I Got You, Babe Ch. 02

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I followed my sister in law back into our cabin, winced at the brightness of the lighting inside. Alice was washing the glasses at the sink; Baby sprawled against one corner of the sofa, facing the fireplace, long legs stretched out, head back. I came up behind Alice, put my hands on her hips and nuzzled her ear. Whispered, “You about ready for bed? I could screw a snake, somebody’d hold its head!”

She dried her hands, turned into me. Draped her arms over my shoulders, looked up into my eyes. “But, Davie dear; we’re not done out here yet!”


“You haven’t told us about YOUR first time!” She took my hand, led me to the sofa, and nestled herself in at the opposite end from her sister. “Dave? Build a fire. And then turn out the lights.”

My Boy Scout skills deserted me. I couldn’t remember if the kindling went on top of the logs, or vice versa. Oh; and paper and matches were somehow involved, right?

I finally had a trio of pine logs crackling in the fireplace, sending flickering rays of light dancing around the cabin. I killed the lights. Alice patted the sofa cushion between them. “Sit,” she commanded.

The space between the two sisters seemed incredibly tight. I can’t be THAT fat, I thought, wedging myself between them. Baby’s left breast was warm against my right arm. Alice put her right hand on my left knee. “Tell us,” she whispered. Baby touched my cheek. “Yeah,” she cooed. “Tell us!”

I let out a deep sigh. Suddenly cold sober and very horny. It dawned on me that we were playing some kind of game; that explained the giggles and whispers earlier, on the porch. O.K. Two can play this. “The first time, you asked? Let’s see . . .Mom and Dad used to send me to my grandparent’s for two weeks every summer, while they went off on vacation; alone. A second honeymoon for them, and heaven for me. Spoiled rotten-stay up as late as I wanted, new baseball gloves and ice cream ‘till I barfed. Anyway, the next door neighbor’s daughter, Annette Johnson, was my first. . .”

“Yeah? Go on. . .”

“I was five, and Annette was a VERY experienced six year old. She got me nekkid, poured pond water on my willie, told me that her lying on top of me was how babies were made. I didn’t entirely believe that, but it made my little dick stiff and I tingled down there. Same sensation, incidentally, that I could get by shinnying up a tree!”

“Fuck you!”

” Asshole!”

I don’t know who said which, and they both pummeled me.

“What!?” I said.

“Maybe you don’t understand ‘first time’, you dope. ‘First time’ means the first time you penetrated a vagina with your miserable little penis and had an orgasm. Now: search your memory banks!”

“Oh, THAT’S what you mean! Well; we’ll have to fast forward, about, oh, thirteen, fourteen years. I was a senior-not as precocious as you two. I had a summer job with a lawn and garden guy. He’d drop me, a mower, and a weed whacker someplace, pick me up four hours later. Pay me twenty bucks, charge the owner fifty.” I kicked off my shoes, stretched my legs out.

“Yeah?” someone asked.

“koo koo ka choo, Mrs. Robinson,” I said.

Alice moved her hand from my knee to my thigh. Squeezed. “I don’t think you ever told me this story. Who was Mrs. Robinson?”

“Mrs. Robinson was Mrs. Kirshbaum. Owner of the place I was supposed to mow. Which I did; quarter acre of grass surrounding an in-ground pool. Flower beds flanking a cabana and terrace; three steps up toward the house. The whole back yard enclosed by a high privacy fence.

It was hot as hell and I had my shirt off; draped over a chaise by the pool. I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, looked up at the second floor of the Tudor house. Someone was watching me from the half shadows of a leaded glass window. A tall, slim figure, dressed in a black caftan. She; it was definitely a she, watched as I pushed the mower back and forth, circling, closer to the pool.

My boss had emphasized that I do a neat job at this place; the owner was strict. No weeds missed in the flowerbeds, no grass clippings in the pool. So I killed the mower after the final circle around the pool, grabbed the skimmer net, and started getting grass clippings off the surface before they reached the filter. Hot, hot, hot. Sweat dripped off my nose. I knelt at the edge of the pool, leaned over the tile coping, scooped a double handful of chlorine scented water up, splashed my face.

A foot touched my ass, pushed me forward into the cool water. I surfaced, sputtering. “What the HELL?” I kicked, used my arms to keep me afloat. The caftan woman from the window stood at the edge of the pool, hands on her slim hips.

“What are doing in my pool, BOY? You’re not my POOLBOY!”

“What? You pushed me in!”

“Don’t make excuses! Get out!”

