I Love It When They Come Back Pt. 03

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Continues the story of my second time with Molly in “I Love It When They Come Back Part 2”.


Molly and I had drowsed in her father’s bed for a long, comfortable time. Eventually, though, the urge for more, for something different arose in both of us.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s clean off in the pool.”

“Sound good.” She grabbed two big towels from a closet. I carried mine, but she wrapped hers around her waist. As I walked behind her out the french doors and across the patio, I was struck by how bizarre and wonderful this encounter was-I was alone in a beautiful house with a 19 year old former student who seemed intent on having her way with me. I was a 48 year old married man, and I had every intention of squeezing every drop of pleasure from this situation that I possibly could. Her ass twitched inside the towel, and as she walked a step ahead of me, I could see Molly’s sexy back and the side of her full, slightly bouncing breast. Unbelievable!

The pool was a long, narrow plunge pool set into the bluestone. Six feet wide, twelve feet long, and sloping from three to six feet deep-it was a brilliant addition, and I envied her father. Realistically, though, most guys in America would be envying me if they knew that I was lowering myself into the clear water with a nude and sexually charged teenager!

The water hadn’t warmed up fully from the cool night, and it was just the refresher I needed after a long, amazing, and exhausting blowjob. I could feel my blood starting to flow normally, and my energy level starting to rise. Molly was standing toward the halfway point with her chin just above the water. I swam past her until I could barely stand, then pulled her to me. She was light in the water, and she came readily. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms went around my neck for support. My cock was swelling just below her, and her full breasts were buoyant on the water’s surface, her nipples small and tight from the sudden change in temperature. My hands slid down her waist, over the swell of her hips, and then came to rest comfortably beneath her ass.

As my fingers nestled between her cheeks, I kissed her hungrily. She responded with the same intensity, and both of us started to get turned on rapidly. I was thinking about what I had been doing to her a few minutes before. My cock rose insistently, bumping against her crotch from below. She thoughtfully pulled back for a moment, and it slapped upright against my belly once again. Then she moved forward, and planted her pussy along the underside, bathing it with the heat radiating from her.

Careful not to make it a romantic gesture, I kissed her gently but then bit her lower lip. She laughed and tightened her arms and legs, and water geysered up between us, splashing my face.

“So Molly,” I said. “You said you wanted to show me what you learned, right?”

“Mm-hmm,” she answered with a smirk. “I think the killer blowjob where I took your cock all the way into my throat was a pretty good start, don’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” I responded. “It was pretty fucking amazing. I’m just wondering what else you’ve gotten good at since you left high school…”

“Dry off,” she said, “and you’ll see for yourself!”

I did as she asked, and the Escort bayan I sat on the couch and watched as she climbed out and dried herself as well. The unselfconscious way she moved was a turn-on in itself…I was quietly thrilled just watching her put her foot up and towel off from calf to thigh! Once again, the ridiculous luck I was having at that moment struck me, and I smiled to myself as she finished and cast the towel onto the back of a chair nearby.

“What are you grinning at?” she demanded.

“I still can’t believe how lucky I am,” I told her. “I’m sitting here watching you dry off and wondering what is going to happen next, and it’s making me grin like an idiot!”

“I get that,” she replied. “Two years ago, I was depressed and living with my messed up family. You were always there for me, and now I’m here for you! Last time was about gratitude…this time I just want to blow your mind and fuck your brains out!” By the time she finished, she was grinning like an idiot, too, so I wasn’t alone.

“So what’s the plan?”

“The plan is we go back to bed and see who can hold out the longest!”

“Good plan, Molly…good plan!”

With my towel wrapped around my waist and Molly’s the same, we made our way back into the house. When we got back to the bedroom, Molly grabbed my towel and pulled it off. She wrapped her hand around my semi-erect cock and tugged gently. I came to stand in front of her, her breasts resting against my chest, and kissed her hungrily. I grabbed her ass with both hands, kneading her firm flesh through the towel. Just for variety, I leaned down from her lips and kissed each nipple, then bit each one and sucked hard. Her free hand pulled my head into her breasts, and there was a growl deep in her throat.

She broke away after a long minute. “Get on the bed…on your back in the middle.

I complied happily. Molly dropped her towel, then climbed up on the bed to kneel by my feet. “Are you ready for more?” she asked.


Without a word, Molly placed her hands on my feet and leaned down. Her hair trailed across my thighs, tickling me pleasantly. She rubbed my calves, moving upward. Her soft hair drifted across my throbbing cock while her nipples scraped my thighs. She paused then, leaning down to lick slowly from balls to tip. She kept moving slowly up kissing and licking as she went, dragging her breasts up over my stomach, pausing to nip at each nipple. The combined assault of her lips, teeth, hands, hair, and breasts was incredible-she was stimulating me all over my body. That’s when I became aware of a new and even hotter sensation: she was sliding her pussy up my leg, and when she got above my knee, I could feel the slick heat of her as it traveled along my skin. My penis throbbed in anticipation.

I thought she was done when she was straddling my waist, her pussy laid squarely atop the bottom of my cock. Her breasts were tight against me, and her hair fell down to surround my face as she kissed me.

“You’re making me so wet,” she whispered. “I want to you see how hot you’re making me!”

