I Helped A Friend And Was Rewarded

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I have had a image to live up to when I took my last position and I wanted to make sure that I did. I was on the opposite side of the fence at my last job when I was dealing with the company I now work for. My company was the main supplier for my present company, and I always made sure that their orders were correct, complete and got them the best deals possible. I worked with several of the employees here, but I always had the greatest relationship with one particular guy and his name is Jim. Jim and I worked well together and whenever he needed something yesterday, I made sure I got on it and had it for him the next day if possible as to not disappoint his customer.

After trying hard to get the promotion that I know that I deserved, I was not given that position because the owner’s niece was just finishing school and needed a job and a start in the right direction and her start meant stepping on my toes to get it from her uncle. He wasn’t the easiest man to deal with but I thought that he and I had a good understanding and he thought highly of the way I carried myself but he had to show his brother that his daughter was worthy of this position so her foot would be in the door for bigger and better things.

I was frustrated that I was over looked and when I asked for an increase, I was turned down because her salary was eating into my raise. I went home nightly and drank and tried to say that I would just do my job and no more or less but I still wanted to take of Jim and place of employment.

During one of the conversations, I expressed to Jim how I was screwed over by the boss and he told me that his place could use a go-getter like me and he would speak to his boss on my behalf. His boss knew I was always the one to get the job done and get the products to him in a very timely fashion. Jim at that time also asked me to meet him for drinks after he had the talk with his boss and wanted to discuss a few things before I met with his boss. I agreed because I did like Jim and dealing with him and really want to stick this to my boss right in the ass.

Jim and I always had some “flirting” going on between us but we never were unprofessional and handled ourselves well. One conversation we discussed a vacation that I had up-coming and said that I wished I could go away and come back with a tan like everyone else and he told me that it was never an issue with him and I told him he was lucky and he said he was “born with a tan”. That was my “friend’s” way of telling me that he was black and he knew by what I was saying that I was white.

Jim picked the placed that was in between where we both lived so no one would be going to far out of the way. I was looking forward to meeting with him and hearing what his boss had to say. I arrived at the place and I saw a truck that matched the description of the one that Jim told me that he owned. I was nervous because I knew that once he saw me, it would be all over. He would see I wasn’t a beauty queen and he’s been flirting with a dog. I had a low self-esteem after being by passed by man guys because they were all looking for the beauty and not the beast. I tried to put a picture in my head of what Jim looked like and I kept thinking he was a Michael Jordon, a Billy Dee Williams or one of the many black men I found to be sexy and attractive. I was also hoping that he would be telling me some good news from his boss and I wouldn’t be going home with the thoughts of having to work for my asshole of a boss. My boss knew what he did to me was really unfair but of course he couldn’t admit it to me.

I checked myself out before I went in and made sure that I still looked pretty good as when I left Bostancı Sınırsız Escort my place. I bought a new outfit so I would look good and bought a second outfit in the hopes of wearing it for my interview. I had a fresh haircut of a week and had a manicure done the night before. I walked in a saw a God like creature sitting at the bar that took my breathe away. He was black as the night and had the shaved head that Jim told me he had and I was getting wet in the panties. Then I thought that he would see me and probably be nice and then he would make an excuse why he had to leave early.

Approaching the bar, he turned around and saw me and got off his bar stool and greeted me with a hug bear hug and a kiss, smack on my lips. His lips were so soft and felt like heaven. I thought he may have just wanted to be nice but I don’t think that he would kiss just any one in the manner he kissed me. I was weak in the knees as he greeted me with his “Hello” that always got me on the phone.

Sitting at the bar with Jim, the bartender brought over two bottles of bud and two shots of JD; Jim remembered that was my drink of choice and he told me that it was his too. He raised his shot glass to mine and said “To my future co-worker”. I was stunned. He told me that his boss was trilled to have me on board and wanted to meet with me early the following week. He was going to be away for a few days so I had to hang tight until then and still work for that son of a bitch.

We talked about things and he asked me if I was seeing anyone and I told him that I wasn’t and he wasn’t either. I was shocked as he is very sexy and handsome. He said that he was stringed along by this woman who used him to get to his friend. He said that was quite a while ago and really didn’t go out too often. I told him that I was always over looked when I went out with friends because they are all lookers and I’m just not. He told me that I was beautiful and that I shouldn’t be so down on myself. He said I had a great personality, a very pretty face, a nice set of titties and was just an all-around wonderful person.

After having a few drinks, he offered to buy me dinner if I didn’t eat and I told him I didn’t but he didn’t have to buy me dinner but he insisted. As we were getting up from the bar after being told a table had opened up for us, he noticed that his friend who the woman he liked dumped him for, was just walked in. He told me that it was him and asked me a large favor. His friend didn’t see us so he asked that I sit at the table and he would see if his friend would talk with him. He wanted to show his friend that he didn’t just curl up and die so he would pretend to go to the men’s room and then stop by to see him and then maybe have a drink with him and he would make a bet with his friend that he could pick up a woman right now if he wanted and he would approach our table and pretend like he was picking me up and make his friend green with jealousy and I agreed. I hated to hear what this jerk off did when he knew that the Jim wanted the girl and his friend wasn’t man enough to tell her that he wasn’t interested but he was thinking with the head of his cock and not with the one on his shoulders.

I sat at the table and the waitress brought me just a water with a lemon as I didn’t want anymore to drink until I was with Jim again. I saw Jim head towards the rest rooms and then pass his friend and stopped to talk with him. His friend singled to the bartender to bring them some drinks and then Jim decided to make his move and then he headed towards me and his friend wasn’t far behind like a little puppy following his master.