I swam to the steps, climbed out, dripping water on the warm bricks. “Go in the cabana and take off those wet clothes!” My shoes squished as I made my way into the little bungalow. I stripped down to my jockey grup porno shorts, grabbed one of those big fluffy towels, and started to dry myself. Scared shitless; what the hell was going on here? A shadow fell across the floor. I looked up. Caftan woman stood in the doorway. “I SAID take off your CLOTHES!” She pointed at my sodden briefs. I pulled them down, using the big towel to conceal my shriveled dick. Tossed the underwear on the rest of my clothing.

“Do you know who I am?”

“I-I guess you’re the lady who owns this place.”

“I’m Eva Kirshbaum. It’s German. It means cherry tree. You can call me Madam.” She looked about fifty. Black hair, black eyes. Red lips. Very white skin; what I could see of it not covered by the long caftan.

“Yes, Madam,” I said. “Why did you push me in your pool?”

“Look at you! You’re naked!” she said, as though that answered my question. Actually, I soon found out that it did. “Do you know what a Sadist is?”

“Uh, no, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, so stupid!” She clapped her hands once. “Do you know what a Masochist is?”

I shook my head.

“A Sadist gives pain; a Masochist takes it. A Masochist asked a Sadist to hit her. The sadist said, “NO!” The masochist said, “THANK YOU!”

I gave her a puzzled look as I tried to figure out the various ramifications of her statement.

“It’s a JOKE, Boy! What’s your name?”

“Dave, Dave-“

“I will call you Boy!”

“Yes, Madam.”

Come here, Boy!” I crossed to the doorway. “Drop the towel. NOW!” I let it fall to the floor. My dick shriveled another half size. My balls tried to climb to safety inside. “Hit me!” she said.

“What?” I asked, bewildered. POW! Her hand shot out and slapped my cheek. Hard. I saw stars.

“I said HIT ME!” I gave her cheek a halfhearted slap, wondering how I could grab my soaking wet clothes and somehow escape from this lunatic. Her other hand slapped the other side of my face. The cabana was becoming a planetarium. “HARDER!” she said, and I gave her a good one. “AGAIN!” she said, and I did. Thankfully, she didn’t reciprocate. “Very good! You are learning to follow directions. Now, take off my caftan.”

I stooped and lifted the hem up, over her head. She raised her arms and I pulled it off. She was completely naked underneath. Her breasts were small, her nipples were big. And red. She must have put lipstick on them. I felt my dick begin to stir. She had a narrow waist, hip bones that stuck out. Her pussy was shaved bare. I felt my cock begin to lengthen. “Follow me!” she said. Went out into the sun. She led me to the freshly mown grass. “You’re a dog, Boy! Get down on your hands and knees!” Very good! Now, circle the tree.” I gave her a puzzled look. “Kirshbaum! Cherry tree!” I crawled around her bare legs. “Very good! Now, what do dogs do to trees, Boy?”

“Uh, pee on them?”

“Yes! Pee on the tree, dog.”

I looked at Alice, who was staring at me, her mouth open. I winked at her. “Girls can pee in that position, but guys can’t; at least they can’t by lifting their leg and trying to piss on a crazy woman.” Baby giggled. Alice laughed.

So I said to Mrs. Cherry Tree, “Madam, I can’t.”

She stalked off to the cabana, came back with a watering can she’d filled at the pool. “Get up, Boy!” She tilted the watering can, sending a shower on my feet. “Think water! Think of Niagara Falls! Water the cherry tree!” It worked; My bladder exploded and I sent a golden shower on her feet, legs. Began to get the hang of this sadomasochism thing. I lifted my dick higher, hosed down her thighs, her hairless pussy. She turned, ran to the pool, dived in. Dolphin kicked underwater, surfaced at the shallow end. “What are you waiting for? Get in here!” I followed her example. I surfaced in front of her, stood, our waists under water. She wrapped her arms around me, plunged her tongue into my mouth. I started to stiffen.

She broke the kiss. “How long can you hold your breath?”

“Wh-wh-what?” She dropped beneath the surface, guided my cock into her mouth. I’d gotten a couple of blow jobs before, but not in this sort of situation! She came up for air. “Now, let’s see how long you can stay down while you are going down!” She spread her legs and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down. Her hairless pussy shimmered in front of my eyes. I reached out, clasped her buttocks, pulled her against my face. My tongue explored her. Tasted salt and chorine. An hour later I shot to the surface, gulped for air!

“Divine!” she said, and disappeared beneath the surface. Her warm mouth engulfed my rock hard cock. Too soon she was up and I went back down. I felt her outer lips-labia?- (I took Shop, not Health)- become engorged with blood and she grabbed my ears and ground her cunt against my face. My lungs were bursting, I struggled to get free. Just as I was about to panic, she released me and I shot to the surface. She had a dazed look on her face and a dreamy smile on her lips. After a moment she sucked hd porno in a great gulp of air and went back down. This time her tongue was frantic and I blew great gobs of cum into her mouth. She surfaced and I fell back into the water, unable to stand. Wow!

