I Love Orchestra! Ch. 2

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I came to the band room promptly after school, instrument in hand. All of my band friends were there, along with Amanda and Frances. Frances was gorgeous. She was about 5’5″ with curly hair that went every which way, a nice smile, and mocha skin that was common among Puerto Ricans. She was a violist with a bit of a temper. Amanda was, about the same height as Frances. She had creamy skin, hazel eyes, rosy cheeks, and long dirty-blonde hair. She was the resident cellist. I walked over to them.

“Hi, Amanda. Hi, Frances.” I said.

“Hey, Danielle.” Frances replied.

“Hello, Danielle.” Amanda said, grinning.

“Why does Ms. Thompson want to see us after school?” Frances innocently asked. Amanda and I exchanged a look. We knew why, but she didn’t. How could we explain it to her?

“Uhm…you’ll soon see.” Amanda said, trying to smooth things over without giving everything away. This answer seemed to be sufficient for Frances, and we passed the time with idle chatter. Frances left Amanda and me alone to talk to her other friends.

“I take it you know why we’ve been invited to hang out with Ms. Thompson after school, yes?” I asked.

“Yeah…I’ve been going to her after school for a few weeks now. But it just didn’t seem right without you. I’ve missed you nights…” She trailed off and stared into my eyes. She gave me a hug, which I returned.

“Uhm…guys?” We pulled apart as Frances approached. “What are you guys doing?” She asked. Amanda and I exchanged a glance, but were saved from an awkward conversation by the entrance of Ms. Thompson.

“Hi, ladies! Are you ready to go?” She beamed at us.

“Sure.” I said, and headed out to the car.

“Yep!” Amanda replied, and followed my lead.

“…Yeah, I guess…” Frances followed us, a little wary of what fate might befall her. We put our things in the trunk. I sat in the backseat with Amanda, while Frances sat in the front with Ms. Thompson. We rode away from the school happy it was the weekend.

“Hey, Amanda,” I whispered, “do you remember when we first talked about doing something like this with Ms. Thompson?”

She giggled, “Yeah…it always made me hot to think about her that way. I wonder what she has in store for Frances.” I grinned and turned to watch the scenery go by out the window. She put her hand on my knee, and I turned to orhangazi escort face her. “Danielle…”


“I’ve really missed you.” Tears began to form in her eyes.

“But I thought you were happier with that guy…”

“I wasn’t. I’ve missed you.” Her eyes bore into mine.

“Well, Amanda…give me some time, ok?” She nodded. In a few more minutes, we reached Ms. Thompson’s house.

“Ladies, exit the vehicle.” Ms. Thompson lightly said. We got out of the car, and retrieved our things from the trunk. Ms. Thompson opened the door to her house, and we entered. Again, it was a cool contrast to the heat outside and the heat within me. Frances looked around, admiring the décor of the home. We set our things down and plopped on the couch.

“Give me a minute to freshen up, ladies. I need to change clothes.”

“Ok.” Frances said, and she promptly left the room. I put my arm around Amanda’s shoulders, and she kissed me. It felt so good to feel her lips upon mine again! She knew how gently to kiss me, how sweetly. She knew where to touch me, just as I touched her. Frances watched us, absolutely flabbergasted by our behavior. I’m not sure whether she was repulsed or felt neglected. I couldn’t ponder over it because Ms. Thompson slipped up behind her and began massaging her shoulders.

“Frances, you’re so tense. You need to relax.” Gradually, Frances lost her anxiety and closed her eyes, letting the new sensations course through her veins. Meanwhile, Amanda began to unbutton my shirt while nuzzling and kissing my neck. Ms. Thompson finally stood before us. She was wearing a white bathrobe tied with a sash. However, we could see that there was nothing underneath that robe, not a STICH! She slowly disrobed before us, and we all followed suit. I love Amanda’s naked body. I had before, and I still do. There’s no blemish on her, nowhere! Her nipples stand out about a half of an inch, and they’re a rosy color. Her pussy hair is the same dirty blonde of the hair atop her head. Frances wasn’t looking so bad herself. She had large breasts that her body was proportioned to handle. They were capped with large, dark, nipples and aureoles. Her pussy seemed a bit small. I could tell because it was bare. I didn’t get to muse on this any further because Amanda broke into my thoughts.

