I Love My Little Sister!-Part One

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Part one: I love my little sister!

I remember being eight years old, in a hospital and worried. My mother had been swelling up and now she had broken something, so she was rushed to the hospital. I had no idea what was wrong or what would happen next and even now, I don’t mind telling you how scared I was when the doctors told me to leave the room as mom screamed in what was obviously intense pain. Hospital doors are made so that screams can’t be heard from outside unless they’re really loud and you’re really close, which I was, so I could. After an hour of uncertainty and fear, the doctor opened the door. Mom wasn’t screaming anymore, so I ran in and found her…holding something. A towel, maybe? I came closer and saw that it was a baby.

Mom looked at me and smiled. “Meet your new baby sister,” she told me. She sounded so meek, but the child had my interest now. As soon as I reached out to touch the baby with one finger, she reached back and cooed contentedly. Mom smiled at the sight and whispered to me.

“Her name is Kari.”

From then on, if anybody wanted to bother her, they would answer to me! A lot of people did try to bother her throughout school. She was the girl in grade school all the boys would pick on so their friends wouldn’t tease them for having a crush on her. In junior high, those same friends hit on her relentlessly. I got in a lot of fights and a lot of suspensions for her, but I don’t regret it. Not only was I sticking up for my little sister, I also got to defend a pretty girl in distress.

Yes, I would call her a pretty girl. So would you, if you ever saw her. Strawberry-blonde hair that she usually kept straight with one of those arch things girls put in their hair sometimes, blue eyes and, ever since she turned twelve, nice breasts. Not that I was checking her out at twelve, of course, but when you’re around someone all the time, eventually you will notice things like that. When she was twelve, I thought she had potential to be gorgeous. Now that she was sixteen, she had proven me right. Those breasts had since grown from little bumps into lovely mounds, shaped very nice. I know because she often sends me pictures of herself whenever anything happens to her, good or bad. The good times made me want to share them with her and the bad times made me wish I could still protect her.

But I couldn’t anymore. I hit twenty-one years old and decided it was time to go make my mark on the world. And to do that with any of the skills I had, I had to leave the state. Kari cried the day I left, which was heartbreaking, but I promised her I would come back as often as I could. She still cried but she let me out of the surprisingly strong bear hug she’d been using to keep me from getting in my car. She e-mails me several times a day, often when her teachers say she shouldn’t.

Today is Kari’s first day at a new school. The one she went to before was the target of an arsonist thats been hitting this town lately. That or someone had insured the building recently. In any case, the first day of her previous schools were never easy for my sister. The boys hit on her, the girls instantly became bitter toward her for not wanting the attention they would have killed for and teachers would make her introduce herself in front of everyone, something she hated to do. Kari never did come to enjoy being the center of anyone’s attention since it usually wasn’t a good kind of attention that people paid her. Today she e-mailed me, saying she was scared and that she wished I was there with her. I didn’t tell her, but I got the e-mail on a plane on my way there. I couldn’t very well miss my dear sister’s second first day of high school, could I?

My sister’s e-mails aren’t always what you’d call sisterly. Whenever I mention that the girls here aren’t biting, her reply always comes back with “If only we weren’t family”, and later “If only you weren’t so far away”. And when I do find a girl for the night or a few months, her jealousy is obvious even though the internet. Once she actually told me that she would be a better girlfriend than the one I was with at the time. She may be right, since that bitch ditched me for a guy with a yacht a month later.
Kari tells me that she’s never had a boyfriend and that she isn’t interested in any of the guys at school. When I ask what kind of guy she likes, she says simply “a guy like you”. That message came back with an attachment of her kissing the camera.

Speaking of attachments, a month after I left, Kari had her eyes checked and it turned out she needed glasses. Having always been so open with her, it was no secret to Kari that I like girls with glasses. My first girlfriend had them, which was partly why I approached in the first place. Anyway, when Kari got them, she sent me a picture of herself in them, which I said looked cute. Barely fifteen minutes later, another set of attachments came featuring her in her glasses and various outfits, most very revealing. How revealing, you ask? Well, lets just say that since she was fourteen at the time, I was very lucky nobody with law enforcement saw them.

But enough about that. The plane had landed, the rental car had brought me to the house I grew up in and the time was 3:45. Kari would be home any minute, expecting an empty house (mom got a new job which turned Kari into a latchkey kid). Won’t she be surprised.

