I Like The Feeling

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Working all day in medical administration doesn’t leave much time for sex. I am 36, pretty in a normal kind of way, at least I think so. I’m not huge busted or anything that is out of the ordinary really. Just a woman, twice married and twice divorced.

In all my life the total number of men I had actually been in bed with can be counted on just one hand. Until I met my friend Lee, one of the Doctors I oversee at the wellness clinic. Lee can best be described as one of those women who somehow attracts men. Add in that she is naughty as any woman can be and we made quite a pair.

Fast friends for sure, Lee shocked me constantly and I wanted to be like her, just no nerve on my part. I promised her I would write about that time we got a bit drunk and actually picked up two guys. God. I actually let both of them screw me so did Lee. Orgasms too, better than the kind I give myself when I do it to me at home.

The best part was being naked and letting them look at me and they liked it! They both got hard just looking that was wonderful and nasty and all of the feelings I never knew at once.

I wanted to feel that again but I didn’t know how I just followed Lee’s lead. Funny thing is if Lee was around men were around but if I was by myself men would look but seldom came over to try and talk to me. Even if they did I was nervous and never said the right thing but when Lee was there it was easy. So I almost bawled when Lee said she was taking a position as a volunteer medic and leaving for months.

Lee often told me stories about how it was when she was married, her husband passed away some time back. I read all of his stories and all of hers, if they are all true then WOW! But I am sure some are made up still some of them made me wet just reading them.

I mean actually letting someone screw right in front of her husband and he liked it? I had heard of that but wasn’t sure it was true, but I know now it is. Lee and I had two guys in the same room at the same time and then switched, never in my life had I dreamed I would ever do anything like that and like it.

I decided to try on my own, I wanted another one of those big orgasms. I thought about going to the beach but all of those kids would just show me up, I thought about going to a shoe store but I was afraid.

I decided to try the park, there are always lots of people around and I was thinking I could maybe have some “accidents?” I looked in my closet and found a dress I hadn’t worn in ages. It was thin with flowered print but it buttoned all the way up the front. It was too long so I trimmed the hem to about 3 inches above my knees and resewed it. It was a little loose on me, I realized I had lost a few pounds off my 5’5″ frame (well stretching as much as I can hehe) I put it on, unbuttoned the top to just above my nipples and the bottom to just a few inches below my crotch.

I left my bra off, and tried several different sets of panties none worked. Finally I settled on a soft blue pair that matched the print well. They fit snug so I clipped the elastic on one side (I got the idea from one of the stories) but that looked escort bursa funny so I clipped the other side, too.

Now it folded almost into me and gapped on both sides that should do it. Off I went with a blanket and a basket, not sure what would happen. God I was actually going to try and expose myself to someone I got all damp at the thought and it made my breath shudder in the start of that feeling I wanted again.

At the park I looked around, all of the kids were over by the skateboard section and the ballfield, there were several couples sitting on the grass in the sun. I looked over by some trees and there was 3 guys in their 20’s sitting there sipping some beer so I headed that way, not too close but close enough. I spread out the blanket aand put my low folding chair by it and sat down, pulled out a book and some water, watching them through my sunglasses. I knew if they looked that they could see the bumps my nipples were making in the cloth, the print hid them but they were still obvious.

I waited and waited, I got some glances but that was it. I let my legs open a bit, got some more glances so I did a couple of little scoots with my butt that made the panties slip a bit. I felt them loosen in my crotch and waited. Nothing just more glances, what the hell did I have to do?

I was getting bored and unhappy, the sun was warm and making me sleepy so I leaned back and dozed I guess.

“Hi!” woke me up. I opened my eyes, this cute guy was standing by my chair looking at me.

“Sorry, but you are going to burn.”

“Oh thank you.” I realized the unbuttoned part of my dress had gapped and my loose panties were pretty obvious and I knew I had pubic hair hanging out both sides. I looked up at him and he was looking at my face but I pulled my dress together anyway.

“Pretty red already.”

“Oh, I have some sunscreen” I reached for my bag.

He sat down, “I am Kerry.”

“Sally.” I was rubbing the oil on my arms.

“Your legs are worse.”

I looked, red and angry looking, I wondered how long I had dozed.

I started to rub oil on my legs, he sat and watched as I rubbed it in nearly all the way to the top, giving him just a glimpse in the process.

Kerry smiled, “You need to sun the backside or you will look funny.”


“May I?” he asked.

“Uh..sure.” I felt that sudden flash of pleasure at the idea, got up and stretched out on the blanket. I felt a little sting when I did, realized I had sunburned my breasts and front.

Kerry took the sunscreen and spread it on my calves up to the back of my knees. “You will burn right through that dress.” he said.


He slid the dress up to the bottom of my panties, I was pretty sure that from where he sat he could see my butt. He started spreading the oil on the back of my thighs the sensation was wonderful. He was getting bolder and not missing much, I felt his fingertips slip up alongside my privates, a bit closer than necessary, I just let him.

“I will burn my back.” I told him. “I better go.”

“No don’t go! We can just slip it down while bursa evi olan escort you lay on your front.”