We climbed out of the pool and toweled off. She led me, naked, into the house, where she tossed my clothes and sneakers in the drier. She lit a cigarette and poured us both a glass of icy cold white wine. We sat at the kitchen table, waiting for my clothes to dry. “So,” she asked, blowing a plume of smoke above my head, “What are you? A Sadist or a Masochist?”

I thought about it for a bit, then looked her in the eye, and smiled. “A little bit of both?”

She threw her head back and laughed and laughed and laughed.”

I turned to Alice and smiled. Her eyes were wet with tears. She pressed her mouth against mine, crushing my lips with hers. She knew the real story- a scared shitless eighteen year old PFC, paying a Saigon B girl five bucks for a quick suck’n’fuck.

Baby put her hand on my thigh, squeezed. “Holy samoly! You sure out-weirded my first time by a long shot. Getting eaten under water sounds really kinky! Speaking of which-under water, I mean- I’m gonna go take a shower.”

As she left the room Alice kissed me again and put her hand on the bulge in my trousers. “You horny little rascal! Was it my sister’s story or your piece of fiction that grew this lump?”

“It was sitting here in the dark with two gorgeous gals.”

“Yeah, right. Thanks, by the way, for not telling Baby about your real first time, in ‘Nam. She’s pretty fucked up, still, from her divorce. Love a guy for three years in college, go down on him, let him screw your butt, marry him, and six months later he tells you he’s queer!” Alice took her hand away from my crotch, looked into my eyes. “I mean it, Dave, Baby’s really screwed up. She’s been trying to keep it hidden all week, but she broke down yesterday and cried, told me that she hated men, wanted to try lesbian sex. Don’t give me that look! No with ME, you dope!” She leaned over and sucked my earlobe, massaged the back of my neck. Anyway, I came up with an idea- that’s what those ‘first time’ stories were all about, by the way. My way of priming the pump. Dave, I want you to give my kid sister a ‘mercy fuck.’

I turned and looked at her. “Are you out of your MIND?”

“Dave, I’ve had sex with, oh, about six or seven guys; none since we got married. And you’re absofuckinglutely the best ever! Gentle, tender, loving. You know all the right bases to touch, and when to touch them. If you’ll do this for my sister, for ME, well. . .I’ll owe you, BIG time!”

She smiled at me. The reddish glow of the firelight illuminated her face. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. “Does. . . does Baby know about this plan of yours?”

Alice nodded. “We talked about it, after dinner. I assured her I was O.K. with this; sharing you. I know you love me as much as I love you. I know there’s no danger here to our marriage.”

I thought about that for a moment. I knew she was right; screwing a young and beautiful woman would be fun, physically, but I’d known Baby long enough to be sure that I had no real attraction to her. Although I wasn’t about to tell that to Alice. Baby’s emotions had to be in turmoil right now, and I was certainly filled with a bunch of conflicting feelings about cuckolding my wife by fucking her sister. I thought that Alice needed a little uncertainty about the situation. “Danger?” I asked, with a smile. I don’t know. . .” I caught a brief flicker of anxiety in her face.


“O.K., Alice,” I said. “I’ll do it. For you. For Baby. I’ll be nervous as hell; I’ve never even thought about cheating on you, all these years. I remember a quote, ages ago, by Paul Newman. He was talking about extra marital affairs-you know he’s been married to Joanne Woodward for like a century. Anyway, he said ‘why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?’ Well, you’re my little filet mignon!” I kissed her, hugged her tight. “I’ll do it, Alice,” I whispered in her ear. “But only if you’ll watch!” I felt her tense, and she broke from the embrace.

“No way!”

“Yes way! Think about it; we’re doing this together, for Baby. Besides, I bet you’ll find it a mind blowing turn-on!”

“You think? But what about Baby?”

“Baby gets us both, or she doesn’t get anything at all. Besides, if she’s as messed up as you say, having Big Sis there should reassure her.”

Baby appeared in the doorway, backlit from the bathroom light. “What’s gonna reassure me?” She was wearing a terry cloth robe, brushing her long, dark hair. Her tanned skin was a stark contrast against the white robe.

I stood, walked to her, kissed her forehead. “Alice will tell you. I’m gonna grab a quick shower.”

“Make it a COLD one!” Alice yelled with a laugh.

