I Have This Dream

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I have this dream…..

I’m soaking in this claw foot tub with water just slipping over the edges, carrying soap bubbles over the sides and down the overflow drain beneath it. The candles I lit before getting in the bath have burned down and flicker and sputter in there small holders. The stress of the day is finally starting to pull from my muscles and into the hot water. The bathroom door opens and you come in, smiling in that way you have. Walking to the tub you grab a towel and bring it to me in the bath. You wrap the soft cotton around me as I stand up.

The water running down my legs leaves random tracks of bubbles clinging to my skin. You dry me with the towel and pull me towards you. My hands wind up around you, my fingers rub your neck and shoulders, and we move closer and kiss. At first out kisses are light and playful. Sucking softly on your bottom lip then opening my mouth as your tongue starts to touch and stroke my lips gaziantep escort reklamları and my tongue. You let the towel drop to the floor, as I start to push your shirt up. I suddenly need to feel you skin against mine, to feel your chest against my breast. I kiss your neck and your ear as my hands fumble with the belt on your pants. You kick off your shoes, and our kiss intensifies, the desperation rises in my need for you. My hands slide over you wanting to touch, to feel every part of you.

You turn with me still kissing you and lift me up onto the sink. I wrap my legs around your waist feeling you hard against me, and you pull back. I pout as you pull back but there is that smile again. Your hands move down to my thighs and spread them apart and you kneel. My breath catches when I realize what your going to do. I close my eyes against the flood of sensation I know is coming. I feel your breath, then the flick of your tongue. My skin prickles at the feeling and a soft moan escapes me as you take a moment to wipe a few stray soap bubbles away. Then you begin to lick and stroke me. My hips twitch and my ass grinds against the sink. I realize the power you have at this moment. The most sensitive part of my body is pinned between your mouth and the cold porcelain of the sink. I feel the orgasm start to build and pulse in side me. My hips grind forward as the wave of pleasure rolls over me.

You feel my legs go ridged and spasm and you stand to kiss me, letting me taste myself on your face. While I am still twitching you slide into me. My quivering muscles seem to pull you deeper into me. With each thrust I gasp, my muscles so sensitive from the climax seem to ache with the friction. I gasp that it’s too much, too much sensation and you thrust harder. You make me feel through the pain, to the next climax that is already coiling in my stomach.

In one smooth motion you spin me around and lay me on the cool tile floor. I wrap my legs tighter around you pulling my hips to you and you thrust into me. Slamming harder and harder against me. You feel my back start to arch, and you look down into my eyes. I force myself to keep my eyes open and lock them onto yours, so you can watch me as I cum again. I want you to know that when I’m coming, it’s your face I see, and you that I want inside of me.

When my convulsions pass, you feel your own climax coming in waves. A few more strokes inside me and then you pull out. I slide down you, running your shaft into my mouth and sucking. I try to pull the orgasm from you using my mouth and my tongue. Your hips thrust forward and back, picking up rhythm as you fuck my hot wet mouth. Until finally the orgasm hits you wave after wave. I grab you hips and pulled you forward. Holding you in my mouth until every last drop of cum runs down my throat. I moan softly, causing a soft vibration to travel up shaft. I move up to kiss you and then lay my head on your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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