Her journey upward continued after this. She slid her knees up higher on my body, and rubbed her pussy along my stomach, humping herself gently back and forth as the Bayan Escort moved. I grabbed her luscious breasts as they hovered in front of my face, gripping them tightly and guiding each nipple to my mouth for some individual attention. Soon enough, though, they pulled from my grasp as Molly straddled my chest, pinning me to the bod with her hips, her pussy resting right over my heart. I moved my hands to her ass, pulling her higher, knowing where she was headed.

When Molly moved her knees up beside my head, her pussy was poised right over my chin. I leaned up then and gave her a long lick. She scooted up a little more, then lowered herself until her smoothly shaved slit was resting against my lips. I drove my tongue inside her, and I was amazed at how sweet and how aroused she was. I spent several minutes just licking and sucking at her opening, drawing every drop of juice I could from her, but it was a losing battle!

I could tell Molly was enjoying it from the sexy little squirms she performed, and from the occasional groan of pleasure. When I started licking lower, down at the bottom of her pussy, she obligingly arched her back for me, bringing new areas to my attention. My tongue traveled from her pussy down along her sensitive perineum, and then circled around her tight little rosebud before going back to its starting place. Each time I nudged her anus, she made a little noise. Her hand slipped down close my face, and I could feel her begin to rub her clit as I explored her most sensitive spots. Her hips started rocking, and to drive her along, my hands left her ass and reached up blindly to grab her breasts again, pinching each nipple between thumb and forefinger, tugged at them all the while. She arched some more, driving herself down onto my probing tongue, and her hand went into overdrive as she pleasured herself almost frantically. When her orgasm hit her, her thighs went rigid on either side of my head, and I did two things to bring her more pleasure-I grabbed her breasts hard, and I pushed my tongue hard against her anus, swirling the tip just inside the tiny, tight opening.

Above my head, I could hear Molly’s chorus of “Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…yessss…” repeat itself as wave after wave of pleasure cascaded through her body. I could feel her core trembling, and when her hand moved off her clit, I released her breasts as well and stopped my assault on her sweet ass, settling instead into a long, slow licking of her pussy lips. She was soaking wet, and all I could think of was how I’d like to get my cock back inside her.

Molly, apparently, had the same thing in mind. With a quick spin, she moved down and turned her back to me. She reached down, grabbed my cock, and directed it into her dripping pussy. When she sank down its full length, we both groaned in unison.

Let me just say that I have always been a fan of the reverse cowgirl position. The downward angle of my cock adds a lot of stimulation, and being able to see the rise and fall of my partner’s hips is a huge turn-on for me. Molly seemed to sense how much I liked that visual element, and gave me the best show of my life! She swiveled her hips sensuously, keeping me deep inside her. She rose up and made little circles with just the head of my cock staying in the Escort grip of her pussy. Every now and then, she took a couple of long, slow trips up and down, fucking herself fully on my shaft. I pulled a pillow down under my head so I could keep my eyes locked on her sweet 19 year-old ass as it performed its magic.

Every now and then, Molly looked at me over her shoulder. Her face was a beautiful study in pleasure and concentration, and I could tell that she was getting off on making me feel good as much as she was enjoying the sensations herself.

“Is this what you imagined when you saw my ass in those little shorts I used to wear?” she asked me with a mischievous grin.

“Not even close! I always thought about pulling them down and bending you over my desk or something, but this-I gave an upward thrust to give my pronoun a referent-is SO much more than I ever dreamed of!”

She giggled a little bit and my sudden push, then gave me a sweet and sexy smile. “I so would have bent over your desk and let you fuck me…” she said.

“This is better, Molly. This is fucking perfect.”

At that moment, I sat up and pulled her close to me. One hand went around her waist to hold her, and the other returned to cup her breast. She twisted her head toward me, and for a long moment, our lips met in a kiss that expressed the passion and the closeness between us.

Still, we were in a difficult position sexually, and I was ready for a change of pace.

“Speaking of bending you over my desk…” I said. At that, I rolled sideways, dumping her off my lap. As she recovered her balance, I stood up next to the bed and rolled her toward me. She ended up face down, with her feet on the floor and her torse resting on the rumpled sheet. I grabbed my cock and guided its tip from her clit all the way along the crack of her ass. Our combined juices made the passage easy and intensely sexy.

When I lined myself up and pushed all the way into her pussy with one stroke, Molly groaned again-a sound I was coming to enjoy more and more!

“Oh, God…it’s so deep!” she said, turning her groan into words. “Fuck me hard now!”

That was exactly what I was thinking! Planting my feet wide apart, I grabbed Molly’s hips with both hands and started pounding into her with my full length. The long, sexy build-up had taken its toll, and I could feel the need to cum rising.

“Fuck…Molly…you’re so fucking tight…and wet…and I just want…to cum inside…you!” I panted in time with my thrusting.

“Yes,” she said, looking back over her shoulder. “Fuck me and fill me up just like you wanted to back at school. Fuck me on your desk for all the times I teased you with my ass!”

Images of a younger Molly-in short shorts, a sundress, yoga pants-flickered across my mind as I filled her pussy over and over. I never would have done it back then, but I was here now, and I was living out my fantasy the same way she was. Her hips were tilted upward to meet my thrusts, her long, lithe back was glistening from exertion, and her hair was a sweaty tangle at her neck…all in all, one of the sexiest things I had ever seen! I felt myself falling over the edge of my orgasm, and with one last wordless groan, I collapsed onto her, my cock spurting wildly deep inside her. My eyes closed, I lay frozen against her back, aware even then that she was squeezing me with her internal muscles, milking every drop of sperm, and every ounce of pleasure out of that explosive moment.

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