I stripped, showered, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went into our bedroom. What latin porno to wear? Black silk boxer shorts and a knee length light cotton robe covered me enough to be modest, while allowing me to get naked in a flash. I went back out to the living room. They were sitting on the sofa, quietly talking. I grabbed the big overstuffed easy chair and positioned it beside the fireplace. Tossed on a couple of fresh logs. “Alice, sit over here, please,” I said.

“The bedroom-“

“No, not the bedroom. Think about it; the sanctity of the marriage bed, and all the baggage that entails. Besides, there’s not really enough room in there for the three of us to be comfortable. And the guest room and its single bed are out of the question. No, it’s here, on the sofa.”

I moved to the kitchen area, opened the ‘fridge, rummaged in the back of the top shelf. Took out the bottle of champagne that I had bought to celebrate the Fourth, while we watched fireworks light the sky above the lake. It had poured rain on the Fourth and the fireworks and the champagne had been canceled. Every cloud has a silver lining! I got three crystal champagne flutes-well, three jelly glasses-from the cupboard. We were, after all, at a fairly primitive summer cabin, not a chalet with servants! I popped the cork, filled the glasses, and handed them out. I raised mine, saluting the two lovely women. “To us,” I said, and drank.

I put my empty glass beside the bottle on the end table, sat beside Baby on the sofa. Put my hand on her cheek, turned her face to mine. “Are you sure about this?”

She nodded. “Uh huh. It’s been four years since I’ve had real, honest to God enjoyable sex with anyone. I want to erase the asshole from my hard drive. I want you to take me back to when it was good, Dave.”

I took the glass from her hand, put it beside mine. Kissed her. Slipped my hand inside her robe. Cupped one of those incredible breasts. She kissed me back. I felt her nipple harden against my palm. I let it slip between my first and middle fingers, squeezed it, lifted it.

“Mmmm,” she said into my mouth. Squirmed. I released her breast, used my hands to push the robe from her shoulders, then untied the sash. Maintained the mouth to mouth. She shrugged her arms out of the robe. I pushed the sleeves, the collar across the back of the sofa. Her tanned body sat naked on the terrycloth. Her legs parted.

I touched the outside of her mound with my thumb, circled it through the curly dark hair. Turned my hand sideways, let the tips of my fingers touch her moistness. Slipped all four of them an inch in, between her lips, top to bottom. My forefinger found her stiffening clitoris. Replaced my finger with my thumb. Let the fingers slide another inch deeper into her. I slowly rotated my wrist right to left, left to right, screwing her, loosening her. She put her arms around my neck, pulled my face tight against hers, thrust her tongue into my mouth. Ran it beneath my upper lip, back and forth across my teeth. I felt my cock swell, tried some of that mind control stuff. Failed miserably.

She broke from our kiss, gulped air, and said, “Oh, GOD!” Grabbed my busy hand with both of hers and froze it tight in her. I knew to stop, let the big wave crash over her, let her ride it to the beach. She panted, shook her head from side to side, long damp hair flailing, sobbed, yelled sounds that were not words. She drifted in the shallow waters as the wavelets lapped the beach. She opened her eyes. “Thank you, Dave.” She looked at her sister, sitting beside the fire. Drew a deep breath. “Thank you both!”

I got up, took off my robe, my shorts. My cock stood straight out at a 90 degree angle. I walked over to my wife, kissed her. “I love you, very, very much,” I said. I refilled her glass, then the other two. Gave one to Baby. Sat beside her, drank. “You ready for more?” I asked.

She took a deep breath, a sip, nodded her head. Yes. More.”

I knelt and caressed the insides of her thighs. Lightly ran my tongue up and down her slit. Moved my face into her, licked, sucked. Did what Carl had done, so many years ago; put my hands above my head, on her breasts, teased her hard nipples.

She shook her head, violently. “NO!” she shouted, pushed me away from her sopping bush. She stood up, grabbed my face. “No! I want to suck on your cock. I want to feel you in my mouth!” She dropped to her knees in front of me, fisted me, took the head in her mouth, worried it with the frenzy of a terrier on a rat. My cock’s pretty normal, I guess; certainly not of porn star proportions-although Alice says it’s thicker than the handful of others she’s experienced. I looked down at Baby’s lips, stretched around the end of my cock, felt her tongue swirling, watched her hand jacking the shaft at the speed of light. She began making those Baby noises, unintelligible sounds, humming around my cock. For the past two hours my penis had been in a state of semi erection, and it didn’t take much to push me over the top. Too soon I exploded and she took me in even further; I felt her swallow, saw my semen leak from her lips. She stood and let me taste myself.

Alice appeared with a warm washcloth, cleaned Baby’s face, her breasts, my cock. She kissed me, went back to her chair.”More,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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