I hesitated, thought that why not? This is why I am here. I reached up and tripped some buttons, lay down as he slid the top of my dress down to my waist. I was laying there naked to the waist letting a total stranger rub oil on my back! He even did the sides of my breasts, getting even bolder as I showed no resistance. I felt his fingers reach under and brush the side of my nipple, sending a little shock through me when he did that. Finally he said, “All done.”

I lifted up to button my dress, I knew he got a good look at my bare breasts when I did that. Pulling the front together, I sat up and buttoned it back up. He just looked me up and down and smiled. I pulled one knee back, the flap on the other side just barely covered my crotch. I was now sopping. All I could think of was his fingers that had just brushed alongside my pussy, so close that just another inch and he would have been at my slit. It had been a slow caress, not spreading oil. My dress was sticking to my back though and wouldn’t lay right, I knew he could see my panties with my bush sticking out both sides. I damn near orgasmed right then.

“How about we take a walk?” he asked, a catch in his voice. I looked him up and down, maybe 25 or so, cute, bare chested wearing just shorts. The bulge at his groin looked nice.

“OK.” I got up and took his hand, we wandered off down the trail for a few hundred feet, stepping off to a nice grassy point in the shade. He turned to me and took me in his arms, I folded in like I had done it all my life. His hands came up under my dress, one on each side, grasped my panties and slid them down. I lifted my legs one at a time and stepped out of them. My hands dropped to his penis, I felt him through his shorts, nice and solid, maybe 7″ or so. He dropped to his knees, head went under my dress, mouth found my naked pussy, and he was licking me!

My eyes almost crossed, I wasn’t used to this. His tongue brushed me, went in me then brushed me again, I opened my legs to let him, finally they wouldn’t hold me up and I was down on my back as he went at me greedily. Then he slid up my chest, somewhere he had lost his shorts, his erect penis was right in front of my face. I opened my mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world, he went right in. It was hard against the back of my throat, I tried at first to slip it back and forth then finally I just settled in and started sucking on him, rolling my tongue around on him. I suddenly realized I liked doing this it was getting so hard!

Then he pulled out and was back between my legs, I went off like never before, so hard I saw spots. Then he was pressed against me, working around into position. I felt his hand reach down, felt the shock as he touched me, coolness as he spread me then heat as he probed my entrance. And he was in me and we were fucking! I was lifting him up with each thrust, he went fast then slow, around in circles somehow, I was straining to follow him.

“My God I am fucking a stranger!” bursa türbanlı escort came into my mind as I tried to get all of him into me then I just exploded into one after another of the most powerful ripples I ever felt. Suddenly I couldn’t stand anymore, I started to reach to stop him when I felt him explode in me. It was so strong I could feel each burst beat against me deep inside, I exploded again.

I lost some time after that, coming back to the here and now just as someone called out, “Kerry, where the hell are you?” We looked up just as two guys came down the trail, they spotted us and came to a dead stop. I panicked and looked around for my dress, it was at least 20 feet away. Kerry was still inside me, he looked up at the two. “Sally, this is Fred and Herm.” I started laughing, then said, “Hi, guys!” What the hell could I do?

Fred started to mutter an apology, Kerry just laughed and said, “Relax, she likes being looked at.” giving me a knowing smile. Then he pulled out, leaving me there with my legs spread. I didn’t bother to try and close them, watching the two guy’s eyes go right to my swollen snatch.

Kerry sat back, I looked and realized he was still about half hard. I reached out and grabbed his cock, enjoying the slick feeling of it covered with our combined juices. I was in heaven, Fred sat down right beside me and reached for my right breast, fondling it. I left my legs parted, just allowing his touch. Kerry reached down and spread the juices leaking from me all over my slippery lips, Herm stood there for a second, hesitant.

“Come on.” I patted the grass beside me. He smiled and sat down, reaching out too. In no time both of them were naked, too. Herm was dark-skinned, some Indian I think, his cock was only about 5″ long but fat and uncircumcised. I got him inside me next, he lasted and lasted, I must have had 3 orgasms as he struggled to reach his, I was pretty slick by then. I held Kerry and Fred’s cocks the whole time, they were leaned down sucking my nipples as waves swept over me.

Fred had one that was big, it was at least 9″ long and one of those fat circumcised knobs. I was waiting for Herm to finish, he finally did with a groan. Fred quickly took his place, going in easily but filling me to stretching. He lasted a long time too, not as long as Herm but it was wonderful. I was a little tired but still managed to climax with him, I had long since lost count. He grunted the whole time which was distracting but still good. Finally he withdrew, and Kerry took me again, on and on. Kerry was easily the best of them for some reason. Then Fred again, I was starting to get sore but it was so good I didn’t want to quit. When Fred finally withdrew I looked at Herm but he was done, so were Fred and Kerry.

I finally came down, my breath came back to normal. It hit me what I had just done. I got a towel out of my bag, cleaned up all three, giving each a little tug and a quick suck, I figured I might as well top off the day. I cleaned myself up as best as I could and slid my dress back on.

They all sat there, still naked, maybe a bit in shock at what had just happened. I smiled, reached in my bag for a pen and paper, wrote down my number and handed it to Kerry.

“Call me sometime, guys!” And I headed off down the trail. I had just got done being a complete and total whore, and I liked every minute of it.

I bet they call, too.

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