I Need Lunch

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My thanks to DawnJ for guidance in editing and polishing this first work. I hope that you enjoy it and I welcome any and all constructive comments.

It was about eleven-o’clock in the morning when your text came through on my cell phone. You were on a 12-hour shift, and I was on a string of evening shifts and would be heading in to work later that day.

“I need to come home for lunch,” was all your text message said.

It wasn’t too unusual for you to come home briefly during your lunch break to take care of a chore. That was an advantage of your working so close to where we lived. But your message was a bit strange because I was sure that you knew I was at home. I wondered if you had forgotten something, or there was some other problem that I didn’t know about.

“What’s up?” I texted back.

Your reply was almost instantaneous: “I said I NEED to come home for lunch.”

Uh oh, capitals, I thought. I texted back: “Okay. Anything I can do?”

You must have had a few minutes of downtime at work, because your second reply was almost as quick as your first one had been. “Yes. You can fuck me hard and fast with your big cock.”

I almost spilled the coffee I was drinking. I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised by your message. You’ve texted me like that before (and I’ve almost spilled my coffee before too), and I do love it when you declare your desires so openly. But after all of our time together sharing our desires so openly, it still jolts me a bit. It jolts me in a way that I love.

“Absolutely,” I texted back. “But u know that I need to leave for work approx 1:30. What time r u doing lunch?” Your reply took a little longer this time. “Can’t leave til jst before 1.”

“That’s a little tight, isn’t it?” I replied.

“Thought u like me tight!” I chuckled when I read your answer.

Before I could quip back, you sent another text. “I said I NEED to cum home for lunch!!!!”

All capitals again, and a change in spelling. How could I say no? Why would I want to say no? “Ok,” I sent back.

Your next message explained it all: “I’ve been horny for u all day and need relief. I’ll be there at 1. Be ready for me.”

I decided to tease you a bit in anticipation of meeting your lunchtime needs. For the next few minutes we texted back and forth furiously.

Me: “Oh really? Problem? Do tell.”

You: “Yes. My pussy is aching, and my underwear is wet and sticking to me.”

Me: “Yum. I like that. Not a prob for me.”

You: “It’s a prob for me. I NEED relief.”

Me: “You could do that urself w/o me if u can’t wait”.

You: “At work?!?”

Me: “Sure, if u NEED to.”

You: “I want ur hard cock. Only thing that will do.”

Me: “So glad u feel that way. Happy to service u.”

You: “Just b ready for me, mister!”

It really was going to be tight on time for both of us if you couldn’t get home until 1:00. So I decided to get myself ready for work early. I packed up my lunch (and made you a sandwich too) and got showered.

When I got out there was another text message from you waiting for me: “I’m going to need new underwear.”

Now that was an gaziantep escort reklamları unabashed tease. You know how much I like it when your pussy is wet and dripping. My cock, which had already been swelling, began to ache in anticipation of your arrival. Well, I can dish it back.

Me: “Poor thing. Whatever will u do?”

You: “I’m going to have u fuck my brains out. That’s what.”

Me: “But I want more. Ur pussy is so wet, I NEED more.”

You: “I suppose u can lick my wet pussy.”

My cock was really throbbing at this point. I was sure that you were aching and swollen too. No time to let up the teasing

Me: “I want MORE. I want to rub ur clit and G spot.”

You: “I want that too. U can do that while I fuck ur face.”

I’m losing this teasing battle I thought. My cock and balls were really aching now.

Me: “I want u to fuck my face. Aftr u explode there, I’m gonna thrust my throbbing cock deep into ur pussy til I explode.”

You: “Perfect!”

By now, 1:00 was fast approaching.

You: “I told them at work I had to let the dog out.”

Me: “I already did that.”

You: “Not the dog I meant.”

Me: “Ha!”

You: “You better b ready for me.”

Me: “And how would u like me ready?”

You: “Only thing I want to see when I walk thru the door is ur hard cock.”

Me: “I can do that.”

You: “Good. I’m cumming.”

I was standing at the door to the garage, ready as you had directed, stark naked, my throbbing cock standing at attention in my hand. As you came through the garage door, I saw that you had shed practically everything you could while driving. Your pants were loosened and starting to slide off your hips. Your shirt was already most of the way off. You kicked the door closed with your foot while you dropped to your knees.

“Good,” was the only word out your mouth, before you filled it with my cock.

“Uggggh,” I moaned loudly as I felt your hot mouth surround my throbbing cock.

Your tongue swirled around me. You gave the shaft a few firm strokes before letting go so you could use both hands to pull off your pants and the wet underwear you had been complaining about. In a flash, your hands were back on my cock and balls, stroking and fondling. You knee-walked me back to the nearby carpeted steps that led upstairs, while your mouth continued to work over my cock. I felt you push me back, encouraging me to sit down on the steps. Your mouth never left my cock as I sat down, almost falling, weak at the knees.

“I promised you could lick my pussy,” you said, after you lifted your mouth from my cock, a thick stream of your saliva running down over my balls.

You pushed me so that I was now leaning all the way back against the steps. You rose up, dragging your soaking pussy over my stomach and up my chest to my waiting mouth, leaving a trail of your wetness on my skin. I felt your knees on either side of my head as you straddled me and dropped your pussy onto my eager lips and tongue.

“Yessss!” I heard the word escape from your lips as I attacked your clit, lashing it with my tongue. It didn’t take long for you to make good on your earlier promise, and you began humping my mouth, your hips thrusting back and forth.

