I Remember Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

After a while, you stirred. With a little ‘mmmmhhh’, your mouth started teasing around my ear. I remember the softness of your lips, the just right wetness of the tip of your tongue as it traced tiny patterns.

Your silky palm floated over my chest, playing with my nipples. I settled back, letting the sensations wash over me. Your mouth moved to my neck. I remember the tingles that ran through me.

I think I groaned when your lips found my nipple. I didn’t realize your hand had slid lower, until your fingers closed around my hardness. I remember the sexy little laugh you gave.

I held my breath for a moment when you kissed your way down my stomach. I could feel myself jerking with each touch of your lips. Your hand stroked me slowly, so slowly. You never squeezed, just grazing your fingers around my length. I remember the sparks behind my eyes as your tongue touched the tip, and circled.

I was floating in a haze. Every nerve in my manhood was fixed on the torturously slow pace you had set. I remember how the air rushed out of my body as your lips finally closed on me.

In my entire life, I had only come twice from blowjobs. From the first touch of your lips, I knew this would be the third.

My hand found your hair, and stroked it. I was aching for you public agent porno to go faster. I begged for more, you giggled around me. Your mouth slid lower, taking as much of me as you could. And then up. So, so slowly. I remember grabbing your at your, and pulling your hips back toward my face.

You never broke contact, or missed a beat with your oral delights. I felt your thighs settle around my head. I kissed your femininity, and joined your tempo. I remember how it felt as you sighed around me.

I wanted to return the pleasures you were treating me to. I could tell you were getting close from your breathing, yet you never stopped or changed your motion on me. You gave a small grunt and jerk of your hips as you climaxed. Your mouth didn’t stop for an instant.

My hands slid all over your skin, I wanted to touch you everywhere at once. I gave a gentle rake of my nails along your ribs, and began licking you again. My face was dripping with your juices, I was surrounded by your scent. It was driving me crazy, almost as crazy as what your mouth was doing to me. I remember when the dull tingles started to build in the base of my cock.

Your hair tickled my thighs as somehow, your lips slowed even more. A strand tickled across my sack, reality kings porno the tingles increased a notch. My mouth was glued to you, my tongue digging hard into your small pearl. I remember your hips moving slowly up and down, grinding against my lips. They would be swollen later.

A small sound escaped as you came again. Your oral caresses continued, and continued. Each movement brought me ever closer to the edge. I thought I would come, but it just kept building, and building, way beyond the point when I should have blasted off. I remember your sex pushing onto my face as your mouth lowered one more time.

I felt your fingers squeeze hard around my base, stopping my release. Your teeth raked upward along my shaft, and nipped the super sensitive head. I yelped in pain.

Your grip at the base held, and I felt you blowing gently on the tip. My body shook as you held me at the brink, and ran the tip of your tongue over and over the tiny opening at the tip. And then blew some more. Then a gentle rake of the teeth, and a swirl of the tongue. And again, and again, and again.

I remember how desperately I wanted to come, yet never wanting this to end.

The fireworks behind my eyes changed to a golden glow. I had an orgasm, rus porno but your fingers kept my sperm still boiling in my cock. I remember it felt huge.

Your mouth had moved me to another place. I floated from climax after climax, as your fingers kept me from spilling my seed.

I remember your wetness settling back onto my mouth, rubbing your slit up and down my dripping face. I stuck out my tongue, your clit found it and pushed hard. Your grunts and moans traveled through my shaft, adding new thrills to the heights you had taken me to.

I remember your mouth closing over me again, sucking hard, your tongue lashing the crown. You squeezed harder, and pumped my length. It seemed my entire being was compressed into my overloaded manhood, fighting for release. One more movement of your mouth, and I exploded.

Your pussy ground into my mouth, and my face was flooded with your woman juices as you climaxed hard. I remember hearing our sounds as we did.

I thought I was going to blow the end of it off, my orgasm consumed my whole body. I had never come like that in my life, or since. You kept me going long after it should have stopped. I will always remember you for that, and so many other reasons neither of us knew about yet.

We rolled to our sides, gasping for breath. Our hands found each other, just wanting to touch and linger in the moment. Slowly, by degrees, we made our way back into each other’s arms. I remember your back pressing into me, your arms over mine holding you. We were both shaking.

I wondered what it felt like to be inside you.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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