“Danielle, care nilüfer escort to join me in the Jacuzzi?” She giggled before I could answer, and sped off towards the back of the house, where the Jacuzzi was located. I followed her, and we hopped right in. Apparently, someone had been planning for someone to jump in because it was already bubbling strongly. We didn’t give it much thought and splashed around together. Our bodies rubbed against each other. I kissed her while playing with her breasts. They were soft, yet firm, and she seemed to enjoy it immensely.

“Hey! C’mon!” She took my hand and dragged me back into the house. She headed for Ms. Thompson’s bedroom.

“Amanda…What the heck…? I mean…isn’t this kinda…disrespectful?” I asked.

“She won’t care!” With that, she pulled me on the bed with her. She cradled me in her arms for some minutes.

“Hmm…I wonder how Frances is doing?” I smirked.


Ok, this was weird. The student teacher of my orchestra class is naked and so am I. We’re in her house. She’s almost leering at me. This is pretty freaky. Where in the hell are Amanda and Danielle?

“Frances, are you alright?” She asked.

“Huh? Uhm…I’m ok, I guess.” I squirmed around under her gaze. This is totally freaking me out.

“You don’t seem ok.”

“Well, I assure you I am.”

I can’t let her touch me! I might…do something. Damn it! What is she doing?! She got up and sat next to me. Not even inches were separating us. I could almost feel her heat. Or was it mine? No! No! I had to stop this! Her hand crept up my leg, past my knee, to my inner thigh. It was starting to feel good. She leaned over to kiss me. Well, actually, she forced her tongue into my mouth, not like I cared much. I had to admit that I’d wanted something like this for a few months now, just not with her. I hungrily returned her kiss. Her hand inched further, until it was on the outside of my pussy. Her kisses trailed from my lips, to my neck, and then to my breasts. She sucked and bit on one of my nipples. I closed my eyes as she kneaded the other. My own hand cupped one of her smaller breasts. It was conical, her nipple firm.

“Follow me”, she commanded. I complied and we headed to her bedroom. Much to her pleasure and my astonishment, Danielle and Amanda were in here. türbanlı escort It wasn’t the fact that they were in there that really astonished me. It was what they were doing! Amanda was grinding her pussy against Danielle’s face and screaming. I guess I hadn’t noticed, since I was preoccupied with Ms. Thompson.

“Oh God, Danielle! Lick me! Right there!” She screamed some more stuff.

I wasn’t much paying attention to that. I was staring at Danielle’s pussy. It was almost looking at me, beckoning me. It seemed to say, “Come on, Frances. You know you want to.” I licked my lips, unable to take my eyes off it. I had to taste it. As if my body was thinking faster than my brain, I found myself inches away from it. I gingerly dipped my tongue inside in order to taste her. I liked the taste, so I dug in for more. I ran my tongue over her clit. I pushed a finger inside of her. She was tight and wet. The thought suddenly struck me. How much could she take? Grinning almost evilly, I began to pump her with two fingers. I think she liked it because she squirmed around a lot and moaned.

“Whoa, there, slow down. We’ll get to that later.” Ms. Thompson pulled my hand away. She laid me on the bed face up. She got on her knees and began licking my pussy. It felt a bit weird at first, but I began to enjoy it.


Amanda got off of me. My face was covered with her cum. She licked it off my face and kissed me, tasting her. She turned around, and saw Ms. Thompson going down on Frances. She grinned at me, as if in triumph. She began to play with Frances’ nipples, while I played with hers. She brushed my hand away with her free hand.

“It’s your turn.” She began to tongue my pussy. She pushed her tongue as deeply inside as it would go. She fingered my ass. Amanda was the only person I’d let near me, there. She pumped one, then two, fingers inside of me. Then, through the haze of pleasure, I heard Frances shouting her pleasure. I came soon after. Ms. Thompson and Amanda went at it for a while, and then we all lay on the bed in a comatose state.

“How long have you guys been planning this?” Frances asked.

“A few weeks.” Amanda replied.

“Is there anyone else you guys might…want?”

“Well, not that you mention it…I think Desiree would be quite a nice addition.” Ms. Thompson said “What about you, Danielle?”

“Well…uhm…I like Michele.”

“Michele?! You’re kidding me! She’s so…pure and CATHOLIC!” Amanda laughed.

“So? I used to be! Besides, the innocence is a bit…intriguing in a way.” I sighed.

“We’ll see…” Ms. Thompson said, sleepily.

To Be Continued…

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