I was a Couple’s Girlfriend Pt. 05

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Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Simulated Non-consensual Sex

Why am I back writing this? Why am I spending my day bonding with my daughter and worrying about when she can safely go back to in-building school while my husband works in the other room (my job is at the very least on hiatus due to COVID-19, hopefully it’ll exist again) and getting up early to write these memories up as stories? Is it because I have time to play on social media and see Russ and Rayna’s pictures and follow their lives so regularly? Is it because my mind isn’t occupied so it slips back to days gone by? Or is it because the last years of vanilla sex isn’t enough anymore and I need to remember the days when I was really satisfied. Not that I’m not satisfied while we’re having sex, I mean, my husband is wonderful. But I can’t tell him that I want to be tied up sometimes. I can’t tell him I want to be whipped. I can’t even tell him I want to be spanked. We met at church. How can I sit next to him and listen to God’s word and then ask him to call me a slut and demean me? He wouldn’t understand that can be done from a place of love and trust. Maybe that’s why I’m living in my memories more often now. And if I can’t tell my husband to spank me, how can I tell him to forcibly take me? But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m going to tell a story that might not be for you if you’ve been assaulted. I will start though by saying they loved me. They didn’t hurt me. They gave me what I needed. That should be obvious, but I’m saying it out of respect for you. Don’t read if you don’t want some elements of non-consensual sex in a consensual framework.

I was home alone watching television. It was the middle of the week. I don’t remember which day, but certainly a workday and not Friday. I had gotten out of my work clothes and was just wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, no bra. The only panties I owned back then were parts of lingerie sets or otherwise just to wear for sex, not for daily wear. But I always had to wear a bra in public. You don’t walk around with a DD cup size and no support. But at home alone, the girls get to rest.

Then the phone rang. It was Russ. “I need you to come over now. Right now.” He sounded stressed and upset. I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. He had been normal at work, no sign of trouble. Was its Rayna? Was it us? Was it some external thing and he just wanted my support?

“Let me just get changed and”

“No, now, how you are right now, just get here,” and he hung up. The knot grew. I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. When I got home much later, my television was still on. I remember that. That should tell you how fast I left the apartment.

I pulled up to their house and something was wrong. It was past 10 and Rayna’s car wasn’t in the driveway, just Russ’s. A hundred thoughts went through my head. I practically ran to the door and rang the bell. Russ must have been waiting at the door because it just flew open, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me inside. He slammed the door spun me around, and threw me up against it, my braless breasts pressed against the hard wood, my head turned so my cheek was against the door, and his knee forcing my legs apart. I was pinned. I could hear music playing from the other room. My senses were in overload.

With his free hand he dangled my collar in front of me. “It’s your choice. Stay and be up for whatever happens next or you can leave now and I’ll see you at work in the morning. Your choice, but he pulled my hair and forced his leg up higher between my legs, against my sex. A different hundred thoughts went through my head, was this just a sex game? Why so angry? But if he’s offering the collar, he wants consent. Where’s Rayna, we shouldn’t play without her? Did she leave him the collar for this? The rush of thoughts and feelings but more than anything an awareness that my heart was pounding, my adrenaline was pumping and I had to see where this was going.

“I’m staying.”

He dropped my collar and leaned his whole body against me, pressing me to the door. He moved a little and the next thing I know he was pulling my sweats off. I was in two worlds. I was moving, shifting, trying to stop him, but wanting him to win. He grunted and leaned his upper body into my back, pressing me harder into the door and making it hard to catch İstanbul Escort my breath, then he just lifted his leg and stepped into my pants, forcing them to the floor in one motion, around my ankles.

“Lose the shoes and pants or you’re going to be on the floor before you get to where you’re going.” He growled. He loosened his pressure on me and I kicked off my shoes and sweats. I was standing with him behind me, wearing just my t-shirt, not knowing what was next. What was next was a blindfold. He tied a blindfold around my eyes and everything went dark. Then he pulled my hands behind me and started to tie them at the wrists with some kind of cloth. A scarf or something, it was thin material but not cutting like a rope would be.

When he had me trussed and blinded, he roughly pulled me away from the door and down the hall. He was pushing me to keep me moving a half step faster than was comfortable blindfolded and with no arm motion for balance. Just enough to keep me off balance but not so that I was likely to fall.

We walked across cold tile and then onto carpet. The living room then. He let go of me. “Don’t move.” I stood, waiting. I could hear him moving, but I wasn’t sure what he was doing I wanted to turn, to cock my head, to listen for clues but at the same time I was afraid of what would happen if I did, would I be punished? I shouldn’t have worried about that. A few moments later he pushed me forward and I bumped into the couch. The music was much louder here. We’d had music on before when we fucked, Russ liked me to grind into him to the rhythm, but this was much louder.

