I Love Women in Panties Ch. 04

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The music had long stopped, Sally chose another album and put it on, and I sat on the sofa and sipped my wine while the girls stayed up and danced with their glasses in their hand, each of them now taken off their blazers and ties but their skirts remained impossibly short!

It would have been an enjoyable experience at any time just to sit and have a drink watching three lovely girls dancing in front of you. However with all three dressed in their old school uniforms with skirts so short as to be hardly worth wearing allowing me regular eyefuls of panty, made it all the more enjoyable. So enjoyable in fact that I had the book back on my lap!

As is the way with any music album there is always a slow track and when the next one started to play, once again Sally and Julie started to smooch together, which I have to say set me thinking. However, I am firmly of the belief that women are naturally more comfortable together and certainly have more of a tendency to bisexuality than guys do.

Diane beckoned me over to dance with her, which I tried to refuse, as there was no way I was standing up with Mr stiffy trying to say hello to the world! However she simply came over and dragged me up, held me close and started to sway with the music. If I thought my cock was hard while I was sitting down it had nothing on the way it felt now! Thanks to the length of her skirt my cock was in direct contact with her cotton covered pussy, I couldn’t move away at all, mainly because Diane wouldn’t let me and partly I guess because I didn’t try too hard! As she continued to grind her pelvis into me!

“Are you all right now Mikey?” She quietly whispered in to my ear.

“Well yeah sure I am, but I’m sorry about…..” I stammered.

“About what Mikey?” She said.

“Well you know… about…. Oh heck Diane, can’t you feel what about?” I said.

“Oh that! Don’t you dare apologise for that, it’s the greatest compliment you can pay a woman.” She said, again whispering in my ear.

So I gave up worrying and taking Sally’s earlier advice decided to go with the flow, Diane continued to hold me tight with both her hands holding my butt, pulling me in tight to her pelvis. I went for broke and putting my hands on her ass shuffled them under the hem of her skirt so they rested on her glorious panty covered butt, I was in another world as I stroked and caressed Diane’s panties occasionally slipping a hand down the waistband to feel the bare flesh of her ass.

Diane had started to nibble my neck and then my ear until very slowly she moved her lips over my cheeks and kissed me on the lips, softly at first then with more urgency as our mouths parted and our tongues searched each other out. It was then that I had the second major shock of the evening; I had taken one hand away from Diane’s panties and moved it slowly up toward her breast, and receiving no resistance at all, took it in my hand only to discover she was not wearing a bra! Feel free to call me Mr Unobservant but I hadn’t spotted this little detail at all earlier and couldn’t help wondering if the other two girls were also hanging free as it were?

Just then the music stopped, however, Diane didn’t and we continued to enjoy the moment, we could also hear gentle clapping!

“Atta boy! Way to go little brother, Way… To… Go!” whooped Sally.

“Hey are you two coming up for air?” Sniggered Julie

“This is a growing young man ladies” Said Diane as she stepped away, leaving me standing there with a full blown, hard as rock boner, for all to see, all be it, still contained in my underpants. For some reason I simply wasn’t embarrassed, I should have been, but I wasn’t, instead I felt kind of proud for my manhood to be on show?

“Wow it’s huge!” Julie said.

Yeah, that was nice of her to say so, but in truth I am no more than average at about six and half to seven inches erect.

“And hard as rock,” said Diane.

Before I’d had the chance to become just a little self-conscious! Julie came over to me and bold as you like, took hold of my cock through my pants and gently stroked it.

“Ooh yes, now that is hard,” She giggled.

“Hands off kilis escort missy!” Diane said. “That was made for me not you!”

Both the girls were laughing by now. Me? I loved every second of it, and whilst the girls were definitely playing me, I felt strangely in control, somewhere in the evening I had turned a corner in my sexual development, was I nervous? Unsure? Excited? All of the above? You bet I was! Did I care? Not one bit! Bring it on ladies, whatever IT was!

“Now where had you got to with Diane, eh Mikey?” Asked Julie, as she took hold of me in her arms and started to kiss me.

I wasn’t about to give up this chance, so immediately put both my hands under her skirt and like I had with Diane started to caress her panty covered ass. I also took the initiative this time by pulling her on to my cock and dry humping her pussy. After a little while I sent one hand on a northward journey to her boobs, however there was a slight disappointment here, Julie unlike Diane was wearing a bra! We pulled apart after few minutes with Julie beaming.

“There I’m just as good as Diane aren’t I? I must be because you are still rock hard!” She said this as once again Julie put her hand on my cock!

“Well yes and no.” I said with a grin.

“Yes and No! Why the no young man?” She said pouting slightly.

