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That I love massaging women that really is an understatement.

I love massaging women of any shape, size, creed or color. I have been massaging women; purely as a hobby for more than 15 years now all around the world and every time is an all new experience.

Let me share with you one such true experience, sometime ago, in the US of A. She had advertised on Craig’s list for a housekeeping job. When I contacted her, she mentioned that she needs to see the house and then quote her rates. She came over on a Saturday morning and I was pleasantly pleased to see a young good looking petite Spanish girl instead of a dowdy old maid.

I asked her she was ok to work here and she said yes, but quoted me a figure which was above market. I reasoned with her that this was far too expensive and could we bring it down a bit or do a part barter. She asked me what kind of barter, the interest in her picking up. I said I would pay you this much and would also give you a free full body massage. She didn’t say which made not so little boy rise in anticipation. She agreed finished the work after which I asked her to go into the bedroom undress and lay face down on the bed for me. She called me in when she was ready and I went in, lit a couple of incense candles, dimmed the lights a bit to create the mood and started very slowly applying cocoa butter and massaging her neck. She had a sheet draped on her. I undressed down to my underwear. Her body was stiff and tense with anticipation; I slowly relaxed her with small sensuous strokes. I slowly slid the sheet down to the small of her back and asked her if she would prefer oil instead. She had relaxed a bit by now and said “That’s Fine”.

I then switched to lavender Oil and started massaging her back from the crack of her butt to the base of her neck in long salon stokes. She sighed and let her body go limp, after about 15 minutes, I then threw off the sheets. She did tense up a bit but I immediately started working on the small of her back and she relaxed once again.

I kept looking at her in all her naked glory, Mind you I had seen hundreds of naked girls before, each one special, but this ones skin has a wonderful small pore texture to it, smooth as silk. Her pussy lips were smooth as a baby’s bottom. I started working on her butt, wonderfully tight, pert and blemish free. I took some oil and poured it in the crack of her butt, the oil trickling down to her pussy lips, pink and moist before the oil reached them, even moister now. She shivered as the cold oil ran down between her butt cheeks, little goose bumps appearing on her butt cheeks. I massaged away. Once in a while şişli escort my hand darted into the crack of her butt massaging her butt hole but stopping just short of her pussy lips. I could now see her pussy trembling with anticipation.

I then parted her legs and continued massaging the inside of her thighs and continued downwards all the way till her toes. She sighed and said “that’s heavenly please don’t stop” I didn’t intend to. I slowly made my way up her thighs once again up to the point where my fingers were massaging tantalizing close to her pussy. I could now see her pussy juices trickling down onto the bed. I said “Turn over” with a light pat on her butt. She turned over and my eyes drank in her beauty. Twin peaks of ecstasy tipped with pink luscious tips, flowing into a nicely formed navel down to the valley of heaven. Every thing was firm and just right. This is going to be fun, I told myself as I started to work on her chest. I trickled some oil in between her breasts and started to massage them, taking care not to touch the breast itself but around it. She closed her eyes and her breath started coming in short sharp breaths.

I drew lazy circles around them with the palms of my hands, marveling at their firmness and texture. Needless to say not so little junior was bursting at the seams. As I was kneeling in front of her, she could see the massive bulge and I am sure that added to all the excitement. My hands then traveled down to her stomach. I poured some oil into her belly button and she gasped. I then inserted a finger in there and kept squishing the oil in and out gently. She clutched my thigh and a slight moan escaped her lips. As I kept doing her belly, she started to stroke my thigh, coming tantalizing close to my cock. She had a sly smile on her face. Aha she is playing the same game that I am….nice I then started to get into a 69ish position in the sense left my thighs for her to stroke while I part lay down and massaged her legs, taking time to do her inner thighs with long lingering strokes. Her pussy was pulsating and she suddenly said “why are you torturing me”. I said ” I don’t know what you mean, please do let me know why you think so” She said ” well there are some parts of my body which you have grossly neglected” I said” no they are special and I always save the best for last”