“On the couch. On all fours. Ass in the air.” I hesitated and he pushed me. I didn’t move and he grabbed me by the hips and lifted me up and positioned me. I wanted to try to fight back, without saying anything that would end this, I was terrified but loving it. He slapped me one hard slap across my ass. My face was in the cushions, with no way to balance myself with my hands tied.

“Making this hard for me, bitch? You just upped your punishment.” Another smack, and another. This was the hardest he ever spanked me. Was it too hard? I didn’t know, but a moan escaped me and I realized this was just what I wanted. What I fantasied about. And then I realized it. I had told Rayna that I had a nonconsensual fantasy. I didn’t want to be really hurt, of course. I didn’t want a stranger to take me against my will. But I did have some assault in my youth and always felt if I could simulate it with someone I love and trust, where I felt a level of control underneath, knowing I could stop it with a word. That would be different. That might even be healing for me. She must have told Russ. This wasn’t punishment, this was a present. SMACK, no time to think any more, I just had to give in.

Russ grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up, and slipped his other arm down under more torso to lift me up onto my knees on the couch. He moved and I felt the couch shift. Then he pulled my head down and his cock was against my face. He must have sat on the couch in front of me. He pulled my head back, his hand still holding a tangle of my hair, and literally forced my mouth open. I tried to fight it, being careful not to bite him, just enough to make it a struggle, I was panting at this point. I couldn’t believe how free I felt when I had no control. It was so much better than being tied up. So much better than just being spanked. It was….ooph, he pulled me down on his cock. He was so hard and filling my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the soft tissue of the head of his cock but he wasn’t having it. He forced my head down. My weight shifted and I was practically falling on his cock, impaling my face. I could hardly control any of this, with my center of gravity off. He was fucking up into my mouth and bobbing my head for me. It hurt. But not enough to overcome how hot it was. I was dying to touch myself, to be touched. But most of all to have him cum in my mouth. I needed to make him happy.

Suddenly he yanked back on my hair, pulling me off his cock. He got up and shoved something…a pillow? A cushion?…under my face so that I wasn’t at such a weird angle in the cushion. He moved back behind him and started spanking again. Over and over. I was in heaven. I could feel my pussy throbbing. İstanbul Escort Bayan I tried to focus on the pain. On the vibrations making their way to my pussy. Was I going to cum from a spanking? I didn’t think it was possible but oh God did he have me on the edge. He repositioned my legs to spread them a little more, one knee where the cushions met and one on the hard edge of the couch. And his spanking continued, but Oh God on my pussy, not my ass. His hand fell on my pussy over and over. The same rhythm he used when he fucked me. I was on fire. I wanted to cum. Needed to cum, but he hadn’t given me permission and Oh God where was Rayna to give me permission? Did she know, was she okay, I was getting worried again when suddenly he stopped.

He moved away and I was just alone for a moment. The music was so loud that I couldn’t hear if he was walking or standing still. Did he leave? Was he just going to leave me there until he wanted more? What was happening. I didn’t dare move.

Suddenly he grabbed my hair again. Wrapped his arm around my torso again and lifted me up. Not all the way to kneeling but high enough that I could balance myself by shifting my position to lower my ass a little. He let go and I was alone again for a second, just a second as the couch shifted and he sat back down. I felt him moving around and suddenly a leg was forcing its way between me and the back of the couch. He must have been sitting facing me this time, one leg on the floor so that he was splayed open. I couldn’t see or hear much but I could vividly picture what it must look like. His cock hard and proud standing up for me and his balls tight and full of cum. I knew what he wanted, he wanted me to suck those balls. That’s why he moved.

Then hands were on my head and guiding me down. I opened my mouth expecting to be impaled directly on his cock, but also ready to feel his balls in my mouth. I was ready for either. What I wasn’t ready for was a different but familiar smell to fill the air and before I could register what it was my mouth was pressed against a hot wet pussy. Oh Rayna. I felt a relief flood over me. I hadn’t realized how scared I was by her absence until I realized she was there. I locked my mouth on her pussy and started to suck her lips into my mouth. She hissed. “That’s right, get me off you little slut.” I started painting her pussy with broad strokes of my tongue understanding now why the music as so loud. Her pussy was so hot and wet, she must have been in the room playing with herself the whole time. The music was to cover the sounds she was making. Later I found out I was only partially right.

I was lost in her when suddenly I felt Russ’s hands on my hips, shifting my position. The couch depressed behind me and in a flash he thrust in me. His cock hit at the perfect angle in one shot, pounding deep into me. I moaned into Rayna’s pussy. Thrust after thrust into me. He was pounding me like a piston. I could barely keep my focus on licking and keeping my balance. If his hands weren’t digging into my hips, holding me in place, I’d have fallen. I gave up on licking and locked my lips on Rayna’s clit and just sucked to the rhythm of the pounding. It was like Russ’s cock was going through me to her clit.

