another hint of her sense of urgency to come. And her unspoken willingness to accept my swimmers in her pussy.

Her red bush was moistened and her lips were visible and in the early stages of separation which gave me a sure target.

I grabbed Susan’s ankles, lifting them and pulling them apart, and bent down a bit at the knees so that my cock was at the same height as her red bush and those waiting, slightly spread pink lips.

Still holding her right ankle, I placed her left ankle against my shoulder and reached down with my right hand and guided my hardness to Susan’s tight opening.

I started to rub my tip up and down her slit, from rosebud to her clit, getting me damp.

When I paused at her rosebud and pushed in just a bit, Susan flinched, not expecting to me to fuck her ass so soon.

I smiled and pulled back and stayed focused on her slit from lips to her clit.

Her arousal grew stronger and Susan started bucking against my cock, wanting me to enter her.

I held off penetrating, and stayed focused on the teasing, which caused Susan to continue to buck against me, and then she took her mouth off of Kayla’s hairless wet pussy and groaned in frustration at what I was doing to her.

As I teased Susan, her pussy lips grew inflamed and wet, the scent of her arousal filling the room.

I spoke to Susan, saying to her, “I want your mouth glued to Kayla’s pussy. If you take care of Kayla I will take care of you.”

What I didn’t know was that Susan had been warned by Catherine that if she under fake agents porno performed in her pussy eating that Susan would find the whip on her ass.

With that advice, Susan attempted to spread her thighs further apart for me and I could see her reposition her mouth back on Kayla’s pussy.

Kayla groaned into Catherine’s pussy in a positive response to Susan’s newly recommitted pussy eating assignment.

Catherine was being fully satisfied; I found out later Kayla was eating the earliest cream pies I had deposited during the night, Susan having eaten the freshly delivered swimmers.

Kayla was now, finally, being satisfied by a hungry (and fearful) Susan.

But with her actions, Susan was now literally begging me to plow her fertile field.

To put my pipe into her plumbing.

Finally, in desperation, and frustration, Susan reached down and grabbed my erection, and pulled it to her pussy.

Following through, I plowed into that very tight, only used once pussy like a hot knife through butter.

As I entered her, as my cock head slipped into the gap between her tight lips, as my cock separated those tiny lips, Susan came.

She groaned in extreme pleasure.

It was a muffled scream.

But she kept her mouth locked onto Kayla’s pussy.

I am sure the vibration was well received by Kayla.

Susan bucked up onto my cock and shook.

I stood still as Susan’s tight pussy accommodated my intrusion.

It was almost comical to watch Susan trying to impale herself deeper and deeper onto my cock, all the while her movements were restricted because she needed to focus on pleasuring Kayla.

Her body responded with another shaking, her second orgasm as I plowed deeper into the long fallowed female tunnel.

She fit me like those very tight black yoga pants I had seen her wearing.

Hot, wet, steaming, slick and tight, oh so tight.

It was like taking a virgin but the virgin knew somehow, how to fuck.

For the next ten minutes, I fucked Susan King to what was about an orgasm a minute.

My God she got wet; the dam broke and she was sopping wet as I pounded her.

Her clit stood up right away and Susan took her right hand down from Kayla’s ass and moved to start rubbing her clit but I beat her to it with my right thumb.

I cautioned her “Focus totally on pleasing Kayla. Let yourself go Susan.”

My hard thumb on her stiff clit drove her nuts, all the while I was pounding her with long smooth strokes, all the way in and all the way out.

Then I pulled completely out and re-penetrated her, time after time, her lips now inflamed with blood and her pussy dripping.

The river flowed.

Susan shook, time after time, orgasm following orgasm.

I could tell each time Susan came.

While it felt great on my cock, I could see Kayla lower her hips to Susan’s mouth in search of a tongue that should have been satisfying Kayla’s pussy.

Susan would come and she would pull away from Kayla’s pussy to cry out in pleasure.

Finally, in orgasmic exhaustion, Susan pushed Kayla up and away and then she pushed my cock out of her and literally, after falling to the floor, rolled into a ball on the bedroom carpet.

Susan muttered “Too much, too much” as in, way, way too much pleasure from fucking.

Catherine looked at me, saw my cock still bobbing and said “Can you take care of Kayla honey?”

So, with Susan lying exhausted on the carpet, I grabbed Kayla by the hips and entered her very wet pussy from behind.

Kayla growled at my initial penetration.

I entered her slowly, very slowly, much like when I took her ass.

I was teasing Kayla, letting her get used to my cock.

Kayla loved it when I fucked her, and this time was no different.

Taking Kayla got Susan’s attention; she had never seen a man fucking a woman before.

As I held Kayla by the waist, pumping in and out, slowly, deliberately, Susan got off the floor and came up behind me, her arms slipping under mine, her hard nipples and big breasts crushed against my back and her hands wandered down to my belly.

Susan said to me “I want your cum in my pussy Master.”

“Is that how you ask your Master for such a great gift Susan?” Catherine asked from the bed, Kayla gently licking away as I fucked away.

“Master, May I have the honor of receiving your cum on your birthday?” cooed Susan, her hands roaming my belly and below.

“In my pussy, the pussy that has only had one man in it. The cock of my Master.”

Susan had made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (Movie reference, The Godfather).

I gave Susan her desired creampie, after bringing Kayla to a loud satisfying orgasm which had her pulling on her nipples and rubbing her clit. Catherine and Kayla kissed as I drove in and out, until Kayla screamed and shook in a long delayed, long denied moment of the ultimate pleasure.

I’m sure it helped Kayla to relax knowing she had her tuition and books taken care of and a new job. What she didn’t know was that I was going to give her a check for $20,000 so she could buy new clothes, get back into school, pay whatever debts she had and put some money into the bank. I was also going to get her into a recent model used car.

I pulled out of Kayla and directed Susan to clean me of Kayla’s juices.

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