Kari’s car, a beater that had me thinking about everything from thermal breakdown to locking brakes soon as I saw it, pulled in the driveway less than five minutes after I had gotten there. I hid behind a chair and opened the front door. She opened it, looking confused and cautious. “He-…hello?” She sounded more than nervous, meaning the joke was over. I stood up and she dropped her bag. Kari vaulted effortlessly over the ottoman between us, landed against my chest and wrapped her arms and legs around me on impact. She’s a light girl so it didn’t hurt or anything, but it did knock me back against the wall. Thats ok, I thought. If she was that happy to see me, I could endure a non-painful push back. I put my arms around her and she rubbed her cheek on my shoulder and face affectionately.

“So,” I said, soundly ludicrously casual considering. “How was your day?”

“Best of my life,” she sighed.

Part two: I love my big brother!!

For as long as I’ve been alive, I’ve loved my big brother. What’s that? “Every sister in the world says that,” you say? Well, I’m a little different.

Matt, my brother, has always been so cool. He would show me all kinds of interesting things when we were kids, like the woods behind the elementary school I went to and this really cool view of the city from up on a hill. I think that was when my love became different from other little sisters’. What girl could help but melt and fall for the guy who showed her her first sunset while he held her hand? He taught me all the little things, too, like how to tie shoes and stuff. When some gaziantep eskort bayan boy would pick on me, he always came to help me, like a superhero.

He was so amazing, I wanted to be just like him. Or I did when I was really young. But ever since I was like six, I didn’t want to be him, I wanted to be with him. I wanted him to love me like I loved him, not just as a sister. It wouldn’t happen, of course. I’m too realistic to think he would ever seriously date me, but as long as I could daydream, in one place at least, we were a couple.

When he told me and mom and dad that he was going to become an actor, I had absolute confidence he would succeed, though now I can’t help but wonder if he would have stayed in this town with me if I hadn’t said so. That didn’t matter. I could never tell him something like that just so I could see him everyday. Acting was his happiness, and he needed to go after it.

I’ve never cried more than I did the day he left. Not after falling out of a tree, not when they shot Bambi’s mother, not ever. I think it was because for those times, he was there for me and when he left, he wouldn’t be anymore.

When Matt said he wanted to be an actor, what he meant was that he wanted to do voices in cartoons. And Matt, being the talented man he is, got jobs at two major studios his first year, something he says is a miracle in the business. I expected nothing less from him. The voices he used when he read to me were incredible. Even though the shows he’s on aren’t very funny, I never miss a minute of them and I even saved up to buy one on DVD. He thanked me for the seven cents he got from it.

Now, I don’t care how much like monkeys you consider the boys around you, when you’re a fourteen year old girl, you’ve got love and sex on your mind. I know I did. Not only that, you’re interested in your new more mature body and you want a special man to be interested in it too, right? I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this, but when I got these glasses, I sent a pic to Matt and guess what he said? He said they looked cute on me! I guess I got excited because I sent him like twenty more pics and some of them were pretty R-rated. I didn’t show him my boobs or anything, but pretty close in some of them. I can’t believe I’m saying this in writing, but I kinda hoped he was jacking off to me. You can’t imagine my disappointment when he only briefly mentioned how ”cute” they all were.

Even if he wasn’t ogling me, thinking about him doing it led me to my first sexual arousal, then my first time playing with myself. I thought about Matt, alone in his apartment looking through the pics I sent him, masturbating while imagining he was having sex with me. I wasn’t entirely sure what a man’s stuff looked like then, I’m still not really, but just the thought of him thinking that was too exciting not to act on. Dad came home before I could climax, though. Someone always does. Did they bug my room or what?

Today I had to go to a new school since someone torched the one I used to go to. Just when I was in a comfortable loner’s niche, I have to re-establish myself as the girl who isn’t interested in anyone there romantically. The day dragged and every single one of the teachers made me introduce myself. Apparently the boys in my classes have never seen a girl who was uncomfortable in front of so many people, because they either thought I was weak or adorable for blushing. Can’t I just be shy when twenty or thirty people are gawking at me like anyone else? I have never been come on to more than I was today, and I may have only been more embarrassed when I sent Matt those glasses pics, but at least that felt good too. Today was just miserable. The only thing worse is knowing it’ll happen again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next…ugh!

Where are you, Matt? I need you today.

My car, which I’ve affectionately started calling God’s Gift to Mechanics, managed to get me home again, despite it’s best efforts to die on me many, many times.