We were one perfect fucking machine. Until Rayna grabbed me by the hair and pulled, hard. She yelled over the music, “Do you like that? Do you like my husband fucking you? Is that what makes you hot? Fucking someone else’s husband?”

I was terrified, he hadn’t stopped pounding me, but she sounded so mad. “Yes, yes Rayna. I love him fucking me. I love him using me. I’m a slut for him.” My words were just tumbling out, pure honesty because I was too scared and excited for anything else.

“Good,” she said and I was pushed back into her pussy, “Make me cum and you can cum, you’re a good slut.” I started to suck for all I was worth. I wished I could see what we looked like. But I could imagine it. Three bodies covered in sweat making each other cum. I was getting so close and then Russ moved one hand from my hip. He was pushing something, his thumb, I guess, into my pussy with his cock. He was rubbing hard with his thumb against what was from his angle the roof of my pussy while he thrust hard and deep. Rayna started grunting and gasping and his thrusts Escort İstanbul got erratic and I was trying to hold back to cum with them. They were so close to cumming at the same time. I felt like I was winning in some way. That I was giving them just what they wanted from me.

Suddenly Russ stopped fucking me and left the couch. I didn’t know if something was wrong or if he was trying not to cum yet. But I refocused on making Rayna cum. I ate her pussy for all I was worth. Trying to work my tongue into her. Her moans changed. Muffled. Then I could hear Russ grunting from above me. Later I found out why. He had removed his condom and was letting Rayna suck his cock. Great for him, but distracting her from cumming. Making it harder for me to get her to cum, to get my permission to cum. I thought I wasn’t doing a good job until I found out why. After a few minutes her hands were back in my hair guiding me and her moans returned. He was getting a new condom and getting back in position behind me.

There must have been at least three fingers, maybe for slamming into my pussy suddenly. He was fingering me so hard and fast that my juices must have been dripping to the couch. I had to focus on her clit, not just with my mouth but with my mind. If I paid any attention to what he was doing, I’d cum. There’d be no stopping it.

In a few minutes or an eternity, Rayna’s encouragement turned to incoherent screams, she was so close. It triggered Russ to pull his fingers out of me and replace them with his cock. Then his thumb again above it. He was pounding me with no pity, not holding back at all. And his thumb was sliding in and out and pulling up on my perineum from the inside. Then she screamed louder than I’d ever heard and he abruptly removed his thumb and thrust hard into all the way into me, stopping when he was pressed flush against me, his cock fucking pulsing inside me, and as I lifted my mouth from her clit to scream, “Rayna, I’m cumming, oh Rayna,” Russ plunged his thumb hard and deep into my asshole. It was so wet from my juices it just slid in all the way and it was like my orgasm was multiplied a hundred times.

Now it was my turn to scream louder than I’d ever screamed before. I pushed back against him hungry for more. He started fucking my ass with his thumb and I was squeezing my pussy around his still hard cock and babbling incoherently. Her name. His name. Thank you. Please. Cumming. And then, as I started coming down from my high. Rayna was kissing me gently, all over my face. Licking and kissing. Cleaning her juices off of me. Russ separated from me and untied my hands, then removed the blindfold. I was blinking at the bright light as I sat up and tried to get my bearings.

When I could see clearly, I saw Russ standing in front of Rayna. His just removed condom in his hand and his cock in her mouth. She was lovingly licking and sucking him as he grew soft. He tilted her head back and kissed her. “See you in a minute,” he said, and he went upstairs. I could hear the water running a minute later and realized he was starting the shower. Rayna turned off the music and we both went to join him for our turns.

When we came back down, I could see my surroundings a little better. The other reason for the music was to hide the whirr of their video camera (this was before the days of digital). Now I got to watch the video of what we’d done. This is when I found out Rayna was distracted by Russ’s cock before I could make her cum. By the time the video was over, he was rock hard again. He started kissing Rayna and laid her back on the carpet and her robe opened. He was on her, and in her, and kissing her. I found myself playing with myself while I watched them make love, forgetting, I guess, that I was still there. As I watched, I realized if he ever did that to me, I’d lose myself in love with him. Gone was the master. He was making love, not fucking, kissing and loving and, I came. I came hard. I was a quiet as I could be, but I don’t think they’d have heard me scream. I quietly collected my clothes and slipped away to the bathroom to tidy up and get dressed while they finished.

They invited me to stay the night, but we had work in the morning and I didn’t have work clothes with me due to the rushed invitation. They walked me to the door, still in their robes, but belts untied, so they were open. They were kissing and touching the whole time, and I think Rayna was in for more while I drove home. We got to the door and Rayna hugged me and whispered, “Happy early birthday.” It was a week and a half before my birthday but I didn’t think any present would be better than this one.

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