I Still Think About You

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I find myself thinking about you at the oddest times… Sometimes, I take the memory out of the little box in the back of my mind where I store it and I put it on like a warm sweater that still smells like you. I close my eyes and I can picture you, just the way you looked when I first noticed you watching me across the room the night we met. You look a little dangerous…not frightening exactly, but exciting, sexy. Every time I glance your way, you’re looking at me with that smile that leaves no doubt about what’s on your mind.

I find myself fixating on your lips, imagining how they would taste, how they would feel on my skin. A slow heat is building, spreading through my body and it must be showing in my face because, when I tear my gaze from your mouth and make eye contact with you again, your smile has gotten a little naughtier, your look more intense. You glance suggestively toward the back of the club where the washrooms are and then back at me with a question in your eyes. I can’t pretend that I don’t know what you’re suggesting and I find myself nodding imperceptibly.

Excusing myself from the table, I make my way to the back of the room and half way down the secluded little hallway before stopping and asking myself what the hell I’m doing…am I seriously thinking about doing this? Suddenly unsure, I turn to go back to my friends but out of nowhere there you are, so close that I’m sure you can hear my heart pounding. Startled, I take a step back and you follow, pinning me against the wall with your body, my breath catching at the large bulge I can feel pressed against my belly. I’m caught by your gaze, your eyes dark with submissive cuckolds porno desire, unable to resist as you slowly unbutton my dress, leaving me exposed. Reaching inside, you cup my breast in your warm hand, brushing your thumb across my erect nipple, making me gasp. A part of me hopes that someone will come and interrupt us but a bigger part fears that very thing. You must be thinking the same because that’s when, bending slightly, you pick me up and, with my arms around your neck and my legs wrapped around your waist, carry me the rest of the way to the ladies’ room.

Pausing briefly to bolt the door, you take me across the room and gently set me down on the edge of the counter. Still locked together, you take my mouth with yours. I feel your arms around me, crushing my breasts up against your powerful chest and you’re kissing me like a starving man. The kiss is almost brutal in its intensity, but rather than hurting or scaring me my head is spinning and I feel a rush of desire shoot through my body. Your warm, wet tongue wrestles with mine, sliding and stroking until a low moan escapes my lips.

Pulling away slightly, and with your eyes once again locked on mine, you slip a hand under my skirt, pushing my panties aside to test my readiness, teasing me with your fingers , sliding one then two into my wet aching pussy, your thumb pressing firmly against my clit until I start to whimper and moan, needing more.

Impatient now, I grasp your belt and quickly have it and your zipper undone. My hands slide along the inside of your jeans and I push them down along your hips sex parties porno until they’re around your knees. Reaching down to take your hard throbbing cock in my hand, I guide it toward the hot ache between my legs. Bracing yourself with one hand against the wall, you use your free arm to pull me toward you and with one smooth thrust you push yourself all the way inside me, filling my need so completely that I instantly explode into a violent orgasm, my body bucking slightly, every muscle straining as I cry out with pleasure.

Gradually I become aware of my surroundings again and realize that you are holding perfectly still, your hard length still inside me. When you are sure that I have completely come back to you, you give me another one of those smiles and begin to move inside me, establishing a slow firm rhythm that soon has me responding. I begin to whimper, my body straining toward you, wanting harder, deeper contact. As I reach down and grab your ass with both hands, I dig my nails in a little bit trying to urge you to fuck me harder, faster but you won’t be hurried, continuing to thrust again and again with slow, deep strokes. Your cock feels amazing inside me, my legs gripping you tightly as you fuck me deeply, filling my wet pussy perfectly. I feel the fire building again and the rest of the world disappears as I close my eyes…until I hear your voice for the first time.

“Look at me.” You growl and, startled at the sound, my eyes fly open to find you watching me intently, your eyes dark and smoldering.

Unable to look away, I move my hands up the length of your back, marveling spankbang porno at your strength, feeling your muscles as they ripple and move under your shirt and take handfuls of your hair in my fists, holding on to you as your breathing becomes heavy, your movements gaining urgency. I’m nearing climax and, seeing the signal you’ve been waiting for in my expression, you begin with a moan to increase your pace. Our gazes locked onto one another, we move together…you pounding your cock into me again and again…sweat mingling on our hot skin, heartbeats thumping in our chests like thunder, breath coming in gasps. My pussy spasms tighter against your cock and I know I’m about to cum. As I cry out, the rush of my juices is enough to push you over the edge of your own orgasm and your groans of release join mine in a chorus of spent pleasure.

Exhausted, I cling to you for a moment as our breathing slows and then, closing my eyes, I lean back against the cool wall. Slowly you pull out of me letting me adjust to your withdrawal, lowering my legs from your waist. I can hear the rustling of your clothing as you zip and buckle and then you lean in and kiss me, softly this time, taking time to touch every part of my lips with yours. With one final touch of your hand on my face, I hear the door open and close and I open my eyes to find myself alone.

It takes me a little longer to clean myself up and pull myself together but finally I’m ready to rejoin my friends. With one final glance in the mirror I give a little chuckle at myself and head out. As I exit the hallway and wind my way amongst the tables and people between me and my destination, I notice you and your party heading toward the exit. Our paths converge and we pass within inches of one another but we don’t make eye contact or acknowledge each other in any way. However, as we pass, I feel the brush of your fingers against mine in a silent farewell and I smile inwardly…and wonder what your name is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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