I Popped a Cherry This Morning

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I wrote this story a couple of years ago and posted it on another site. This is a true story…and everything after this was written about 2 yrs ago. Hope you enjoy it!


I posted a pic of my cock with this story so you guys will know what this 38 yr old virgin took and enjoyed! If you are still waiting for your first time don’t worry about the size of the cock, even with my experience I’ve had some men with smaller than average sized cock hurt like hell when they penetrate, and some men who know what they’re doing slide a huge cock in and not have one ounce of discomfort…just sayin’!

Btw…it took me a while to write this, it was actually the day before yesterday…

I popped a cherry this morning!

It was damn hot and totally unexpected! I had met Don about a month ago on A4A. It was late in the evening. I was horny as fuck and his pictures showed a nice cock. He said he just wanted some head and maybe to suck cock. I told him that was great, but I also really needed to get fucked, it had been way too long. He said he would be down for that as long as I was squeaky clean.

I agreed and since he didn’t live far he was at my door in 30 minutes. He is a nice looking man of 38 years old, about 5’9″, 150 lbs, moderately hairy ginger. He was a little bit shy, but it was late and I had an early morning so I just led him to the bedroom to get this started.

I was soon on my knees sucking his smallish cock. It’s a pretty cock of about 5.5″ and average thickness. It was perfect for sucking and I was surprised that it was long enough to get it in my throat when we ended up in a 69. He is a below average cocksucker, but I enjoyed the attention anyway and just decided to get to the fucking.

I had to admit that he threw a pretty good fuck and for someone who seemed fairly inexperienced, he had some moves and held in there a lot longer than I expected. I shot my load, he pulled out, peeled off the condom and came up and shot on my face. All in all it was a pretty nice experience.

We talked a bit and agreed since we enjoyed each other and live so close it could be a convenient situation to see each other if not a regular basis at least from time to time. He also told me he was six months out of a divorce, and except for a little guy play in college he had just started having sex with men a couple of months after his divorce from a marriage of 15 years. That explained his newness to mansex.

He came over for just some cocksucking twice and came and fucked me another time. It was all good! This morning he hit me up and casino siteleri asked if he could come over. We discussed toys and some mild kink and I realized Don was ready to move forward a bit in his mansex experience, and I was glad that he trusted me to want to experiment with me.

I was still in a towel when he arrived as douching had taken longer than usual this morning. We headed to the bedroom with little chat this morning and soon I was sucking his cock. After a bit he said he wanted to suck mine. I sat on the corner of the bed and he was doing his normal below average job, only taking the head and maybe an inch of the shaft, but for some reason this morning I was getting off on it more than usual.

After a while I got us into a 69 position on the bed and was deepthroating his cock and stared running my finger up and down his crack. That got him moaning more than usual. When I licked his balls he was into it, but when I ran my tongue up and down his fuzzy taint, he moaned loud! That gave me a green light and soon I was licking his crack.

He was so into it that I lapped at his clean hole, and that got him all excited. So soon I was trying to tongue fuck his tight little hole, that he told me was totally virgin. He was panting and moaning and really carrying on. After a while I went back to deep throating his cock and fingered his hole a bit.

Don started moaning and for the first time took more than an inch of my shaft into his mouth. I’m a go with the flow type guy and pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Don, you want to get fucked don’t you?”

He said, “Oh my god, this huge cock would never go in my butt!”

I said, “You’d be surprised, let’s try!”

He said the magic words, “Well you can rub in on my hole, but I know I can’t take it!”

Soon he was on his back, with his tight little virgin butt at the edge of the bed I was pouring lube in his crack and on my cock. I rubbed up and down and he was moaning and thrashing. I finally got him to calm down and centered my attention on my cockhead and his hole.

Don was panting and moaning as I passed his outer lips. He said he loved the feeling. When I got to his tight virgin ring I just pressed against it, he moaned and I stopped. I asked if it hurt, and he said, “No, it feels good, but I’m afraid it will hurt!”

I told him I’d stop there, but to just try to relax. After getting him to take several deep breaths and push out with his hole, the head of my cock literally slipped in. Don moaned low and deep and grabbed his cock! As soon as he did I felt canlı casino his hole tighten around the head of my cock and I told him to leave his cock alone. The natural reaction when you stroke your cock is for your hole to tighten. I told him to play with his nipples and he said that did absolutely nothing for him, so I told him to play with mine because it sets me on fire!

