I Love Lesbians

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This is a true story. 2 years ago, I was invited to my friends party. I was entering the gate of this apartment I saw 2 gr8, sexy chicks with the best legs, shortest latex mini skirt, both wearing red short tops showing their cleavage, got down from the taxi. My cock was aroused seeing their legs and imaging their wet panties.

One wore a red skirt and other wore a black skirt. Other things are identical. I entered the lift and they too entered the lift. They started kissing each other in the lift and I stared at them and caressed my cock but they ignored me. I was staring at their 36 D size tits which I could see partially due to their low neck top.

I got out from the lift and they too got out and I rang the bell of my house friends where the music was jarring loudly. These two hotties also came behind me and I asked them if they are joining the party. They replied yes. I introduced myself and the red skirt told her name is Stephanie and the black skirt called herself Jade.

We entered the living room of my friend where the bayan escort party was in full swing. These two girls dived straight on the floor and started dancing with each others. Their skirts were very short, panties were visible, low cleavage blouse and they were grinding against each other. It appeared that they were rubbing their pussies with each other.

I requested them for a dance and Stephanie said that they share everything so I will have to dance with them. I was placed in the middle of Stephanie and Jade and both started rubbing their tits and pussies to me while dancing. I am sure they could sense my hard on.

At times, they were opposite each other and were kissing each other and fondling their breasts while I was behind one of them and rubbing my cock. We continued to dance then I suggested that we take a break. They agreed and we headed towards a sofa. Stephanie and Jade sat next to each other and I next to Jade. Stephanie started kissing Jade and I could see their tongues darting in and out and I put my hand in Jade’s skirt. For a moment Jade thought that it was Stephanie’s finger and started moaning which encouraged me and I inserted my fingers in her panties and straight in her pussy.

Few minutes later, Jade looked at me and told me to come into a room. I, Stephanie and Jade went to bedroom of my friend. My dream almost came true. Stephanie and Jade stripped themselves, their bodes were like Anna Nicole Smith and Sharon Stone. These horny babes sucked each other’s boobs, sucked their clits. I could not take it. I joined in and started to suck the pink nipples of Stephanie. Jade lapped her pussy. Being an expert at sucking, I teased her nipples first, circling them and then suddenly sucking them hard, while Stephanie moaned “DON’T STOP”. Jade was sucking her clit and I inserted my finger Stephanie’s pussy while I was sucking her nipples. Stephanie’s nipples became very hard as if ready to burst and she moaned “I’m cumming” and was wet, Jade lapping her pussy.

Jade commanded me that since Stephanie was in erotic delight I should suck her pussy and tits too and I immediately sank my head between her legs and pushed it deep inside her pink sweet pussy.

Jade was moaning with pleasure and Stephanie guided my fingers in her pussy. I was busy with both of them and my cock aching to enter them but I did not want to disturb them. While Jade was moaning, Stephanie removed my pants and swallowed my cock completely in her. I was licking Jade’s pussy while I was being sucked.

At this point I could not take it anymore and I pushed Stephanie to the bed and mounted her. Jade brought a strap on and I fucked Stephanie’s pussy and Jade rammed her ass hole. Stephanie was mad with delight and ecstasy. She begged both of us not to stop and I thrusted my cock in and out of Stephanie and yelled “I’m cumming”, Jade pulled out her strap on and gulped my cock to swallow all my cum.

Stephanie also came and then Jade and Stephanie kissed each other and I joined them too.

We put on our clothes and exchanged our address and moved on to the party. Jade, Stephanie & I meet once in 15 days and try different styles together.

No wonder Lesbians are the best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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