Since that was explained, both of us knew, we always did really, what was coming up next on the menu. I continued massaging her until she couldn’t stand it any longer. She took my hand and laid it directly on her very wet pussy. No words were spoken, no words were needed, and both of us knew exactly what she wanted. I started to massage her pussy with the base of my hand, pouring a little more oil. Her pussy was now slippery with oil and her juices; I then parted the lips and slowly started a tattoo along the inside of her lips with my fingers. She was now on fire; she was moaning in low guttural sounds and after sometime started bucking. I changed the tempo ever so frequently, fast to slow to fast and so on. She was on fire. All of a sudden I increased the speed and she matched it by bucking her pelvis violently against my hand. I leapt up the tempo and just as I sensed the wave of her orgasm was building to a crescendo, I swooped onto one of her breasts and took the nipple into my mouth. She came like there was no tomorrow, in wave after wave. She gripped my thigh whistle I continued to do what I was doing until she begged me to stop. I then lay down with my head on her thighs, savoring the after effect of the orgasm with my eyes, my hands caressing her body. She was languid now, utterly relaxed and said

“Thank you that was fantastic. I wish this never stops”

She got up and said” It’s my turn now” She asked me to lie face down and whipped off my underwear. She then straddled me, sitting on my thighs and poured some oil on my back. She wasn’t a great massager, but I didn’t mind, coz I was waiting to see how this was going to turn out. She rubbed rather than massaged my back rather hurriedly and then moved down to my butt. Here she slowed down her pace and took her time rubbing it, stroking it, squeezing it. She then got up and sat to my side, spread my legs, then my ass cheeks and poured oil right on my anus. I shivered in anticipation and said to myself… No she is not going to finger anus. She didn’t at least not for the time being but most definitely did rub that entire area. The sensation made my not so little junior ever harder in anticipation. She then reach down and cupped my balls and continued to massage them gently for a very long time. Just my balls I was waiting for her to stroke my shaft but she was content in just paying attention and a lot of it…just to my nuts. It was heavenly and I savored the feeling and sensation, she then abruptly left them and quickly rubbed the rest of my legs and said “Turn Over”

I couldn’t agree with her more. My penis was so taught by that point of time I thought it would explode. When I turned over, she gasped. It was the first time she was meeting the not so little one. She just said “Very nice” and straddled me again on my thighs. She spent some time on my chest. Playing with my nipples and then made lazy circles on my stomach all the time her eyes never leaving my penis. Every time she did something to excite me, my penis twitched and that is what kept her eyes fixated on it the whole time. She seemed fascinated by the power in her to make it twitch at will. She then came tantalizingly close to holding it, but much to my dismay, overlooked it and started rubbing my thighs and legs. Her elbow brushed against my cock many times and I do admit that sensation was amazing. She would linger every time her elbow brushed, but never did she once hold it. I was going nuts and the twitching was ever present. She just smiled and licked her lips reveling in her new found power to make my cock twitch. She then abruptly got up and said” massage over” Disappointed as I was I just lay there and said thanks. Just as I was about to get up she pushed me down and said oh wait” there is one important Area I have overlooked

She said” There is one area that I overlooked”.

She pushed me down back on the bed and poured oil on my groin in a slow trickle, she then massaged all the area around my cock. Once again she paid special attention to my balls. My shaft was crying for attention, she knew it too, all the while whilst she was fondling my balls she was blowing hot air (her breath) on my shaft. All of a sudden she swooped down and engulfed my shaft in her mouth. She rolled it in her mouth and slowly started to take it in and out, sliding my knob against the inner part of her cheek heaven. She then nibbled on my knob and the underside of my shaft, her fingers never leaving my balls. She then swooped onto my balls and sucked and licked them with gusto, just pausing to say Yuck when the taste of oil hit her tongue. I know knew why she had saved the best for last and hence hadn’t applied oil to my shaft. She continued to make love to my cock for over 20 minutes and every time she sensed I was about to come, quickly squeezed the base of my shaft, to let my ejaculation subside. I could the control it no longer and told her I was coming. She stood up and took all of my cum on her chest like a woman. She then rubbed it into her chest and once again swooped down and engulfed my cock to suck out the remnants and clean it up. She then lay down besides me continuing to stroke it, hoping for an encore. After a while, we got up and went t o the bathroom to shower. We soaped each other lazily, taking special attention to areas of great interest. All that soaping and rubbing under the shower made us horny again. Without further ado, I grabbed her, under the shower and raised her, thereby positioning her juicy cunt directly above my rock hard cock. She said wait and quickly dropped down to her knees, the shower beating on both of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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