Oh my God. The door is open and mom and dad are at work. Plus they never leave the door hanging open like that. Maybe…uh, maybe they called an exterminator or something. I go in. I’m so scared. The only thing I’ve got to fight someone off with is my bookbag, and it isn’t that heavy. I wish I was strong like Matt. If I was, I would never be afraid of anything. Matt, if you can hear me, please…

He heard me. Matt is here, in the house. He’s really here! Everything but him is a blur and he’s coming closer. It seems like it takes forever, but now I’m hanging on Matt, my big brother and he’s hugging me back! I feel safe again. I feel so happy, it’s like the rest of the day never happened!

“So, how was your day,” he asks me.

With my cheek on him and with him holding me like he used to, it’s the…

“Best of my life.”

Eventually, I let my feet touch the floor and lean back to look at him (and to let him look at me, which he does!). I don’t know how, but I managed to not kiss him right there. “How long are you going to stay this time,” I ask him, hoping he’ll say something like ‘just long enough for you to pack because I want you to come live with me’.

“Why, are you sick of me already?”

“Of course not,” I kinda gasp. “Can’t you tell how happy I am you’re here? Or do you need me to take my shirt off and show you how excited I am?” Oh my God, I just came on to my brother! I hope he says yes…

“Uh, no, that won’t be necessary. I believe you.” The way he stutters when he says it gives me hope. “I’ll be here until Monday.” Oh, I forgot to tell you. Today is Thursday. Which means I have three days plus tonight to convince him to stay with me or me to stay with him. And while I’m at it, I should find out if he’s attracted to me. I’m sixteen now, so I’m legal, so if he is I can try to get him in bed without worrying about it being illegal.

Suddenly, I feel very wet.

Part Three: My little sister loves me

Kari looks a little distracted since I told her I’d be here until Monday, so I ask her ”something on your mind”. She opens her mouth to say something, turns beet-red and shakes her head. I shrug and hug her again. Her body is soft and smells feminine, so you can hardly blame me for keeping her close for a little longer than planned. She didn’t mind. in fact, she looked a little unsatisfied that I’d let her go when I did.

We sat down on the couch. More accurately, I sat on the couch. Kari sat on my lap sideways. One of her breasts was right in front of my face, so close that, if I thought she wouldn’t scream and slap me, I could have licked it without moving my head at all. Maybe she wouldn’t. She did seem to be moving herself so that every few seconds, her closest breast would touch my face. It would be so easy to start sucking it…

No. She was my sister and if I tried that, she would hate me. I held myself back from what I was thinking about doing.

Kari and I caught up with each other until mom and dad came home, and I repeated the story for them, along with Kari’s occasional “Isn’t that cool?”. My parents married at thirty, so by now they were old enough to be tired right after work and they went to sleep fairly soon. Then it was just Kari and I, which seemed to make her very happy. She turned on the TV to a digital music channel, an R&B channel. A song I hadn’t heard before came on in which every other word was “kiss”. Kari looked like she had something she wanted to say to me, but like she was stopping herself just before it got out. After the song ended, she let out an audible breath and looked at me.

“Big brother? What…what’s it like to kiss someone?” She blurted it out. This must have been what she wanted to say before.

“You’ve kissed mom and dad, right?”

“Not like that,” she said. “I mean a real kiss. The kind of kiss you used to give your girlfriends.”

“Oh,” I said, a little nervous. The way she was looking at me reminded me a lot of how a girl would look at me when she wanted taken. “Well, I really wouldn’t know how to describe kissing a guy. You do like guys, I assume?”

She lay her hand on mine and said a very soft “yes”. Her lips quivered slightly and her eyes were slowly closing. No mistaking it, this was a “kiss me” face. My sweet little sister wanted me to show her what a kiss was like, not just tell her. She continued in a very soft and pleading voice. “Will you give me my first kiss, big brother?”

I couldn’t say no. My hand caressed the side of her face and our lips met. She tasted sweet, but felt shaky. Her skin felt burning hot on mine. I could feel the air coming in and out of her nose rapidly and in short, almost panicking breaths. I honestly couldn’t tell if she was really turned on or afraid.