“Well there was one main difference between my experience with you and Diane,” I replied grinning.

“Oh and what was that?” She asked sounding just slightly annoyed but still smiling.

“You’re wearing a bra and Diane isn’t! So I got a much better feel of her boobs.” I laughed.

“Don’t worry Julie” Sally said. “I still love you and I’m quite happy to feel your boobs through your bra!” As she said this she took Julie in her arms and kissed her while also fondling her boobs.

We were all laughing now and joined together in a group hug trying to dance together which didn’t last for long splitting off into pairs again. Me with Diane and Sally with Julie. I decided to see if I could surreptitiously undo a couple more of Diane’s blouse buttons which would allow room for my hand to move freely on to her breast. As I was doing this Diane pulled the bow of my pyjama chord and untied it, with nothing else holding them up they duly ended up in a pile around my ankles.

“Two can play at that game Mikey; I know what you are trying to do with my blouse” She said breathing in my ear.

Now it has to be said PJs round my ankles was not a cool look for me! And, it also gave me a dilemma, if I now stepped out of them, then I would be left in just my underpants and t-shirt which I guess could be Ok but could also be seen as a little presumptuous? Or I could just laugh it off and pull them back up, though as it turned out the decision was taken away from me as Julie had seen what had happened and breaking away from Sally came over and grabbed my butt.

“Wheyhey! Look at your brother Sally, he’s dropped his trousers for us!” She laughed while she continued to knead my butt.

“Hey cut it out! I didn’t do anything, it was Diane, she untied them not me!” I protested.

“Oh well, seems a bit pointless putting them back on now.” Julie said “What do you think Diane, on or off?”

“Oh definitely off” she replied “And while we’re at it let’s have the t-shirt as well, we might find a six pack if we’re lucky!”

Before I could protest or stop them although I’m not how resistance I actually put up! Julie and Diane had my t-shirt off and my pyjama bottoms fully removed, so there I was standing in just my underpants, thank god they were just plain white and not one of my more embarrassing pairs, and I had a few!

So now the whole situation had changed, and whilst there had been some exposure by the girls and some heavy petting up to that point we had all remained clothed and I have to say that right now my new found confidence of earlier was on the wane.

“Now hang on just a minute this hardly seems fair.” I turned to Sally “Come on Sal help me out here.” I pleaded.

“I’m not sure what you expect me to do Bro, after all you probably brought this on yourself.” She laughed

“Absolutely kıbrıs escort he did.” laughed Diane. “He was trying to undo my blouse and get at my tits.”

“Well you can’t blame me for trying.” I said. “But I still don’t think it’s fair that I’m stuck here with only my pants on and you’re all still fully clothed!”

Diane put her arm around me and said to Sally “Why don’t we slow things down a little? Put on some mood music or something slower, I don’t think we need any more disco sounds tonight, do you? And how are we doing for wine Mikey? Could you get another bottle open for us?”

Despite not really getting a satisfactory response to my clothing dilemma, I padded out to the kitchen and opened yet another bottle of wine, when I returned I charged everyone’s glass and whilst I did still feel pretty self conscious I was starting not to really care. Sally had changed the music as asked and most of the lights had been turned off except for one lamp in the corner of the room which definitely softened the atmosphere.

I sat on the arm of the sofa and sipped my wine, Diane had her glass in her hand but was now gently swaying to the music with her eyes shut, Sally and Julie were sitting on the sofa, Sally sat on the end with her arm around Julie stroking her hair as her head rested on her chest, her legs were curled up on the sofa cushion. I was really unsure as to what was going on between those two, if anything!! But for me that scene was very erotic and sexy helped by the fact that Julie’s panties were on full display.

And talking of erotic and sexy, Diane was looking amazingly sexy as she danced alone, however after a few minutes watching, I decided she needed a partner, so went over, took her glass from her hand, and putting it on the side took her in my arms. Her response was immediate as she planted her lips on mine and started to kiss me with a real urgency to which I was very happy to respond and my hands once again found their way to her wonderful panty encased behind.

After a minute or two of this she took a step away from me and without taking hers eyes from mine very slowly un-buttoned her blouse and pulled it from the waistband of her skirt. She didn’t take it off but as she came closer to me again, she smiled in a way that spoke volumes to me, I pulled her close and kissed her gently, my hands buried deep in her hair, then, caressing her neck, my hands slowly slid down to and across her shoulders as I slipped the blouse off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. My heart was pounding and my legs felt in real danger of not supporting me as I looked in awe at Diane’s breasts. They were beautiful! Firm and full with dark nipples, my hands were shaking but I moved to cup one and then stroked the nipple with a light brush of the back of my hand.