Over about the next five minutes I slowly slid most of my cock in, and Don was loving it. He was panting but encouraging me. When I asked if it hurt, he would say, “Yes, but it feels so fucking good too!”

I told him that was how it was with getting fucked, and the longer he held in there the less pain and the more pleasure. I started with slow steady stroking and it was obvious he loved it, finally I hit bottom and he moaned. I asked if that hurt, and he said, “I’m not sure, but I can certainly feel it, go easy down there!”

I agreed. I did what I love when I’m trying to get used to a cock, especially a long thick one. I backed out and started just fucking with about ¾ of my cock. Not quite pulling out to the head and not quite going all the way in. Now I could fuck faster and as long as I wasn’t hitting bottom Don was loving it.

I finally had to test the waters and pulled all the way out and popped back in again. He grunted, but I got the idea he liked it so I did it some more. It wasn’t too long and I was long dicking a virgin. I would let it pop out, push back in and go balls deep. He grunted or moaned every time I hit bottom and I knew I was hitting ‘that’ spot.

I decided to distract him and angled my cock so it hit his prostate on every stroke and he was going nuts. He still wasn’t sure about me hitting bottom but I just kept it up once in a while when I felt his hole relax.

After a while his grunts turned to moans, and I started hitting bottom harder and faster. He was panting again and obviously ‘really’ getting into it! I’m not really into feet but his ankles were on my shoulders and he feet were at my face. I notice they were soft and clean and I licked his instep. That got him moaning louder.

Finally he grabbed his cock again and started stroking. I knew it was a short trip to him blowing his load. I usually like to fuck for a long time, but since this was his first time, I didn’t mind letting it end a little more quickly. I looked down to watch my thick cock slide in and out of his virgin hole and noticed his balls were nonexistent, so I just stepped up the fucking. I fucked him hard and fucked him deep. He grunted and a glob of cum that kaçak casino almost looked like cottage cheese dropped on his tight fuzzy ginger belly. He was panting again, then he hollered and a stream of cum shot out of his cock and hit him on the chin leaving a thick stripe up this fuzzy belly and chest, that was so hot!

I slowed down the pounding and was just sliding in and out, not going out and no longer hitting bottom as Don stroked out the rest of his load. He continued hollering and I heard the name of every saint and deity he could come up with in his orgasmic state. I pulled out, gave my cock a few strokes and added my spluge to the gooey mess on his ginger fuzzed torso!

I leaned over and kissed him. This post orgasmic, cherry popping kiss was the first real kiss we had shared. Before there that, there had only been a peck now and then, but he was kind of resistant to kissing. Now it was passionate and we smeared both of our loads of cum over the fronts of our bodies.

I went and pissed and returned with a warm cloth to clean him up. He laid there and let me do it. Something about removing fresh cum from a man’s body is a turn on for me. He laid there and let me attend to him. Then he started talking. The first time we had really conversed. “I have wanted that for a long time, but I’ve been so afraid it would hurt so badly I wouldn’t enjoy it, but the time I fucked you, was amazing, and what was more amazing was seeing how much you enjoyed it, now I know why!”

“It’s amazing, I feel sorry for men who have never experienced it!”

“I thought it would hurt so much, and also make me feel like a girl, but the pain wasn’t bad and it felt so fucking good at the same time!”

“Look any guy who can get a hard on, can stick his cock in a hole, but a man has to want to open his hole and learn how his body works and reacts to take a cock and enjoy it, there is nothing girlie about it, unless you want it to be, but I don’t get off on fems, if I wanted to fuck a girl I could do that, I enjoy men! And you my friend are a man!”

“Well I always thought when I decided to get fucked I’d find a guy with a cock about the size of mine that it would hurt less, but yours is huge, and it didn’t hurt that bad or for very long, well except when you hit bottom, that did hurt!”

“But it felt good too, right!”

“Oh fuck it felt amazing!”

“Sorry to say, but a guy with a shorter cock, can’t hit that spot, the sex is still good but it can’t be as intense!”

“I’m going to want to do this again you know!”

“I hope so, but I still want you to fuck me too, you throw a great fuck!”

“Yeah, but I have a small cock, I can’t hit that spot on you!”

“Don’t worry stud, you make up for it in other ways, you’re a great fuck and now you’re also a great piece of ass too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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