Surprisingly, she pulled back first. She was breathing hard and was looking at me like that kiss wasn’t nearly enough. “I can’t hold it in anymore, big brother! I love you! I don’t mean like a sister, I love you like…like love-love!” As she finished saying this, she pulled her skirt up, her face darkening as more leg was revealed, until she was showing me her panties, white cotton and damp. “I need to tell you something else,” she said as I could only stare at her face and then her panties. “I could always hear you having sex with your girlfriends, and I wanted it to be with me instead. I was too young to know exactly what was happening at the time, but I knew you were both being intimate together. I wanted to feel that way with you. I still want that, and I’m not a kid anymore. I want to have sex with you, Matt.” No matter how obvious it had been made in the words that had led up to it, to hear her say “I want to have sex with you” was still a bit shocking. I hesitated and Kari cupped my hand in hers. “You’ve always been there for me. Please, be here for me now.”

Part Four: My little sister/big brother lusts for me!

This was all so sudden. I had only been here a few hours and my sister was pleading with me for sex after asking me to kiss her. Her eyes were teetering between joy and tears, maybe so whatever I answered could be shown quicker.

“Please, be here for me now.”

“Thats fighting dirty,” I whispered as I kissed her again. This time, she was closer to calm. Her breathing started erratic like last time, but I kissed her long enough for her to even it out.


My big brother was finally kissing me, and my wildest, best fantasies couldn’t even try to compare! As the kiss went on, I felt less like a scared junior high girl and more like…well, like a woman. The kiss felt so natural and right. When I told my friend about the pics I’d sent Matt, she acted disgusted and said I was into incest. I’d never heard that word before, but it sounded like a bad thing. Well, I know what it means now, and she was wrong. It didn’t feel dirty or wrong or like a sin. I love my brother and now it at least feels like he loves me too.

What could be wrong about that?


Kari was becoming more active in the kiss, stroking my shoulders with small delicate hands and subtly moving forward so it took me by surprise to feel soft weight on my lap.

However, after a moment of kissing this way, she again separated our lips. “I want to show you these.” She took a deep breath and lifted her top, showing her white cotton bra. Her breasts looked so soft, I wanted to reach up and free them from their cloth prison. Kari looked nervous.


I looked down self-consciously at my chest. I wish I had bigger boobs. I wish I had known Matt was coming so I could have worn a sexier bra instead of this boring white one. It isn’t even lacy or have designs on it or anything. He didn’t like it, I knew it. He was staring at it, not saying anything.

Then he touched me! His hand came up slowly and he put it on one of my boobs! I gasped and I think my back might have arched a little, I’m not sure. I was too occupied with Matt’s hand on me. It felt so strong, but was playing with me so gently.


“Why hold back,” I asked myself. Kari wanted this and I wasn’t exactly against it myself. My hand touched her breast, which made her gasp and arch her back in a way that pressed it against my palm. She smiled and her hips started rocking very slightly. I don’t think she even realized she was doing it, but I sure as hell did. Feeling her wet and getting wetter panties moving back and forth on my dick under my pants was impossible to ignore.

My free hand slid up her back to the hooks of her bra. Even I was surprised at how fast they came undone and her bra fell halfway off of her body. She made no effort at all to catch it and in fact pulled it off the rest of the way.


I suddenly became aware that I had started moving my hips when I felt something moving under me. At first I couldn’t tell what it was, but it dawned on me soon enough.

My hips were grinding on my brother’s lap and it was giving him an erection! He likes it! I was so happy, but before I could do anything with it, his fingers went up my back, making me shiver in pleasure. Suddenly my bra was loose. He must have undone it while I was shivering. I was so glad to be rid of the ugly thing, I shucked it off without thinking that now he could see my boobs.

I sat on him perfectly still as I waited for what he would do next. I gasped and this time I know I arched my back when he kissed my nipple and then started sucking on it! I heard myself moan quietly.


I took Kari’s breast between my lips and used them and my tongue to stimulate it. She responded with a soft moan and by pushing it against my face more. She became more and more vocal, moaning at first, then gasping and finally using words.


It felt so amazing! I tried for maybe five minutes to tell him how much I loved it, and even after that all I could say was “yes…yes…I love it…oh, big brother!”

Once the words started, they came out easy. Maybe too easy. I started telling him how I loved him and always looked up to him and things like that, which was fine. But then, I said something I didn’t plan on saying.

“Oh, big brother…let your little sister suck you too.”


I stopped tasting her breasts and pulled my head back. Hearing her say that made me almost fully hard and I know she felt it from her gasp and smile. Kari climbed off my lap and got down on the floor in front of me. Very gently, or maybe nervously, she unzipped my pants and was utterly stunned when my mostly hard cock sprung out.