“Fingers! I want your fingers in me,” you panted.

With you on my face, I could just barely slide my fingers past my chin and into your pussy as you ground against me, but I really wanted to satisfy your demand. I held my hands and mouth still, but kept my tongue going at full speed, as you thrust your pelvis against me with increasing speed and intensity. I knew you were getting close to your orgasm, so I licked more furiously against your clit. Faster and harder you ground against me, seeking your release and relief.

“Ooooh. Ooooooh. Ooooooooooh,” you moaned loudly.

I felt your pussy spasm around my fingers, and you clamped my head with your knees as your orgasm washed over you. Pussy juices ran out of you and I sucked and swallowed your sweet nectar as fast as I could. In all too short a time, your orgasm was over and I could feel you relax a bit.

“I want something else,” You growled and stood up over me. I knew exactly what you meant. “I still NEED your cock in me. Come on, mister!”

We got off the stairs, which was not the most comfortable place to have sex, but a very convenient one today. With my hard cock leading the way, we headed into the kitchen. I had pulled the chairs away from the table with the expectation that I would use it to help satisfy the need you had so clearly texted to me. At the start of our sexual relationship together, you told me that you had picked out that table because it looked good, and because it seemed sturdy enough to be a playground for us. Today, it would be a playground. I led you over to the table, and without needing any direction from me, you bent over, ass in the air.

“Do me hard and fast,” you said, wiggling your ass at me. “I NEED to feel your hard cock deep inside me.” The lust still in your voice was very clear.

The sight was incredible and will forever be burned into my mind. I could see your pussy lips, puffy and swollen, dripping from my tongue lashing. Your glorious ass was high in the air, cheeks slightly spread. I had planned for this. I stepped up right behind you, my cock pressed against your hot flesh. I raked my fingernails down your back and you quivered, arching your back against me.

“Oooooooh” you moaned.

I stepped back slightly so that my cock slid down the crack of your ass. I reached for the slender vibrating butt plug that I had placed on the table, pre-lubed for this very moment. I don’t know if you didn’t see it in your haste to get to the table, or if you did and decided not to say anything about it, but you jumped slightly when I touched the cold, wet tip of it to your rosebud When I heard you gasp, I wasn’t sure if it was pleasure, surprise, or what. But you thrust back slightly against it, signaling me that you wanted me to proceed.

With gentle but firm pressure, I worked it into you all the while stroking your wet pussy with my other hand. In a flash of urgency, you pushed back against me hard, forcing the plug the last inch deep into you, the flange firmly against your ass cheeks.

“Now fuck me! Fuck me hard.” you commanded.

Never one to disobey you, I lined up my swollen, aching cockhead with the entrance of your pussy. In one smooth stroke, I thrust into you, bottoming out with my hips tight against your ass. We both gasped in pleasure and stayed fixed that way for just a second savoring our connection. The pause ended quickly. We both wanted a hard fucking.

I pulled almost all the way out, taking my weight off you and off the butt plug buried in you. I thrust forward hard, driving my cock deep into you, my hips slapping loudly against your soft skin. I could feel the flange of the plug against my pubic area as I made contact, and I knew it was not too subtly thrusting into you too.

“Oh, God!” you moaned, as I picked up speed. I felt you match my movements, rocking back against me with each thrust.

My cock was slamming in and out of your hot, wet pussy. Each time I thrust my cock in and out of your pussy, I was also thrusting the butt plug in and out of your ass. The feeling was amazing for me, and I knew equally so for you. And just like we both wanted, it was a good hard fucking — you panting and moaning bent over the table, me gasping and moaning from behind you, both of us slamming our bodies into each other.

“Cum with me, oh, cum with me!” you gasped.

I could feel you right on the edge of your second climax, and that sent me over the top. With one final hard thrust, I buried my cock as deep into you as I could, and exploded. My hot cum shot out into your pussy, and you practically screamed out your orgasm.

We both collapsed onto the table, spent, sweaty, and wet from our sexual release. I looked at my watch, hoping that less time had passed than I was afraid might have.

“Shit!” I said. “We both need to get going. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not,” you said grinning. “Lunch was great!”

“I made you a sandwich to eat, and I already let the dog out. I’m not going to have time for a shower though. We’ve really got to get going,” I said.

I pulled my shrinking cock out from you, and extracted the butt plug. I grabbed two dish towels for us to clean up as best as we could. I knew that it wouldn’t be enough to completely erase the evidence of our passion, but it would have to do. I pulled my underwear on, not even bothering to wipe the mix of our cum off of my cock. I would enjoy the sticky wet feeling next to my skin as a reminder of our lunch together while I worked my evening shift.

“I’m going to feel you for the rest of the evening,” you said, smiling. “Each time I sit down, I’m sure I’ll get a little gift from you leaking out of me, and I know I’ll feel it in my ass, too.”

“I’ll get to smell you on my lips all during work,” I quipped back. “It will help me get through another shift until I can get back home to you,” I said, and I meant every word of it.

“I know the girls at work will be able to smell what we’ve been up to when I get back,” you said. “They’ll just be jealous.”

We kissed deeply as we both quickly pulled on our clothes, trying to get out of the house and on our way so that we wouldn’t be late. As I sat in my car, I could feel my cock slide in my underwear and stir slightly (a bit worn out, but I knew it would be ready later tonight) with the memory of our lunch together.

“It’s going to be a long shift,” I thought.

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