The nipple became erect almost immediately, I lowered my head and flicked my tongue over it before taking it my mouth and sucking and gently nibbling. Diane was running her hand through my hair and my best description of her demeanour is that she was purring! I spent some time ensuring that both breasts were given the same treatment until Diane moved my face back up to hers and started kissing me really hard and at the same time pulling me into her so that my cock was pressed hard into her crotch.

My legs really were going to give way soon; I had never felt anything like this before, it was as if I had turned to jelly. Sally had two large cushions in the corner of the room so I quietly asked Diane if I could get them, to make us a little more comfortable. She didn’t say anything but just nodded, as I walked over to get the cushions I glanced over at the sofa, Sally and Julie were kissing and fondling each other, I could see that most of the buttons on both blouses were undone. It was an incredibly sexy and strangely natural scene, I smiled to myself not sure that I could believe where the evening was heading.

Diane was sitting on her haunches as I got back to her and laid the cushions side by side, I knelt in front of her and gently stroked her breasts whilst simply looking into her eyes, she smiled at me and lay back on the cushion. I lay kırıkkale escort down beside her and turning toward her drew her to me, I had been hard for some time now and whilst being inexperienced knew that without even having been properly touched I was feeling very close to shooting my load. While I was thinking this, I was kissing Diane and with one hand on her breast and the other on her ass under the back of her panties. I felt Diane’s hand move inside the waistband of my pants and take hold of my cock. I groaned with the unbelievable pleasure of the feeling of my cock being touched by her as she slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft.

“Diane,” I whispered. “I can’t last much longer and I don’t want this end yet.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, nothing’s going to end just yet, this is just the beginning.”

I had no fear about my next move as I moved my hand to the front of her panties and cupped the mound of her pussy, her panties were soaked with her pussy juices, and as I touched her there she let out a little gasp. I continued to rub her pussy through the soaked cotton of her panties as she gently stroked and wanked my cock. I felt my climax building and knew that I was beyond the point of no return, as much as I would have liked to last longer, I knew I couldn’t, however, before I came, I slipped my hand down the front of Diane’s panties and found my way to her warm and soaking wet pussy and ran my finger over her swollen and wet pussy lips before allowing my fingers to slip inside the warmth of her pussy. It was then that I lost control as I felt my climax build I thrust into Diane’s hand and with a grunt came with an intensity I had never previously felt, shooting a stream of spunk over Diane’s hand.

My climax slowly subsided and I started to breathe a little easier, I opened my eyes to find Diane was smiling softly at me and as I looked into her eyes I saw a warmth but also a need and it was a moment of discovery for me, my orgasm had been amazing, intense and like no other I had ever experienced, but I sensed would mean nothing unless I could do the same for Diane.

My hand was still in her panties but I knew what I wanted to do and so slowly removed it pulling her skirt back down. Diane looked me curiously and in truth with a little disappointment. However I repositioned myself kneeling between her legs and leaned forward to kiss and lick her thighs, moving myself slowly but surely up towards her still panty covered pussy, it was unbelievably erotic to be looking up Diane’s skirt to her obviously sodden panties and getting closer with my tongue. I had never licked pussy before in my life but knew I wanted nothing more than to eat Diane’s pussy through her panties. As I got close I could see a little bud pushing through the white cotton, I lifted the hem of her skirt so that her panty covered mound was now on full view and lowering my head kissed the bud and gently nibbled it, my tongue was now licking the front of the panties as I slowly ate Diane’s pussy through them.

Diane was once again purring and having lifted her bum off the floor was slowly moving her hips upwards and pushing her pussy into my face. I lay down flat and putting my hands under her, took her ass in my hands burying my face even further and harder in to her pussy. Diane had her hands running through my hair and I could sense a change in her breathing so I took one hand and pulled the edge of her panties to one side sucking her clitoris in to my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Diane had now started to pant and moan clamping her thighs hard round my head and with a thrust of her pelvis climaxed appearing to climax again and again. Up to this point we had been pretty quiet but then Diane let out a cry almost as if she were in pain.

“Oh Dear God in heaven! please don’t stop! Please please don’t stop!” She cried as she came again.

I thought she was never going to stop coming as she bucked, panted moaned her hands now holding my head firmly where she wanted it! A women having multiple orgasms was like nothing I had ever experienced before, In fact this was the first night I had actually made anyone come at all! Eventually I really had to come up for air and a break, with a final lick of Diane’s glorious pussy I eased away and put her now drenched panties back over her pussy, gave it one final kiss and moved up next to Diane and took her in my arms.

To be continued……

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