His thing was huge! I looked it up and down in amazement. “D-do I…what do I do?”


“To…suck it…”

He told me to wrap my lips around it and move my head a certain way, which I did. His response was both immediate and, from the sound of it, overwhelmingly good! That made me confident in what I was doing, and I took more of it into my mouth. I felt so proud to be pleasuring him so much. I felt something tickle my panties in a very nice way and soon I was making the same sounds as Matt.


Kari was surprisingly good at sucking dick for having only moments ago asked how to do it. She made me feel so good, I couldn’t keep all the pleasure for myself. Unfortunately, from where I was, all I could do was rub her with my big toe, but she loved it. She moved herself around until she found a spot that felt the best (I knew it was her clit, but I don’t think she knew it, since she had to search for it) and ground on it, moaning and breathing hard through her nose as she sucked me faster and deeper.


I love sucking my big brother’s thing, but I loved his toe on me even more! There was this little kinda thing that when his toe touched it, I felt like I did just before mom or dad got home and stopped me from finishing my fantasy. The pleasure was immense, almost too much to handle! I was glad I had “something” in my mouth to keep me from being too loud.

My whole body started to feel strange, like being nervous, but in a good way! My pussy was moving on it’s own and…I……felt……ohmygod…!!!


Kari felt like she was gasping, moaning and screaming all at the same time. From how wet her panties got and how fast they got that way, I realized that she was cumming. She played with her breasts to heighten the pleasure, and the sight and feelings were making me not so far behind with my own orgasm.

“I’m…oh, fuck…!!…Kari, I’m gonna cum….!!”


“I’m gonna ejaculate!”


“Oh.” I must have been good at sucking him because he was about to climax too! That meant he was going to shoot sperm out, didn’t it? What was I going to do with it? What could I do with it to prove I wanted to be his forever, not just tonight?

Then I knew.

I sucked him again, bracing myself for what was coming.


Her reaction proved beyond a doubt that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Just the idea of shooting my load into my little sister’s mouth, and it being her preference, made it happen.

I threw my head back and then forced it forward so I could watch Kari’s face and breasts as I came hard in her mouth. It shocked her at first, but her eyes closed halfway and she sucked me some more to get it all out. If I weren’t so short-sighted, I would have tried to hold some back for another round, but instead I gave her all I had to give. It felt like a pint.


Matt groaned and then something started shooting out hard into my mouth. I thought he was peeing at first, but once I realized I’d made him climax, I just wanted more. It felt like there was a pint of it and that wasn’t enough. It tasted vaguely of….something sweet and familiar, but I couldn’t picture it. But the taste wasn’t important. What mattered to me was that the hot fluid he was giving me was undeniable proof that I had had a form of sex with him and that he had enjoyed it!

Besides, I loved it! There was something so…profoundly good about my big brother ejaculating in my mouth, I knew I needed him to do it again and again and again! Even as he ejaculated now, I kept trying to get more out of him. For a long time, he gave me what I wanted, what I had only just had for the first time but was instantly addicted to. I swallowed every gush eagerly, hoping there would be two gushes to replace it. He didn’t ask me to, but he didn’t need to. I wanted to swallow it.

But, like all good things, it ended. He stopped shooting it, then stopped oozing it and dripping it. He was out of sperm, or close to it. I gulped down the last of it, crawled up next to him and lay my head on his chest.


Seeing Kari swallow my cum in big gulps without me asking her to just made more come out of me, which she seemed more than happy to receive.

Once I gave her all of it, she wiped her mouth and sat next to me with her head on my chest. I held her and she hugged me.

“I love you, big brother.”

“I love you too, little sister.”

“Will you take me tomorrow?”

“Take you as in….take you?”

“Mm-hmm. Take me to bed and make love to me.”

“Is that really what you want?”

“More than anything in the world.” She kissed my cheek.

“Yes. If you still want that tomorrow night, I’ll make love to you.”


I was ecstatic! He promised he would, and my big brother never breaks his promises! I kissed him and cuddled with him until I fell asleep.


Kari fell asleep on me, which was very nice. I always enjoyed cuddling with girls after sex, and would have liked to fall asleep with her, but mom or dad would be down before we woke up, and if they caught Kari topless and me with my dick out, it would be very very bad.

I got me and Kari’s naughty bits covered up (Kari sighed and smiled as I dressed her, muttering “Matt…” in her sleep. God, she’s cute!) and let myself drift into sleep with her.

To be continued…

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