Jim stopped Bostancı Suriyeli Escort by our table and introduced himself to me and asked me if I was alone and when I said I was, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind if he joined me and I told him I would love him to. His friend stopped at the table and just watched. I asked Jim to hang tight the next plan was for me to leave and for Jim to make a bet that he could make out with me and ask me to join him in a wild night of sex and that I would. His friend told him I wouldn’t so they made their bets.

I came back to the table and his friend decided to head back over to where they were sitting at the bar. We were talking about the interview and sitting really close he would lean into me when his friend was watching and kiss me. I liked him and it didn’t feel as if it was a fake kiss, but one that was truly sincere. We talked about other things then we ordered dinner and were eating and if we knew his friend was watching, we would stop and kiss and in between dinner and dessert when he was looking we were doing a little making out and I knew that it was for show but it sure didn’t feel like he was pretending. I didn’t want to say anything to Jim, but I was enjoying it and didn’t want it to end.

His friend didn’t appear to be too happy and was starting to drink a lot and had Jim wondering if his friend was still with that bitch that dumped him. He decided once again to go to the restrooms and his friend stopped him and handed him some money. Jim will never admit to this jerk that it was all a put on and if I ever saw him again, neither would I.

As he got closer to our table, I could again feel myself getting wet. I know it was all for show, but it felt so good and so right. We had just finished our dessert and Jim thanked me for helping him out and I told him it was my pleasure. I mentioned that I didn’t think it was very nice of his friend to just take off his this girl and leave him. I said that isn’t the way friends should be and he thanked me with a very passionate kiss. Jim asked me if I had to get home right away as he asked me to drive back to his place so we could get the paperwork that he forgot to bring to me about the job and what I would be required to do at his place and I agreed. I felt very comfortable around him and I guess I felt as if I knew him after the many years of dealing with each other.

We both hopped into our vehicles and I followed him back to his condo. He lived in a great area and I remember looking at these condos several years ago and admiring them. After getting out of our trucks, Jim came over to my truck and helped me out and we walked up the walk way to his unit. He took my hand and I was shaking. He noticed me trembling and asked me if I was ok and I said I thought I was.

The key was put into the door and after Jim hit lights, I saw what a beautiful place he had. He took me into his arms and thanked me for a great night and for helping him and then gave me a huge kiss and this time our tongues met and we kissed for a long time. I knew that it wasn’t fake and it our chemistry was so good. He and I sat on the couch and continued to kiss and then he broke the kiss and said “I don’t know how I can repay you for doing such a great job”. I told him he didn’t have to repay me. With that he took me into his arms and kissed me with even more passion that before and has he started to pull away, I could see him look at me like no man has ever looked at me before; it looked as if he really liked me.

We got up slowly and he took my hand and said, “I think that you have captured my heart like no one has ever before”. I told him Bostancı İranlı Escort that “No man has ever looked at me the way that you are looking at me”. We started to kiss deeper and he reached for my tit and I reached for his crotch and I could feel how big his bulge was and I could feel my nipples starting to get hard. They never felt that way before and the next move we made was to his bedroom where he sat me on the bed and started to unbutton my blouse and said “I don’t want to do this if you don’t want me to” and I told him “Please do. I wouldn’t let just anyone do this, but it feels so right with you.”

We touched and before you know it we were undressing each other and touching and kissing and he asked me if I gave blow jobs and I told him that I had only done it twice, but I would love to give him one. I told the head and about an inch or two of his cock into my mouth. I then licked the pre-cum from his cock and enjoyed the way he tasted. I couldn’t get enough as I licked and suck his cock while playing with is balls that filled up. He laid me gently on his bed as he took one of my 42DDD’s in his mouth and squeezed the other and then played with my very hard nipple. He then switched tits and I never felt so good in my life.

My pussy was shaved bald like his head as he plunged his tongue in my cunt as I was in seventh heaven. I came all over his face and he gave me a huge smile as he jerked his cock and slowly started to enter me. He told me I was tight and would be careful not to hurt me. His cock was now fully erect and he was about 8 inches long and about 2 inches thick. He was gentle with me and started slow and then picked up the pace as my pussy hungered for his cock. We developed a great rhythm and it was like it was meant to me with us.

As Jim was getting closer to cumming, he asked if I would allow him to fuck me in the ass and I told him to do it slow and see if it didn’t hurt me. I never had anal sex before but I trusted him not to hurt me. He started off slow as I asked and then it slipped in and we were going at it and he said he was going to cum and I asked him to let me swallow some, cum on my face and all over my titties and he did just that. I never imaged a man having so much cum in his cock, but he was loaded. He first shot a load on my face, then all over my titties and then let me finish by swallowing. He tasted delicious and wish he had more. We laid across his king size bed as his cum was dripping from my face and titties and I was thrilled as I got to taste him.

Jim told me that I have won his heart and wanted us to date and I told him I would be honored but we shouldn’t let it know at his place because they may not like the idea of us dating. He also told me that he didn’t fuck me tonight, but that we made love. That was so beautiful.

The next week came and I went for the interview and I aced it and I was hired and was given a wonderful starting salary, with a review after 6 months, a yearly raise, Christmas bonus and enrollment into their 401K after only 1 year. I was also assigned to work with Jim and it made us grow closer and we were always awarded nicely for “a job well done”.

We started to date after 6 months and the boss couldn’t be happier for us. He said we were a good time and we didn’t let our personal affairs mix in with our professional one. I never thought doing Jim a favor would also give me his heart and his love along with it.

That was almost 6 years ago and we are now married and I am expecting for the second time. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage a year ago, but I am now 7 months pregnant now and we do not know the sex of our child. We are hoping it to be healthy and I am secretly wishing the same along with the hopes it will be a boy that will be just like Jim. I love him so much and he loves me back. I no longer feel like an ugly duckling and his friend never acknowledged our wedding invitation and hasn’t spoken to him since that night when Jim and I first made love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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